Oscar Vessalius was born into the Vessalius Dukedom as the younger brother to Xai Vessalius. Growing up the two often did not see eye-to-eye, as Xai found much of Oscar's personality unappealing, and often spoke down to his younger brother.

Over time, Xai had found himself a wife, Rachel Cecile, and the two were preparing for the arrival of the first child. After the birth of Xai's son, Oscar witnessed Xai storming out of the hospital after taking his son from Rachel as she slept; telling no one of what he was doing or where he was going. Oscar questioned Xai about this upon his return, with Xai explaining that he had wanted to celebrate his son's christening privately. Oscar felt something was off about Xai's explanation, however he kept quiet about what had happened, leaving himself and the doctors and nurses present at the hospital as the only ones aware of Xai's odd actions regarding Oz Vessalius' birth.

At an unknown point, Oscar became the head of the Vessalius Dukedom; although why Xai had declined the position is unknown. While it was the responsibility of the Vessalius Duke to hide the Vessalius Key to the Abyss and form a Contract with the Black Winged Chain acting as guardian for the Vessalius Door to the Abyss, Oscar was not able to do so because he lacked the qualities to form a Contract with any Chain. As a result, Xai had to form a Contract with Gryphon in Oscar's place, so that the Vessaliuses could have access to the Abyss

Several years later, Oscar fell in love with the daughter of a commoner that had been living in Reveil's older district. Although the rest of the Vessalius Dukedom looked down on Oscar's decision, Oscar didn't care; thus he took his life into his own hands and proposed to his love, marrying her soon afterwards and making her Duchess Sara Vessalius.

Sara had a weak constitution, and often fell ill, however she and Oscar had a longing desire to have a child together. Oscar was concerned about Sara, worrying that if she did indeed become pregnant that her body would not be able to withstand the burden of child birth; however Sara was relentless. One day, Sara approached Oscar and told him that she was pregnant. In a fit of excitement, Oscar picked Sara up off of the ground and spun her in the air while Mrs. Kate and the other valets of the Vessalius Dukedom attempted to put an end to Oscar's over-excited reaction.

The excitement built in Oscar as Sara's due date grew nearer and nearer. In preparation for the arrival of his and Sara's son, Oscar went out and purchased a camera. Sara's due date had arrived, when Oz approached Oscar and asked that Oscar take a picture of him with his new camera. Oscar denied Oz's request though, explaining to Oz that the first picture he was going to take with his camera was of his family once his son was born. Oscar told Oz not to pout, because he would only have to wait a little while longer before Oscar would be able to take lots of pictures on every special occasion.


Oscar sees Sara on her deathbed

Soon afterwards, numerous Vessalius valets burst into the room to deliver grave news to Oscar. As it had turned out, Sara had gone into labor and died in the process of giving birth, with Oscar's son not surviving the ordeal either. In order to keep a piece of Sara with him at all times, Oscar put her wedding ring on a chain and wore it as a necklace. Oscar also used Sara's ring as the vessel of the Vessalius Key, keeping both his last piece of Sara and the Vessalius Key with him at all times.

Eight years after Rachel and Xai's first child was born, Ada Vessalius came into the world. Although, mere days following Ada's birth Rachel was caught in an accident involving a runaway carriage that led to her death, bringing Oscar to sympathize for his brother and take Oz and Ada as his own responsibility due to Xai's harsh treatment of Oz.

82 - 1

Oscar confronts Xai

Oscar even took it upon himself to one day confront Xai about his treatment of Oz, saying that he'd had enough of it. Oscar told Xai that all Oz had ever done is tried to get Xai's attention, and so Xai couldn't neglect him anymore. Xai asked what Oscar was talking about, because to Oscar, Oz was nothing more than a replacement for his dead son. In other words, Oscar was only using Oz as a means to fill the gaping hole which Sara and his son's deaths left in him. Xai stood and walked past Oscar, telling him not to make Xai laugh by preaching to him. Xai's words had been harsh, but Oscar could not deny the truth in them. Oscar thought of how from time-to-time he wondered why Oz was there with him instead of his own son. Oscar thought of how Oz was clever and sensitive, as well as how he needed to rid his mind of his dark thoughts; otherwise he'd be running the risk of one day hurting Oz.

Oscar had gotten word of a young child whom had been found before the Vessalius Door to the Abyss. This child had absolutely no memory of his life aside from his name, Gilbert, and he had been on the brink of death when released from the Abyss. Oscar had Gilbert tended to before introducing Gilbert to Oz when he was reading to Ada, as Oz's new valet. Oz wrote up a informal "contract" to solidify Gilbert's new position as Oz's valet, Oscar acting as a witness to the signing. Suddenly, a valet approached Oscar and told him that someone had arrived at the Vessalius estate, and so Oscar left Gilbert in Oz's care while he went to tend to some "important business". Remaining scared and vulnerable, Gilbert ran after Oscar, asking him to wait, before tripping and falling to the floor. This caused a vase sitting on the shelves above Gilbert to fall. Oscar shouted out in alarm seeing the danger, but Oz jumped on top of Gilbert and took the blow for Gilbert. Gilbert told Oz that he mustn't protect someone like him, because it was his job to protect him master. Oz smacked Gil on the head, questioning why he called him master, and justifying that he was going to protect Gil from now on because he was officially his valet, and that was his duty. This made Oscar smile, allowing him to tend to his business, knowing that Gilbert would be okay with Oz.

In reaction to the deaths of Sara and his son, Oscar asked one of the Vessalius valets to dispose of his camera, after having previously put so much hope in it. A few nights later however, Oscar returned to his bedroom to find Oz jumping out the window. Oscar immediately ran outside alongside numerous valets. Oscar voiced his concern about Oz, slapping him because Oz had not concerned himself with the consequences that could have followed if Oz had not been lucky enough to fall in the bushes below Oscar's window.

Oscar slaps Oz

Oscar slaps Oz

Oscar noticed his camera in the bush beside Oz, realizing that Oz had tried to take the camera, but not understanding why Oz would do something so stupid for a stupid toy like the camera. Oscar goes to retrieve his camera, prompting Oz to cling to his uncle and beg forgiveness. Oz promised to never do something so stupid again, begging Oscar not to get rid of his camera. Oscar asked Oz to repeat himself, and Oz explained that he had heard Oscar tell a valet to dispose of his camera, which Oz didn't want to see Oscar do. Oz began to cry as he justified the need to keep the camera, as even though it had never been used, it was still a medium for Oscar's feelings. As Oz continued to cry, Oscar found himself unable to bear with the burden of Oz's feelings, and so he left without saying a word to Oz.

Oscar ended up on a staircase within the Vessalius Dukedom, where he began to cry himself and think of how he should have patted Oz on the head and comforted him. Oscar became consumed with self-pity, calling himself pathetic. However, Oscar had decided that the time had finally come for him to stop philosophizing right and wrong; as even though Oz's presence was a burden, it was also what had anchored him for so long from being lost because of his family's demise. As a result of Oz's reaction, rather than getting rid of his camera, Oscar placed his camera in storage.

Although Oscar was not around at the time, he had received word about an ordeal between Gilbert, Oz and Xai, which ended in Oz's confinement in his room and Gilbert's confinement in the basement of the Vessalius estate. Oscar rushed to Gilbert's rescue alongside Ada three days after his confinement, returning him to Oz's side.

As the years flew by, Oz reached the age of fifteen, making him eligible for a Coming of Age Ceremony so that he could be formally introduced as a member of society. Oscar led the majority of the Vessalius Dukedom as they relocated to a larger mansion where noble families prepared for Coming of Age Ceremonies, taking Xai's place as the legal guardian meant to oversee Oz's ceremony.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

Oscar bezarius

Oscar, ten years younger.

Oz had been hiding from Mrs. Kate while he was supposed to be getting ready for his Coming of Age Ceremony shortly after turning 15 years old. The family went to a mansion exclusively used for Coming of Age Ceremonies and Oz had been exploring the vast mansion for days with his younger sister, Ada Vessalius, and his valet, Gilbert. Mrs. Kate tracked down Gilbert and questioned him as to where Oz was, and when Gilbert said that he hadn't seen Oz, Mrs. Kate 'tortured' him with Dinah, as Oz had told her of Gilbert's fear of cats. Gil told Mrs. Kate that Oz was at the lake, and after she left, Oz and Ada emerge from a closet behind Gilbert, where Dinah had been scratching at the door.

Oz, Gil and Ada's intent was to continue exploring the mansion, however, they had been found by Oscar before they could leave. Oscar told Oz not to make Mrs. Kate worry so much, but Oz insists that he had to because she was more high strung than usual. Oz then asks if Oscar was going to be the one to perform the Coming of Age Ceremony, which Oscar confirms, apologizing for having to do it because it was Xai's responsibility. Oz said that he'd rather Oscar did it anyway, as Oscar was more like a father to him than Xai. Oscar then remembers something he'd ordered on Oz's request, giving a large box to Oz and saying that he hoped the size was right. Mrs. Kate bangs on the door, asking if Oscar was in the room. Oz asks if he can continue to explore the mansion for a little longer, although Gil argues, leading to Oz sending Dinah after Gil. Oscar allows them to explore, but tells Oz not to mess up the Ceremony that night, or else Oscar would send the messengers of the Abyss after Oz. Oz explains that Oscar can't scare him with those stories anymore before he leaves with Gil, Ada and Dinah while Oscar preoccupies Mrs. Kate.

Upon arriving at the ceremony, Oscar introduces Oz to Sharon Rainsworth. Sharon apologizes for her grandmother and mother's absence at the ceremony, as her mother was sick and so her grandmother was looking after her. Sharon was too young to attend the ceremony however, and could not stay, and Oscar adds that Ada was also too young and was rather upset about it. Oscar was shocked when Sharon told Oz that soon people would see his father in him, but in the end Oscar did not interrupt Sharon's conversation with Oz, rushing Oz into the ceremony shortly after Sharon and her valet take their leave.

Oscar oversaw the ceremony, using 'the baptismal sword' to rid Oz of the impurities of his flesh. Oz then walked towards the clock tower within the room and said his oath before it. However when Oz came into contact with the clock tower, the clock that had been silent for over 100 years progresses forward, and time freezes for all but, Oz, Gil and the messengers of the Abyss who arrive and cast Oz into the Abyss.

When time progressed for everyone else, Gilbert was unconscious and had a gaping wound in his chest, and Oz was no where to be found. Gil told Oscar that Xai had cast Oz into the Abyss as soon as he could, and so Oscar looked into the matter. However, he ceased his investigation when fellow Duke, Bernard Nightray, claimed that Xai had been with him the entire duration of Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony

Sharon arrives in Vessalius Dukedom and explains to Oscar many things to him

Soon after this, Gil runs away from the Vessalius mansion, being ashamed for not being able to protect his master, and Oscar finds the note he left behind explaining where he went. Sharon then arrives at the Vessalius estate to inform Oscar that t
Ep11 - sharon tells about vincent

Sharon tells Oscar about Vincent, Gil's younger brother

he Nightray Family wanted to adopt Gilbert, and that they had asked the Rainsworths to mediate. Oscar questions what the Nightrays were thinking, and Sharon explains that five years ago, the Nightrays had adopted Vincent, a boy who was now searching for his older brother, whom he had been separated from , and who had been found before the Nightray's Door to the Abyss in a similar state as Gilbert. The name of Vincent's brother also happened to be Gilbert, which was a shock to Oscar.

Working With Pandora ArcEdit

Oscar is with Xerxes Break and Sharon Rainsworth after Oz, Gil and Alice's encounter with the Intention of the Abyss. Together they watched them from a far as Break used them as bait for the Intention of the Abyss, however Break had been caught off guard by how quickly the Intention intervened. Break then suggests that the three of them return to Pandora.

After Oz, Alice and Gilbert's confrontation with Noise and their interaction with the Intention of the Abyss; Break has Oscar look into some architecture which the group had seen when the Intention kidnapped Alice
Ep11 - break and oscar

Oscar with Break.

. Oscar looks into the matter; returning to the Rainsworth estate after Oz, Alice and Gil had dealt with William West and Grim. Oscar looks in on Oz, Alice and Gil to find them sleeping before the fire, when Break comes up behind Oscar and asks if he shouldn't go and talk to Oz. Oscar tells Break that he doesn't want to wake them so late in the night. Break suggests that the two of them proceed to drink the night away; which tempts Oscar, but he reveals that he had come on business. Oscar shows Break a set of papers, which show that the scenery Oz, Gil and Alice had seen at the mansion where the Intention showed herself, had existed 100 years ago. Break had expected as much, voicing how everything is connecting nicely and will converge around the lost memories from 100 years ago.

Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

Oscar arrives back to the Rainsworth mansion the next day in hopes of catching up with Oz and Gil, however Break and Sharon inform him that they had gone into town to search for Gil's hat. Sharon suggests that Oscar goes with Break into Reveil, as he was heading out too soon himself. Oscar asks what Break was scheming this time, and Break states that it wasn't very nice of Oscar to accuse him of scheming, it was just that his prey had taken the bait quite nicely.

Break and Oscar then go into Reveil together and go their separate ways. Oscar finds Oz in the middle of an arm wrestling match, and so he joins Oz's opponents, offering to face Gil in place of the woman in the gang. Oz and Gil are shocked to see Oscar, and Gil even tries running, but Oscar has members of the crowd grab Gil and bring him back. Before the match begins, Oscar watches Gil stress over facing his previous master, stating that Gil has been running and ashamed for betraying the Vessalius Dukedom whenever he saw Oscar for the last 10 years, as well as saying that Gik had really grown up and that he was so happy. Then the match started and ended within seconds, Oscar winning against the dazed Gil. Oscar was shown to worry about Alice when it seemed that she was going to lose her own match, though he was soon sidetracked by a woman in the crowd whom he offered flowers to. Suddenly, Alice breaks her opponent's arm as well as the table, stunning Oscar and the entire crowd. When things seemed to be going wrong, Oscar grabs Gil's hat and tosses it to him, telling them all to run before the crowd could react.

When he catches up to Gil and Oz, he tells them both that they haven't changed at all. Oz tells Oscar that he's turned out to be even more of a 'dandy' even after 10 years, which Oscar says he's glad to hear. Oscar then states that he's glad Oz is alive. Oz apologizes because he must have made things difficult for Oscar, Gil then states that if that's true then he was even more at fault. Oscar then grabs both of them and hugs them, telling them to cherish the moment instead of blame themselves for causing him any misfortune. Oscar then calls them both his precious sons, telling them that they should let him worry about them and that just being there with them like that was more priceless than anything.

Oscar, Gil and Oz then begin looking for Alice and Break, until Oz finds Emily sitting alone in an alley with a bag of apples. Oz and Gil then go to Sharon to seek direction. That night, Oscar arrives at Pandora's Headquarters, only to
Ep13 - oscareimcollapsedvincent

Oscar and Reim found a collapsed Vincent.

find that the meeting between the Four Great Dukes had been postponed because Sheryl Rainsworth's 'condition' had gotten worse, when in reality she was using this as a cover to search for her missing granddaughter. Oscar and Reim stumble across a sleeping Vincent Nightray, and so they bring him to a private room after Vincent clings to Reim in his sleep. Vincent apologizes for the encounter, stating that because he wasn't used to his contract with Dormouse yet, he often fell asleep and Echo would take care of him, however this time around Echo was running an errand for Vincent. Oscar asks if Vincent had been summoned to the meeting as well, which Vincent confirms, saying that he was meant to report about the incident with Grim and William West. Vincent spoke of how he killed William before trying to get information about the Head Hunter from him, but Oscar explains how it must have been justified because Vincent did it to pro

Reim's reaction when he heard Oz's now existence from Oscar and Vincent

tect the boy who William put in danger. Vincent agrees and Oscar asks Vincent what he thought of the boy he'd saved and Vincent explains that he would leave out the details because it wouldn't do to have Pandora know that Oz had returned from the Abyss. Unbeknownst to Vincent, Reim didn't know that Oz had returned from the Abyss, and so now that Vincent had said it out loud, Reim was freaking out.

Vincent and Oscar calm Reim down a little before he asks if it's true that Oz had returned. Oscar co

"So he's still alive..."

nfirms this and adds that he was B-Rabbit's Illegal Contractor as well. This worries Reim, as Oz was the boy who had made the Baskervilles break their 100 year term of silence. Vincent finds a chess board and asks Oscar if he wanted to have a little chat with him over a game of chess, which Oscar agreed to. Vincent begins by saying that while the terms Crimson Shinigami and Messengers of the Abyss were plausible terms, the more accurate generalization was that the group was composed of the survivors of the Baskerville Clan, defeated by the Four Great Dukedoms 100 years ago. Reim adds that next to no one knows the truth about what really happened though, and to begin with, the Baskerville Clan was never a nobility that took to center stage. Oscar adds that a few records stated that it was the Baskervilles that caused the Tragedy of Sablier 100 years ago, plunging the capital city of Sablier into the Abyss. Vincent mentions that the name of the head of the Baskervilles was Glen Baskerville, before stating that if Jack Vessalius and the Four Great Dukedoms hadn't stopped Glen and the Baskervilles, then the entire countr
Ep13 - pandora official logo

Oscar and Vincent discuss about Baskerville Clan, Pandora and Doors to the Abyss

y may have fallen into the Abyss rather than just Sablier. Vincent explains that they still didn't know what the aim of the Baskervilles was, but that Pandora had obtained 'them', the power that the Baskervilles had been maintaining, four of the Doors to the Abyss. Oscar adds that four wasn't enough, which Vincent confirms, stating that Pandora's objective is to obtain the Intention of the Abyss, but to do that they needed all five of the Doors to the Abyss, with the last Door still in possession of the Baskervilles. Vincent then states that Pandora and the Baskervilles both desire the same thing, the Intention of the Abyss, and that means that the Baskervilles will come and try to re obtain Pandora's Doors to the Abyss, and so Pandora must find the Baskervilles' one remaining Door first, which would put
Ep13 - vinchess intellect

Vincent shows his intellect in chess game with Oscar

them in 'check mate'. At this moment, Vincent puts Oscar's king in check mate with his queen. Oscar flips the chess board when he realizes that he'd lost. Vincent looks at his pocket-watch and apologizes for keeping Oscar and Reim from their own duties for so long. Oscar ask that since Oz had caused the reemergence of the Baskervilles, if Pandora didn't want to mess around with him and B-Rabbit a bit
Ep13 - oscar defeated in chess

Oscar defeated by Vincent in chess game

more. Oscar then asks why Vincent won't tell Pandora about Oz's return. Vincent picks up his queen and states that it would break the hardest of hearts if Oz was taken advantage of by Pandora, asking Oscar if he did not agree. Oscar states that Vincent was neither Oz's surrogate parent like himself or Oz's friend like Gil. Oscar asks Vincent what he was thinking about in that head of his. Vincent explains that he's not sure what Oscar's asking, but that he was always thinking about Gil. Reim asks if that
Ep13 - funny pic of oscar and reim

Oscar's irritation with Vincent

was a joke, which Vincent confirms, he then states that after the incident with William and Grim, Gil had told him to keep quiet about Oz. Even though Pandora was important to Vincent, Gil was more important to him, and so if Gil wanted h
Ep13 - oscar irritated with vincent

Oscar mumbles about Vincent to Gil

im to be silent, he would be, Vincent then bids Oscar and Reim farewell before leaving. Oscar sighs and says that Vincent was a tough nut to crack, and that he was no match for him.

Oscar attends the meeting held by Pandora for Rufus Barma, Sheryl Rainsworth and Bernard Nightray. Part way through the meeting, a large portal opens up over top of the table the Dukes were seated at. Oscar is stunned to see Oz and Alice, in her released form, standing before him. Bernard questions who Oz was before deciding that he and B-Rabbit were sent to assassinate the Four Great Dukes. Oz and Alice run as Bernard sends Pandora after them.

Oscar pulls Reim away from a conversation with Sheryl Rainsworth. He tells Reim that Oz had shown up i

Oscar asks Reim to handle Oz and Alice

n the middle of the meeting and that he needed Reim to go after Oz for him as Oscar could not move freely in front of the other Dukes. Reim questions what he could do about it and Oscar states that B-Rabbit had done horrible things in the past, and everyone was on edge about the Head Hunter, so this could turn into a battle between the Contractors of Pandora, and so it was Reim's job to stop that from happening at all costs, however he had to figure out how himself. Oscar then set Reim off while he tended to matters in his own ways.

Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

Oscar presents Oz, Alice and Gil with uniforms from Lutwidge Academy and files them into a carriage early in the
Ep17 - the trio confused with oscar

Oz, Alice & Gil confused with Oscar's arrival

morning one day without any explanation. Gil demands to know where they are going, and so Oscar complies after the carriage begins its journey. Oscar explains that the four of them are on a special mission begun because Oscar had received a letter from Lutwidge Academy three days before. Oz explains to Alice that Lutwidge Academy is one of the top three schools in the country, where the student body is composed entirely of the children of aristocrats from the age of 13 to 18. Oscar agrees with Oz's explanation and adds that Ada is attending Lutwidge Academy at the moment. Oscar explains that in the letter which Ada sent, she explained that she had fallen in love; which is something which Oscar will not condone. Thus, the special mission that the four of them are on was to seek out Ada at Lutwidge Academy and question her about her "love". Gil questions Oscar's intention to sneak into L

Oscar shown a secret door outside Lutwidge...

utwidge, suggesting that they just make formal arrangements to visit instead; but Oscar states that they don't have the time for that. Instead, Oscar pushes in two bricks on the perimeter of Lutwidge Academy, opening a secret passageway that the Vessalius Dukedom had created long ago instead. Through the passage
Ep20 - oscar being mummy

Oscar bandaged and accused in being a thief of Lutwidge Academy female's uniform

way, the four of them manage to sneak into Lutwidge Academy, however students approach them soon after their arrival. Gil worries, but Oscar just tells him to act confident so that the students will think that they were students themselves. Although Gil agrees because he had thought that Oscar would disguise himself as a teacher, Oscar proves him wrong by emerging in a student's uniform. Immediately, Oscar approaches the students and bids them a good day. The students scream in terror, causing teachers to emerge and raise the alarm for the "intruders" in Lutwidge Academy. While they escape their pursuers, Oscar and Gil end up separated from Oz and Alice. Oscar assures Gil that everything will be all right, because even if Oz and Alice are captured, they won't be killed, in fact Oscar thinks Oz will find a way to enjoy himself instead. Oscar lights a cigarette as he asks Gil if Oz really doesn't ask any questions about the things that went on the 10 years Oz was in the Abyss.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Oscar arrives to Pandora, noting the hysteria throughout the headquarters. As Oscar arrives at the meeting between the Four Great Dukes, the attention is drawn to him; with Sheryl teasing Oscar about how he's five minutes late for the meeting. Following Oscar's arrival, the Four Great Dukes proceed to discuss Arthur Barma's Memoirs and the Sealing Stones that Jack had used to bind Glen Baskervilles soul. During the meeting, Rufus explains that one has already been destroyed by the Baskervilles (although Rufus withheld the information that he had concerning the location of the second Sealing Stone). After discussing the matter further, the meeting let out, and Oscar carried on with his business.

Not long after the meeting, Break approaches Oscar. Break asks Oscar about the fact that the doctors and attendants who had all overseen Oz's birth had disappeared within the last 25 years. Oscar agrees to explain to Break the odd circumstances of Oz's birth as long as what he says is not made public. Oscar proceeds to explain how Xai had taken Oz from Rachel while she slept and stormed out of the hospital without explanation. Oscar says that Xai had claimed that he wanted to celebrate Oz's christening on his own; however, Oscar offered the possibility that Xai could have done something to Oz in his absence, or even switched Oz out for another child. Break then relays this information to Sheryl soon after.

Sometime after the destruction of the second Sealing Stone and the re-emergence of the Head Hunter, another meeting between the Four Great Dukes is held. Oz stands by Oscar as he explains the confrontation he faced in Carillon with Marie as well as his interactions with the mage acting as guardian for the second Seal, Rytas. Oz opens the box which Rytas had given to him, meant to be filled with clues to the location of the third Sealing Stone, and passes the contents around the table for Oscar and his fellow Dukes to look at, 27 pieces of paper with symbols and letters on them too hard to decipher. Rufus recognizes a symbol on one of the papers as the symbol of a cult that is lead by a relative of his. Oz excuses himself from the meeting as he began to feel ill, however Oscar remains and discusses Isla Yura and the third Sealing Stone with Rufus, Bernard and Sheryl.

Later, Oscar is shown alone in a room of the Vessalius estate, questioning what reason Xai would have for replacing his son if he had done so. Oscar stands and picks up his camera after not being able to come up with a rational answer, making his way to Pandora Headquarters. Upon arriving at Pandora's Headquarters, Oscar finds Elliot and Gil fighting over whether Elliot should return to the Nightray estate or not. Oscar smacks both Elliot and Gil on the back of the heads and tells them that both of them are at fault in their argument. Oscar explains that this is no time to be fighting, asking if they all couldn't feel the heavy atmosphere over Pandora that had been looming because of the re-emergence of the Head Hunter. Oscar opens a window and notes how with the beautiful weather the oppressive atmosphere doesn't belong. Thus, Oscar announces the need for Pandora to hold a tea party to calm everyone's nerves.

Whilst Oz, Gil, Alice, Elliot and Leo enjoy to tea party Oscar had set up, Oscar sent for Ada so that she could join the party as well. Oscar sets up his camera on a tripod and tells Oz to bring everyone over so that they can finish the day off with a nice picture. Oz, seeing Oscar's camera, objects to his uncle's choice, saying that it's not a special enough occasion for Oscar's camera. Oscar embraces Oz and explains that it's all right, because Oz is like a son to him, and while it's not a special occasion; it's a special day nonetheless. Oscar goes on about how it's a wonderful day and what a wonderful opportunity it is for everyone to be able to be there together, enjoying themselves. Oscar then decides that the day is a very special unbirthday. Oscar then sets up his camera, taking a group picture of himself, Oz, Alice, Gil, Break, Sharon, Reim, Ada, Elliot, Leo and Echo

The Feast ArcEdit

After the arrival of Isla Yura, Oz is meant to undergo a second Coming of Age Ceremony to be held in Isla Yura's mansion However, this is a mere cover story so that Pandora could attend alongside him and search the grounds for the third Sealing Stone Yura is rumored to have in his possession.

Unfortunately, Oscar is unable to attend Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony for unknown reasons. Although on the night of the Ceremony, Oscar is with Sheryl in Pandora when an earthquake rolls through Reveil, signifying that the third Sealing Stone had been destroyed and that Pandora's strategy had failed.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

Following the end of Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, Oscar takes the time to voice his concern to Rufus about how worn-out Oz, Gilbert and Alice all seem because of what happened during the second Coming of Age Ceremony. Alongside Sheryl's own concern, Oscar manages to convince Rufus to give Oz, Alice and Gil a break from searching from Sealing Stones.

Unbeknownst to Oscar, this period of relief works in Rufus' favor; as it allows Rufus the freedom and alone time with Sheryl to attack her and steal the Rainsworth Key to the Abyss. Following this, Rufus leads the Baskervilles to the fourth Sealing Stone, while Jack takes control of Oz's body and uses his powers as B-Rabbit to sever the Chains encircling the world, thus setting up the possibility of another event like the Tragedy of Sablier. Oscar receives a message from Pandora that explains the current situation in Reveil, and tracks Ada down, preparing a carriage out of Reveil for her shortly after returning to the Vessalius estate. Ada questions where Oscar's taking her, and Oscar explains that he's sending her somewhere safe (without delving into the specifics that Pandora had told him about Reveil's doom), while he has to deal with what's happening to Reveil. Ada notes how the earthquakes aren't stopping, asking Oscar desperately to tell her what's going on.

Suddenly, someone calls out to Oscar from behind them. Xai approaches Oscar with a hoard of Baskervilles, asking where Oscar thinks that he's hurrying off to all of a sudden. Xai brings up the fact that the three of them haven't spent a lot of time together as a family, as there haven't been too many chances for such a thing to happen. Xai then has the Baskervilles surround Oscar and Ada, preventing Ada from leaving, deciding that now was the time for a nice long family talk. Oscar simply steps in front of Ada while he glares as Xai. Xai and the Baskervilles escort Oscar and Ada into the Vessalius estate, where they begin a process of cross-examination on Oscar and Ada.

During the cross-examination, Oscar notices that a Baskerville in the room has some of Oz's things and asks for Oz's overcoat, vest and Jack's Pocket Watch from the Baskervilles. The Baskervilles comply and Xai tells Oscar that he must have realized by now that Oz is not Xai's son. Oscar, Xai and Ada sit down together and drink tea as Xai tells Oscar that more than twenty-five years before on a snowy day he had been approached by a child who had claimed to be Jack Vessalius.


Xai tells what remains of his family the truth about Oz

Jack had claimed to have been rejected by the divine providence of the Abyss and being forced to live continuously in a repetitive cycle of aging in reverse for the last 100 years. Xai elaborates on how Jack had manipulated him into allowing Jack to take Xai's son's place in the Vessalius Dukedom in the form of an infant because Xai's son had been stillborn. Xai tells Oscar and Ada that Oz's existence was that of the Chain B-Rabbit dwelling within Jack's body in a younger form. Hearing this, Oscar covers his mouth in shock and drops his cup of tea to the floor where it shatters. Oscar refuses to believe such a thing and insists that Xai should refrain from saying something so foolish. Xai reiterates what he'd said before, explaining to Oscar how Jack was to blame for the deaths of Rachel, Sara, and both Oscar and Xai's sons.

Ada interrupts her father, not able to believe what her father had told her. Xai explains that it had turned out just as the boy had foreseen, his child was stillborn, and so Xai took the child from Rachel Cecile while she slept and stormed off into the night in order to switch his child for Jack, who's body had been rewound to the form of an infant at this time. Oscar questions why Xai would do such a thing, and why he'd agree so easily to Jack's request. Xai explained that he was suspicious naturally, but if Jack was truly who he claimed to be, then Xai would be able to access information from Jack which no one else possessed and if what Jack said was indeed true, then it was not the duty of one born into the Vessalius family to inherit such an intention. However, by doing so, Xai was also able to protect Rachel's heart from the ache that would come from the loss of her first born. Xai now knew that it was all part of Jack's calculations, and that he was always meant to end up here in the end. Xai had been played as a fool being forced to dance by Jack alongside his intentions. Oscar questions what Xai was talking about. Xai loses himself, slamming his fists into the table and yelling that it was about his child who had been killed by Jack Vessalius. Not only his first born, but Rachel, Duchess Vessalius and Oscar's child as well were all killed for Jack's wish.

Oscar stands and going to stare out one of the Vessalius estate's windows, but Xai stands as well, putting a hand on Ada's shoulder, ordering Oscar to go after Oz and kill him with his own hands while he kept Ada as his hostage. Xai's reasoning for doing this is because it would be the most effective way of causing Oz pain and getting his revenge on Jack for destroying his family. Oscar is surprised to see that Xai is intending to hold his own daughter hostage. Xai simply ignores Oscar's remark and asks how long Oscar had intended to play house for Oz despite the fact that Oz's mere existence still causes Oscar great amounts of pain.

Realizing the situation that Xai had forced him into, Oscar starts to leave Pandora to go after Oz. Ada chases after Oscar, telling him that he should do whatever he can to achieve his goals because Xai wouldn't do anything to hurt his own daughter. Ada decides that she wants to fight alongside Oscar as well, prompting Oscar to think of how all he has ever done was look out for Oz and Ada. Xai then sends two Baskervilles to retrieve Ada and bring her back to confinement. Oscar then proceeds to travel to Pandora Headquarters; having the intention of reuniting and helping Oz where he had otherwise failed to do so in prior years.

Falling - 6

Oscar catches up to Gil and Oz in Pandora

When Oscar finally catches up to Oz and Gil in the catacombs of Pandora, he needs to catch his breath. Oz questions what Oscar is doing in the catacombs of Pandora Headquarters, Oscar avoids answering Oz's question, instead allowing Gil to compliment him of being able to reach the two of them in time. Gil also asks why Oscar is there, Oscar telling the two that when it seemed as though he and Ada were going to escape Reveil, the Baskervilles intercepted and captured them. Oscar states that he had heard that Oz was going to be executed, however Oscar doesn't explain his intentions; instead trailing off and laughing to himself.

Gil is wary about Oscar's sense of mystery, but before he can voice much of his skepticism, Gil falls over. Oscar exclaims in alarm, but Gil says that he's all right and that ever since he'd had Raven sever his arm, he's been having trouble maintaining his balance. Oscar helps Gil to his feet and ruffles his hair, saying that the things they need to talk about are "as big as mountains", but they would be better off to focus their energy on escaping Pandora with their lives, for the time being. Gil is hesitant, but ultimately agrees with Oscar. Oscar goes on to say that the three of them could likely escape Reveil fairly easily through the emergency escape route set up for the Four Great Dukes. Gil agrees, noting how Oscar must have utilized the emergency escape route (being the head of the Vessalius Dukedom) to reach them in the first place.

Suddenly, Oscar remembers what he had brought for Oz, giving Oz his overcoat, vest and Jack's Pocket Watch as he explains how he had gotten them back for Oz. Oscar apologizes because Jack's Pocket Watch had fallen open while he held it. This gesture makes Oz reach out and grab Oscar by the sleeve in order to thank him more directly. Oz's actions force Oscar to remember the moment Oz had clung to Oscar in the same way following Sara's death. Oz notices that Oscar is feeling uncomfortable, and asks what's wrong. Oscar simply brushes it off as nothing and continue down a flight of stairs. Gil calls after Oscar, who laughs to himself. Suddenly gunshots come from behind them.

Three Pandora members stand behind them, one laughs and states that he had figured that Gil and Oz would run this way, ordering his colleagues to hurry up and kill Oz. The second Pandora member questions what they should do because of Oscar's presence alongside the two fugitives. The first Pandora member states that it didn't matter because in Pandora's current state, they could be killed by the Baskervilles at any given point. By his logic, if they presented Oz and Gil to the Baskervilles, they may be spared. The second Pandora member asks Oscar to step out of the way. Gil then draws his gun and fights his old colleagues. Meanwhile, Oscar thinks of Xai's order to kill Oz, reaching out for Oz as he kneels to the ground over one of the dead Pandora members while Gil is preoccupied.

Gil easily dispatches and kills his former colleagues, quickly turning his attention to Oz, aiming his gun at him and ordering Jack not to move another muscle. Oscar wonders how long Gil had known that Jack was in control of his body rather than Oz, Gil explaining how ever since Oscar arrived, Oz had been acting strange. Instead of denying the accusation, Jack commends Gil's amazing sense of perception; as Jack is confident that if it wasn't for Oscar, he would have continued to deceive Gil without fail. Suddenly an explosion reverberates throughout Pandora, distracting Gil and Oscar and allowing Jack to grab a gun from one of the fallen Pandora members. Jack then takes aim at Oscar with the intent of killing Oz's adoptive uncle.

Oz regains partial control of Jack's body, stopping the trigger from being pulled and surprising Jack. Gil takes the opportunity and rushes to Jack, but he turns around and runs, while yelling back that he had just been trying to protect Oz as Gilbert had been. Gil questions what Jack was talking about, but is interrupted when Oscar catches up and tells Gil that the tunnels to St. Luca's Gate have become a complicated maze. Oscar says that he does know the way, if the should ever lose their path he doesn't know what will follow.

Jack's voice echoes throughout the tunnels as he asks Oscar why he appeared before Oz. Jack asks if it was because Xai had told him that he killed Duchess Vessalius and Oscar's son and how Oscar must hate Jack for that. Gil is shocked and confused, whilst Jack continues to explain that Oz was allowed to live instead of Oscar's son, and that this meant that he didn't come to help Oz, Oscar had instead come to kill Oz with his own hands. Gil screams at Jack to stop messing around, claiming that Jack's words were nonsense because he could never successfully betray Oz like Jack had stated and that it would take a better lie to fool him. Gil insists that Oscar is Oz's ally, no matter what. Oscar laughs at this and pats Gil on the back, thanking him while remembering Gil as a child, and Oz after he had stolen Oscar's camera.

81 - 9

Oscar pins Jack down, intending on liberating Oz from Jack's control

Oscar runs ahead of Gil, thinking of his connections to Oz, Gil and Ada as he pursues Jack. Jack then ambushes Oscar, jumping out from around a corner and taking aim at Oscar and shooting through his ear. Oscar pins Jack to the wall, asking him if he had planned on having Oz kill him to cause as much pain to Oz as possible. Oscar tells Jack that he had no intention of allowing such a thing to happen, because he came before Oz in order to silence Jack forever. Through Jack, Oz begs Oscar to run away; fearing that Jack is going to kill Oscar and holding Jack down within his subconscious. Oscar explains that it was exactly as Jack had said, Xai had told him everything, including how much of a cowardly man Jack really is, speaking spitefully towards Jack about how he had forced Xai to live alone.

Oscar explains to Oz and Gil that Xai had believed every word that Jack had said, or rather Xai wasn't able to disbelieve Jack. Oscar remembers the day that his child was born, continuing his explanation by stating that Xai had done exactly what Jack had instructed him to do, replacing his dead son with Oz while he was control of Jack's infant body. Oscar explains that after a long search, Xai finally managed to discover the truth faster than anyone else. Xai knew that Jack was in fact that instigator of the Tragedy rather than the Baskerville Clan. Oscar voices how everything seemed to be going according to Jack's plans; exposing Jack's manipulation of Xai that lead to Xai dropping Oz into the Abyss in pursuit of destroying B-Rabbit's power once and for all. Gil objects to Oscar's explanation, but Oscar decides that if he doesn't tell Oz the story now, then Jack would do it another time that would best suit his own needs. Oscar turns to Jack and asks if Oz is listening from within Jack's subconscious, Oz being shown remembering the Coming of Age Ceremony and absorbing Xai's actions as Oscar dictates them.

Oscar continues, explaining that Oz returned after 10 years, having regained his powers by becoming Alice's contractor. Jack teasingly asks if Oscar's suggesting that he had even plotted that out as it had happened. Oscar states that while listening to Xai's story, he was only able to believe Xai's words partially, yet when he looked in Jack's eyes now he was able to believe everything that Xai had said. Oscar recalls a comparison to Jack and water, identifying it as true as even though Jack had been the one to cause the Tragedy, Oscar's not able to feel any malice or good will from him and he is unable to grasp Jack's existence; just like water, Jack completely spills over. Oscar questions what Jack is exactly, mentioning that it's like Jack is empty.

Hearing this reminds Jack of the past. Jack taps into Oz's power and throws Oscar off of him; summoning B-Rabbit's chains as he notes how Oswald had said something similar 100 years before, and the nostalgia of it was a horrible feeling. Within Jack's subconscious, Oz clings to Jack to prevent him from killing Oscar and Gil; begging them to run away while they had the chance. Gil tells Oscar to stay back whilst Jack dominates Oz from within, however Oscar steps out in front of Gil and asks if Jack truly did kill his son and Sara. Oscar doesn't think that Jack actually did because doing so wouldn't have benefited him in any way. Oscar also doesn't believe that Jack actually had anything to do with Rachel's death, as Rachel's death was an unfortunate accident. Xai could never actually accept that Jack wasn't to blame for his family's destruction though, instead believing in Jack's manipulation because of his vendetta against his ancestor.

Jack uses B-Rabbit's Chains to push Gilbert aside and stab into Oscar's shoulder, pinning him against a nearby wall. His failed attempts to get to Jack, as well as Jack's malicious intent make Oscar feel utterly helpless. After reviewing the effect that Oz has had on his life since Sara's death, Oscar gains the strength to rip the chains from his shoulder, deciding that he won't run away this time.

82 - 2

Oscar finds strength within himself

While Oz destroys Jack within his subconscious, Oscar questions what he should do at a time like this; as if he allows himself to offer comfort to Oz then the situation should calm itself greatly, encouraging Oscar to tell Oz his wish. Oscar walks up to and embraces Jack, directing his words to Oz and telling him that his only wish is for Oz to be happy. Oscar thinks to himself of how he knows that his words must be painful and cruel for Oz to hear. Oscar elaborates how Oz, Gilbert and Ada had saved him, and so he hopes that his wish doesn't become a curse that binds Oz. Finally, Oscar professes how he loves all of them from the bottom of his heart.

All of a sudden, a portal of light opens from a junction in the Abyss; from which Alice emerges as Oz calls her back to him now that he's defeated Jack. Oscar grabs at his injured shoulder and watches from a far as Alice, Gil and Oz all reunite. Together, the four of them then continue on their path through Pandora's catacombs to St. Luca's Gate.

82 - 9

Oscar opens St. Luca's Gate

At St. Luca's Gate, Gil asks if Oscar's shoulder is okay. Oscar avoids answering Gil's question, instead stating that he plans on getting out of Pandora as soon as possible. As well, Oscar explains that after passing through St. Luca's Gate there will be a waterway; they should follow the waterway, which will lead them directly out of Reveil. Oscar then pulls out his necklace and uses it to open St. Luca's Gate. Gil is shocked to learn that Oscar's necklace is the Vessalius Key, but instead of taking notice of Gil's reaction, Oscar orders Oz, Gil and Alice to take their leave. Oscar says that following the closing of St. Luca's Gate, the Baskervilles will be unable to follow them through, as St. Luca's Gate won't be able to open right away.

As the group begins to go through St. Luca's Gate, Echo makes her way into the chamber, asking Oz to wait because she wants to come with them. Echo runs directly into Oscar, plunging her short-sword into Oscar's stomach and laughing maniacally because she had taken one of them down. Gil steps forward and shoots at Echo, but Echo dodges the attack and flips over top of Gil, landing as Baskervilles begin flooding into the chamber as reinforcement for Echo's assault. Duldum's strings reveal themselves as Echo asks Gil what's wrong and if he intends on killing her like he'd attempted to do the last time they'd met, laughing because she knows he won't shoot. Gil at long last realizes that Noise and Echo share a body and that Noise is using Duldum to control Echo.

82 - 4

Noise attacks Oscar, fatally wounding him

Gil realizes the turmoil of the situation as it unravels before him, calling out to Oscar for guidance. Oscar urges Gil to take Oz and Alice through St. Luca's Gate. Gil does as he's told, grabbing Alice and Oz (despite Oz's reluctance) and crashing through St. Luca's Gate, with Oz reaching out to his uncle as Oscar closes the gate to prevent the Baskervilles from getting their hands on the group. Oscar relaxes before St. Luca's Gate as Pandora members enter the chamber, vowing to protect Oscar as the Vessalius Duke. Xai enters the chamber with the Pandora members, noting how annoying they were and wondering what is wrong with them. Xai notices Oscar's necklace and realizes that Oscar chose Sara's wedding ring as the Vessalius Key, noting how such an act was just like Oscar.

Oscar realizes that Xai had only forced him to follow after Oz and Gil because he wanted Oscar to expose the Vessalius Key so that Xai could steal it for himself. Oscar mocks his elder brother by rubbing the fact that St. Luca's Gate can't be opened for quite some time after it has closed, thus Xai would have to give up on pursuing Oz, Alice and Gil. Xai laughs and draws a gun, taking aim at Oscar. Xai tells his younger brother that it's his choice, and asking if Oscar has any regrets. Oscar denies having regrets because he was able to convey everything he wanted to say and he was able to leave Oz in someone else's care. Xai tells Oscar that this part of his personality was something that he'd always found unpleasant about Oscar as a person, with Oscar saying that he had already known that. Oscar had hoped that he and Xai could've one day come to understand one another. Finally, at this moment, Xai pulls the trigger, as Oscar closes his eyes and accepts his death. Xai then proceeds to steal the Vessalius Key from Oscar's lifeless body.

As a disembodied soul, Sara greets Oscar with their son in her arms as Oscar looks at something; questioning what Oscar's doing. Oscar tells Sara that he's looking at the photo he'd taken of everyone at the unbirthday party. Sara gets worked up and tells Oscar that what he did was unfair, because he'd taken the picture despite the fact that he'd promised that the first photo he'd take with his camera would be of them, as a family. Oscar feels guilty and tells Sara not to sulk as he'll take a photo of them now. Sara laughs and explains that she was only joking. Sara then tells Oscar that she loves him, and Oscar tells Sara that he loves her too, setting up the camera and taking the photo of his family as he had promised.

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