Pandora Hearts Official Animation Guide is the guide book for the anime adaptation of Pandora Hearts.


  • Character info pages
  • Character costume designs
  • Interviews with the seiyuus
  • Rough drafts for locations and buildings
  • Mochizuki's top 10 episodes
  • "Knave of Hearts" script with illustrations
  • And more...

Characters with info pagesEdit

  • Oz - two pages
  • Gilbert - two pages
  • Alice - two pages
  • Xerxes Break - one page
  • Sharon - one page
  • Vincent - one page
  • Echo - one page
  • Ada and Oscar - one page
  • Elliot and Leo - one page
  • Intention of the Abyss and Cheshire - one page
  • Jack and Oswald - one page
  • Reim, Rufus, and Xai - one page
  • Lottie, Noise, Dug, and Fang - one page



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