A girl was born around 120 years ago to an unknown upbringing. Around the age of 14, this girl was accepted by the Droplets of Light and guided to Sablier, where she joined the Baskerville Clan. As a Baskerville, Noise was obligated to form a Contract with a Chain, ultimately doing so after the Chain Duldee was drawn to the girl's soul. Unfortunately, the girl was considered an aberration among the Baskerville Clan and was unable to control the powers of the Abyss. This meant that Duldee's presence in her body began eating away at the girl's overall being; making her lose the memories concerning her origins and even her name. As well, this opening allowed Duldee to completely possess her Contractor's body; going off on a violent rampage that provided the acting Glen Baskerville, Oswald, no other option other than to lock the girl away in one of the cells in the lower levels of the Baskerville estate to keep everyone safe.

89 - 3

Duldee creates Echo from Noise's personality

As her Contractor began speaking of all the voices she could hear, Duldee could see that her mind was on the brink of completely collapsing. As such, Duldee used her powers to fabricate an incarnation of Duldum, a split personality that mirrors Duldee and acts as her puppet, within her Contractor. This way, Duldee could still possess her Contractor, albeit indirectly, thereby saving whatever remained of her Contractor's sanity through Duldum's presence. Though her split personality's name was Duldum, the girl took to calling her Echo instead; seeing her as a reverberation of her original self.

One day, the girl got a visitor at her barred window, though she couldn't see who it was. The visitor asked why Noise was in her room all alone, if she was a Baskerville too and whether or not she was a prisoner of some sort. The girl just told her visitor that she was an aberration among the Baskervilles; though the visitor didn't really understand what that meant. The girl explained how she was unable to control the power of the Abyss, which meant that her Chain's presence in her body was deteriorating her existence and allowed her Chain to possess her and do as she pleased; a rare occurrence among the Baskerville Clan. As an aberration, Noise didn't feel as though she really was a Baskerville, yet at the same time she wasn't human, making her nothing more than a failure. Hearing this, the visitor told the girl that they were very alike, as both of them were aberrations, revealing himself to be a Child of Ill Omen, and if they were both aberrations then they could be normal in each others eyes. The visitor introduced himself as Vincent, though the girl was fixated on his crimson eye; prompting Vincent to ask if he could come see the girl again - as he had to return before the other Baskervilles noticed he was gone. Rather than answering Vincent, the girl attempted to introduce herself as well, though was distraught by the fact that she couldn't remember who she used to be. Vincent left, taking the girl's attempt at an introduction as a yes, leaving the girl to break down in tears.

Three days later, Vincent returned to see the girl again, only to find that she'd been taken over by Duldum. Figuring that Duldum was the girl's Chain, Vincent told Duldum that it wasn't nice to arbitrarily possess her Contractor. This made Duldum laugh, telling Vincent that she wasn't arbitrarily possessing her Contractor, only doing what Duldee told her to do in order to preserve their Contractor's sanity. This lead Vincent to realize Duldee and Duldum's powers, which impressed Duldum as she regrettably revealed that Duldee's powers didn't work on everyone. Duldum even revealed that Vincent was one of those who were immune to Duldee's power, as Duldee had been trying to tether him with her strings as they spoke. Ultimately, Duldum wondered if it was because of Vincent's existence as a Child of Ill Omen; something which angered Vincent and prompted a meltdown. Vincent demanded that Duldum, switched places with her Contractor, as she was the one he'd come to see, not Duldum.

Complying, Duldum switched places with the girl, leaving her confused as to what was going on. Realizing that Duldum possessed her again, the girl broke down in tears; which Vincent thought was nothing more than a horrible noise to hear. Vincent decided to rename his friend "Noise", since she had forgotten her actual name; raining flowers down on her from above. Vincent admitted that the flowers were originally meant to be a gift for his elder brother, Gilbert, but they'd wilted so he decided they were better suited for Noise. Rather than focus on the flowers, Noise was fixated on the name she'd been given; feeling as though she was too revolting to deserve a name. Vincent couldn't deny what Noise had said, though he did remind Noise of what he said before: when both of them were aberrations, they're could be normal in each others eyes; opening Noise's eyes to Vincent's kindness.

On the day of Gil's 1st Succession Ceremony, Noise was allowed to leave her room so that she could attend the ceremony as well. However, before reaching Raven's Door to the Abyss, Noise saw Vincent crying alone and rushed to his side immediately. Concerned, Noise asked what was wrong and whether or not someone had been bullying him. Initially attempting to seek consolation from Noise, Vincent went to tell her about the position he was in, only to remember something and push Noise to the ground. Standing up, Vincent proclaimed that he couldn't tell Noise because he had to act on his own, shaking as he held back his tears, before running off. Noise had always known that she needed to protect Vincent, and now she could see that Vincent needed her; deciding to take on her role as Vincent's surrogate sister as she was meant to.

Noise continued to Gil's Succession Ceremony as she was meant to, only to witness its failure. Though it seemed unprovoked, Oswald later ordered all the Baskervilles to murder every guest on the estate, and so it's assumed that Noise took part in this massacre as well and was dropped into the Abyss alongside the majority of Sablier. Sometime between her drop and release, Noise's heart continued to crack, and so the Echoes continued to collect the pieces she'd lost and maintain them with every new incarnation, while Noise took to imitating Duldee, and later Vincent's personalities in order to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, because of this Noise had forgotten who she was to begin with entirely, and failed to realize that she was now acting to fulfill Duldee's wishes rather than her own. After her release from the Abyss nearly 100 years after the Tragedy of Sablier, Noise rejoined the Baskerville Clan as her colleagues continued to escape the Abyss; waiting for the moment when they could reclaim the world and return it to the way it was naturally meant to be.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

Eventually, Noise and the few Baskervilles that had managed to escape the Abyss are approached by their ally Bernard Nightray, who reveals that a member of the Vessalius Dukedom has something of the utmost importance to share with them. Xai Vessalius provides the Baskervilles with what he claims to be an ancient prophecy: "When the one whom we await descends upon the promised land, the bell will toll to break the silence." Xai explains that the prophecy speaks of a child, who's very existence will destroy the Abyss and the world alongside it when the silent clock tower on the Vessalius estate progresses again. Accepting this, the Baskervilles orchestrate an intervention of Oz Vessalius' Coming of Age Ceremony in order to pass judgement on him.

Ep01 - noise arrives behind gil

Noise, possessed by Duldee, kidnaps Gilbert

Noise is tasked with infiltrating Oz's inner circle, though she's instead possessed by Duldee for the first time in over 100 years. Duldee kidnaps Gilbert and ensnares him in her strings, planting an incarnation of Duldum in him as well in order to allow Duldee's complete control over Gilbert during the Coming of Age Ceremony. At some point afterwards, Noise regains control of her body, having Gilbert act normally during the Coming of Age Ceremony while she waits just outside the church with Xai and two other Baskervilles. As the Ceremony begins, Xai asks Noise if she's positive that she's in complete control of Gilbert, reminding her that they need him in order to open The Path and that they can't afford to have Duldum go berserk during the Ceremony. Noise assures Xai that she has it under control, overjoyed by the situation at hand.

After Oz recites his vow before the clock tower and it moves, Noise's excitement reaches new heights as she recites the prophecy and announces that there's no mistaking that its speaking of Oz. With time stopped for the humans, the Baskervilles drop in on the scene and Noise has Gil grab Oz from behind. Noise notes how they've waited for Oz's arrival, reciting the next part of the prophecy gleefully as she has Duldum stab Oz in the shoulder with a dagger in order to draw the "blood of a friend" necessary for the judgement. With Gryphon's seal drawn, the Baskervilles proceed; though Duldum strays from Duldee's orders, unable to control herself when she smells Oz's blood. As Duldum goes to kill Oz and draw more of his blood to consume, a young girl named Alice with the powers of B-Rabbit forces Duldum out of Gil and pushes the Baskervilles away from Oz.

A battle between the Baskervilles begins, during which Alice nearly impales Noise with her bladed chains. Fortunately, she'
Equipment - noises knife

Noise keeps Oz remain at his place with her knife

s saved by one of her fellow Baskervilles and manages to continue fighting Alice. Meanwhile, Gilbert has fully regained control of his body and confronts Xai, demanding to know why the Baskervilles were trying to kill Oz. Suddenly, lightning strikes outside, revealing Xai's face to Gilbert, who is stunned to see that Oz's father is attempting to kill him. Seeing Gilbert as being in danger, Oz grabs a nearby sword and charges at Xai, only to slice through Gilbert instead as he attempts to defend Xai; not wanting Oz to kill his father. With Oz traumatized and otherwise occupied by his grief, Xai proceeds to banish Alice using Gryphon's power and then pass judgement on Oz. Xai then has Gryphon summon forth the Chains of Condemnation, which drag Oz down to the depths of the Abyss. With their mission accomplished successfully, Noise and her fellow Baskervilles return to Sablier; leaving the guests of the Ceremony confused as to what happened, when time .

Some time after the Coming of Age Ceremony, Vincent approaches the Baskervilles once again, having been spat out of the Abyss close to five years beforehand. With his ties to the Baskervilles mended once again, Vincent allows has Noise to join the Nightray Dukedom as his personal valet, allowing Vincent easy access to the Baskerville and providing Noise with the freedom to stay by her oldest friends side.

Working With Pandora ArcEdit

Eventually, Noise discovers that Oz managed to escape the Abyss, and so she returns to the mansion where Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held. Here, Noise finds that the Vessalius Dukedom has since abandoned the mansion, leaving it to Pandora for further investigation. Immediately, Noise tethers the Pandora members present in
Ep06 - zwei defends herself

Noise defends herself from Gil's gun with the strings.

the mansion with Duldee's strings, also having Duldee implant an incarnation of Duldum in each of them so that they're completely at her mercy. Noise asks an unknown figure if Oz truly did come back from the Abyss, which they confirm; suggesting that he'll most definitely return to the mansion in search of some answers. Intrigued, Noise announces that they must do everything in their power to ensure that they entertain Oz properly when he arrives.
Zwei 3

Noise taunts Oz as she plants Duldum in Gilbert

Later, when Oz, Alice and Gilbert all return to the mansion, Gil is told by a Pandora member that something has gone wrong inside the mansion. Gil enters the mansion alone to investigate, finding that the clock tower is still progressing normally and everything appears to be fine. When Gil turns to question the Pandora member about what's really going on, he hears uncontrollable rattling, turning to find that every one of his colleagues is one of Duldee's puppets. Suddenly, one of the Pandora members attacks Gil with an iron bar, though Gil is quick to draw his gun and kill every one of his colleagues in an act of defense. Laughing, Noise notes how Gil had grown to be so cruel and merciless since they last met. Though Gil insists that he won't play the part as one of Noise's puppet's and orders her to shut up. Entertained, Noise wonders why Gil is so angry, as she thought he would've been thrilled that they finally reunited; which Gil admits is true, as he's been waiting to kill Noise for a long time. Gil shoots at Noise, though he misses, making Noise realize that Gil's still holding a grudge over what she'd forced him to do during the Coming of Age Ceremony; writing Gil off as single-minded for not being able to let something like that go even after 10 years.

Just then, Oz and Alice enter the mansion, having heard the gunfire from outside, though they're unaware that this was a part of Noise's plan all along. Noise summons Duldee in-full, binding Gil and formally introducing Duldee to Oz. Noise explains that she'd come to the mansion in order to celebrate Oz's return to the 1st Dimension after 10 long years; announcing the beginning of her show, with the stars being Oz and his valet, Gilbert (something which Oz had been oblivious to since his return from the Abyss). Seeing Oz's confusion, Noise explains that the Abyss is a dimension where time is out of order, meaning that even if you do manage to escape there's no guarantee that you'll return to you're own time. Noise grips Gilbert close and tells Oz not to worry, as she intends on casting Oz back into the Abyss again; asking Gil to give Oz a good working over to make it easier for her to take care of Oz as she has Duldee place an incarnation of Duldum in Gil.

With Duldum and Duldee now in complete control of Gil, Duldum advances towards Oz and slaps him. Alice attempts to intervene, but Noise has one of the Pandora members pin her to the ground instead, admitting that she's sorry things have to be this way, especially since B-Rabbit managed to get a body of its own, but Noise claims that there's no other way because Oz is the key to obtaining the Intention of the Abyss. Therefore, Oz's existence poses a major threat to the Baskervilles, so casting him into the Abyss to be destroyed is the only answer. Meanwhile, Duldum continues to fight Oz, eventually managing to slam him to the ground and keep him pinned with a hand around his neck. Oz tries to push Duldum off of him, but she proves to be too powerful in Gil's body, instead only managing to open his shirt and reveal a jagged scar across Gil's chest. Enjoying the surprise on Oz's face, Duldum asks if seeing the scar doesn't bring back memories of the good old days, then aiming Gil's gun at Oz's heart.

Ep07 - noise shooted 02

Gilbert shoots Noise.

Thinking of the situation at hand, Oz speaks directly to Gil and asks if he resents him for nearly killing Gil during the Coming of Age Ceremony. Oz reveals that he really wanted to believe that Gil was alive, but as long as he's alive that will become a lie. As such, Oz grabs Gil's gun and aims it at his head instead, saying that he'd rather die right there than have that happen. This proves to be enough for Gil, who manages to expel Duldum from his body and fix his aim on Noise, shooting her in the shoulder. Both shocked and frustrated, Noise leaps to
Ep07 - noise laughing

Noise's farewell to Oz and Gilbert.

one of the open windows above them, stating that it's time for her to take her leave and let the curtain fall; as she has no interest in a script gone awry. However, Noise adds that she looks forward to the next act and bids farewell to Oz as she escapes. Ultimately, Noise is scolded severely for acting on her own and trying to cast Oz back into the Abyss; only to nearly kill Oz instead. However, Noise's reckless behavior becomes less of a concern as she needs time to heal her body's wounds, allowing Echo to take the reigns, while she drifts back into her subconscious to rest and recover.

Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

After an unknown individual reports back to Vincent regarding Alice and Xerxes Break's kidnapping at the hands of Cheshire, Vincent calls on both Noise and Echo to act as important components of his plot to ensure that the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier remains forgotten. Knowing that Oz and Gilbert would follow Break and Alice to Cheshire's Dimension, Vincent sends Echo to the Rainsworth estate, where he knows that Sharon Rainsworth is now vulnerable to an attack and could be used as a bartering chip.

Duldee, Noise Sharon

Sharon at Noise's mercy

Echo ventures to the Rainsworth estate, where she finds Sharon angrily fighting with Cheshire through her Chain, Equus. When convenient, Echo attacks Sharon from behind and renders her unconscious as ordered by Vincent. From here, Noise takes over, kidnapping Sharon and bringing her to the Nightray estate, where she ensnares Sharon with Duldee's strings and has an incarnation of Duldum planted within her subconscious. With Duldum in Sharon's subconscious, Noise is at liberty to force Sharon to summon Equus and control him to do whatever she pleases. As such, Vincent has Noise save only Oz and Alice after Oz uses the power of B-Rabbit to destroy Cheshire's Dimension. This leaves Gil and Break with Cheshire, who is attempting to drag them down alongside his crumbling dimension. Instead, Break has Gil summon Raven and open a portal to the 1st Dimension; only just managing to escape Cheshire's Dimension before its collapse.

Meanwhile, Noise drops Oz and Alice in the middle of a meeting between the Four Great Dukes, with Alice now in her B-Rabbit form because Gil had to remove the seal on her powers in order to use Raven. Bernard Nightray immediately steps forward and accuses Oz and Alice of being assassins sent to kill himself and the other Dukes; prompting a chaotic charge from Pandora, leaving the organization in disarray as Vincent had intended. With everything going according to plan, Vincent gives both Noise and Sharon a rare type of poison in order to place a time limit on his intended dealing with Break. Noise then has Equus transport Vincent to Pandora, where he enters Break's room, spreading petals from black roses, tears up the room and leaves a black knight from a chess game in order to symbolize Equus. From here, Noise switches places with Echo once more, allowing the poison set in before Break and Vincent return.

Sablier ArcEdit

After everything she's been through, Echo is given the day off and attends the St. Bridget's Day Festival, where she encounters Oz and decides to spend the day with him rather than alone. However, during the , Oz's Incuse progresses forward. The power of B-Rabbit radiating off of Oz throws Echo into a state of agonizing pain, prompting Noise to step forward to offer Echo a hand, intent on returning to her rightful position in her subconscious. Instead, Echo attempts to run from Noise, only for Noise to tease Echo and demand that she take her to the Nightray estate; which Echo unknowingly does.


Noise returns to her rightful place

Upon her arrival, Echo is slapped by Vincent - which Lottie questions as she enters the room. Reasoning that he was just rather vexed and was taking his anger out on Echo, Vincent justifies that he was punishing Echo for spending time with Oz after Lottie voices her disgust toward him. Hearing this, Noise tells Echo that she's a bad girl that must be punished, and that Vincent even confirmed it, prompting more pain within Echo. Vincent and Lottie carry on their conversation; with Lottie explaining that Fang and Dug had already left for Sablier and are searching for the first Sealing Stone of Glen Baskerville, which may been hidden there. Suddenly, Echo begins laughing hysterically as Noise attempts to push her way through; the reason being that she can't talk to Vincent as long as Echo is in her way. Fighting Noise's power, Echo reveals that Vincent ordered her to never set Noise free, only for Vincent to tell her that he doesn't need her anymore and to switch places with Noise. Complying, Echo allows Noise to take her place, with Noise immediately stripping out of Echo's clothes so that she can put on her Baskerville cloak

Once she's settled into her body again, Noise jumps up and embraces Vincent, telling him repeatedly how much she's missed him. Vincent simply tells Noise that she's a naughty child, as he'd ordered her to stay confined within her subconscious for a while; though Noise ignores Vincent and suggests that she be allowed to reign free as the dominant personality from now on. Though Vincent argues that this wouldn't leave any freedom for Echo, Noise just denounces Echo as a reverberation of herself and tells Vincent that the bullet wound from Gilbert has healed fully now; meaning that she's more useful to Vincent than Echo. Unable to deny what's true, Vincent agrees with Noise, prompting her to ask what he wants her to do; suggesting bringing Oz to the Nightray estate, destroying B-Rabbit and killing absolutely everyone. Instead, Vincent tells Noise that he needs her to go to Sablier in his stead, which Noise happily accepts before falling asleep in Vincent's arms.

Lottie travels to Sablier with Noise, knowing that it's not good to allow Noise to go off on her own. Together they witness three individuals journey into The Hole of Sablier, where they're bound by their pasts. Soon enough, Elliot Nightray and Leo venture into The Hole, where Elliot warns Leo not to fixate on the illusions generated by the power of the Abyss. Impressed, Lottie compliments Elliot and has the Residents of The Hole surround him and Leo. Elliot tells Leo not to leave his side, only to find Leo aiming his gun at Elliot, as Noise has tangled him in Duldee's strings. Duldee has Leo shoot at Elliot, though the bullet only grazes his cheek, pushing Elliot back toward Lottie where she ties a rope around his neck. Disappointed, Noise voices how she wasn't able to place an incarnation of Duldum in Leo, calling him dull and encouraging him to panic more so that she can better control him.

Lottie commends Elliot and Leo for managing to descend so far into The Hole, only she won't allow them to go any further since they've gone too far along the right path. There are guests ahead of Elliot and Leo presently being entertained by the power of the Abyss, and so Lottie says that it'd be completely boorish for them to interrupt them; prompting Elliot's surprise to hear that Oz and Gilbert are indeed ahead of them. Upon hearing Gilbert's name, Noise loses focus and insists that she needs to go find Gilbert, though Lottie quickly shuts Noise down by reminding her that she can't go off and act on her own anymore. Continuing, Lottie explains that memories attract those that have an affinity to them, meaning that Oz, Gilbert and Alice are all presently being guided down dark paths in colorful worlds of their memories, with Oz presently meeting with the memory of Oswald. Admitting that she'd really rather not lay a hand on a member of the Nightray Dukedom, Lottie sends the Residents of The Hole after them to take care of them instead.

Zwei 8

Break impales Noise

Suddenly, an explosion echoes throughout The Hole, distracting Lottie and Noise and allowing an assailant to swoop in and murder many of the Residents of The Hole. Additionally, the assailant cuts the rope around Elliot's neck and Duldee's strings, freeing both Elliot and Leo. Lottie is then kicked into a nearby cliff, and when Noise goes to help Lottie, she has a sword stabbed through her torso from behind by none other than Xerxes Break. Noise screams in agony as Break lifts her off her feet and notes that the Baskervilles appear to be having a good time; asking if he can join in as well. Break drops Noise to the ground, allowing Elliot and Leo to flee while Noise drags herself and vows to kill Break; only to have Break stab her in the hand. Apologizing for barging in, Break reveals that he has a lot of questions he'd like to ask the Baskervilles, and that he will try not to kill them in the meantime. Noise loses consciousness soon afterwards, her body taking the time to heal the wounds Break inflicted. Soon after, Xai arrives where Lottie and Noise were left by Break. Lottie sits in shock, while Noise remains unconscious. Xai helps Lottie regain herself, picking up Noise and carrying her with him as he and Lottie continue to descend into The Hole to the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss. Once at the Door, Xai drops Noise carelessly to the ground. Noise was eventually brought back to the Nightray estate sometime after Fang and Dug destroyed the fist Sealing Stone in Sablier.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit


Noise as she uses Duldum to stop Pandora.

After her confrontation with Break, Noise remains dormant within her subconscious for months while she heals her wounds. It wasn't until after The Feast at Isla Yura's estate that Noise was needed by Vincent once again. Immediately after The Feast, Vincent and Echo disappear from public eye alongside Bernard Nightray and his two personal valets. The the two return to the Nightray estate, where they find Pandora members investigating the area in relation to Bernard's partnership with the Baskervilles and his knowledge of the Head Hunter, which lead to the deaths of his youngest son Elliot, his only daughter Vanessa Nightray and his wife Bernice Nightray at The Feast. Noise summons Duldee, who binds the Pandora members and plants incarnations of Duldum in them to ensure Vincent's safe passage into the mansion.

As such, Noise stays at the Nightray estate while Vincent goes to confront Bernard. Later, when Vincent returns, it's with Leo; having murdered Bernard and his valets after discovering that he'd kept Leo's existence as the inheritor of Glen Baskerville's soul a secret and that he'd only been using his family for his own personal gain. After Vincent gets Leo settled, Noise switches places with Echo again, allowing Echo to go with Vincent to the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss in Sablier to swear Leo in as the new Glen Baskerville.

Soon enough though, the Chains are severed by Jack Vessalius, and it is revealed that Oz is in fact the true form of B-Rabbit that's been stripped of his powers and allowed to function in Jack's stead until recently. Furthermore, the final Sealing Stones are broken, allowing Oswald to usurp his position as Glen from Leo. With the world doomed to fall into the Abyss the same way that Sablier had 100 years before, Oswald is intent on executing those who stand in his way of changing the past as a last ditch effort to save the world. During his execution however, Oz manages to escape alongside Gilbert, prompting Oswald to order the Baskervilles to kill Oz and Gilbert by any means necessary whilst he makes his way to Sablier with Vincent and Rufus Barma. Overcome by her blood lust, Noise forces her way past Echo and takes the reigns as the dominant personality. Rather than strip off Echo's clothes in favor of her Baskerville cloak, Noise keeps them on and leads a small group of Baskervilles to St. Luca's Gate, where she knew Oz and Gilbert would try to make an escape.

82 - 4

Noise attacks Oscar

At St. Luca's Gate, Noise pretends to be Echo just as Oz, Alice, Gil and Oscar are about to achieve their freedom; asking them to wait so that "Echo" could escape Pandora alongside them. Running toward the group, Noise stops in front of Oscar and sinks one of her daggers into Oscar's chest, cackling maliciously as she does so. Gil shoots at Noise, though she easily dodges his shots and manages to flip over top of him, landing behind Gil as Baskerville reinforcements flood the chamber. Noise laughs, summoning Duldee's strings and asking if Gil plans on killing her like the last time they met; taunting Gil because she knows that he won't shoot her. Finally, Gil comes to the realization that Noise and Echo both share a body and that Noise is the one in control presently, calling out to Oscar for direction. Oscar simply urges Gil to leave with Oz and Alice through St. Luca's Gate. Reluctantly, Gil complies, and though Noise tries to reach the group before they can escape, Oscar closes St. Luca's Gate with the Vessaliuses' Key to the Abyss. Xai then arrives, condescending Oscar for his weakness before shooting him and stealing the Vessalius Key to the Abyss; Noise leaving alongside Xai shortly afterwards.

Swan Song ArcEdit

Eventually, Noise realizes that Echo's crying against a stone wall within her subconscious, approaching Echo to relish in her pain by asking what she's crying about. Through her tears, Echo asks why Noise had to kill Oscar, with Noise reasoning that she did it for Oz's suffering; claiming that the look on his face was absolutely priceless and that she could never have dreamed of something so entertaining. Noise assures Echo that she doesn't have to worry, as she's going to kill Oz herself; thereby making it so Echo wouldn't have a reason to be sad anymore.


Noise holds Ada hostage

Ferociously entertained, Noise infiltrates the Vessalius estate, finding Ada Vessalius and knocking her unconscious in order to use her as leverage. Noise drags Ada back to Pandora, arriving shortly after Break and the rest of the Rainsworths regain use of their Chains and set the Baskervilles in their place. Noise arrives just in time to hear Break state that he and Sharon can control the situation from then on, without aid from Sheryl Rainsworth. Laughing hysterically at Break's confidence, Noise makes her presence known, stunning Lottie. While Sharon mistakes Noise for Echo, Break prepares to launch an attack against Noise, only to have Noise casually wave her hand and warn Break not to come any closer; pulling Ada out from under her cloak and threatening to kill her if he doesn't. Upon seeing that Ada's in danger, Xai reveals himself after having taken shelter from Break's attack with Mad Hatter, calling out with great concern for his daughter.

As her plan progresses favorably, Noise summons Duldee and has her ensnare Xai with her strings; voicing how she wasn't sure whether or not using Ada as bait would be the best means of drawing Xai out, wondering why he cares for her so much when he's so spiteful toward everyone else. With an incarnation of Duldum planted in Xai's subconscious, Noise forces Xai to summon Gryphon, mounting the Chain alongside her two prisoners. Lottie, Dug and Lily approach Noise, questioning her motives as they do so and prompting Noise to explain that she's going to Sablier in order to be alongside Vincent. Gryphon then soars through the air, picking up Lottie, Dug and Lily before flying out a nearby window towards Sablier, as directed by Noise.


Xai, forced to summon Gryphon to take Noise to Sablier

When Gryphon has almost reached Sablier, Noise lifts Ada up by her hair and demands that she awakens; scaring Ada beyond belief. Amused, Noise tells Ada that she has nothing to worry about, since she won't be letting Ada die just yet. Meanwhile, Lottie, Dug and Lily are still clinging to Gryphon's tail, with Lottie insisting that Noise help them now they they're all free from Pandora. Lottie's pleas go unheeded by Noise however, as Noise looks Ada in the eye and proclaims that they're going to be in Sablier soon, and when they get there she's going to find Vincent and kill Ada right before his eyes. Ultimately, Noise's goal is to teach Vincent that, as a human, Ada isn't like them as Baskervilles because of a crucial and absolute difference. Suddenly, Noise hears a scratching sound as Gryphon is thrown off course by the sudden formation of a black city in The Hole of Sablier. Though Noise doesn't fully understand what's going on, she manages to grab onto Gryphon with Xai, whilst Ada, Lottie, Dug and Lily are all thrown off of Gryphon and into the streets of the black city below.

Having Gryphon land in the black city, Noise immediately sets off to retrieve Ada. Soon, Noise finds Ada, coming up from behind her and voicing how glad she is to see that Ada survived the fall. Noise kicks Ada to the ground, asking what she was doing there and reminding Ada that she wants to find Vincent. Noise continues to kick Ada, only stopping when Ada calls her "Echo", prompting Noise to reveal that she felt sick when she first laid eyes on Ada. Noise draws her dagger with malicious intent, causing Ada to tremble and cry in fear as she realizes that the person standing before her isn't Echo. Noise knocks Ada unconscious and drags her away to a nearby alley, only to reminisce about her and Vincent's first meeting. Knowing that both she and Vincent exist in darkness and should therefore have an undeniable happiness together, Noise can't wrap her head around why Ada had to go and get in the way of that; hating Ada for disrupting what she believes belongs to her by right and wanting her to be gone forever. Within her subconscious, Echo is trying to persuade Noise to stop her violent streak, though Noise refuses to listen to Echo. Instead, Noise orders Echo to shut up and rationalizes that she will not take orders from a disposable doll like Echo. Listening to the tolling of the clock tower as it reverberates throughout Sablier, a frustrated Noise voices her annoyance toward both it and Ada.

91 - The Cook vs Noise

The Cook vs Noise

Unbeknownst to Noise, Ada regains consciousness and manages to escape while she's otherwise preoccupied by her memories. Frantically, Noise searches for Ada, mentioning how rude it is for her to scurry off like, apparently making it so that she can't even take her eyes off Ada for a mere minute. Noise even adds that she'd gone to so much trouble just to find Ada, despite how things are progressing outside the city with the Chains constantly shattering. Noise wanders into the store where Ada's found her refuge, only to hear a loud banging from outside as she draws nearer to her target. Only Noise isn't concerned, laughing instead as she turns around and questions what's happening now. An explosion of light radiates through Sablier, as the veil between the Abyss and the 1st Dimension weakens enough to allow Chains passage from the Abyss, startling Noise as she finds herself face-to-face with The Cook. Noise cries out in shock at the sight of The Cook, only just managing to dive out of the way of The Cook's attack in time. While The Cook's attack did miss Noise, it shattered the counter that Ada was taking shelter behind, and so it changes targets upon noticing Ada.

Fortunately for Ada, Echo pushes past Noise and becomes the dominant personality again, jumping on The Cook's back and plunging her dagger into it; asking Ada to hurry outside to safety. Ada asks for confirmation that Echo truly is in control again, though Echo has no time to answer, noting the severity of the situation and grabbing Ada by the hand. Echo drags Ada out into the street, only to be followed by The Cook, pushing her in the direction opposite and asking her to run while she takes care of The Cook. Ada attempts to object, but Echo tells Ada that she can't think of her as Echo, because Noise is going to break through and try to kill her once again. Echo apologizes quickly to Ada before running toward The Cook. Echo tries to draw The Cook away from Ada, only for Noise to question what Echo thinks she's doing by running away like that. Echo asks if she's right to assume that it'd be hard to control The Cook using Duldee's powers, which is why it's best for them to retreat at a time like this. Noise admits that she doesn't care about The Cook, because she wants Ada no matter what. Echo outright denies Noise her satisfaction because she hates hurting people the way Noise does. Noise decides that she doesn't care about Echo's opinion, calling her a mere hindrance and telling her to shut up and go away.

Overpowering Echo once again, Noise leaves The Cook and chases after Ada. Coming up behind Ada, Noise insists that Vincent only got close to Ada so that he could use her, and that he'd kept her in the dark about it in order to keep her laughing like an idiot. Voicing how the entire plot was stupid, Noise points out that Ada doesn't belong with the Baskervilles; prompting Ada to find the courage in herself to stand up to Noise. Ada questions why she and Vincent have to be the same, not caring if everything Noise has said is true, as it's how she and Vincent are dissimilar that makes her want to know more about him. This only confuses Noise further, as she can't understand why Ada can say something like that when she's only been crying continuously until that point. Filled with anger, Noise draws her dagger and charges at Ada, ordering her not to say something so self-indulgent when she doesn't know anything about her and Vincent. Ada closes her eyes and accepts what she knows is coming, claiming that ignorance isn't a sin - though judging someone without even attempting to know them is. Having had enough, Noise tells Ada to shut up and goes to stab her in the heart. To Noise's surprise however, Oz manages to jump in front of Ada in time and grab Noise by the wrist, saving his 'little sister'. Oz just stares at Noise condescendingly, and tells her to stop.

91 - Noise + Ada + Oz

Oz saves Ada

Noise is furious to see Oz as he catches her wrist before she could stab Ada with her dagger. Wrenching herself free from Oz's grasp, Noise questions what Oz thinks he doing, as he ruined a perfect opportunity. Suddenly, Noise realizes that Echo is crying within their subconscious about how she doesn't want to be there, begging Noise to leave at once. Intrigued, Noise mentions how she's never seen Echo so upset before, as Echo doesn't want to have to face Oz anymore. Oz asks if Echo is really in Noise's subconscious, which Noise confirms, saying that she's her echo. Noise defines Echo as a disposable personality that is born and disappears, just like an echo, asking if it'd be easier for Oz to understand if she called Echo "Duldum".

Taking what Noise has said into consideration, Oz thinks back to his past experiences with Echo, including how she called herself nothing more than an echo; which was why she had to record everything she saw in her diary. Noise decides that it's disgusting how scared Echo is that Oz is going to hate her, even she knows that Oz could never hate Echo, not even when considering that she killed Oscar. Noise suggests that Oz say it himself, that he's outraged Echo would fool him for so long, that he can't stand the sight of her, something along those lines. Oz outright denies Noise the satisfaction she desires, refusing to say something so cruel to Echo because she's different from Noise. This makes Noise sneer as she has Duldee surround Oz and Ada in her string as they come bursting out from the ground, ensnaring Oz. Noise states that of course she and Echo are different, claiming that both Oz and Ada are sickening for looking at her as though they know everything about her and like they're sure they're right. Noise finishes by calling Oz an idiot for actually caring about Echo. Oz summons his scythe and slices through Duldee's strings, ordering Ada to stay back.

92 Noise + Oz 2

Noise slaps Oz

To Oz's surprise, Ada lunges at Oz and attempts to stab Oz with a large shard of broken glass, revealing that she has been taking over by Duldee and Duldum. Oz manages to move out of the way enough to only receive a stab to his right arm, thus forcing him to drop his scythe, though Duldum asks why Oz is avoiding her. Noise then has Duldee force Ada to press the shard of glass into her throat, telling Oz not to move, or else she'll slit Ada's throat. With no other option, Oz remains still while Noise approaches and slaps him. Noise then begins to wonder what she should do next, settling on ripping Oz apart in front of Echo and then making Ada listen to her as she retells Oz's death. Before Noise gets the chance to do so however, as Xai shoots her from behind. Noise cries in pain from the ground while Xai goes after Oz, sending Ada to kill Xai for shooting her. Xai manages to stop Ada from stabbing him with the shard of glass, though as Oz prepares to cut Duldee's strings with his scythe, The Cook returns and attacks Oz.
92 - Noise, Oz

Xai shoots Noise

Oz manages to evade The Cook, though its attack manages to sever Duldee's strings for Oz, the backlash from which leaves Ada dazed and on the ground. With The Cook barreling down on Ada, Oz moves to save her before The Cook strikes, only to have Noise clash with him instead using her dagger. Noise is crying as she blocks Oz's path, questioning why everyone is constantly getting in her way and ordering them all to disappear. Oz watches helplessly as The Cook goes to kill Ada, only to have Xai unexpectedly dive in front of Ada and take The Cook's cleaver in the back. Upset by her plan's failure, Noise flees, leaving Oz to kill The Cook.

Noise sobs within her subconscious, leaving Echo confused as to her reason for crying; wondering if it's because of how much she's hurt everyone around her. It's then that Echo realizes that Noise is crying because the more she was hurt by everyone surrounding her, the more uneasy she's forced to feel because she's afraid of the isolation, being alone and herself. Echo attempts to move toward Noise, only to slip and fall to the ground, finding that her body within their subconscious won't move. This forces Echo to remember when Noise told her that it was about time that she disappeared, leaving Echo stunned and confused as to what her next move should be.

94 - Noise Duldee

Noise's breakdown

After ambling through the black city with her spirit broken, Noise wanders into the Courtroom Dimension through a hole created by Break using his powers as a Child of Ill Omen. Lottie is shocked to see Noise once again, though Noise doesn't care and asks where Vincent is. Attempting to explain to Noise that Vincent has gone with Oswald through the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss doesn't work for Lottie, as Noise loses her patience and reiterates her question through screams, summoning Duldee's strings from the ground in a burst of anger. Reim then bends down and picks up his gun as confusion spreads throughout the room. Having been ensnared in Duldee's strings and now under Duldum's complete control, Reim points his own gun at this head and prepares to shoot himself. Frustrated, Lottie rushes to Reim and slaps his gun out of his hands. While Noise laughs with frustration, Lily summons Bandersnatch and has him sever Duldee's strings, with Lottie questioning what happened to Noise and insisting that she calms down. The ground continues to crumble beneath their feet, and so Dug urgently tells Lottie that the Courtroom Dimension can't support them anymore. Looking to the staircase leading to the open Door to the Abyss, Noise accepts that Vincent has gone through the Door and decidedly begins her pursuit of him Though Lottie chases after Noise, she stops when she notices the bruises forming on Noise's neck, allowing Noise to escape while she helps Sharon and Reim.
96 - Duldee Noise

A dazed Noise at the mercy of her Chain, Duldee

Noise is confused as to where and when she is, soon remembering that she went through the Door to the Abyss. Realizing that she's in Sablier after witnessing Baskervilles massacring the citizens, Noise questions if Vincent's there as well; crying out and calling out for him excessively. As she makes her way through Sablier, Noise remembers one day 100 years ago, walking past with a group of Baskervilles and finding Vincent crying. Within her subconscious, Noise is laying down, dazed as she tries hard to remember when exactly it was that she saw Vincent cry. Yet Noise finds it to be a very hard trying to remember the day she found Vincent crying, which confuses her since it was meant to be a very important memory to her. Looking to Duldee, who hangs without her mask above Noise, Echo asks what Duldee plans on doing with Noise. Addressing Echo by her past name, Duldum, Duldee asks if she can't see it too, that Noise is spent and the reason for this is because her spirit has been broken for a long time now. Ultimately, Duldee claims that their original Contractor, the Noise they'd tried so hard to protect, is no more. Thus, Duldee says that even though they weren't given Noise's body, it shouldn't be a problem for her and Echo to receive it. Frightened by Duldee's claims, Echo asks if she's right to assume that Duldee intends on taking over Noise's body completely.

Noise drags herself into the room where Oswald, Vincent, Oz, Gilbert, Alice, Cheshire and Jabberwock are. She states that even if she and Vincent are alike, if she's only going to be left behind by him, then she has no further need for Vincent. Ultimately, Noise states that if Vincent won't be hers then she'll destroy him, revealing that Duldee has indeed taken complete control of her Contractor.

Within Noise's subconscious, Duldee is ecstatic and laughs maliciously at her triumph over Noise. Seeing that Echo is horrified, Duldee attempts to justify her actions to Echo by explaining that Noise no longer has the will to act as her Contractor anymore. This meant that Noise couldn't control Duldee, who believed that Noise was merely keeping her bound before, anymore. Now, Duldee could simply tangle Noise in her strings and influence her mind by whispering to Noise, and Noise would do as directed helplessly and without question; making her more like a marionette than a human as she is now. Echo doesn't approve however, and insists that she won't allow Duldee to purposefully influence Noise's heart any longer. Angered by Echo's disobedience, Duldee demands that Echo explain herself, wondering what happened to Echo because by saying things like that she sounds almost like a human. Laughing, Duldee commends Echo because she's the oldest incarnation of Duldum, but rationalizes that Echo must've been broken somewhere along the line just like those before her. Submerging Echo in the waters of Noise's subconscious, casts Echo into a "disposal zone", admitting that Echo had worked so very hard during their time together and promising to become great friends with Echo's replacement.

During her descent, Echo thinks of how she was created as a reverberation of Noise in order to protect her Contractor's heart from falling apart. Though her purpose was unspoken, Echo knows that there's no denying what's true. Echo sits atop a pile of corpses from the other disposed incarnations of Duldum, thinking of how Duldee created her as another Duldum, but Echo was the nickname the Duldums within Noise were given, with Echo wondering who gave them the name in the first place; unsure of whether it was Vincent or Noise herself. Truthfully, Echo was created in order to preserve Noise's heart because Noise had no possible way to control the powers of the Abyss. After being put in a state of repose by Duldee, the Echoes sink into the depths of Noise's consciousness, where they continue to protect Noise. Even so, gradually Noise's heart has cracked and lead to the loss of her original persona lost; for letting such a thing come to pass, Echo can't help but feel guilty. Looking to her predecessors, Echo thinks of how Duldum was originally meant to hijack the consciousness of one of Duldee's targets. Knowing well that if the Echoes were to remain acting for too long, they eventually gain their own sense of self and lose their power and durability, Echo ponders how many Echoes came before her. Echo has always understood what would become of her after she broke free, as it's been an absolute since the beginning, yet Echo still questions how and when she started to cry. Suddenly, Echo's thoughts are drawn to Oz, when Noise demanded that he reject Echo and he refused because of how he cared for her, a sense of sentimentality growing within Echo as she calls out for Oz. 

Now alone, Vincent is approached by Noise while under Duldee's control, who shoots him in the leg. Duldee has Noise claim that she wants Vincent, yet he continues to try and separate himself from her, which is why she intends on destroying him; at the same time, Demios is slashing the ground and air behind Vincent in order to keep Oz and Gilbert from interfering. Rolling onto his back, Vincent chuckles and commends Noise because she's exactly like him right until the very end, telling her that he'll willingly give himself to her; something which takes Noise by surprise. Duldee then orders Noise to shoot Vincent again and kill him once and for all, only to have both Echo and Ada force their way into Noise's subconsciousness and the room respectively, stating that they won't allow something like that to happen. Upon seeing Ada, Vincent continuously orders her to stay away from him, though she doesn't listen and continues her march toward him; only to be thrown away from Vincent by Demios alongside Noise. Noise reaches for her gun, mumbling about how she must kill Vincent, only to stop and grasp her right hand before she can grab it, confusing Oz. The reason for Noise stopping herself from grabbing the gun is in fact because of Echo, who has grabbed taken Noise from Duldee and is now defending her with her short sword; much to Duldee's chagrin. Duldee demands that Echo explain herself and why she's interfering, and so Echo insists that she won't allow Duldee to do as she pleases with Noise any longer. Confused, Duldee asks what Echo means, believing that what she's doing is what Noise wants because no matter what Noise's desires are unobtainable, justifying that it should Noise should at least be allowed to destroy it with her own hands. However Echo disagrees, knowing well that Noise's desire isn't to destroy Vincent because that would because that would completely destroy Noise's heart. Echo reveals that she's aware of Duldee's intent, because destroying Noise's heart is exactly what Duldee's looking to do so that she can take Noise's body as her own. Furious, Duldee attacks Echo by binding Echo in her hair in an attempt to smother her. Before being completely enveloped though Echo manages to hear Oz's voice, something which she feels is so incredibly agonizing and sad, yet even so she can't help but feel happy because of it. Cutting herself free with her short swords, Echo continues her battle for Noise's heart, wondering to herself when it was that Oz's voice started being so special to her. As Echo fights through Duldee's continued attempts to bind her, she realizes that ever time Oz called her "Echo-chan" rather than "Echo", it made her feel as if she was the only one who existed there; something which prompts Echo to say outright that she's not Duldum or Echo, rather she's herself and she's going to continue to protect Noise by her own will and refuses to abide by Duldee's orders. As Duldee becomes more and more aggressive with her attacks, Noise questions what Echo's doing because she's missing out on her opportunity to just disappear, telling Echo that if she was obedient and just collapsed into a heap, she'd be able to stay a little longer; though Echo states that she doesn't care, not even if that means she's going to disappear. Suddenly, Noise starts mumbling about how she wants to kill Vincent again, only for Echo to try and get through to Noise by telling her that she doesn't really feel that way. Unable to comprehend why Echo can understand such things when she herself can't even do so, Noise announces that she can't do this anymore as she starts to cry. Hearing this, Echo tells Noise that she sounds just like Vincent because she loved and admired Vincent, even going so far as to imitate his words and actions. Echo says that she's the same, as were the past incarnations of Echo, as they could all see that Noise was slowly losing herself in favor of being sad. This in itself was sad, as the Echoes would always retrieve the pieces of Noise that she'd dropped every time it happened, gathering them so that she wouldn't forget who she was, something which Echo has done herself. Reiterating her reason for existing, Echo explains to Noise that she was born in order to protect her heart, being "the echo of the mirror that reflects Noise". After finally managing to stab Duldee in the forehead with her short sword, Echo drops and tells Noise that because of the pieces of her heart that she's taken into herself, Echo holds the exact appearance and state of who Noise used to be, begging Noise to try and remember her true feelings. After Ada is able to break Miranda Barma’s hold over Vincent, Noise hears him crying in Ada’s arm, causing her to remember the first time she saw Vincent cry. 

Concerned, Noise ran up to Vincent, asking what was wrong and whether or not someone had been bullying him. Initially attempting to seek consolation from Noise, Vincent went to tell her about the position he was in with Gilbert's "impending death", only to remember what Miranda had told him. Miranda had claimed that she'd place a spell on him so that he can save Gilbert, but he wasn't allowed to tell anyone about it because otherwise the spell would become a curse that would make it so no one would be around to save Gilbert ever again. With this in mind, Vincent pushed Noise to the ground, and said that he couldn't tell Noise because he had to act on his own.

Noise remembers watching Vincent shake while he held back his tears, and since then she's always known that she needed to protect Vincent, deciding to take on her role as Vincent's surrogate big sister as she was meant to. Telling Echo that she remembers now who she is and now she wants to protect Vincent. Teetering, Noise falls over and reviews how she'd never intended on hurting Vincent, but even if he didn't have her there, Noise is thankful that Vincent finally has a place to cry now, with Ada. Both Oz and Echo run to Noise, with Echo catching Noise in her arms before she falls, while Oz takes his place beside Noise as she lays on the floor and cries. Echo, now in possession of Noise's body and able to address herself in 1st person rather than 3rd, asks why Oz is crying, explaining that it's because Oz called her that she was able to stand up and do the things she wanted of her own volition, which Echo thanks Oz for. Smiling, Oz says that he'll call for Echo as many time as she wanted, addressing her as "Echo-chan" once again, which makes Echo smile as she corrects Oz as she always does.

Lottie and Dug then enter the room and see that Noise’s legs have started deteriorate, prompting Echo to explain that whether or not she'd stopped Duldee, Noise's body and soul had already reached their limit. Echo tells Oz that even the Baskervilles, whose lives are much longer than those of regular humans, have an end, and in Noise's case that end is coming very quickly. Wile it's unlikely that Duldee was oblivious to the fact that Noise's body had reached its limit, yet even so she tried to steal Noise's body for herself, only for Echo to suggest that maybe Duldee was thinking of what was best for Noise when she tried to kill Vincent. Gripping onto Oz's coat, Echo explains that she really doesn't understand it and whether or not that was good enough, but she'd anticipated as much because something as simple as an answer is never easy to grasp. Furthermore, Echo states that for that reason, Oz has to stick to those things that are most precious to him and those things that he'd unyielding about; asking Oz for confirmation that he'll do just that. When Oz confirms that he will, Echo's hand crumbles and she slumps down into Oz's arms for support. Finally, Echo states that she'll take Noise with her when she leaves, so that they can do so together, grasping Noise within their subconscious as their souls are surrounded by he Droplets of Light. Oz breaks down in tears as he admits that he'd never properly conveyed his gratitude to Echo for everything she'd done with him on St. Bridget's Day, specifically remembering the fireworks and the hair ornament he'd given her, all the things that made him happy. When Echo starts to lose consciousness, Oz tries to regain her attention, finally calling her "Echo" rather than "Echo-chan". Amused, Echo's happy to see that Oz actually can say her name properly, and while Oz's usual mispronunciation makes her feel a little uneasy, Echo ultimately decides that at the same time, it's not so bad. Noise's body then disintegrates in entirety, leaving behind only her Baskerville cloak, making Oz remember all the time he'd spent with Echo. Noise and Echo leave the world of the living together.