A Mark of Possession is a term from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas referring to a territorial marking that is generated by Vampires onto their prey. Marks of Possessions are personalized to each individual Vampire, acting as a claim of ownership over their prey and warning other Vampires not to trespass on what can be considered their territory. Marks of Possession are created intentionally by a Vampire during their feeding process in which during the ingestion of blood and injection of a Vampire's venom into their prey, a portion of their power is willingly given.

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  • Both of Vanitas' Marks of Possession are located on the right side of his body.
  • Through The Blue Moon Vampire's Mark of Possession, Vanitas has dominion over The Book of Vanitas, what he gains from Jeanne's Mark of Possession remains to be seen.

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