Lutwidge Academy


Location Statistics
Type School
Controlled By Turner (Headmaster)
First Appearance

Lutwidge Academy is currently a private school for people of noble standing and their valets, and is considered one of the three top schools of the country which Pandora Hearts is centered in. Students who attend Lutwidge Academy are aged thirteen to eighteen, and have been often known for moving on after graduation to becoming the next generation of noble men and women leading the country.


Throughout the generations, Lutwidge Academy has been used for many different purposes, including imprisonment and sanctuary for outlaws on the run. The head of the Vessalius Dukedom many generations before the current generation was one of the noble leaders who had put Lutwidge to use by creating a secret passageway accessible by pressing two bricks that acted as buttons and opened a long descending corridor into the Academy. The Baskerville Clan were also known to have made use of Lutwidge Academy, having their own secret passageway to a deep chamber of sorts that was accessible by turning a candelabra from a hallway within the Academy.

Since the Tragedy of Sablier and the apparent eradication of the Baskerville Clan, most of the secret passageways were destroyed, however the Vessalius and Baskerville passages were left untouched and remain operable in present day.

Since then, Lutwidge Academy has been taken over by the Four Great Dukedoms and now operates as a school for the children of noble families. The Academy is overseen by a Headmaster, who is a member of Pandora, and who is meant to oversee order and report any interactions with Abyssal power.




  • Lutwidge was Lewis Carroll's real middle name. Lewis Carrol is his pen name.


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