This article is about the Vampire and childhood friend of Noé Archiviste. You may be looking for the eighth chapter of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas, Memoire 8: Louis.
Louis de Sade
8 - Louis 2
Name Louis de Sade
Race Vampire
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation The De Sade Family
Previous Occupation Heir to the De Sade Aristocracy
Base of Operations Averoigne
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives *
First Appearance
Manga Debut Mémoire 2: In the City of Flowers
Louis de Sade was a Vampire of the Crimson Moon in Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Louis had been born into the De Sade aristocracy alongside the likes of Veronica and Dominique de Sade, however he was assessed early on as a potential Curse-Bearer; thus Count de Sade sent him to live with The Teacher permanently. While living with his grandfather, Louis would come to meet Noé Archiviste and the two would become close friends.

Thanks to his grandfather, Louis would become consciously aware of his condition, which lead him down a path allowing him to resist Charlatan's attempts to control him. Despite this however, when Noé organized a plan to help Mina escape her imminent execution following her diagnosis as a Curse-Bearer - Louis' fear for Noé and Dominique's safety would allow Charlatan the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Louis would proceed to save Noé and Dominique by killing Mina, only to go rogue himself and kill Fanny and Gilles as well. In the end, Louis was killed by his own grandfather when Noé was unable to do so himself by Louis' request.

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One day, while watching Mina play in the distance, Noé sat and read quietly alongside Louis, who asked if Noé had heard about Curse-Bearers. She went on to tell Noé that The Master had once told him that a Curse-Bearer was a Vampire who became strange or violent out of the blue. Noé questioned whose curse it was; prompting an angered response from Louis - who stated that the answer was obvious, slamming his hand into the tree they sat beside and proclaiming that Vanitas was to blame. As Louis's hand began to bleed, Noé asked if he was okay - only to have Louis lick the blood from his wound calmly and ask whether or not Noé would still view the Blue Moon as beautiful if he had a Curse-Bearer standing right in front of him.

Sometime later, Louis had told him that Mina was being executed. Noé demanded to know why Mina had to die, and so Louis explained that Mina had become a Curse-Bearer and as such The Bourreau had to behead her by law. A persistent Noé vows to go and save Mina himself - however Louis tells him not to be a fool, asking how exactly Noé could save Mina when there's no possible way to remove the curse set by the Blue Moon.

One day, Louis approached Noé as he slept in the forest; having heard that Noé wasn't drinking blood at all lately. Opening his eyes, Noé asked why it was such a big deal - reminding Louis that he wouldn't die without blood. Louis admitted this much to be true, but added that he was curious as to the reason given how much he knew Noé liked blood. Noé reasoned that it was because he was an Archiviste, though before delving any further, Louis sat beside Noé and used his knife to cut into the palm of him hand; offering him blood to Noé. While Noé seemed wary, but Louis told him not to worry - because even if Noé drank his blood, he wouldn't see anything anymore. With Louis's reassurance, Noé sat up and began to drink the blood from his friend's hand.

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(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

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  • Louis bears a significant resemblance to Gilbert Nightray as a child from Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts.
  • Louis is the only known character to have been identified as a Curse-Bearer from birth, as well as the only Curse-Bearer able to evade Charlatan's influence.
  • Louis and his sisters' last name, "de Sade" could be a reference to Marquis de Sade, an infamous French author known to write violent novels. In fact, the word "sadism" comes from him (Marquis de Sade).

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