Tragedy of SablierEdit


The first time Lottie met Oswald

A month after Oswald cast his sister into the Abyss, Charlotte was accepted by the power of the Abyss to become a Baskerville and as such, she became a servant of Oswald, the newly instated Glen Baskerville. She accidentally ran into her master, who bumped into her after being distracted by a hallucination. Charlotte barked at Oswald to watch where he was going before realizing who he was. Lottie then apologized to her master, wiping her lipstick off of him and bowing several times before frantically running off.

Charlotte one day heard a sorrowful melody playing somewhere on the Baskerville estate. Immediately, she began looking for the source of the said melody. Charlotte grew shy when she saw Oswald leaning against a nearby tree, but hearing someone step behind her, she drew her throwing knife, threatening the intruder. The intruder told her that she was a gallant young lady, holding up his hands to show that he meant no harm. Charlotte asked him who he was, to which the intruder replied by simply stating that Charlotte didn't have to worry, telling her that even though he looked suspicious, he wasn't anyone of importance. Charlotte questioned him as to why he called himself suspicious, and the man told her that she had asked who he was because he looked suspicious, so if he'd said that he wasn't she
Ep19 - lottie jack dan seorang dayang

Lottie suspected Jack with unhappily

would've likely suspected him even more. Oswald then told the man to stop teasing Charlotte, and upon hearing her name, the man asked if he could call her 'Lottie'. The man then removed his hood and introduced himself as Jack Vessalius, a humble artisian of music boxes. For some time, Lottie watched Jack from afar, studying him. One day, she came upon Jack wandering around the mansion and so she tackled him to the ground and pulled on his plait. Lottie asked Jack if he was aware that ordinary men like him weren't allowed to come and go in the mansion as they
Ep19 - chats between jack and lottie about glen

Lottie interested with Jack and Oswald's relationship

pleased, yet he somehow managed it anyway. Jack explained that he was told of the secret passageways of the Baskerville mansion, and that Glen had told him to use them whenever he wished to come by. Lottie kneeling on Jack's back, having interpreted 'Glen' as Oswald, asked what Jack's relationship with Oswald was. Jack says that Lottie could just go and ask Oswald about it, but Lottie insisted he wasn't someone she could just casually talk to. Lottie is surprised to find out that Glen had told Jack a lot about the Baskervilles, although Jack stated that it didn't really make a difference to him, as he didn't really care about titles. Jack then tells Lottie that Oswald was his best friend. Lottie later saw Oswald and Jack together, and for first time she saw Oswald smiling, something which made her happy. Jack saw her and told her to come closer, showing her the pocketwatch that he had crafted. Lottie brought up the fact that Jack had told her he only made music boxes, but Jack told her that music boxes and clocks work in a

Lottie noticed Jack's pocket watch

similar manner. Applying his trade to the pocketwatch, Jack made it so the melody played whenever the pocketwatch was opened. Lottie remembered the melody from before and asked him what it's called. Oswald came from behind her, stating that it was called Lacie, and that he had composed it. He asked her if she liked it before he and Jack carried on elsewhere.

When a young banished child named Lily was accepted by the light of the Baskervilles, she was brought to their family mansion where Lottie, Fang and Dug welcomed her with open arms. Showing kindness and hospitality, they trained her, and fully accepted her as a Baskerville.

Ep19 - oswald lottie fang dug

Glen orders the Baskervilles.

Lottie attended the Succession Ceremony for Oswald's successor, Gilbert, who was to inherit Raven, alongside the entire Baskerville family. However, when Gilbert goes to touch the Door to the Abyss, another Door is opened. Lottie and the other Baskervilles heard this and questioned what was happening. As the Succession Ceremony was interrupted, Gilbert was unable to become the next Glen. Suddenly an explosion of light occured in Sablier, and particles of light (Abyssal power) float throughout Sablier. Oswald, knowing that the Chains preventing the Abyss from engulfing the Earth had been broken, ordered Lottie and the other Baskervilles to kill everyone in the mansion, as if humans fell into the Abyss they'd become Chains and after they die as Chains, their souls would be forever trapped within the Abyss. Lottie is shocked by Oswald's order, and Fang objected to his master's orders to kill so many innocent people, but Oswald insisted, and so Lottie summoned Leon and began a massacre that went on until Sablier fell into the Abyss, bringing her and most of the Baskervilles with it.

At an unknown point 100 years later, shortly before Oz was pulled out of the Abyss (about 4 years prior), Lottie was released from the Abyss.


Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

Whilst Oz, Gilbert, Alice and Xerxes Break were in the Cheshire Cat's Dimension, Lottie and Fang went to greet Dug, who had recently been released from the Abyss. Fang asked Dug why Noise wasn't with him, and Dug explained that Noise was on probation because he had acted on his own and nearly killed Oz. Lottie, outraged, wondered what was wrong with Noise, always going off on his own like that. Dug then inquired on how things were going on Lottie and Fang's end, to which Fang explained that they haven't been able to find 'it' yet, but they'd come bearing news from
Funpic-debut pertama trio baskerville

Dug, Fang & Lottie greeted by Vincent

their superiors, that their period of silence had ended, and that they were to go on the offensive.

Lutwidge ArcEdit

Vincent Nightray contacted his Baskerville "friends," Lottie, Dug, and Fang and the four of them talked about recent events.

Lottie, Fang and Dug f
Ep18 - lottie dancing 2

Lottie starts to dancing with the melody of piano to draw Oz' attention

ollowed Oz, Gilbert, Alice and Oscar Vessalius to Lutwidge Academy while they visited Ada Vessalius. Lottie dressed as a student to blend in, but although Fang had also suggested that he and Dug did the same, Lottie forbade them from doing so after visualizing them both in Lutwidge Academy's student uniforms. After putting on her stolen uniform, Lottie teasingly stated that it's time to go see her darling boy Oz. Alice sensed Lottie, Fang and Dug's presence and wondered why the Baskervilles were at the Academy. Lottie found Oz with his sister and her two kittens in a hallway. She came up from behind Ada and, knocked her unconscious. Oz went to help Ada, but Lottie told him to come have fun with her instead. She led him down a secret passage way, asking Oz if he was surprised, and explaining how in the 'old days' Lutwidge Academy was used for many things, including a sanctuary and a prison. Lottie explained how families in power throughout the ages had made the passageways, and while most were destroyed, the room Lottie had just brought Oz to was known only to the Baskervilles, and with that Lottie removed her robe from her bag and wore it. Lottie greeted Fang and Dug and Oz is shocked to see that they were Baskervilles. Seeing this Lottie asked if Oz had thought that they
Ep18 - lottie sittalking

Lottie explaining to Oz about Lutwidge Academy.

were simply ordinary kidnappers, also asking if he already knew what they wanted. She said this whilst shoving Oz's face into her chest upon embracing him, stunning the poor boy. Fang apologized to Oz and told him that they didn't intend to hurt Oz. Lottie once again grabbed Oz and told him to tell her more about himself. This confused him, so Lottie explained that she wanted to know what Oz was thinking, what he wished for, asking if it wouldn't be nice telling his 'onee-san' everything. Lottie sat on Oz's chest and asks why Oz wouldn't say anything. Oz replied that it could've been because he was struck by Lottie's beauty. Lottie then questioned Oz as to why he was so stiff, Oz replying that it could be because someone had tied him up so he couldn't try to escape. Lottie then asked Oz why he was breathing so heavily, and Oz replied that it could have something to do with the fact that Lottie was sitting on his chest and making it hard to breath. Lottie says that was rude, saying she wasn't heavy, and that since Oz wouldn't talk to her she was becoming bored.
Ep18 - impatient lottie

Lottie grew impatient with Oz

Lottie asked what's wrong with Oz, as he hadn't even struggled when she retrieved him. Oz explained that it was because Ada was there with them. Lottie questioned whther if it was different now that only three kidnappers were in front of him. She suggested that he should try to escape, even offering to borrow Oz one of her throwing knives, but Oz declined. Lottie stated that she'd expected this from a noble boy, but Oz corrected her, saying that hurting others for his own sake was too much of a burden for him. Lottie was intrigued by this and offers an example, that if someone dear to him was put in a dire situation, and to save them Oz himself had to die, would he a
Ep18 - lottie's knive

Lottie throwing her knife to the intruder...

ctually be able to point a gun at his head and pull the trigger. Oz said that he would, stating that if that was the only option he wouldn't even think twice about it. This made Lottie laugh as she jumped on top of him. Lottie called Oz a 'full-fledged offender' before standing up and grabbing Oz by his hair. She told Oz that it is impossible to live life without hurting someone, and that he needed to accept this. Suddenly, Lottie hearing something, spun around and flung a throwing knife at the entrace to the chamber.

.. and the intruder are Elliot & Leo

The knife embeds itself in the wall, as Elliot Nightray had moved his valet, Leo, out of the knife's path. Elliot stated that he'd come for his violin case that Oz had taken, but also stated that they would all need to come with him to the Head Master's office. Oz tried to tell Elliot who the kidnappers were, but Elliot already knew that they were Baskervilles. Lottie, suprised, commented that even kids knew about them nowadays. Elliot drew his sword to fight the Baskervilles and Fang asked for direction from Lottie, Lottie however, thought of how the boy before her looked very familiar. She only realized who he was after Elliot announced that he's a Nightray. Fang drew his own sword and warned Elliot that attempting to condemn the Baskervilles was like playing with death, Elliot however, doesn't back down and so the two deuled each other. Oz shouted for Elliot to stop, but Lottie came up from behind him and embraced him, reminding him that she had something to discuss with him, which was the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz is confused as the Baskervilles were supposed to have been the cause of the Tragedy. Lottie admitted to having taken part in a huge massacre, however they didn't know all the details as they were only following Glen Baskerville's orders. Oz couldn't believe that
Surprised Lottie

Lottie recognize about the Tragedy.

the Baskervilles had slaughtered so many without knowing the reason for it, and so Lottie explained that Glen's order was supreme. She however, wanted to know the reason for Tragedy from Jack, who's soul resides within Oz. Lottie licked Oz's nose and asked if Jack really was in Oz, but Oz stated that after Jack had disappeared, he couldn't sense Jack within him anymore, suggesting that Jack might be taking it easy and having a nap. Lottie said that this was too bad before slamming her foot into Oz's chest, pinning him against a nearby crate. Lottie asked if Jack could hear her before saying that he'd better come out and talk, otherwise she was going to make a mess of Oz. Oz asked what happened to the Baskervilles' promise not to hurt him, but Lottie explained that it was Fang who said that, not her. Elliot heard this and ran to save Oz, distracting Fang. Dug then noticed that Leo was no where to b
Lottie Leon

Lottie stands with Leon, her Chain.

e found. Dug warned Lottie that Leo was above her, but too late, as Leo shot Lottie in the shoulder. Oz, Elliot and Leo then used this distraction to flee the scene. Fang and Dug ran to Lotti, who said that the bullet only grazed her arm as she licked some of the blood from her hand. Lottie, knowing that she couldn't kill Elliot because of Vincent, summoned Leon to track the three boys. Using Leon, Lottie, Fang and Dug manage to catch up with the three boys. Lottie introduces them to Leon and asked Oz if Jack felt like talking yet. Oz stated that he doesn't know before drawing a nearby sword. Lottie laughed and told Leon to 'go play' with Elliot and Oz. After being attacked by Leon, Jack took over, using B-Rabbit's immense power to
Ep19 - fang doug protect lotti anime

Lottie protected by Fang and Dug from Jack's B-Rabbit

injure Leon. Leon retreates, fading back, as B-Rabbit disappeared. Lottie asked if Jack, of all people, would be able to tell her where Glen was right now. Jack however, told her that he did not come out to speak with her, but to make her, Fang and Dug leave. Lottie, enraged, asked if he was full of himself because people now hailed him as the hero of the Tragedy of Sablier. She reminded Jack that he'd said that GIen was his friend, and suddenly after the Tragedy of Sablier, the Vessaliuses attained a high status, which Lottie thought Jack was thrilled about. Jack yelled at Lottie for suggesting that he had killed his friend for status before saying that he w
Ep19 - the trio baskerville

Fang urges Lottie

ouldn't warn her again, and she couldn't win against B-Rabbit's power. Fang urged Lottie to withdraw, but Lottie is persistant. Jack told Lottie that the reason he wouldn't talk at length with her was because he wanted to protect his old friend's honour. Jack then said that if they planned to bring about another tragedy, he would turn Oz into the 'blade' that brings down the Baskervilles. Lottie told Jack to do whatever he wants and that they were only following Glen's orders. Just before leaving, she told Jack that even if he killed Glen, no matter how many times it took they would find him. Lottie then left with Fang and Dug.

Sablier ArcEdit

Lottie travels to the Nightray estate to meet with Vincent, walking in on him slapping Echo. Lottie asks what Vincent was doing, and Vincent explains that he was a little vexed and was just taking it out on Echo. Lottie wasn't pleased with Vincent's answer, so Vincent explained that Echo had just returned after spending the day with Oz at the St. Bridget's Day festival in Reveil, and this was her punishment for it. Echo cries out in pain, which alarms Lottie, however Vincent tells her not to worry as it was because she was beside Oz when his Incuse moved forward, so she had taken a hit from the ripple of power it sent out. Vincent embraces Lottie and asks how things had been progressing. Lottie states that Fang and Dug had already left for Sablier, and that she would've gone with them, but Leon still needed some time to heal from the wound Jack inflicted using B-Rabbit at Lutwidge Academy. Vincent says that Lottie is so valiant, and thinks of how this was all for Lottie's beloved Glen. Vincent states that Lottie is devoted to Glen and says that he just may fall for her, as he runs his hands up underneath Lottie's shirt. Lottie smiles and tells Vincent that it was fine by her, because if Vincent treats her to many pitiful gasps, she would love him well, mentioning how she'd tear off all of Vincent's fingernails and lick his fingers clean. Vincent states that he likes the sound of that.

Lottie changes the subject by asking what Gilbert would think when he discovers that Vincent is alligned with the Baskervilles. Vincent says that it wouldn't matter to him, because Vincent loved every expression that Gilbert made. Lottie goes to say something about Vincent before being interrupted by Echo's screams of agony, which soon changes into laughing. Lottie realizes that it wasn't Echo anymore, that it was Noise (Noise) slowly coming out of Echo. Echo tries to fight off Noise but Vincent tells her to trade places with Noise because he didn't need her anymore.

Lottie asks if all split personalities are as hard to deal with as Echo and Noise as Noise takes off Echo's clothes to put on her own Baskerville robe. Vincent explains that while he can't say for sure about other cases of spli personalities, Echo's case was a little more special. Lottie leaves the room while Vincent talks to Noise, but after Noise falls asleep in her robe, Vincent goes to speak with Lottie. Lottie states that if Noise was going to Sablier, she was going with because it'd be bad if Noise went around doing as she pleased again. Lottie notices tha Vincent is preparing for something before asking if he was going somewhere, and so Vincent tells Lottie that he had a date with Ada Vessalius. Before he leaves, Lottie mentions how Vincent never goes to Sablier, and so she asks if he had memories that he didn't want to see there, Lottie doesn't seem to receive an answer from Vincent.

Lottie and Noise made their way to Sablier and are in The Hole when they hear Elliot talking with Leo. Lottie hears Elliot say that if a person's heart isn't swayed while traversing The Hole, the delusions wouldn't make you lose your way. Lottie has the residents of The Hole surround Elliot and Leo, Elliot asks what they were and Lottie explains that they were curious people who stepped foot in The Hole, also explaining how the power of the Abyss grows stronger the further you descend into The Hole and it is this power mutates their bodies severely.

Elliot tells Leo not to leave his side, but when Leo doesn't anser, Elliot finds Leo's gun pointed at him. Leo shoots and misses, revealing that he is under Duldum's control as Noise comes up behind him, mentioning how she wasn't able to take over Leo's consciousness, telling him to struggle more to tangle Duldum's strings and make it easier to control him. Lottie loops a rope around Elliot's neck and starts choking him, comending him for not succumbing to the illusions generated by the power of the Abyss. Lottie tells Elliot that he can't go any further into The Hole because they had traveled too far along the right path, as well as explaining how 'earlier guests' had arrived and interrupting them would be rude.

Elliot figures out that by 'earlier guests' Lottie meant Gilbert, Alice and Oz. When he says this outloud, Noise loses focuse, wanting to leave Elliot and Leo to go find Gilbert. Lottie tells Noise no before reminding her not to act on her own anymore. Lottie mentions how Oz, Gil and Alice were being entertained by their memories currently, Oz meeting with the memory of Glen Baskerville, and while Lottie did not want to hurt a Nightray because of Vincent, she was going to offer Elliot and Leo to the residents of The Hole.

Retrace 41

Break talking to an injured Lottie

Lottie is caught off guard when a large explosion is heard in the distancfe. Suddenly, one of the residents of The Hole is decapitates, shocking Lottie. Following this, Lottie's rope and Duldum's strings are cut, Lottie questions what's going on before she is kicked from behind and slammed into some rock. Noise goes to help Lottie, but suddenly a sword is thrusted through her abdomen and Noise is lifted into the air by Xerxes Break. Break drops Noise to the ground as Elliot and Leo escape. Noise vows to kill Break, however Break stabs her through the hand, stating that he wanted to ask both Noise and Lottie some questions, and while he didn't intend to kill them, they should allow him to have his fill of fun still.

After a brief fight, Noise is knocked unconscious, Lottie is shown to have missed Break when she threw some of her throwing knives at him, as they are now embedded in the rocky cliffs of The Hole. Lottie has been further beaten by Break and Break now sits on a plateau eating candy with Lottie laying on the ground before him. Break says that he's always found it curious that the Baskervilles say that Oz is the key to obtaining the Intention of the Abyss, much like Pandora, yet they still dropped him into the Abyss. Break asks if this wasn't a contradiction. Lottie groans and tells Break he's quite the chatterbox before stating that the Baskervilles wanted the power of the Intention rather than the Intention itself. Oz's existance is the key for people other than the Baskervilles to approach the Intention, which is why he must be cast into the Abyss. Break asks if it wouldn't be easier to just kill Oz if his existance is so dangerous. Lottie quotes something which Xai Vessalius had told her, that "Oz was the vessel that hides Jack Vessalius' existance, and if the bodily vessel is destroyed, Jack's existance will come to light, and the Intention of the Abyss, who wants Jack, would likely interfere more irregularly with their world. Hence we will drop that child, alive, into the Abyss and return him to the dark depths to obliterate his existance before the Intention of the Abyss senses him."

Lottie sits up and Break runs over to her to tell her that there was no need for her to be frightened. Lottie doesn't believe Break when he tells her that he didn't plan on attacking her again, and Break explains that he had no choice but to viciously attack Noise (who is now unconscious). Break mutters about how he probably owes her one because she saved the antidote from Vincent months before when he kidnapped Sharon, but at the same time she needed to be punished for doing as she pleased with Sharon in the first place.

Lottie is confused, not knowing what Break was talking about. Suddenly Break slams his palm into the rock beside Lottie's head, stating that Pandora would soon be upon them so he would have to cut right to the chase. Break offers Lottie a candy and asks her to be his friend, which shocks Lottie, and leaves her stunned even after Break was gone. Xai then arrived and he walks with Lottie to the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, carrying Noise in his arms.

Lottie questions what Break meant when he said he wanted to be her friend. When they reach
Mtba pandora hearts vol10 ch41 pg37

Lottie reveals Baskervilles Door to the Abyss which lied inside The Hole of Sablier to Xai.

the Door, Xai drops Noise to the ground carelessly and asks Lottie if Oz had come to the Door earlier. Lottie states that it was odd, as only Baskervilles should be able to reach the dimension at the bottom of The Hole where the Door was located, however Oz simply came straight to the Door. Lottie wonders if it was because of Jack's pressence within Oz's body, while Xai asks if Pandora now knew where the Door was. Lottie explains that Oz had thought that the Door was simply an illusion like Glen, as one would find it hard to believe that the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss was located in Sablier, which is under Pandora's control.

Suddenly, rumbling comes from the Door, and Lottie states that they had perfect timing before questioning who was emerging from the Abyss next. The Door opens, and Lily emerges. Lottie greets Lily and Lily is glad to see Lottie, asking what was going on and how long it had taken her to escape the Abyss. Lottie explains that 100 years had passed, as well as her own escape not four years earlier, mentioning how even the Baskervilles could not cross time correctly anymore. Lily remarks on how different the Abyss is, and Lottie continues to explain that the Baskervilles' massacre is now called the Tragedy of Sablier, and that they weren't in the Sablier which Lily knew, and Glen was also no more. Lily is devastated and asks about Glen's next body, but Lottie says that there wasn't enough time, which is why the Baskervilles have to search for Glen's soul. Suddenly an earthquake speads through Sablier and even hits Reveil. Lottie stands triumphiantly, as she knows that Fang and Dug had broken the first Sealing Stone that was obstructing the Baskervilles' path to Glen's soul.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Lottie travels to the Nightray mansion to meet with Vincent after the destruction of another one of the Sealing Stones. Lottie grows angry when Vincent falls asleep partway through the meeting because of his contract with Dormouse, causing him to question what they were talking about. Lottie asks if what she had heard about the destruction of the Sealing Stone was true, which Vincent confirms. He exlpains to Lottie that the last Sealing Stone was located in Carillon, which Fang notes will make finding the rest of the Sealing Stones easier as their locations will form a sort of symbol. Lottie slams down her fist and says that Fang's observation wasn't the point, the real issue was that the Sealing Stone had been broken by the Head Hunter, explaiing that she knew the Head Hunter was connected to the Nightrays, but that she didn't undertstand why she would be breaking the Sealing Stones.

Lottie says that Vincent should know something about the Head Hunter as he was a Nightray, and so Vincent explains that the Head Hunter wasan Illegal Contractor, a psychopath that enjoys decapitating those related to the Nightrays, and most importantly she was the wretch that Vincent vows to kill one day. Vincent explains that the Head Hunter tried to kill Gil, also speaking of William West and the fact that he was a friend of the Head Hunter's, which in Vincent's eyes made him guilty of the same crimes, which was why Vincent killed William.

Lottie tells Vincent that shs'd had enough and to shut up, which makes Lily excited because Lottie was getting mad at Vincent instead of herself for once. For this, Vincent flicks a white pawn at Lily's head, and Lottie tells Vincent to cut it out once again before asking how Vincent's hunt for the Keys to the Abyss was going. Vincent explains that Bernard Nightray wouldn't give up his Key even though he's an ally of the Baskervilles, approaching Rufus Barma could expose his true intentions, and Sheryl Rainsworth was far too threatening. Lottie grows angry at Vincent for his incompetence, before Vincent states that he'd started with The Vessaliuses, as they were the Dukedom most lax in terms of security. Vincent goes on to explains that Oscar couldn't form a contract with Gryphon, and seemed to lack the qualities to form any kind of contract. Lottie questioned if Vincent was dating Ada in order to get to Oscar's Key, which Vincent confirms by saying that Oscar would trade anything to save the one thing he loved more than himself. The Baskervilles soon returned to Sablier after the meeting's conclusion.

The Feast ArcEdit

Having learned of the rumoured location of the next Sealing Stone in a neighbouring country, Lottie, Fang, Dug and Lily take advantage of the Coming of Age Ceremony that Pandora was attending in order to search for the Sealing Stone in Isla Yura's mansion.

Lottie confronts Yura, at first pretending to be a lost guest asking Yura to help her find her way. Yura tells Lottie that it would all depend on where Lottie intended to go, and so Lottie summons Leon and demands to be taken to the Sealing Stone. Leon dispatches Yura's valets and Lottie tells Yura that if he didn't want to be hurt, he'd better speak up about the location of the Sealing Stone. Yura becomes ecstatic, marveling over meeting both Jack and the legendary messengers of the Abyss, calling his 'plan' gorgeous. Yura tells Lottie that she was right, and that one of the Sealing Stones was in the mansion, but explains that he can't hand it over to her because he needed it for the ceremony, stating that if she still wanted the Sealing Stone's location, she would have to defeat him first. Leon easily fights Yura and slams his head into the floor, Lottie remarks on how weak Yura was and questions what was wrong with him. Lottie doesn't let Yura phase her as she now knew that one of the Sealing Stones was definately in the mansion. Lottie reaches out to Yura when a cane in place along the side of her neck. Break tells Lottie not to move, looking at her, Break remembers Lottie and remarks on how it'd been a while since they met in Sablier. Lottie states that she knew Break was close by, which suprises Break, as he thought he'd hid his pressence completely. Lottie states that she didn't sense him, but that she simply knew Break would make an appearance. Lottie then asks what Break meant when he said he wanted to be her friend back in Sablier.

Break says that it's fortunate that Lottie was reasonable, and so he explains that the Baskervilles seem to have the same goal as him, so he asked to join forces. Break removes his cane from Lottie's next as Lottie questions what Break had just said, but Break explains that there were a lot of things he'd like to tell her if he had the time, but first he wanted to ask Lottie one thing. Break points Lottie's attention to the dead Pandora members behind her, stating that they were killed by a Baskerville, however there was one person missing among the dead, and depending on what had become of him, Break may give up on his plans to find a friendly solution, Break draws his sword and states that he would slash Lottie to pieces and force her to surrender.

Suddenly, members of Isla Yura's cult enter the perimeter dressed as Baskervilles. Lottie questions who they were, before Yura states that it was time to begin the ceremony. Break, Lottie and Leon then procede to butcher the cult members around them. Break asks if the cult members were friends of the Baskervilles, which Lottie denies, stating that they were making fun of the Baskervilles, questioning why they were wearing red robes like them. Dug attacks Break suddenly with his mace, thinking Lottie was in danger, however Break dodges the attack. Dug asks if Lottie was all right, which Lottie confirms, telling Dug not to fight Break as he couldn't win against him. Lottie then tells Dug that something odd was happening in the mansion and it'd be best if they retreated. Lottie stares back at Break once more before Dug carries her away.

Lottie, looking for Fang and Lily, rides out of the mansion on Leon's back. She finds Fang crumbling because of Mad Hatter's power, and Fang says he's sorry to her before his death, Lottie mourns him briefly before trying to focus on the task at hand. Lottie grabs Lily and the two ride on Leon back into the mansion.

After Isla Yura's death, Dug finds the chamber of the Sealing Stone. Dug runs to the Sealing Stone and finghts Oz who was using B-Rabbit's scythe and chains agains Dug. Lottie and Lily run in behind Dug to help, Lottie wielding her throwing knives. Realizing that Alcie was in danger, Oz ran to protect her while Dug used his mace to shatter the Sealing Stone. The power released from the Sealin Stones makes the Baskervilles' Chains, along with everyone elses, go berserk, and so Dug grabs Lottie and Lily and the three of them leave the mansion. As they leave, Lottie notes how it was still too bad that they couldn't locate Glen's soul, and so she vows to destroy the remaining two Sealing Stones.

Jack's Intention Arc

Lottie appears alongside Dug, Lily and four unknown Baskervilles when Vincent and Echo brought Leo to the Baskerville's Gate to the Abyss in Sablier where she and her fellow Baskervilles bowed to their long lost master.

Lotti found the sealing stone

Lottie found the sealing stone.

Lottie later appeared beside several other Baskervilles, Dug and Lily after Rufus Barma had gotten Sheryl Rainsworth alone in the garden of Pandora's Head Quarters. It is revealed that Lottie had been contacted by Rufus and the two had made a deal, that the Baskervilles would only accept Rufus and the Barma Dukedom as their allies if Rufus attacked Sheryl and retrieved her Key to the Abyss. Rufus concentrated Dodo's power and did and he was told, though he made sure not to crucially damage any of Sheryl's internal organs. Lottie and the rest of the Baskervilles then followed Rufus deep into Pandora's Headquarters in pursuit of the 5th Sealing Stone. What they didn't realize is that Sheryl's chain, Owl had created a thread that attatched to Rufus, and as such it could be directly followed to his exact location.

Lottie was shocked to see that Pandora had already caught up with the Baskervilles only minutes after Xerxes Break had attacked Rufus and stalled their mission, but

Lottie destroys the fourth of Sealing Stones with her throwing knives within Pandora

Lottie carried on to the courtyard which held one of the two remaining Sealing Stones and a battle between the Baskervilles and Pandora broke out. In all the commotion, Lottie broke the Seal with a pair of throwing knives and Glen's head fell out rather than Jack's. Lottie, Dug, Lily and the rest of the Baskervilles stopped fighting and stared at Glen's head, shocked and confused.

After Rufus Barma announces that Jack was really the cause of the Tragedy of Sablier, Lottie asks if Rufus had known that Oswald was used in the Sealing Stones instead of Jack. Rufus explaisn that he only found out a few days before hand, but had no definate proof of it until now. Rufus then continues to expain what events actually took place during the Tragedy of Sablier and how Jack was the villian and Oswald was the one trying to stop him.

An explosion of light bursts outside as the Chais that prevented the world from falling into the Abyss had been severed. Gilbert went outside immediatly, as did Lottie, Dug, Lily and few other Baskervilles. Lottie arrived outside shortly after Gilbert had shot Oz because of Oswald's (now controlling Leo) orders. Lottie watched as Oz lost his other best friend Alice, setting her free from him so that she wouldn't be hurt by him anymore.

Lottie and the Baskervilles reobtained Pandora after losing it to the Four Great Dukedoms 100 years ago and soon began their work to reestablish order. The Baskerville imprisoned Oz, as well as Break and Sharon Rainsworth , and Lottie waited with another Baskerville outside of his cell until he woke. Lottie remarks on how the two of them hadn't had a decent talk since Lutwidge Academy, before telling Oz that the Baskervilles reobtained Pandora and captured some of Oz's remaining friends. Oz worried about Break and Sharon, however Lottie told him to worry more about what was going to happen to him rather than others. However he doesn't awknowledge her words and continues on about his uncle's camera. Though Lottie says nothing she thinks of how she feels terrible for him after losing his two best friends.


In the anime, Lottie, Dug, and Fang partake in the Chain invasion, attacking a chain that looked similar t
Ep25 - dug fang lottie last

Dug, Fang and Lottie last appearance in the anime.

o Grim and that was about to destroy Oz and Alice. They survive and destroy many chains.

Later, when Oz goes to Sablier in search of his father, Lottie, Dug and Fang, who were waiting for Oz, Alice, Gilbert, and Break, clear the way for the group to reach Xai Vessalius.