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Light Novel list Edit

This list contains all the chapters of the currently released light novels.

Current Light Novels Edit

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
01 March 26, 2011 ISBN : 978-4-7575-3186-4 June 23, 2015 (Scheduled) ISBN : 978-0-3163-0225-8
Chapters list :
The Story of the Vessaliuses: Golden Drops

The Story of the Nightrays: Black Widow
The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty
The Story of the Barmas: Pink Curse

Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1
Cover character :
Oz the B-Rabbit
Gilbert Nightray
Pages :
Caucus Race
02 March 27, 2012 ISBN : 978-4-7575-3545-9 No Release Date ISBN : -
Chapters list :
The Story of the Mutuality: Blue Rose

The Story of the Family: Hello Baby
The Story of Brothers: Lucky Day
The Story of Friendship: Cradle Song
The Story of Master and His Servant: Unbalanced Flower
The Story of Clairvoyance: Epilogue Tale

Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2
Cover character :
Eliot Nightray
Pages :
03 May 27, 2013 ISBN : 978-4-7575-3936-5 No Release Date ISBN : -
Chapters list :
The Story of Thresholds: A Promise Lost

The Story of Genuine Trust: Adoration
The Story of Relationship: An Ordinary Date
The Story of a Dream Weaver: Simple Work, Simple Fact

Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 3
Cover character :
Jack Vessalius
Pages :

Light Novel CoversEdit

Caucus Race.jpg|120px|link=DVD]]
VOLUME 2 NOVEL.jpg|120px|link=DVD]]


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