Levi was born around 139 years ago alongside a Child of Ill Omen with an unknown connection to Levi. At some point in Levi's youth, he was accepted by the Droplets of Light, sent by the Abyss, and guided to Sablier and the Baskerville Clan. A female Glen Baskerville acted as head of the Baskerville Clan, and so she took Levi and his Child of Ill Omen as her valets, with Levi destined to succeed her as Glen[1]

Over the course of a few decades, Levi began to develop an attraction to his master, who often dressed rather masculinely, and so Levi was unaware of her status as a woman until long after their initial meeting. Afterwards, Levi attempted to pursue his feelings many times and was always rejected, even being beat up by the female Glen on one occasion, and as such nothing ever happened between the two of them. Instead Levi continued to inherit all of the female Glen's Black Winged Chains through various Succession Ceremonies until the time came for him to cast his Child of Ill Omen into the Abyss. Afterwards, Levi officially became the new incarnation of Glen Baskerville, and the female Glen's soul would merge with Levi's own after about a month (alongside at least two other Glens), while her body mutated into a new Chain as a result of the Abyssal energy concentrated within her body.[2]

Not long after taking his place as Glen Baskerville, Levi comes across two new inductees to the Baskerville Clan: Oswald and his Child of Ill Omen younger sister, Lacie. As such, Levi knew that his successor had presented himself, and took Oswald and Lacie as his valets, immediately making preparations for Oswald's first Succession Ceremony.[3]

Levy 2

Levi was watching over Oswald and Lacie as they played in the lower levels of the Baskerville mansion, when Lacie ran into Jury. The elderly woman questioned why a Child of Ill Omen was in the mansion, and ordered Lacie to "fall" back from whence she came. Lacie, confused, quickly returned to her brother's side at his beckoning. Levi then approached Jury and told her not to scare Oswald and Lacie like that, as they were new to the Dukedom. Jury asked him whether Oswald was to be the next vessel of "Glen", something which Levi confirmed. Levi explained that he had planned on transferring Raven and introducing Oswald as his successor soon, followed by transferring Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock, but added that the process could take anywhere between 10 and 20 years to complete. He stated that this was only a matter of time for Jury, and she would simply have to bear with Lacie's existence until her time came. [4]

Levi then left with Oswald and Lacie, who questioned him as to Jury's identity and whether she was a Baskerville. Levi confirmed this, but added that Jury had different responsibilities than the rest of the Baskervilles. Elaborating, Levi stated that while the Baskervilles were meant to ensure that the power of the Abyss didn't interfere with their world too much, Jury's is to watch over them, particularly the Glens. Oswald wondered why this was so, only for Levi to answer that it was just the way things were.

Continuing, Levi revealed that none of the past Glens knew how long Jury had been around for, only that she was immemorial, offering advice to the Glens when it was needed. This confused Oswald and Lacie, so Levi told them not to worry about it. Jury existed and there wasn't anything they could do about it, so there's no point in questioning her existence. Instead, Levi told Oswald and Lacie to spend their time wondering what they wanted to do about Jury, otherwise they should just be content with the way things were. [5]

Lacie recalled how Jury ordered her to "fall", asking Levi if she was going to fall somewhere. Levi said that she probably would, and upon further questioning, Levi explained that it was because Lacie was a Child of Ill Omen. Lacie didn't understand what that meant, though Levi hadn't expected her to, and so Lacie instead asked Levi what would happen to her once she'd fallen. Grinning maliciously, Levi cheerfully told Lacie that she'd die. [6]

Later, while alone with Lacie, Levi explained that once Oswald succeeded him as Glen, she'd be cast into the Abyss. Lacie didn't understand, prompting her to state that she'd just come back like she always did. Clarifying, Levi said that this time would be different since Lacie wouldn't be unable to return this time. Levi told Lacie that when when the Baskervilles talked about casting someone into the Abyss, they were talking about sending them into the dark heart of the Abyss using the Chains of Condemnation, and that this wasn't the Abyss bathed in golden light which she'd come to know. Levi continued, stating that not even a Baskerville could escape this part of the Abyss when cast there by the Chains of Condemnation. There she'd be annihilated and The Rule of 100 Cycles wouldn't apply; Lacie would die for good. Lacie grew depressed, as she asked if this was because she was a Child of Ill Omen, which Levi happily confirmed. [7]

Spilling over with new knowledge, Lacie began to observe to dark heart of the Abyss. When she returned, she asked Levi if there was someone within the darkness, telling him of how she'd sensed someone's presence from within it, though no one responded no matter how much she called. Levi knew what Lacie had sensed, though he didn't answer her question right away. Knowing well that the information Lacie was asking about was initially meant to be only known by the Glens, Levi needed time to decide what path he should take. [8]

After deciding, Levi approached Lacie privately and asked if she remembered the question she'd asked him; revealing that what she'd felt was likely The Core of the Abyss. Levi explained that Children of Ill Omen could influence The Core, even though Glen was the only one permitted to do so. The Core was a macrocosm to the Abyss, and to touch it would cause massive disruptions to the world, which was why the Glens were only allowed to approach it during the most dire of circumstances. This was why Lacie had to be cast into the Abyss; her very existence being a threat to the world.

Hearing this, Lacie revealed that she'd heard that the Chains of Condemnation can only be summoned by The Black Winged Chains, and so she asked if that meant her brother would be the one to kill her when he finally became Glen. Avoiding Lacie's question, Levi reflected on how he shouldn't have told Lacie anything. With the potential consequences in mind, Levi asked Lacie if she'd like to partake in an experiment with him, since she was going to die anyway. [9]

Levi stated that his experiment was meant to allow people to handle the Abyss' power. Lacie reminded Levi that such a thing wasn't possible, as the Abyss is the beginning and end of all things and could be thought of similarly to a god in itself. However, Levi didn't want to become a god, moreover he wanted to give The Core a suitable vessel, in hopes of being able to control the power of the Abyss through said vessel. To make himself clear, Levi suggested impregnating Lacie, because when she is cast into the Abyss the Chains of Condemnation would destroy her, whereas the child she'd be carrying would remain untouched. In all likelihood, The Core would cradle the child instead and allow it to carry on its life. Levi attempted to comfort Lacie by putting his hand on her should, but she pulled away immediately - not sure what to think of his proposal. Lacie questioned if, by accepting, The Core wouldn't have to feel lonely anymore, which Levi confirmed. Thinking of how it would benefit The Core, Lacie agreed to Levi's request and embraced her future role in his experiment.[10]

Tragedy of SablierEdit

Lacie and revis

After twenty years pass, Levi successfully impregnates Lacie. Having promised Lacie that he would take her away from the mansion and knowing well that he'd already broken eight promises to Lacie, Levi ran to Lacie's tower to deliver the news. Lacie had detached her subconscious and was exploring the Abyss when Levi arrived - informing Levi that this would be his ninth broken promise. Hearing this made Levi smile, and so he told Lacie that after one more they could celebrate their anniversary. [11]

Levi took the time to explain to Lacie how he'd forgotten that the heir to the Barma Dukedom, Arthur Barma, would be visiting them again. Finding this rather irksome, Lacie pointed out that the Barmas' visits had been happening more frequently since they lost a power struggle in their homeland, resulting in their exile. Lacie attributed this to being because Arthur wanted to get the Barmas within the favour of the Baskervilles, though Levi denied that Arthur's visit was as bad as Lacie made it out to be. Levi explained how beneficial it was to experience new cultures - and as such they were going to be hosting an event in Arthur's honour; complete with an instrumental performance from the Barmas' homeland. Finally, Levi extended an invitation to join the celebration if she so desired, which Lacie said she'd think about, leaving Lacie with the promise that he wouldn't break their next promise. [12]

Later, Levi was fully enticed by a musician's playing of the Morin Khuur. This sense of calm was brief unfortunately, as the musician threw down his costume and instrument to immediately embrace Lacie upon her arrival at the ceremony. Both Levi and Arthur were dumbfounded by the abruptness of the situation, though it was short-lived, as Oswald soon knocked the musician unconscious from behind. Levi asked that Oswald not kill the musician, whilst playfully questioning Arthur's knowledge on the sudden turn of events. Fearing for his family's status, Arthur denied knowing that the musician would do something so brash, claiming not to even know him because his sister, Miranda Barma, had provided him. Oswald then asked Lacie if she knew who the musician was, and although Lacie recognized the man by one of her earrings on his ears, she denied knowing him. This allowed Levi to have his valets take the musician to a more private setting for interrogation. [13]

Oswald delivered the information that he had known about the musician to Levi immediately, explaining that the man was Jack Vessalius, 23 years old and the third son of Viscount Vessalius. Levi remarked on how quickly Oswald had gathered information about Jack, but Oswald explained that he had already known who Jack was because he had seen him within society prior to the event. Levi asked Oswald why he'd allowed Jack into the Baskerville estate in the first place if he's known who Jack was, as Jack looked suspicious from every angle. Oswald explained that Levi had told him once before that he relied too much on his intuition and so Oswald had decided to give Jack a chance, Levi couldn't believe this and tells Oswald that he was a complete idiot, which Oswald apologized for. [14]

Meanwhile, Jack sat across from Levi, looking around at the Baskervilles in the room before asking where Lacie was. Levi smiled and asked Jack if he even knew what kind of place he was presently in. Jack stated that he was in the Baskerville mansion, however Levi told him that this was not fully correct. Levi elaborated that in this mansion, he had absolute power as he head of the household, and so if he decided that he felt like having Jack tortured, no one would object on Jack's behalf. Jack asked if Levi did really plan on having him killed, and if so he would have liked to see Lacie just one last time. This stunned Levi, who began giggling as he stated that he didn't know what had happened between Lacie and Jack before, but Lacie was a fickle girl who often escaped from the mansion and found herself a pet to play with for the day, and so if Jack had expected her to show any kind of special appreciation towards her now... Jack interrupted Levi, saying that he knew before asking if he was right to assume that Lacie didn't remember who he was. Jack explained that he didn't care if that was the case, because Lacie was so free spirited that nothing could tie her down, and so Jack was happy to see that she hadn't changed a bit. Levi paused for a moment, calling Jack an interesting fellow before waving to one of his valets for more wine. Levi explained that he had no idea that there were people like Jack in the Vessalius Viscount-ship, and that Jack didn't even fit into Levi's memory of the members of the Vessalius family. [15]

Oswald interjected that Levi had never heard of Jack because Jack was only recently allowed to be shown in society as a member of the Vessalius family, adding how many didn't know that Jack was the son of a mistress to Viscount Vessalius, and he had lived with her for the majority of his life. Levi asked how Oswald had known so much about Jack, and Oswald explained that he had done some research on Jack. This took Jack by surprise, and Levi stood up to remove Oswald's hood, introducing him to Jack as Lacie's elder brother. Jack asked Oswald if they had met at a ball before, but Oswald stated that they hadn't, this being their first time actually meeting one another. Oswald explained that his job was to keep an eye on everyone of importance. Levi noted how it was still odd for Oswald to take such an interest in someone to such an extent, which Oswald agreed to, stating that he couldn't help but notice Jack. This stunned both Levi and Jack as Levi stated that he wasn't aware that Oswald 'swung that way'. Oswald didn't understand what Levi meant, and so he elaborated that ever since he'd laid eyes on Jack he couldn't help but wonder why Jack made his skin crawl. [16]

Levi broke into a fit of hysterical laughter following Oswald's statement, which Oswald didn't understand. Levi urged Oswald to try and explain how exactly he felt about Jack. Oswald told his master that it wasn't easy to put into words, but Levi told him to try anyway. Oswald explained that to him, Jack felt like water, so still and silent that even fish avoided it, and when you looked into it all you could see was your own reflection and not Jack's true nature, almost as if no one was really there. Jack grew so uncomfortable that he threw water at Oswald in order to make him stop talking, but this made Jack embarrassed at the same time. Lacie entered the room at this point, grabbing Jack by the wrist and dragging him with her out of the room, whilst Levi laughed uncontrollably. [17] In their absence, Levi decided not to hold the Vessaliuses or the Barmas responsible for what had happened, giving Oswald this message to deliver to the other valets. [18]

Levi approached Jack and Lacie when they were alone, eavesdropping on their conversation. Lacie asked Jack what he was going to do now, and so Jack stated that he was likely going to continue living as a scion of the Vessalius family, but he still couldn't believe that he'd actually managed to find Lacie. Levi came up behind Lacie at this moment, suggesting that Jack come and visit them again, also handing Jack a map of the Baskerville estate with marked path to the mansion, as well as numerous secret passages. After Jack's departure, Lacie asked Levi what he planned on doing with Jack. Levi wrapped his arms around Lacie and stated that he wasn't sure yet, but he was really fond of Jack, also asking if Lacie had grown attached herself. Lacie slapped Levi's hands away, telling Levi that such a thing would be pointless because she was going to die soon. [19]

Four months after her reunion with Jack, Lacie awoke from a nightmare in which she dreamed of her encounter with Jury some 20 years ago [20]. Levi had arrived in Lacie's tower and near the end of the nightmare and asked what kind of dream she'd been having, as it had been making her tremble with fear. Lacie avoided the question and asked if Levi had become worn out, displaying a sense of nervousness of his answer. Levi laughed and asked what kind of answer that was supposed to be, but he didn't hesitate to answer Lacie's question, telling Lacie that he couldn't deny that his body had already reached its limit. Levi went on to say that Lacie should be happy that he was going to be transferring Jabberwock to Oswald as part of the final Succession Ceremony in a mere five days, and so Oswald would soon fully succeed Levi and become the new Glen Baskerville. [21]

Levy 1

Levi is shocked to find that Lacie is only using Jack

Levi went over to Lacie's window, watching Oswald and Jack meet once again as Oswald brought Jack to the tower. Levi asked Lacie why Oswald always went to meet Jack every time he came to the Baskerville estate, as Oswald had said before that he despised Jack. Lacie asked Levi if he meant that Oswald had taken a liking to Jack, and so Levi remarked on how Oswald had even said that Jack made his skin crawl before. However, Lacie corrected Levi, as Oswald had only said that Jack was mysterious in the way that he couldn't see Jack for who he really was, which made Oswald extremely interested in Jack. Lacie added that Jack was different than Oswald in this way, recalling how Jack had told her that he'd been afraid of Oswald because of the way that Oswald could expose Jack with the way that he stared at him, which often put Jack on edge. Despite this, Lacie remarked on how she considered the two of them to already be close friends. Levi mentioned how he was surprised by the amount of interest taken in Jack. Lacie agreed, saying that such a thing was rare for her brother, but Levi clarified that he was talking about Lacie rather than her brother. Levi explained that he has originally thought that Lacie's relationship with Jack was on a whim, yet it had lasted much longer than that and grown so much stronger. Levi asked Lacie if after eight years of searching, even she would become attached to the lost puppy who had only recently found his way. Lacie refuted Levi's assumption, saying that she was neither Jack's lover or his mother, meaning that Jack was a mere plaything that was meant to keep Lacie occupied until she was meant to die. Levi was stunned to hear such a thing, staring blankly at Lacie before a smile broke across his face. Oswald lead Jack into Lacie's room at this time, and so the three of them went outside the tower to spend time with each other. [22]

Jabberwock Transfer

The final Accession Ceremony for Oswald to inherit Jabberwock

Levi lead preparations for Oswald's final Succession Ceremony for the transfer of Jabberwock. Five days following Jack's most recent visit, the Succession Ceremony began, Levi and Oswald standing before the Door to the Abyss that Jabberwock was the guardian of. Levi wore the cloak of Glen Baskerville as he summoned Jabberwock. Levi then used a knife to cut through Jabberwock's scales and draw blood in order for Oswald to drink it. As well, Levi then used his knife to cut his wrist, filling a chalice with his own blood, which he then gave to Oswald to drink. Once Oswald had finished ingesting Levi's blood, Levi put the cloak of Glen Baskerville on Oswald, backing away from Oswald so that the rest of the Baskervilles could see their new master, all of them bowing before Oswald. [23]

Immediately following the Succession Ceremony, Lacie, Oswald and Levi undertook the judgement process, Lacie kneeling before Oswald while Oswald announced that he was going to use his Black Winged Chains to summon the Chains of Condemnation in order to pass judgement on Lacie for her sin of being born with the red eyes of ill omen. Oswald did just this, hesitating slightly, although he resumed when Lacie asked him what was wrong. Levi stood by and watched Oswald as he found Lacie guilty of sin against the harmony of the Abyss, opening a path to the Abyss and summoning the Chains of Condemnation to drag Lacie to her destruction. [24]

Two days later, Jack had returned to the Baskerville estate to find that Oswald had killed Lacie. Jack was heartbroken, while Oswald felt incredibly guilty for what he had done, giving Jack Lacie's earring as a memento. Jack then returned to the Vessalius estate, the shock of the situation rendering him mentally unfit for the time being. [25]

Alice, Revis and Oswald

A few days following Jack's departure from the Baskerville estate, a young girl was ejected from one of the Doors to the Abyss, holding a black rabbit doll in her hands as she stood before a shocked Levi and Oswald. Levi, at first, believed that the child may have been Lacie after having her body grew younger by the power of the Abyss because of the similarities in appearance, however the girl introduced herself as Alice instead. Alice then bit her black rabbit doll in order to make sure that it was awake, happily telling Levi this afterwards. Levi didn't know what to make of Alice's actions, however he didn't think anything of it, and so Levi proceeded to welcome Alice to the Baskerville Dukedom. In the end, Levi concluded that Lacie must have given birth to twins in the Abyss, and while one child may have been accepted as the vessel of the Core of the Abyss, the other was ejected from the Abyss, and the reason that Alice appeared older despite being only a few days old was because of the Abyss' connection to all flows of time. It was now up to Levi to uncover whether or not Alice's sibling was really accepted as the Core's vessel.

Over the course of the next month, Levi spent quality time with his daughter from time to time. On one occasion, Levi saw Alice drawing her black rabbit doll, giving it the name 'Os'. Levi instantly knew that Alice had named the rabbit after her encounter with Oswald, and so he corrected Alice's spelling to 'Oz'. From other encounters of theirs, Alice decided to look up the name 'Oz' in a book, realizing that Levi was right. Alice also thought about calling herself 'ore' (a masculine personal pronoun) because Levi addressed himself that way. Alice's sister also sometimes came to Earth, switching places with Alice and taking over her body for a short while. When this Alice met Levi, she immediately didn't like him, also not being too fond of Oswald.

A month after Lacie's demise, Levi decided that it was time to retrieve Jack. Levi traveled to the Vessalius estate, letting himself into the Vessalius mansion in order to see Jack, sitting down while Jack sat in his state of mourning. Levi addressed Jack, telling him that he looked like a zombie, waving to Jack when he realized that Levi was in the room and telling him that it had been about a month since the two of them had last seen one another. Levi apologized for barging in on Jack in such a way, but explained that he wanted to talk to Jack. Jack is surprised to find out that one a single month had passed since Lacie's death, and so Levi explained that Jack had left immediately after speaking to Oswald that day. [26]

Truthfully, Levi had wanted to see Jack storm into the mansion and demand that they let him see Lacie, and so Levi was rather disappointed by Jack's reaction. Jack stated that Oswald was not a liar or very subtle, and so because of his words Jack was finally able to understand. Levi didn't know what Jack meant by 'understand', and so Jack elaborated that he understood why Lacie had lied to him, also explaining that he knew when people were lying to him because it was skill he had to learn in order to survive. Levi thought to himself how Jack had known Lacie was lying to him, yet he hadn't said anything about it. Levi told Jack that he's such an interesting person, thinking to himself how Jack was able to accept Lacie's answer despite knowing it was a lie, which made him as pure as he is twisted. [27]


Levi with his hair down.

Levi stood and abruptly told Jack to follow him. Jack was unsure what Levi meant, and so Levi asked if he was right to say that Jack had lost interest in the world now that Lacie was dead. Levi stepped toward Jack, explaining that he'd like Jack to know why Lacie was cast into the Abyss. Jack was shocked to see Levi covered in more bandages and bleeding from various places, addressing Levi as 'Glen', however Jack was stopped by Levi. Levi told him that the name 'Glen' now belonged to Oswald, asking Jack to call him by his original name, Levi. Levi then said that as Jack could see, his body had reached its limit. As it was, Levi could barely walk. Levi told Jack that he didn't think that he'd live long enough to see the results of his experiment. [28]

Levi and Jack then take Levi's carriage back to the Baskerville estate. Levi took the time between destinations to explain to Jack that since the final Succession Ceremony, Oswald had been feeling down, not that you would notice unless you were looking. This was not only because Oswald had cast Lacie into the Abyss, but also because Oswald was convinced that it was his fault that Lacie was born as a Child of Ill Omen. Levi reminded Jack that he had told him before that Baskervilles generate a distortion around themselves, however this was even more true for each Glen Baskerville. This was why it's thought that the distortion of the future Glen Baskerville is what causes the creation of Children of Ill Omen, and this was why Lacie was allowed to live until Oswald could inherit all of the Black Winged Chains and gain the power to cast Lacie into the Abyss. Levi mentioned how it was torture for Oswald, stating that despite there being plenty of other reasons for casting the Children of Ill Omen into the Abyss (as it tests Glen's control of the Black Winged Chains and the Children of Ill Omen act as sacrifices in the Ceremony), but Oswald was not going to allow himself to accept such excuses. [29]

Levi moved onto the subject of the Abyss, explaining how the Abyss was the beginning and end of everything. Levi explained how the world is protected by Chains, which wind around the world in order to prevent it from being engulfed by the power of the Abyss, similarly to a cracked crystal bound tightly in chains. Jack stated that he hadn't heard of such a thing before, which Levi had expected as the concept sounded abstract even to him, yet these Chains were the reason that the Earth is able to exist the way it does. Levi told Jack that while he's not able to see or touch the Chains, they're all around him as if they were air, and the Baskervilles are meant to protect all things connected to the harmony of the Abyss, which included these Chains. Jack asked Levi what would happen if these Chains were to break, prompting Levi to ask why Jack would want to know such a thing, implying to Jack that it would destroy the world by plunging it into the Abyss. [30]

Levi and Jack arrived at the Baskerville estate, making their way to Lacie's (now Alice's) tower. Jack saw Alice from her window, stopping dead in his tracks from shock. Levi stated that Alice looked a lot like Lacie, asking if Jack agreed before explaining that even he was surprised by their resemblance when he first saw Alice. Levi then told Jack suddenly that Alice was Lacie's daughter, and that he had impregnated her in order for Lacie to give birth to Alice in the Abyss. Jack was horrified by this, and so Levi just told him that it was an experiment, explaining the details to Jack. [31]

Levi finished by saying that the child had been born as expected, however Lacie had been carrying twins rather than a sole child, and so only one was sent back to Earth. Levi said that Alice had arrived on Earth only a few days after Lacie was cast into the Abyss, causing Levi to believe that it was Lacie grew younger by the power of the Abyss at first. Levi told Jack that their task now was to try and find out why only one child was sent back, and if the Core really did accept the other child as its vessel. Levi then mentioned how Lacie always said that the Core had a personality of its own, so he thought that they should name the entity, although he knew Lacie would have killed him if they'd called it 'Core' or 'Abyss-Chan', and so Levi finally settled on the Intention of the Abyss. [32]

Celia Baskerville

Levi's body's new form - Humpty Dumpty, and his contractor, Celia

Levi finished by saying that he wanted to see how the Baskervilles would change when the Core received its vessel and that he wouldn't be able to carry on with his experiment. Levi then left Jack to finish what he'd started with his experiment telling Jack that he may use Alice to fulfill his 'wish.' Levi then stated that he'd be watching with the other Glens from inside the joined soul of Oswald before waving goodbye to Jack and disappearing into the darkness of the forest. [33] When Levi's soul merged with Oswald's, his body then mutated into the Chain Humpty Dumpty, and formed a Contract with the Baskerville named Celia. [34]

100 years after the Tragedy of Sablier, Levi, Oswald and the other Glens before them, had their souls merge with the child destined to be the next Glen, Leo.

Leo had recently joined in servitude to a companion whom often came to visit him in the House of Fianna, Elliot Nightray. When the two returned to Sablier to visit the House of Fianna, they're told by Mrs. Finn that four orphans had wandered off into The Hole of Sablier. Elliot decided that they couldn't wait for Pandora to arrive, and so he insisted that he and Leo retrieve the orphans themselves.

Leo and Elliot found two of the orphans slain, when Leo saw the third orphan, Helen, crying alone in the distance. Leo ran to her, finding out from her that the final orphan, John, started acting funny before he attacked them. Elliot then sees a Chain and John on a cliff above Helen and Leo. Elliot charges at the Chain, thinking that it was going to harm Leo, which made the Chain think that Elliot was going to harm Leo himself. The Chain impaled Elliot, causing Leo to scream and order it to drop Elliot immediately.

Leo's Soul

Levi has been revealed to be the Glen on the far left (with his legs crossed)

Within his subconscious, at least five Glen Baskervilles from the past surround Leo. Levi told Leo that the Chain was only trying to protect Leo, as the Chain had believed that Elliot was going to attack Leo himself. Levi then suggests to Leo that he had Elliot make a Contract with the Chain, as the Chain was none other than Levi's mutated body, Humpty Dumpty. Levi explained that they couldn't heal Elliot's wounds, but that a Contract with Humpty Dumpty would temporarily seal Elliot's wounds. Leo agrees reluctantly, although none of the Glens could remember Humpty Dumpty's name, so Oswald told Leo to guess by looking at it. This helped Leo identify him as Humpty Dumpty, which lead to Elliot's completed Contract with Humpty Dumpty.

Oswald then grabbed Leo within his subconscious, reminding Leo that everything that had happened was his fault, Levi stood by and watched with the three other Glens as Leo fled within his own subconscious, returning to Elliot outside of his body.


Jack's Intention ArcEdit

Levi's soul present day

Levi's soul following the destruction of the final Seal

Following the destruction of the final Sealing Stone, Oswald's soul is completely free from its bounds. Oswald declares his dominance over Leo's soul by shrouding him in his coat. From a far, Levi's soul materialized and smiles at Oswald's, with Oswald only glaring back angrily at his former master, now knowing in full what he had done in the past. [35]

Swan Song ArcEdit

Having witnessed Jury deny Oswald his venture into the past to save the world as she transformed Sablier into a dark city where she would gather the other Jurors, Levi makes his presence in Leo's subconscious known. Levi agrees as Oswald notes how the chamber of the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss looks more like a courtroom now. Crouching down beside Leo, Levi playfully states that the courtroom likely means someone will be judge, posing the question of who that person will be.

Levi and Leo listen to Jury's explanation of her existence and the true purpose of their world, which makes Levi break out into a fit of laughter and declares that the situation has really become a masterpiece. Levi tells Leo how he'd originally believed that the world was like a shattered crystal held together by the Chains, when in reality the Jurors see it as nothing more than a story to add to their archives. Leo finds Levi's enjoyment appalling, asking why Levi thinks that everything happening is so funny. Instead, Levi avoids an explanation and claims that it's just funny, and that he can't help but laugh at it.

Expanding on the matter, Levi points out that when they take their place as Glen Baskerville they're forced into the "self-awareness" of their roles as the protectors of the harmony of the Abyss. Now all of a sudden, Jury reveals that their existence is nothing more than a branching point so that The Jurors can have a "story" with a unique ending. Levi attempts to explain himself better, telling Leo that it's as if The Jurors provided the Baskervilles with a toy (the Abyss) and were told to care for it so that The Jurors could see how the Baskervilles would break it.

Still disgusted, Leo wonders why The Jurors would do something so cruel. Reminding Leo that Jury had said she existed outside of their own comprehension, Levi states that it's pointless to attempt to understand it. Levi claims not to care whether The Jurors' purpose is to collect the 'stories' themselves or collect them in pursuit of creating an endless world, because if their world is nothing but a story, it's a hilarious one. Leo lashes out and insists that it's not funny, because even if the world is meant to be just some form of story for someone's amusement he doesn't think of the world as ridiculous - surprising Levi.

The two continue to watch the events unfold, witnessing Vincent approach Jury and harm her after Oswald's powers were repressed. When The Juries retaliate against Vincent and Oswald, Levi pieces together Oswald's reasoning for bringing Vincent along with him to Sablier. With the power of Glen limited, they can't just open the Door to the Abyss, but Vincent's power as a Child of Ill Omen exists outside of Jury's own. This makes Vincent's presence beneficial to Oswald as he can harm Jury with Vincent there, Levi realizing that Oswald never trusted Jury in the first place.

95 - Levi and Leo

"Never answer a question with another question."

Levi and Leo continue to watch events unfold together from within Leo's subconscious. After Oswald and Vincent journey to the past and are obstructed in their attempt to journey back far enough to kill Lacie before she made contact with The Core by Cheshire, Oswald begins an ugly transformation as he takes every possible avenue to see his plans come to fruition. During Oswald's battle with Cheshire, he notices that Vincent is in agony over the burdens of his past after being dragged back into the Tragedy of Sablier; writing Vincent off as pathetic for allowing his past to consume him. Ultimately, Oswald decides to put Vincent out of his misery, leaving his battle with Cheshire to Jabberwock in order to do so. Much to Oswald's surprise though, Leo calls him out from within his subconscious, ordering Oswald not to kill Vincent. Seeing Leo as nothing but a nuisance, Oswald forces Leo back and asks what Leo intended on doing if he’d managed to stop him, and what path he could possibly offer Vincent. Ultimately, Oswald tells Leo that he has no will of his own, so Leo thereby has no purpose, and so Oswald asks how, in such a state, Leo could possibly stop him.

Entertained, Levi claps his hands, overjoyed by how interesting things seem to have gotten. Kneeling down beside Leo, Levi encourages him to say something back against Oswald, reminding Leo of how Vincent asked what his wish was so that he could make it come true no matter what. Thinking that Vincent’s question was cute, Levi asks if Leo has an answer to his valet’s question yet. Outraged, Leo asks how Levi can be having so much fun with all that’s going on, reminding him that his attempt to create the Intention is what started all this turmoil in the first place, so he’s unable to know why Levi can smile about it. Levi smirks and grabs Leo by the shoulder, pulling him within inches of Leo’s face, telling him not to answer a question with a question. Levi admits that he’s only able to smile about all that’s happened because he’s decided to make it enjoyable to himself as a way to cope with his mistakes; thus anything that’s not boring is all right to him.

Later, after Cheshire flees the scene with Alice, Oswald has Jabberwock cover his own escape - only to be met with vast amounts of strain. Noting this, Levi calls Oswald an idiot for using so much of Jabberwock's power in a body that doesn't even belong to him - something that will eventually overwhelm and consume him. Even so, Oswald ignores Levi and carries on with his pursuit of Cheshire and Alice.

Oswald follows Cheshire and Alice to Alice's tower. They watch as Jack emerges from the forest. With Oswald fixated on the ongoing battle in the past, Levi explains the situation to Leo, revealing that all of the Black Winged Chains are out mending the Chains of the World at this point, so Oswald really stood no chance against Oz.

Later, Jack proclaims that he needs Lacie in order for him to continuing living. Hearing this, Levi laughs and states that Jack never fails to put on a show, only for Leo to call Jack selfish out of the blue. This prompts Levi to question what Leo is getting at, and so Leo screams angrily about how Jack is selfish for acting in such a way, as are Levi, Oswald and all the other Glens. Levi agrees, though he tells Leo that he can't refute his own selfishness either - reminding Leo of all the times he's thrown a tantrum because of the way things have turned out. Additionally, Leo willingly stepped down and allowed Oswald to take over as the acting Glen, showing that he lacks assertion. Levi explains that because of all this, Leo needs to stop and focus on what he wants to do rather than contemplating. Furthermore, if Oswald does in fact succeed in his attempt to alter the past, just killing Jack as he existed during the Tragedy would write a whole new history. If Oswald were to kill Jack, he wouldn't die during the tragedy and so Leo's chances of inheriting the title of Glen would greatly lessen. As Leo realizes this, he also realizes that if there's a future where he wouldn't be chosen as Glen, then in that future, Elliot may not die because of him. Though the idea seems ideal to Leo, Leo then remembers how Break had told him that no matter how far back he reached, a future for him wasn't there, as well as Gilbert telling Vincent that erasing his existence wouldn't make him happy because without Vincent, he'd be a completely different person entirely.

As the anger grows within him, Leo finally snaps and punches himself in the face as he attempts to calm his own thoughts; shocking Levi. Thinking of when Oz punched him because he believed Elliot would do the same if he could see Leo as he is now, Leo states that he doesn't need to be told, laughing at the thought of Oz intervening as if he actually knew Elliot. As tears pour down his face, Leo claims that if Elliot could see him now, he wouldn't simply punch him as Oz had said, Elliot would beat him until he was half dead.

Seeing Vincent again, Leo remembers when Vincent had begged him to stop resisting his attempts to protect him. Filling with more grief, Leo apologizes to Elliot and explains that even though he constantly speaks ill of it, the world that they've grown to know is something precious to him. Though he's able to accept that he likely can't save Elliot, Leo admits that he doesn't want the world that Elliot was a part of to be rejected. Standing, Leo finally regains his strength and stands for what he believes in, insisting that he won't approve of the past being changed. Having come to understand Leo better after observing his reactions, Levi smirks and tells Leo that he is rather selfish, just like the other Glens.

Later, after the Core has her breakdown, Levi and Leo watch as Oswald demands to know why everyone keeps wanting to get in his way so badly, causing a swirling vortex to appear within the subconscious around Oswald. While Leo shows concern for Oswald, Levi just thinks to himself, realizing that it's "time" already. Reaching out toward the vortex, Leo quickly pulls his hand back as he finds that coming into contact with it has cut his hand.

Levi continues to watch the events unfold,  Leo tells Oswald that he's not really thinking about altering the past, and he doesn't really want to kill Lacie, so he's hoping to stop someone (Oswald) whose feeling are so strong that their outweigh his own will.

Soon, after they stop traveling back in time, Levi explaining to Leo that they've finally arrived at the time which Oswald had originally intended on venturing to. Furthermore, Levi assumes that the memory in question may in fact have been before Oswald and Lacie were taken in as Baskervilles, when Oswald was "just Oswald", making this Oswald's final stop. Just then, Lacie as a child from the past approaches her brother's future self. Seeing Oswald gripping his sword as he stands up to deal with Lacie, Oz goes to intervene - only to stop himself when he notices that Oswald has stopped. Alone with Lacie, Oswald remembers when Leo insisted that he wasn't actually intending on killing Lacie and altering the past. Though his sword is raised against Lacie, as Oswald continues to look into Lacie's eyes, he finally drops the sword to the ground. Dropping to his knees, Oswald declares that this is as far as he'll go, because he can't kill Lacie. Calling out to her older brother's past incarnation, the young Oswald rushes to Lacie's side and advises her not to wander off, reminding her that he'd told her to wait nearby for him. The young Oswald revealed that he'd found a place for them to rest for the day - and so, after brushing snow off of Lacie's head, Oswald urged her to follow him. When the young Oswald guided Lacie away to their shelter, Lacie turned back to the future Oswald and waved happily.

Satisfied, Oswald wavers before finally collapsing to the ground, worrying Lottie greatly. Within the Glens subconscious, Leo hurriedly asks Levi what's happening as Oswald's existence starts to come apart into numerous particles of light. As he surveys the situation, Levi reminds Leo that he's the true present Glen, not Oswald. As Oswald had forced himself past Leo and stolen his ownership over the body, this effect was to be expected - yet Oswald had still carried on, ignorant of what could happen as a result.

Oswald's existence then faded into light, leaving Levi and Leo alone in the subconsciousness. Leo then has control of his body again. Oz reveals his plan to use his nearly-completed Incuse to go to the Abyss to rescue Alice from the Core. Intrigued, Levi realizes that Oz had been using his powers as B-Rabbit so willingly and without reserve in order to purposely progress the hand on his Incuse as quickly as possible. While Levi gives the plan merit, as using the power of B-Rabbit will undoubtedly open The Path to the heart of the Abyss, but he wonders if Oz is fully aware of what will happen to his existence in the process.

As soon as Oz’s is Incuse is completed, Levi's thoughts prior to the Incuse's final revolution are elaborated on, as Levi states that the full revolution of an Incuse means that the Contract between the Chain and their Contractor is complete. As such, the Contractor would be dragged down into the lowest level of the Abyss, while the Chain's connection to the Contractor is severed.

During the battle with the Core, Levi realizes that Leo believes that by using the powers concentrated at the lowest level of the Abyss he may be able to mend the Chains more effectively. However Levi notes that with that in mind it'd probably be better if Leo let Raven collaborate with him to try and mend the Chains - only since Gilbert hadn't gotten the chance to awaken as Glen, he may not be permitted to use such a great amount of power. Frustrated, Leo turns to Levi and orders him to stop complaining and actually do something to help out for a change. Though Levi outright rejects Leo's request, justifying that he doesn't want to interfere only to have to disappear just like Oswald did. This only angers Leo even more as he insists that Levi's concerns have nothing to do with the current situation, as he is the current Glen - so Levi is obligated to just shut up and follow orders as he's meant to.

Though initially shocked, Levi accepts what Leo's said and skips over to him, admitting that he rather enjoys this new assertive version of Leo over the hesitant and cowering Leo he'd initially known. Placing a hand on Leo's shoulder, Leo declares that in accordance with the will of the current incarnation of Glen Baskerville, he will lend his hand in order to control help control the Black Winged Chains. However Levi asks if Leo truly understands that he has no interest in a boring story, urging Leo to provide him with a satisfying continuation of their world. To this, Leo declares that there's no doubt, for both The Jurors claiming to be idle spectators of the worlds and Levi - who constantly babbles about how ridiculous their world is - he intends to supply both of them with the greatest masterpiece they have ever seen - ordering them to prepare themselves. Satisfied, Levi watches as Leo draws on his true power as Glen, casting a light down onto him as he prepares to use his Black Winged Chain to mend the Chains of the World.

After the battle, it is thought that Levi stays in Leo’s subconscious to help him in his role as Glen Baskervillle.


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