Leo's past

Leo as a child.

Leo used to live in an unknown town with his mother and father. He was always known as the weird one. He could hear voices in his head and see flecks of golden light everywhere while no one else could. These flecks of light were the power of the Abyss hovering above the Earth, while the voices Leo heard were the whispering voices of the past incarnations of Glen Baskerville who resided in Leo's soul, as Leo had been born destined to be the next Glen Baskerville. Leo's mother decided to let Leo's bangs grow down over top of his eyes so that he didn't have to see the world the way he did anymore and that way, maybe he could feel more normal. Leo's father died when he was very young in an accident while in town and he lived with only his mother from there out.

Leo's mother then died when he was 12, while some said she'd been caught in the middle of a drunken brawl, others said that she was devoured by some sort of monster, the latter being what had really happened happened. In truth, Leo's mother was eaten by a Chain, and so Leo was taken away by a man one day. No one questioned Leo's leaving, and so Leo went to the place where all children who had lost their parents to Chains and other Abyss related instances went, The House of Fianna.

The House of Fianna was an orphanage in Sablier that was owned by the Nightray
Leo and sister fiona
Dukedom, unknown to him though, the orphans were subject to experimentation involving the study of Chains, and the orphans were often used as bait to draw out Chains. Eventually, Leo taught himself how to play piano and formed a love for music.

Leo was bad with the orphans because they were all so much younger than he was and he had no idea how to handle them as all the children of his village avoided him as well, and so when one of the orphans went to touch Leo's bangs, wondering why they're so long, Leo shoved her to the ground and ran while she cried. This is when Leo found the House of Fianna's Library. Leo immersed himself in the world of the books to keep away from everyone. The books were all too complicated for the little orphans, so Leo was quite peaceful everyday.

One day, a boy from the Nightray Family came into the library, his name was Elliot. Upon meeting, the two started immediatly striking blows at one another. Elliot's older brother, Claude, eventually carted Elliot away, but Elliot always came back. To start off, Leo just retorted all of Elliot's remarks, and even though Elliot stormed away angrily, he always came back later and so Leo started to enjoy his company. Eventually, the two formed a friendship through their mutual love of music.

Elliot played a song that he wrote, "Statice", for Leo. Elliot said it had come to him in a dream and so he claimed it as his own, only then did Elliot offer Leo the song as a gift. Leo initially refused, because
Elliot and Leo

Leo rejects Elliot's offer.

he thought that using the song as a symbol of their friendship was cheesy, but eventually accepted it. Elliot was known to be jealous of Leo's musical skill because he had self-studied and was so much better than Elliot, but the subject never got between them. Leo later wrote "Lacie", brought on by Oswald, the last Glen Baskerville, residing inside Leo's soul, and so Leo gave it to Elliot as a gift, in return for "Statice".

Leo and Elliot formed a strong friendship from there, and were able to share more personal information with one another. Elliot was present when someone had set up a haircut for Leo, but when they came near Leo's hair with the scissors, Leo disarmed them and beat on them, nearly killing them with the scissors himself, luckily, Elliot was able to stop Leo. Elliot asked Leo why he covers his eyes, thinking that they were beautiful, and so Leo explained that he wasn't hiding them, but rather that he didn't want to see the world as it was.

Later on, Elliot asked Leo to become his valet, as Leo was what Elliot had always been searching for, a person that he can talk to as a friend and an equal. Leo declined upon being asked, but later changed his mind and accepted Elliot's offer as the Nightray Library had piqued Leo's interest and he saw Elliot as a better person than when he had first met him. Although, Elliot had made the decision on his own and so he had to talk his elder brothers Fred, Claude and Ernest into accepting Leo as his valet, which wasn't very hard, something which Elliot was never able to understand. Convincing Elliot's father was a different story, as Bernard was strictly opposed to the idea of Leo being Elliot's valet, and even after Leo had been brought into the Dukedom, Bernard was still unaccepting of Elliot's choice to have Leo as his suboordinate. Elliot later bought Leo a pair of glasses to cover his eyes rather than let Leo use his hair, to which Leo was grateful. Together, they were a perfect pair.

Not long after Leo had become Elliot's valet, the two of them traveled into Sablier to the House of Fianna, where they learned from Mrs. Finn that four orphans had traveled into The Hole, which was stictly off limits. Elliot grew impatient and insisted that he and Leo travel into The Hole to rescue the orphans themselves because they couldn't wait for Pandora to arrive, and although Leo was reluctant, the two of them proceded as planned.

Inside The Hole, Elliot and Leo eventually came across the corpses of two of the orphans, having been run through with some kind of sharp impliment. This is when Leo spotted one of the two orphans not accounted for, Helen, sitting in a clearing, crying. Leo ran to Helen and asked her what was wrong, and she barely managed to talk about how the final orphan, John had just started acting strange. This is when Elliot sees John behind Leo and Helen, with a Chain. Elliot drew his sword and ran towards the Chain, but from the Chain's point of view, Elliot was going to attack Leo rather than itself, and so in order to protect Leo as the vessel of Glen Baskerville's soul, the Chain impaled Elliot with its tongue. Leo yelled in shock, demanding that the Chain drop Elliot, which it did.

Leo's Soul

Leo's soul (Levi is on the far left and Oswald has a hold of Leo)

Leo stands infront of his fallen master, when he is pulled inside his subconscious by the previous Glen Baskervilles. They inform Leo that the Chain wouldn't hurt him, as it had only acted on instinct to protect Leo because it had thought Elliot was going to hurt him. Leo asks why the Glens had appeared again after being dormant for so long, and they explain that it was only because Leo had rejected them, and they were only re-appearing now because Leo had asked for their help, even if it was an unconscious plea for their help. The Glens then ask if Leo wanted to save Elliot. Leo asks if the Glens really could do that, and the Glens say that while they're not able to heal Elliot's wounds, they may be able to seal them off. The Glens explain that Leo would have to have Elliot drink the Chain's blood and say its name, however, the Glens had forgotten the name of the Chain, and so Leo would have to guess what its name was based on its appearence. Leo had Elliot make an Illegal contract with the Chain, Humpty Dumpty, then he was grabbed within his subconscious by one of the Glens, and told to remember that Humpty Dumtpy was drawn there by Leo's pressence, and that Elliot had recklessly tried to protect him, and that Humpty Dumpty was only acting on its own instinct to protect him, and that even though Leo had sealed the wound, he hadn't saved Elliot's life and to remember that it was all Leo's fault.

Bernard Nightray and many members of Pandora arrived in The Hole to find Leo crying over Elliot's unconcsious body. Bernard learned of Humtpy Dumtpy, as he brought John, Helen, Leo and Elliot back to the House of Fianna to be tended to, as well as learning about Leo being the next vessel of Glen Baskerville, and so Bernard saw Humpty Dumpty as a useful trump card over the other three Dukedoms, as his last trump card, being Leo, was now out in the open and well exposed.

When Leo woke up, he found Elliot and two maids from the House of Fianna in his room, and while Leo told Elliot the truth of what had happened inside of The Hole, Elliot insisted that it was all just a nightmare because what had really happened was that Elliot had slipped and fallen, knocking himself unconscious, leaving Leo to drag Elliot and the four orphans out of the Abyss. Leo accepted that Elliot and all of the other orphans had forgotton about the deceased orphans and what really happened because of their contracts with Humtpy Dumpty, stating that once again, he was the weird one.

John soon died from the burden of the contract with Humpty Dumpty, and so Elliot inherited the core Humpty Dumtpy, and so Bernard had all of the orphans of the House of Fianna make contracts with Humpty Dumpty in order to slow the progression of the Incuse. A man named Isla Yura soon began visiting the House of Fianna, as he was investing in Bernard's studying of Chains, Leo didn't feel right around Isla Yura, and so he made sure that Isla Yura stayed as far away from Elliot as possible to keep him safe.


Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

When Oz and Oscar Vessalius, as well as Gilbert Nightray and Oz's chain Alice traveled to Latowidge to be more informed of Ada Vessalius' note to her uncle as she apparently "likes" someone (thought to be Gilbert at first but later shown to be his brother Vincent ) The group is separated and Oz hears the song "Lacie", which is the song played by the stopwatch he found at Lacie's grave. Ada leads Oz to Latowidge's Library where Oz finds Eliot who also shares the like of the book series The Holy Knight. Eliot though trashes Oz's favorite character of the series and reveals the plot line further into the story. Leo then puts an end to their fighting as Eliot was proven to be at fault in the argument's sense.

When Oz and Ada leave the two, Ada is knocked unconscious by Lottie and he is lead by her down through the basements of Latowidge were he is held hostage by Fang, Lottie and Dug, the Baskervilles. Meanwhile, Eliot finds Ada's unconscious body as well as two pet kittens, Kitty and Snowdrop, clawing at the secret passageway, now sealed, where Lottie took Oz. Leo comes and opens the secret passageway and the two spiral down towards the basement.

Upon their arrival, Leo is almost killed when Lottie throws a knife at him, but Leo is moved aside by Eliot. Afte Eliot rushes to battle Dug and Fang, Lottie subdues Oz, but their interactions were cut short by Leo who shoots Lottie in the arm distracting the Baskervilles long enough for the trio to escape.

Leo, Oz and Eliot travel upward though Eliot and Oz constantly bicker, Leo putting an end to it a few times after punching the two in the head. Leo stood by as Eliot and Oz fought Fang and Leon until Jack Vessalius finally came out and banished the Baskervilles. Leo, Eliot and Oz made it out of Latowidge but Eliot left in a fit of rage when he discovered Oz was a Vessalius and, of course, Leo followed in suite. Oz manages to ask Elliot how he knew the song "Lacie", to which Elliot replied that he wrote it.

After distancing themselves from Oz, Gil and Alice, Leo asks Elliot why he said that he wrote "Lacie" because Leo himself had written it and given it to Elliot in return for "Statice". Elliot then remarks that he had no idea what Leo was talking about. Elliot then rushed the two of them to the Head Master's office.

Sablier ArcEdit

Leo first appears shortly after Phillipe West, an orphan, steals Oz's wallet on a dare with fellow orphan James. Leo, alongside Eliot come and retrieve the two orphans and run into Oz, Gil and Alice all in Sablier's square. After Leo puts a stop to Eliot's fury of Oz's presence in Sablier, Leo and Eliot take the group to the House of Fianna, the Nightray orphanage. Apparently Leo and Eliot had been invited to Sablier by none other than Duke Nightray. During their stay Leo takes care of Phillipe, as Leo was once an orphan too they all see each other as siblings, and takes Phillipe elsewhere when Oz brings up his dead father and Phillipe is shown to be quite unstable mentally. Leo is also shown to be the one who keeps the orphans in line and disciplines James after finding out he "bullied his brother", Phillipe, which Leo takes personally, but Leo can't bring himself to stay angry at his "siblings" for long and they hug to show his love for them. After Leo and Eliot are informed about Oz's plans to travel to the inner hole in Sablier the two go after them in an attempt to stop them.

Eliot and Leo make it to the pit shortly after Oz is tortured with Jack Vessalius' old memories and Gil and Alice by their forgotten memories from 100 years beforehand. The two are captured by The Hole's illusions shortly before they meet up with Lottie and Noise who are in the same area. Noise quickly uses Doldum to force Leo to pull a gun on Eliot, but Eliot defends himself. While Leo struggles to fight Doldam's strings and Eliot is choked by Lottie from behind, Break appears seemingly out of no where and quickly dispatches Lottie. He then stabs Noise in the stomach and then the hand when she falls to the ground unconscious, but alive. Leo and Eliot escape in the turmoil Break in The Hole.
Leo and children

Leo with his family.

The two finally find Oz in the pit, having Alice's scythe summoned and seemingly being in a crazed state from Jack's memories. Oz comes back to his senses upon their arrival, having apparently immobilized the surrounding fallen people corrupted by The Hole using the scythe, but had been careful not to kill any of them. While searching for Alice and Gil in The Hole, Eliot and Leo also experience memories, Leo's most likely being forgotten ones taken away by Humpty Dumpty and Eliot's are unknown. The group then find Gil only seconds before the arrival of Xai Vessalius in The Hole. He claims to have been sent by Duke Nightray to retrieve Eliot and Leo as Duke Nightray's legs could not handle the journey. Eliot refuses the help of a Vessalius and directs the help to Oz. Elliot seems infuriated by Xai's lack of care for Oz and is stopped by Leo before he could do anything rash. Leo assures Xai that they will find their own way out. The group is surprised when Gil chases after Xai to confront him. Alice returns by herself and Break knocks Gilbert into his senses before guiding them both back to the group and together they all leave the pit and make their way to Pandora. It was shown that on the way out of The Hole there was an earthquake that was caused by the breaking of a Sealing Stone which caused great distress towards the group.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Shortly after the events within Sablier, Leo and Elliot join Pandora, mainly for their involvement with the Head Hunter. Before the meeting within Pandora based on recent events concerning the Head Hunter, Eliot was having dreadful nightmares based on his brothers and the Head Hunter and while Leo tried to loosen Eliot's collar so he wouldn't choke in his sleep, it woke Eliot and he accidentally sent Leo flying across the room and into a wall. Leo told Eliot about the Head Hunters' latest assassinations and that his dream was a part of his sixth sense before the two set out for Pandora Headquarters.

Eliot and Leo had Reim Lunettes retrieve Oz so they could be briefed on the information that Master Rytas had supplied based on the Head Hunter, though there wasn't much it was enough to satisfy Eliot, but his curiosity and animosity towards the Head Hunter both made him ecstatic. He and Gil fight about what is best for his safety, but only to be interrupted by Oscar Vessalius who calms everything down by taking everyone to Pandora's tea party outside Head Quarters.

During the tea party, Eliot reveals he was wrong to judge Oz so harshly and Leo stands by him, encouraging Eliot on his want for judgment to be passed on the Head Hunter. Leo and Eliot later take a group picture with Oz, Oscar, Gil, Alice, Sharon , Break, Liam, Echo and Ada before the two return to the Nightray mansion.

Leo later asks Elliot what's been happening to him, as Elliot had been acting weird lately, with forgetting the deaths of the Orphans and the incident where he said that "Lacie" was his song, Elliot didn't reply though, he just looked shocked in response.

The Feast ArcEdit

Isla Yura had invited Oz as well as many members of Pandora to his mansion in his neighboring country so that Oz's father could not intervene like he did during Oz's First Coming of Age Ceremony, in hopes that Oz would be able to visit Yura's mansion more often after coming into society.
Leo outfit

Leo in his formal attire at the 2nd Coming of Age Ceremony.

Leo attends Oz's Second Coming of Age Ceremony with Eliot and Vanessa , and upon arrival he overhears Elliot tell Oz that Leo had been acting weird lately and that he had gone to rest in another room in the mansion as he wasn't feeling well. Leo knew that this was because of Elliot's contract with Humpty Dumpty, and accepted that he was a freak before going to sit alone outside in the courtyard of Isla Yura's mansion.

Isla Yura hears from someone that Leo had not been feeling well and so he goes and meets Leo in the courtyard. Leo, having a relapse of his insecurity, asks Yura what he had done to the orphans to cause James and five other orphans before him to die, because he knew that Islla Yura would've received a letter about James' death just like he did before The Ceremony. Yura smiles and tells Leo not t o worry about it because the other orphans would have already forgotten that James even existed by now before he returned back to the ballroom for the Ceremony. Leo also later returns to the ballroom, unaware that Elliot had followed Isla Yura out of the mansion and was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Elliot soon confronts Leo, cornering him and interrogating him about his connection to Isla Yura. Leo lashes out at Elliot and their fighting leads to Leo throwing a table and some chairs at Elliot before he storms off. Elliot does the same, prompting Oz to go after Leo for an explanation while Gilbert went after Elliot. Leo explains to Oz how he and Elliot met and their history together, revealing how much he cares about Elliot by stating that he would never let anything happen to Elliot, going as far as saying that he'd let himself die if he ever became a threat to Elliot.

A screaming maid causes Leo and Oz to rush to the scene, where they find that the Head Hunter was at the Ceremony and Leo wanted to stay and help , but Oz urges him to find Elliot instead because Leo really wanted to apologize for his behavior earlier that night, and because Elliot was in more danger than Oz if the Head Hunter really was in the mansion. Leo thanks Oz and runs off to find Elliot whilst Oz investigates the murder.

Oz hadn't heard from Leo again until after he and Alice were brought to the Sealing Stone in the mansion, where they both passed out. When he wakes, Duchess Nightray explains that she brought him away from the Seal because of how much it pained him to be too close to it. Yura then arrived and explained that Oz's Second Coming of Age Ceremony was the perfect excuse to gather all the proper components required to recreate the Tragedy of Sablier. Leo is then brought in, apparently having been knocked out and kidnapped by Yura's Cult members. Yura reveals that he intends on using both Leo and Alice as sacrifices for when they reenact the Tragedy, as they required the "blood of a friend" to open The Way and plunge the country into the Abyss. Yura, after revealing his true intentions to Oz exclusively, takes Alice and Leo back to the Seal for the Ceremony.

Oz was freed by Gil, Vincent, Elliot and Echo, and so when they (minus Gil) made their way back to the Seal, Oz ordered Elliot to save Leo whilst he dealt with Yura. Elliot manages to cut through Yura's Cult just before his mother was about to sacrifice Leo. Vernice told Elliot to join him, but instead Elliot pinned her up to a wall, telling her of Vanessa's death by the Head Hunter and how Break had told him that Humpty Dumpty was most likely the Head Hunter. Vernice simply slaps Elliot, calling Humpty Dumpty a blessing to the Cult, and whilst Elliot feels pain from Humpty Dumpty taking control of him, Vernice attempts again to sacrifice Leo to the Abyss.

When Elliot comes back into consciousness, Leo is crying and going on about how he hates the source of the misery of the Nightrays. Elliot was confused and told him to stop crying before realizing that he had fatally wounded his mother. Humpty Dumpty then emerged and decapitated her.

Elliot begins rejecting Humpty Dumpty as his chain, and he remembers Leo making his contract with Humpty Dumpty to save his life, Leo giving Elliot "Lacie" in return for Elliot giving him "Statice". Elliot also remembers how Leo had came to where Vanessa and Elliot were only after witnessing Vanessa's Valet, Hans, being killed by Yura's Cult. Vanessa then accused Leo of being in league with the Cult and so she pushes him down the stairs and tells him to stay away from Elliot. Leo accepts this and tells Vanessa to get Elliot out of the mansion whilst he distracted the Cult for their escape. Vanessa felt guilty about treating Leo like she had, but because she had hurt Leo, Humpty Dumpty took control of Elliot and assassinated her. Elliot also remembers that he was responsible for Claude and Ernest's deaths years beforehand as well, as they had threatened to kill Gil, Vincent and Leo.

The Seal breaks and Leo feels Glen's soul awakening inside of him. He attempts to approach Elliot, but as Elliot told him to stay back, Humpty Dumpty blasted Leo away from him, knocking Leo unconscious as he hit the sacrificial altar. When Leo woke, Elliot was dead for rejecting Humpty Dumpty, thus breaking the Seal that had stopped him from dying. Leo had a mental breakdown and screamed over Elliot's dead body, blaming himself for Elliot's death. Oz, Alice, Gil, Vincent, Echo, Break and Sharon then retrieve Leo as the mansion begins to collapse due to the fire the Cult had set and they all escape by using Equus to return to Pandora.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

New Leo

Leo after his haircut.

Leo by far takes Elliot's death the hardest, blaming himself entirely for Elliot's death and losing his sanity in the days that follow. Pandora interrogates Leo for his knowledge of the events at Yura's mansion and their connection to Elliot's death. However, Leo's state of mind makes it impossible for him to answer Pandora's questions. Vincent, who had disappeared after the ceremony with Echo, appears in front of Leo after slitting a Pandora Operative's throat. Vincent claims that he is there to tell Leo Elliot's last words.

Leo goes willingly with Vincent and Echo (now Noise). On the way, Vincent explains that Duke Bernard Nightray was interested in Leo due to his connection to Glen.

Leo appears again to Oz from behind his table. He asked if he interrupting his conversation in which Oz said no. Its been a long time since they last met. He sees that Oz was rather unsurprised to see him. Oz admits that whenever he, Gilbert, and Alice are allowed to go outside to have fun, they are being used as bait to lure someone out. Leo understands and he wonders why Oz was without an escort. Oz says that they might as well enjoy this "holiday". Leo says that he wanted to talk to him. Oz is rather surprised. Leo then turns to face Oz and says that he has come to meet him. Vincent Nightray and Echo are shown by his side.
Leo and Jabberwock

Leo and his chain Jabberwock.

Leo explains his past as well as the goal of wanting to obtain and destroy the Will of the Abyss to Oz. Oz argues the point, saying that he was lead to believe that the Baskervilles wanted to obtain The Will. Leo explains

that they do wish to obtain her, but then they will destroy her, and by recreating the Tragedy of Sablier they can do such a thing. Leo is fully on board with the idea and asks for Oz's cooperation.

Oz refuses to co-operate with Leo's plans to start another Tragedy, thus sending Leo into a crazed state. Leo feels that it is his responsibility to finish what Glen had started, and so Leo summons his Chain, Jabberwock and attempts to send Oz to the Abyss just like Xai did with Gryphon ten years before.

Gil saves Oz from the chains that were summoned to drag him into the Abyss and summons Raven to attack Jabberwock. Vincent comes up behind Leo and tells him that as he had just formed the contract with Jabberwock only a few days beforehand, that his body may not be able to handle all the strain Leo's putting on it by using Jabberwock and that Vincent and Demios would take over.

Oz and Gil are separated during the fight and Oz falls to the ground, and his pocketwatch falls out and opens on impact. Leo hears the song "Lacie" and is shown a memory of Glen's where Glen was sleeping outside in the cold and began talking to Jack when he came looking for him. Jack remarked on how it was snowing and this triggered a memory of Glen's as the snow had always reminded him of the day that he met Lacie.

Leo comes to his senses once again and has Jabberwock fade back into his body before running away, confusing Oz. The goal of the Baskervilles is now to destroy the two Seals currently held by Earl Airy and Pandora so that Glen's soul will awaken inside of Leo.

Oz had been chasing Leo throughout Reveil, Sharon uses Equus to tell Oz that Sheryl had been attacked by Rufus and that he needed to return to Pandora's Headquarters immediately. Oz comes to the realization that Leo, Vincent and Echo were merely distractions so that the Baskervilles could move in on the 5th Seal. Oz summons and rides off on Equus to retrieve Gil and Alice. The three of them then transport to Pandora's Headquarters via Equus. Leo arrives, meeting up with Vincent and Echo again. He summons Jabberwock as he has decided that "their game of tag wasn't over yet."

Jack attacks Leo

Jack attacking Leo with B-Rabbit

Leo flies on Jabberwock's back to Pandora's Headquarters with Vincent and Echo. Leo immediately starts wreaking mayhem in order to draw Oz out to fight him. Oz sent Gil to help protect the 5th Seal while he and Alice confronted Leo. Alice is pulled away to fight Echo whilst Oz uses B-Rabbit to cut off one of Jabberwock's hands. Jabberwock lands and Leo walks over to Oz. Oz attempts to talk some sense into Leo, saying that they shouldn't fight because they were friends. This causes Leo to laugh hysterically because in his mind, Oz and Leo were only together because they had a mutual friend in Elliot. Oz explains to Leo that he didn't care if they met by chance because he didn't regret meeting Leo. Leo was still unable to come to his senses, so Oz punched him in the face.


Leo after being impaled by Jack.

Oz explains that it was something that Elliot would have done if he were here to see Leo on his rampage. This is what made Leo remember Elliot and finally come to his senses. Leo re approaches Oz as Jabberwock fades back into Leo's body. Oz is relieved, but only briefly, as Jack took over his body and used B-Rabbit to impale Leo. Jack tells Oz that although Leo's not dead, they needed to finish him off because of how dangerous he was with Glen's soul inside of him. Jack asks Glen if he can see him from inside of Leo, explaining to Glen that he hadn't planned on revealing his intentions so soon, wanting to wait until the power of B-Rabbit had matured more in Oz's body, but Jack had realized that if he'd continued to wait, Glen would've tried to stop him. Jack picks up B-Rabbit's scythe and goes to kill Leo, however Oz stops Jack within their subconscious.

After Jack breaks the chains swirling around the world that stop the Abyss from engulfing Earth, Leo wakes up, however, it is not Leo in control his own body, rather the previous Glen, Oswald, is in control. Oswald sees the Baskervilles having surrounded Oz, who had regained control of his body, and Gilbert was infront of him, intending to protect Oz from the Baskervilles. Oswald walks over to Gil and, through Leo, orders Gilbert to shoot Oz, which Gil does without question because Oswald was his true master. Oz falls to the ground, and while Gilbert is in shock after what he had done, Oswald uses Leo to comfort Gil and tell him that it would be good if Gil continued to be his servant.

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