This article is about the song 'Lacie'. You may be looking for you may be looking for the character Lacie, Lacie's Chain, Lacie (Chapter) or Lacie's Tomb.
  • Lacie sings the song and the first time Jack hears it.
  • Lacie singing when she is older as possibly for the last time
  • Oz studying the Lacie melody

Lacie is a song written by Oswald. It originally had no name or lyrics, but Lacie later added lyrics to it and Jack named it after Lacie.

There are several versions of Lacie, including a four-handed, slightly more energetic-than-original piece by Leo, the original by Oswald, and the pocketwatch version by Jack. Lacie also added lyrics to it, creating another version.

The song can be considered the "nostalgic" song of the Pandora Hearts series.

The four piece version is played during episode 17. The melody has two versions, the music box and piano version which both are on the Pandora Hearts Soundtrack. Lacie's personal version has not been recorded.


Melody Version
Piano Version


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