I'll hang myself to show I'm sorry.

—Jyanta's favourite phrase


Jyanta is a mascot of the Pandora Hearts series commonly related to Echo. Jyanta is the doll of a morbid, as it has a noose around its neck, comatose bear that is known to be popular on the streets.

Although Echo was noted to own a Jyanta doll during the St. Bridget's Day festival in Reveil , Jyanta also commonly appears in posession of Sheryl Rainsworth. Sheryl has a small Jyanta hanging down from its noose on her harisen, most notable after she had thrown her harisen in between Rufus Barma and Oz Vessalius before Rufus could strike Oz with his own metal harisen. Sheryl also used miniature Jyantas to mark the locations of the ramaining two Sealing Stones on a map of the country when she and Rufus inform Oz, Gilbert Nightray and Alice about the remaining Sealing Stones.

In an omake within Volume 10 of Pandora Hearts, Echo's Jyanta doll is transformed into a human, alongside Emily, by some magic. Jyanta was shocked by her sudden transformation and immediatly began searching for ways to turn back into a doll so that she could return to Echo's side. Emily ande Jyanta are shown to be mirror opposites of one another in this omake, as Jyanta is an extreme masochist, while Emily is an extreme sadist. In this omake, Jyanta is shown holding the end of her noose, politely asking someone to help her hang herself as part of her masochistic behaviour.

In Retrace LXXVII: Vacant, Jyanta returns as Echo brings it to Lottie, revealing her doll to have been a special limited eddition version of the Jyanta doll. Echo bribes Lottie with Jyanta, giving Lottie the doll in order to prompt Lottie's departure with her unknown Baskerville comrade from the holding cells where Oz's being held.



  • During the St. Bridget's Day festival, Echo decides to call Oz Jyanta-san (Mr. Jyanta) after Oz tells her that because of the festival, they didn't have to think of each other as who they really were.
  • When Echo's Jyanta appeared in Mochizuki's Musings in Volume 8 , it identified itself as 'Jyanta-san', making it male. However, in Volume 10's omake, Echo's Jyanta is shown to be female when she is given a human form.