Jet Roses
CS manga - jet roses mark
The mark of Jet Rose
Name Jet Roses
Race Mutations
Age Varies
Gender Varies
Unusual Features Jet Rose Mark (chest)
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Roses
Previous Affiliation The Scientist
Occupation Leaders of the Black Roses
Previous Occupation Crimson-Shell Division Member (Temporarily)
Personal Status
Status Alive / Dead
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout IV: His Eaten Mind

Jet Roses ( ジェットローズ - Jettorōzu) are the failed creations of a mad scientist who were abandoned by him five years prior to the current plot. They are more powerful version of Black Roses who were extremely compatible with the Premier Rose Seed and have stronger powers. After the creation of the rumored Crimson Rose , the scientist turned his attention away from the Jet Roses leaving them fatherless and bitter. Both Jet and Black Roses were locked up after his disappearance, out of fear by the remaining researchers, and together the collective made plans to infiltrate Red Rose in hopes of acquiring Claudia's Premier Rose Seed so that they may save their comrardes from the The Black Spot illness which plagues them.

Known Jet RosesEdit

Shion LiddellEdit

Shion was an extremely compatible Black Rose and was instead titled as a Jet Rose. He is a current leader of the Jet and Black Roses and attempted to steal Claudia's Seed, though his fate is unknown at the end of the story.


Victoria helped Shion infiltrate Red Rose so he could join the Crimson-Shell Division and get closer to Claudia. While attempting to buy him hime she revealed her Jet Rose mark, however it was only a fake and she was merely a Black Rose.

Jet Rose MarkEdit

The symbol of the Jet Rose is a diamond-shaped rose with four tri-point marks on each side (the cloth version tied around Shion's neck appeared to be more purple in color). The mark is usually found somewhere around the upper portion of the chest and can be red (Victoria's faux mark) or black (Shion's mark).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Durability and Strength - Black Roses have stronger bodies than those of humans able to 
  • Vines - Black Roses have a seemingly unlimited supply of thorn covered vines at their disposal which can ensnare and pin down enemies.
  • Life Leeching - In order to survive, Black Roses much leech the life of humans through the use of their vines so as to appease their their Premier Rose Seed, otherwise they will suffer horrible pain and possibly even die leaving behind withered husks. 
  • Poison - They are able to produce a poison which turns all those who come into contact with it into The Infected; mindless, grotesque former humans who indiscriminately attack at will.


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