Name James
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Light
Professional Status
Affiliation Isla Yura's Cult
Previous Affiliation None
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Current None
Previous Humpty Dumpty
First Appearance
Manga Debut Retrace XXXVI: Sablier

James was an orphan at the Nightray's House of Fianna located in the ruins of Sablier.


James' parents both died through a power of the Abyss, most likely devoured by Chains, and so he was transported to the House of Fianna Orphanage. There he was used to draw in Chains, specifically Humpty Dumpty, who had already contracted with fellow orphan, John, and noble, Elliot Nightray, in the best intrest of Isla Yura. James Illegally Contracted at an unknown point with Humpty Dumpty, convinced that his special potion and song to heal all painful memories was harmless.


James was close friends with another one of the Orphans who had only recently showed up, Phillipe West. James saw Oz, Gilbert Nightray and Alice arrive in Sablier and so he played a prank on Phillipe, saying that to prove their friendship, Phillipe would have to steal Oz's wallet, which he did, though he was caught by Alice.

After Elliot and Leo arrive on the scene, the group all go back to The House of Finna, where Leo questions Phillipe on his actions, he explains that it was all James' idea and Leo kicks James as punishment, as all in the Orphans are to be considered brothers, and Leo hated that his "brothers" were bullying eachother.

Leo recieved a letter a few months later from The House of Fianna regarding James' death. As it turned out, James' body could not handle the burden of the Illegal Contract that he held with Humpty Dumpty and so it killed him, much like John and 4 other Orphans before him. Though Isla Yura did not admit to Leo that it was his fault, even though Leo had guessed as much as Leo did not know of the experimentations that went on at The House of Fianna until four days after his meeting with Yura at his mansion. Leo mourned James deeply.


James appeared as one of the older Orphans.He had lightly coloured hair, squinty eyes and was a little chubbier than all the other Orphans. James liked to play pranks, so he had a very playful attitude right up until his death, which Yura claimed was "the flu gone wrong".


(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.