Jack Vessalius was the third son of Viscount Vessalius, who was the leader of a lesser known noble family, the Vessalius Household. However, unlike his two elder brothers, Jack was born as a child of adultery, and thus had many hardships to endure because of it. Jack's Mother often told Jack of how much he looked like his father, eventually giving him the pendant of the Vessalius Household which she'd received when Viscount Vessalius left her. While she waited for Viscount Vessalius' return however, Jack's Mother slowly began to lose her mind, and would often times beat and yell at Jack in an act of grief.

Jack 100 years ago

Jack, living on the streets of Sablier

Jack ran away from home at the age of fifteen, not wanting to have to deal with the abuse any longer and taking to life on the streets of Sablier. One cold winter's day, Jack was feeling weary from starvation when a young girl with black hair and crimson eyes approached him. The girl's name was Lacie, and she asked if Jack wouldn't get sick sleeping out in the cold, as well as what Jack's name was. Lacie decided ultimately that Jack's name was boring, sitting down and explaining that she ran away from home and wasn't going to
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Lacie smiled to Jack in their first encounter.

go back until Oswald apologized to her. Jack admitted that he didn't really care, which sent Lacie on a tangent. Lacie said that there had to be many questions he was dying to ask her, like why she was so lightly dressed out in the cold. Lacie explained that she was dressed as she was because it was so cold out that she could die, prompting her to jump into Jack's blanket with him.

Jack questioned what was wrong with Lacie in response, with Lacie asking if, since Jack asked her a question, that meant Jack was interested in her; wondering if Jack wasn't afraid of a Child of Ill Omen. Unfortunately, Jack lost consciousness from hunger before he was able to answer Lacie, prompting Lacie to rush off and steal some food, spoons, clothes and a pair of scissors. Lacie returned just as Jack awoke, cutting Jack's matted hair as he ate. Out of nowhere, Lacie asked Jack if he was somehow tied to the Vessaliuses, as she'd noticed Jack's father's pendant with the Vessalius Crest on it.

Jack told Lacie of his mother, leading Lacie to wonder if Jack hated his father because of what he'd done. Jack denied just hating Viscount Vessalius, claiming to hate everyone around him, though he didn't care any longer, because he felt that he had nothing left to live for. Lacie stabbed Jack in the ear when she heard this, telling Jack that the way he winced was adorable as she licked his wound, and that there was something about the way he blushed. Lacie told Jack that he lacks resolve to live, urging him to steal when he requires something, and even suggesting prostitution as a way to earn money. Jack immediately turns down the idea because prostitution is a "dirty job", though Lacie doesn't understand why Jack thinks that. Lacie goes on to explain to Jack that if he accepts what everyone else thinks, then he won't be able to think for himself one day, which is why she hates common sense, and Jack would to better to look at the world from every possible angle. Suddenly, Lacie started singing a song, which Jack thought was sad, but enjoyed it because of the happiness it brought Lacie.

The two ventured through Sablier, soon coming to a forest just outside of Sablier, where they are attacked by two traffickers. When Lacie insulted one of the traffickers, he threw Lacie on the ground. In response, Jack tried to help Lacie, but was put in place by one of the traffickers, angering Lacie because the traffickers hurt "her favorite". Lacie summoned her Chain and completely dismembered the two traffickers, singing her song and dancing in their blood as it rained down over top of her. Suddenly, three people clad in red cloaks surrounded Jack and Lacie and extended Oswald's apology to Lacie, having been drawn to the power of Lacie's Chain. Accepting this, Lacie bid farewell to Jack, but not before giving him one of her earrings and telling him to remember the Baskerville Clan and to come and find her next time. Lacie left with her Baskerville escorts as Jack collapsed on the ground, vowing to reunite with Lacie once again some day.

To start his pursuit of Lacie, Jack returned home and spent his days taking care of his mother until she died. After his mother's death, Jack used his refined personality and charm alongside prostitution to rise up through noble rankings and earn a standing among the noble world. Often times, when he wasn't sure if he'd ever reunite with Lacie, Jack would sing Lacie's song as encouragement to never give up.

Jack and Arthur

Jack uses Arthur

Eventually, Jack managed to connect with Viscount Vessalius and officially join the Vessalius Dukedom, attending formal events and the like with his new societal rank. Through these social events, Jack met Arthur Barma, who looked up to Jack's outgoing personality and way with people. The two became friends rather quickly, soon leading Arthur to introducing Jack to his younger sister, Miranda Barma. Unbeknownst to Arthur, meeting Miranda was Jack's entire reason for connecting with Arthur. Miranda's aid was available to Jack as long as he promised to help her in return, as Miranda sought to obtain Oswald's head, as part of an obsessive love for Oswald. Jack agreed, and so Miranda did everything she could to help Jack get closer to the Baskerville Clan. Eventually, Miranda even reintroduced Jack to Arthur as a man who could play the morin khuur, so that Jack could play it at an event held in Arthur's honor at the Baskerville estate.

Lacie and Jack reunite

Jack and Lacie's reunion

After eight years of rising in status, Jack had finally managed to get into the Baskerville estate, Jack playing the morin khuur at the event until he laid eyes on Lacie. At this moment, Jack threw down his disguise and morin khuur and embraced Lacie, rejoicing over his triumph of finding her. Soon after, another Baskerville clubbed Jack over the head with the hilt of his knife, while Levi questioned Arthur on Jack. When Arthur pretended not to know Jack, the Baskervilles took their unconscious captive elsewhere to interrogate him.

Once Jack has regained consciousness, the Baskerville who'd knocked him out tells Levi that Jack was twenty-three years old and the third son of Viscount Vessalius. Levi was surprised that his valet managed to collect so much information in such a brief amount of time, however his subordinate claimed to have previously known the information, as he'd seen Jack at social events. Levi questioned why his valet would let Jack into the estate if he knew who Jack was, noting Jack's suspicious nature. However the valet reminded Levi that he'd been told that he relies too much on instinct, and so he decided to give Jack a chance. All of a sudden, Jack asked if he could see Lacie, stunning Levi and prompting him to question Jack as to whether or not he knew where he was. Levi explained that his power over the Baskervilles was absolute, and so if he wanted Jack to be killed, no one would object to it. Without a second thought, Jack accepted Levi's subtle threat and asked to see Lacie once more if he was going to have him killed.

Finding Jack's attachment to Lacie entertaining, informing Jack that Lacie often escaped from the Baskerville estate and found "a pet" to dote on for the day. Jack interrupted Levi, saying that he knew Lacie wouldn't have remembered him, but he didn't mind because it was Lacie's carefree attitude that prevented her from being tied down, and so he was glad to see that she hadn't changed at all in eight years. Intrigued, Levi carried on, stating that he'd not heard of someone like Jack existing among the Vessaliuses; signaling for one of his valets to supply him with more wine. Levi's main valet told Levi that Jack had only recently been allowed to be seen within society, revealing Jack's origins to Levi in the process. Levi was baffled that his valet knew so much about Jack, with the valet claiming to have researched Jack prior.

Jack was caught off-guard by the valet's forwardness, and so Levi removed his valet's hood in order to introduce Jack to Lacie's brother, Oswald. Jack was fixated on Oswald's black hair and violet eyes, noting similarity and asking whether or not the two of them had met one another before. Oswald denied this, explaining that it was his job to keep watch of everyone of importance in society; though Levi claimed it was odd for Oswald to take such interest in one person in-particular. Oswald agreed, saying that he couldn't help his interest in Jack; shocking everyone in the room with an assumed romantic interest in Jack. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, Oswald continued by saying that he'd always wondered why Jack made his skin crawl when he first laid eyes on him.

This made Levi laugh hysterically, Levi wanting Oswald to attempt explaining how he felt about Jack more clearly. Despite his best efforts, Oswald said that it wasn't easy to put into words. Oswald said that to him, Jack was like a stretch of water so silent that even fish avoided it, and when you stare into it you can only see yourself rather than Jack's true nature. Despite the fact that Jack was standing directly in front of him, Oswald still felt as though there was no one there. Flustered, Jack threw water on Oswald to make him stop talking. Lacie arrived just in time, running in, grabbing Jack by the wrist and hauling him outside the estate, whilst Levi uncontrollably.

Outside, Lacie asked if Jack was feeling better, which Jack confirmed. Lacie looked to Jack and told him that he'd changed a lot since their last meeting, but all-in-all he was still her "cute little Jack". Lacie noted the snow falling around them and how when they last met, it'd been snowing too. This brought tears to Jack's eyes as he explained that he'd wanted to see her again ever since she'd disappeared. This made Lacie what Jack would do now that he'd fulfilled his goal, though Jack was unsure. Jack decided that he'd likely just live out the rest of his days as a member of the Vessalius family; still finding it surreal that the two of them reunited after so long. Levi swooped in behind Jack and Lacie, suggesting that Jack return to the Baskerville estate if he was so keen on maintaining contact with Lacie. Levi handed Jack a map that marked a path to the estate and hidden passageways, telling Jack to come and go as much as he liked, until he felt that the Lacie before his eyes was as real as either of them.

Pleased with the progress he'd made, Jack immediately went to visit Miranda. Miranda questioned how Jack's reunion went, as she decapitated corpses; however Jack didn't answer her. Instead, Jack told Miranda that he'd found the man she'd told him about and that his name was Oswald. Miranda became absolutely ecstatic, slamming Jack into the wall and reminding him of her part in his reunion with his beloved Lacie, and that her price for her aid was Oswald's head.

Jack and Lacie

Lacie observes Jack

In the time that followed, Jack visited the Baskerville estate as much as he possibly could. One day in particular, Jack had been sitting with Oswald and Lacie next to the pond beside Lacie's tower, when Lacie began singing her song. Jack noted how Lacie had sung the same song the day they'd met; wondering what its name was. Lacie told Jack that his question was better suited for Oswald, as Oswald was the one who composed it, she'd simply added lyrics to the melody. This embarrassed Oswald, though he admitted that he never named the song; giving Jack permission to name it if he wanted to. It didn't take long for Jack to decide to name the song "Lacie" because it embodied everything that Lacie was. Jack wondered if Lacie was all right with him naming the song after her, but Lacie just quickly said that it was fine if Oswald was okay with it, before turning away. Later, while Jack and Lacie were alone together in the Baskerville estate, Lacie sat on Jack's lap and cradled his face in her hands. Lacie simply observed Jack, staring into his eyes until he questioned her actions playfully. Lacie didn't disclose to Jack that she wanted to see if he would cross the lines he'd drawn for himself with her, and when he didn't Lacie just stated that she was right, and that Jack was very strange.

Four months after Jack's reunion with Lacie, Jack once again arrived at the Baskerville estate; being found crawling out from under a bush by Oswald. Jack wondered if Oswald knew where he could find Lacie, Oswald sighing and helping Jack to his feet so that he could lead jack to Lacie's tower. On the way there, Jack wondered if something was wrong with Oswald, stopping him dead in his tracks as he asks why Jack would ask something like that. Jack admitted that he couldn't really place it, but it seemed as though Oswald was more on-edge than usual, though Oswald just brushed it off as nothing. Instead, Oswald wondered if Jack wasn't also curious about why there was a tower isolated on the estate, why Lacie was forced to dwell in it and what really were Baskervilles. Jack just smiled at Oswald, but thought of how he didn't want to risk losing Lacie again by asking questions.

Once Lacie has joined them, Jack and Oswald take Lacie down to the pond outside her tower, where Lacie tells Jack that the Baskervilles are going to be busy preparing for an Ceremony that would initiate Oswald as the new Glen Baskerville. In response, Lacie wondered if Jack could avoid the Baskerville estate until the Succession Ceremony is complete. Jack understood, and asked when the Succession Ceremony would be held; with Lacie telling Jack that it would be seven days. Afterward, Lacie bid her a final farewell to Jack, watching him as he left the Baskerville estate.


Jack's reaction to Lacie's death

Seven days passed and Jack returned to the Baskerville estate. However, Jack learned from Oswald that Lacie had lied to him and that the Succession Ceremony took place two days earlier, and that he'd killed her during the Ceremony. Jack was stunned and asked Oswald to repeat himself, which Oswald complied to as he gave Jack Lacie's earring to match the one she'd given him eight years earlier. Jack stumbled back to the Vessalius estate in a daze, unaware of the settings around him. When he returned home, Jack was tended to by the Vessalius valets before eventually crashing into bed, where he remained for an entire month.

With a month gone by, Levi traveled to the Vessalius estate and let himself into Jack's room; telling Jack that he looked like a zombie. Levi informed Jack on how long he'd been in his comatose state of grief, and that he was ultimately disappointed in Jack's reaction to Lacie's death. Jack knew that Oswald wasn't a liar, nor was he subtle, but because of what Oswald had told him he knew why Lacie had lied to him; revealing that he'd known all along Lacie was lying to him. Levi was entertained by Jack's revelation, and so he stood and told Jack to follow him so that he could explain the reason why Lacie had to be cast into the Abyss.

However, when Levi stepped into the light Jack could see that his body was broken, bleeding and covered in bandages. Jack exclaimed in alarm and called Levi "Glen", only to be corrected by Levi because Oswald is "Glen" now, and so it was only fitting that Jack call him Levi. Levi revealed that his body had reached its limit, and he could barely walk because of it, and thus he knew he'd be unable to see the results of his "experiment".

Levi lead Jack out to his carriage, where he explained that Oswald had been feeling very depressed because he blamed himself for Lacie's death. Levi reminded Jack that Baskervilles were born with certain distortions around them that attracted "bad luck", and that each Glen is especially vulnerable to this distortion. Hence, Levi explained that it was believed that the distortion lingering around Glen is what created the existences of the Children of Ill Omen. Levi said that this was why Lacie was allowed to live until the time that Oswald had inherited all of The Black Winged Chains. Although Oswald could tell himself that casting Lacie into the Abyss was necessary to teach control the Black Winged Chains, Levi told Jack that Oswald refused to make excuses to put himself at ease.

With Jack now aware of Oswald's suffering, Levi told Jack of the Chains encircling the world and preventing it from being engulfed by the Abyss; a hallowed secret among the Glens. At first, Jack didn't know what to think, because he'd never heard anything like it before, but Levi expected as much. Continuing, Levi mentioned that the Chains were always around them, but invisible to the human eye. Additionally, the Chains' protection is a key piece of the Baskervilles' duty as the Messengers of the Abyss. To help Jack further understand, Levi had Jack picture a broken crystal that was being held together by Chains. Finally grasping what Levi was saying, Jack voiced his curiosity about what would happen if the Chains were severed. Levi only smiled and asked why Jack would ask him something like that, implying that it would destroy the world.

Upon arriving at the Baskerville estate, Levi brought Jack to Lacie's tower, where he saw a young child bearing striking resemblance to Lacie from the bottom of the tower. Levi explained that his reaction was much the same as Jack's when he first saw her; revealing that the girl was Lacie's daughter, and that he had impregnated Lacie prior to her casting into the Abyss. Jack was absolutely mortified by Levi's sudden news, not understanding what motives Levi could have. And so, Levi went on to explain how it had been an experiment to see if humans could control the power of the Abyss, and so he had Lacie give birth in the Abyss to provide The Core of the Abyss with a vessel. The child was born in the Abyss as Levi had planned, but instead Lacie had given birth to twins, and thus one child was ejected from the Abyss. Levi added that he'd originally thought that the child was Lacie and that she'd been reverted to a younger age because of the Abyss' abilities to warp and connect to all flows of time.

Jack remained silent as he took in all of Levi's information, though Levi told Jack that he still needed to know why one of the twins was ejected from the Abyss and whether or not The Core took the other twin as its vessel. Ultimately, Levi decided that the vessel needed a name because of how Lacie used to speak of The Core's "personality", settling on Intention of the Abyss. Finally, Levi revealed to Jack why he'd brought him to see the girl, claiming that he'd wanted to observe change but wouldn't be able to because his body was about to deteriorate. Levi bid Jack farewell, leaving his experiment to Jack.

After Levi's departure, Jack went to see Oswald, who was sitting next to the pond outside of Lacie's tower. Oswald was surprised to see that Jack is still around, having apparently expected Jack to kill himself because of Lacie's death. Though Jack insisted that he wasn't despairing, claiming that there can't be any despair without hope - so he wanted to work to revive that hope. Oswald was confused at first, but Jack revealed soon enough that he wanted to go see Lacie again, offering Oswald his hand as he suggested they go see her together.

Immediately, Oswald slapped Jack's hand away and wrote Jack's claims off as nonsense; reminding Jack that Lacie's existence would be obliterated by the darkness of the Abyss, making it impossible to bring Lacie back to their world - claiming that such a thing was impermissible. Jack realized that the person before him wasn't Oswald any longer, and that Oswald had fully accepted his role as Glen, deciding that he couldn't let Oswald know about what Levi told him about the Abyss and his experiment. To prevent Oswald's suspicions, Jack laughed at himself and apologized to Oswald for having such a nonsensical turn.

Despite Jack's apology, Oswald would not permit Jack to meet Lacie's daughter. As a result, Jack started to climb the tree directly beside Lacie's tower with the intent on going into the tower through the window, since Oswald forbade him from entering the tower. Oswald tried to talk some sense into Jack, concerned that he would fall, but Jack was firm on his decision since Oswald wouldn't tell him anything about the girl. With his next step, Jack lost his footing and fell from the tree into a bush below, as Oswald had predicted. Oswald questioned if his friend was all right, which Jack confirmed with a laugh, only to have the girl ask who was there. The girl had heard the ruckus and now stood at the window in confusion, though upon seeing her Jack hallucinated Lacie in her place.

While Jack stared in awe at Lacie's child, Oswald asked just how much Levi had told him. Wanting to maintain his façade, Jack lied and told Oswald that Levi hadn't told him anything. Rather, Levi had only shown the girl to him from the bottom of the tower, so he didn't even know her name, though Jack admitted that he'd like it if Oswald could tell him her name. Reluctantly, Oswald complied and told Jack that the child's name was Alice. Jack was ecstatic to hear the name from Oswald, telling Alice that she had a "darling name".

Turning back to Oswald, Jack said that he wouldn't ask about what had happened to Lacie or about Alice's origins, instead asking if he could help watch over Alice alongside Oswald. To further his point, Jack told Oswald that it wouldn't be a problem as long Oswald didn't tell him anything, claiming that he only wanted to be close to the last remaining piece of Lacie. Oswald complied, making sure to remind Jack that there's no possible way to bring Lacie back before he allowed Jack into Lacie's tower to meet Alice. When the two were alone, Jack lied to Alice and claimed to have never known that such a tower existed on the Baskerville estate, wondering if Oswald was keeping her captive. Alice wasn't sure if she'd call herself a prisoner, just assuming that everyone hated her. Jack insisted that it can't be true that everyone hated Alice, making Alice laugh and state that she was happy that Jack came to see her. Jack decided that the next they were together, Alice had to come with him to the Vessalius estate to play. Alice knew that Oswald wouldn't allow such a thing, but Jack assured Alice that it would be okay because they just wouldn't tell Oswald, suggesting that they visit the Vessalius rose garden some day.

Jack visited Alice again sometime afterward, though when he was left alone by Alice in her room, Jack noticed something odd about Alice's prized black rabbit, Oz. One of Oz's arms had broken off his body, with his body cracking and being reduced to dust, prompting extreme confusion from Jack. Jack picked up Oz, receiving an amalgam of Lacie's thoughts and feelings toward Jack. Upon witnessing this final piece of Lacie, Jack was reduced to tears, not caring as Alice tackled him to the ground, demanding to know what Jack had done to Oz. Oswald intervened, putting a hand on Alice's shoulder to calm her and asking what Jack had seen. Jack claimed to have heard the song Lacie had sung in life, asking again if it was truly impossible for Lacie to return, which Oswald confirmed. As Oswald left, Jack decided that the answer is simple then, he would bring the world that Lacie loved so much to Lacie - whom he believed existed as one with the Abyss.

In early winter, Jack found Oswald lying next to the pond again, asleep. Jack called for him, waking Oswald up suddenly. Jack told Oswald that he would catch a cold if he slept outside, not to mention that he could have fallen in the pond. Jack asked if Oswald was having a happy dream, but Oswald denied it as he gathered his composure. All of a sudden it started to snow and Jack rejoiced, saying that he was so happy for it, but in truth, Jack was thinking of how he hated the snow because it reminded him of the day he met Lacie, strengthening his longing for her.

In the time that followed, Jack often visited Alice, teaching Alice to braid her hair similarly to his,
Ep22 - koneksi alice hitam dan alice putih

Alice reveals to Jack about "another Alice" in Abyss and her connections with that "another Alice"

how to dance and about music by playing the piano for her on occasion. Over time, Jack began to notice that there was something odd about Alice. At times her cat, Cheshire, would be devoted and loving to Alice, but at other times Cheshire passionately hated her. Everything from Alice's favorite color to her favorite books would change periodically, becoming the mirror opposite of what it was before. Conversations became jointed, and even her personality changed, sometimes going from her normal light feminine air to a darker violent personality.

One day in particular, Jack asked whether the Alice that ran to embrace him upon arrival was the one he knew or not. Alice smiled fiendishly, telling Jack that she wasn't the Alice he knew so well, but she was Alice too. Alice explained that her soul and her sister's soul were linked, and so the twins could switch bodies, allowing the Alice Jack knew reprieve from the depths of the Abyss. Alice finished by stating that she and her sister were one in the same, but different beings. Thus, Jack realized that Alice's twin sister, the Intention of the Abyss, had indeed become the vessel of the Core of the Abyss.

Jack set up a tomb dedicated to Lacie on the Vessalius estate, complete with a tombstone that had Lacie's name carved into it. Jack brought Alice to visit her mother's tomb whilst the Intention had control of her body. Jack played "Lacie" from his pocket watch, leading the Intention to question Jack's reasoning for playing the melody every time he visited the tomb. Jack explained that it was a rite of sorts, and that he was doing it in Oswald's place. The Intention asked what the title of the melody was, and when Jack told her she realized that it's the same name that was on the tombstone. The Intention then asked who Lacie was, and so Jack explained that Lacie was someone very important to both himself and Oswald, though she'd died when she was cast into the Abyss. Jack then returned the Intention to Lacie's Tower and the Baskerville estate.

At an unknown point, Jack met one of Oswald's valets named Celia. Celia summoned her Chain, Humpty Dumpty for Jack and showed him its cloning ability. Jack found Humpty Dumpty very entertaining, and thanked Celia for showing him her Chain.

Ep19 - lotti jack first encounter

Jack and Lottie's first encounter.

Sometime later, Jack had crept into the Baskerville estate, finding another one of Oswald's valets in the process. The valet drew a throwing knife and attempted to stab Jack when he snuck up behind her, mistaking Jack for an intruder. Jack told the valet that she was a gallant young lady, holding up his hands to show her that he meant no harm and leading the valet to ask who Jack was. Jack simply told the valet that she had no need to worry, and that even though he looked suspicious he wasn't anyone of importance. This confused the valet, who though Jack should have been trying to convince her that he wasn't suspicious, though Jack explained that if he'd done that the valet would've only suspected him more.
Ep19 - jack smiles to lottie

Jack's smiles to Lottie.

Oswald, having been nearby, told Jack not to tease Charlotte. Upon hearing Charlotte's name, Jack asked if he could call her "Lottie", greeting her as Jack Vessalius, a simple artisan of music boxes. After this, Lottie would often spy on Jack as he came to the Baskerville estate, on one occasion Jack even presented another female Baskerville with a flower and told her that it wasn't half as beautiful as she was. On another day, Jack was
Ep19 - lottie jack dan seorang dayang

Lottie spies Jack unhappily.

being chased by Lottie again and took shelter in the woods near Lacie's tower. Here, Jack found Oswald against a tree with a bird perched on his head. Oswald wondered what Jack was up to, surprising Jack, who had thought that Oswald was asleep. After explaining his situation to Oswald, Jack asked if Oswald would hide him, additionally laughing and saying that he wished that Arthur and Raymond Nightray could have seen Oswald with a bird perched on his head. This made Oswald wonder if Jack was making fun of him, though Jack claimed to only be pointing out that Oswald didn't differ too much from regular humans after all.

Oswald corrected Jack, explaining that Baskervilles don't live or die as normal humans do. Just like his predecessors, Oswald explained that he would die after he transferred all of his memories, the Black Winged Chains and his soul to the body of his successor. Jack contemplated this and wondered what would happen after the transferral was completed. Regrettably, Jack learned that Oswald's personality would fade into the soul of his successor, whilst his body would mutate and become a brand new Chain because of the amount of Abyssal energy saturated within the body of Glen Baskerville. This caught Jack off-guard, prompting Oswald to ask if Celia had indeed shown Jack her Chain. Jack confirmed Oswald's suspicions, raving about Humpty Dumpty, and so Oswald told Jack that Humpty Dumpty was created from Levi's discarded body. Furthermore, Oswald revealed that Chains born from Glens' discarded bodies are attracted to the soul they'd given to their successors. As an added consequence, the Contractor then had to use their Chain as a sort of shield for Glen's successor, which Jack thought was romantic in a way.

Without warning, Oswald stood and explained that he was tired, because he always spoke four times as much as he usually did whenever Jack was around. Looking to the sky, Oswald told Jack that if something ever happened to make his soul wander for one-hundred years, Humpty Dumpty would likely have found it first, following a slender thread that no one else could see.

Lottie Jack

Lottie tackles and "interrogates" Jack.

On another day, Lottie tackled Jack to the ground and pulled on his braid, asking if he wasn't aware that ordinary rabble like himself weren't allowed to come and go as they pleased. Lottie questioned why Jack differed, with Jack revealing that he'd been told of secret passageways by Glen (Levi). Hearing the name Glen, Lottie assumed Jack was talking about Oswald, and asked what Jack's connection to Oswald was. Jack wondered why Lottie didn't just ask Oswald herself, but Lottie explained that she couldn't talk to Oswald so casually. Jack then began to recite what he knew about the Baskerville Clan, leaving Lottie to ask how much Oswald had told Jack about the Baskervilles. Jack stated that he didn't know but at the same time he didn't care too much about it or understand it all anyway. Jack then stated that he wasn't big on titles, to him Oswald was simply his best friend. Lottie then let Jack go and continued on with her duties.

Eventually, Lottie observed Jack and Oswald from afar again, being called over to join them by Jack when he noticed her. Jack then showed Lottie a pocket watch, saying that it was his latest and proudest work. Lottie said that she thought Jack only made music boxes, but Jack explained that both music boxes and pocket watches have the same inner mechanics. Jack then revealed to Lottie that he'd still applied his trade to the pocket watch, opening it to reveal that it played the melody "Lacie". Lottie noted how beautiful "Lacie" was, with Oswald asking if Lacie's liked it, revealing its name to Lottie, as well as the fact that it was his composition. Oswald and Jack then left together, leaving Lottie happy that he master was smiling because of Jack.

Jack saves Gil Vince

Jack saves Gilbert and Vincent

It had been two full months since Lacie's death, and Jack had been downtown Sablier when he came across a mob of people viciously assaulting two young boys. One of the children had been beaten unconscious, whilst the other was barely hanging on, and so Jack stood between the mob and the two boys, stopping the turmoil in order to bring both of the children back to the Vessalius estate to be cleaned up and tended to. While Gilbert rested, Jack cut Vincent's hair, which he had previously been using to hide his crimson eye.

Once finished, Jack asked if Vincent could see better, but Vincent was more worried about his crimson eye. Jack assured Vincent that he didn't need to hide his crimson eye because it didn't matter what other people said, as Jack loved Vincent's crimson eye (Vincent's eye serving as a reminder of Lacie for Jack). At this moment, Vincent called Jack "master", confusing Jack as Vincent explained that he wanted to address Jack like Gilbert did, once again calling Jack master. Instead, Jack suggested that Vincent call him "onee-chan" if he needed to call him anything, but Vincent refused, seeing "master" as the only acceptable term for Jack.

After learning about Gilbert and Vincent's past, Jack noted its similarity to Oswald and Lacie's own life. Jack immediately contacted Oswald and told him of Gilbert and Vincent, which lead to Oswald sending two Baskervilles the next morning. Gilbert and Vincent were taken back to the Baskerville estate, as the two of them were Baskervilles by birth right, with Gilbert destined to succeed Oswald as Glen, while Vincent was the Child of Ill Omen destined to be cast into the Abyss when the time came.

Having returned to the Baskerville estate numerous times afterward to visit Oswald, the Intention in possession of
Ch39 Gil Vince Alyss

Gil defends his brother by attacking Alice

Alice's body, Gilbert and Vincent, Jack decided one day to bring Gilbert and Vincent with him to visit Alice. Vincent asked Jack who Alice was, and so Jack explained that Alice was a charming young girl with black hair who was around Gilbert and Vincent's age. When they enter Lacie's tower, Jack found that the Intention was in control of Alice once again, and she noticed Vincent crimson eye, calling him a Child of Ill Omen for it. The Intention stated that she knew all about how Vincent's crimson eye heralded misery, asking what it felt like and whether or not Vincent could perform any magic with his crimson eye. Furthermore, The Intention then asked how many disasters Vincent had caused with his eye, which was the final straw for Gil who ran up to the Intention and pulled her hair. Vincent was too surprised to move, and Alice ran crying into Jack's arms. Jack had Gilbert take a time out alone in a chair, as punishment for his attack against Alice.

Later, while the Intention was in possession of Alice's body, Jack made sure they were alone and told the Intention of the Chains that encircle the world, stating that the Intention was likely powerful enough to destroy the Chains. The Intention didn't understand why Jack would want to destroy the Chains, and so Jack lied to the Intention by claiming that he wanted to sever the Chains in order to visit her in the Abyss. Jack reminded the Intention that ever though she can come to Earth through Alice, it wasn't her body, and with the Chains severed he could finally visit the Intention in-person. The Intention was excited to hear this, but soon voices how impossible severing the Chains with her power would be. The Intention carried on by explaining that the use of her power in such a way would put too much strain on Alice's body, the body which Lacie left behind.

Jack was greatly confused, as the Intention didn't sound like herself or Alice, but she carried on by stating that her mere presence within Alice was putting strain on her body, and that she didn't intend on adding to it. Jack finally realized that the being he was talking to was none other than the Core of the Abyss, however when he voiced his realization, the Core allowed the Intention's return to dominance. The Intention was greatly confused by Jack's reaction, so Jack grabbed her by the hand and asked that the Intention give the power to sever the Chains to another being, if she cannot do so herself.

Ultimately, Jack asked the Intention to give him a Chain that was strong enough to sever the Chains encircling the world, which prompted the Intention to offer the body of Oz she possessed in the Abyss. The Intention even drew Oz for Jack, reminding Jack of Lacie's Chain leading Jack to decide that it would be an honour to have a Chain so similar to Lacie's. Although the Intention would create the Chain Oz the B-Rabbit for Jack, she told Jack that Oz would require a much larger path to Earth than a regular distortion in The Way, leaving it to Jack to figure out this component.

Soon after, Jack went to visit Miranda again, where Miranda questioned what Jack had planned on doing once he'd formed his Contract with Oz the B-Rabbit. Piping up, Jack claimed that he would repay the debt he owed Miranda for all the help she'd offered him over the years. Miranda couldn't help but voice her dedication to Oswald, prompting her to explain that the larger path Jack would need to use was one of the Doors to the Abyss. Miranda added that the locations of the Doors to the Abyss were unknown, apart from the Door located in the basement of the Baskerville estate. As well, because of the importance of the Doors to the Abyss, they were constantly guarded by members of the Baskerville Clan. Miranda knew that Jack would be no match for the Baskervilles, as each Baskerville had an Chain. However, Miranda explained that on the day of an Succession Ceremony for Glen Baskerville's successor, the Baskervilles would be excused from their duties in order to greet their new master. Meanwhile, the Nightrays would take the place of the Baskervilles and temporarily guard the Doors to the Abyss, giving Jack the opportunity to approach the Door - as he could defeat the Nightrays, who were mere humans just like him.

Jack's chance was approaching quickly, because Gilbert's Succession Ceremony for the transfer of Raven was fast approaching. However, Miranda teasingly reminded Jack that Glen was supposed to be the only one able to open the Doors to the Abyss, wondering how Jack would solve that problem. Jack didn't answer, happily stating that everything was going smoothly for him; wondering if this was fated to happen. Jack left Miranda to her alchemist practices, knowing well that Vincent could also open the Doors to the Abyss as a Child of Ill Omen, thanks to Levi. Immediately, Jack set to work on how to manipulate Vincent into opening the Door.

A few days later, Jack went to visit Alice while the Intention of the Abyss had possession of Alice's body. Jack intentionally acted sad so that the Intention would question what was wrong with him. This way, Jack was presented with the opportunity he sought, lying to the Intention about the process of the Succession Ceremonies. The lie included how Oswald would allegedly take Gilbert soon, transfer Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock to him and allow his own soul to devour Gilbert's, thus killing him. Jack had known that the Intention hated Gilbert and Vincent because of their first encounter, and so he anticipated the Intention gloating about Gil's "upcoming death" to Vincent as an act of revenge. As Miranda still desired Oswald's head, she agreed wholeheartedly to do whatever was necessary to help Jack with his plot as long as Jack would help with her goal. Miranda was sent by Jack to approach Vincent after he'd heard Jack's lie from the Intention. Upon their meeting, Miranda would offer to cast a spell on Vincent to give him the power to open the Door to the Abyss whilst the Succession Ceremony for Raven was underway, thus "saving" Gilbert. In reality, Miranda extended Jack's lie, not casting a spell on Vincent, but instead teaching him to access his own powers as a Child of Ill Omen.

Meanwhile, Jack was being escorted through the Baskerville estate by Raymond Nightray, who didn't trust Jack and wished to keep and eye on him himself. Soon, the two came across Miranda, who sat contently in the middle of the mansion's courtyard. Jack's lie continued when he approached Miranda and asked what she was doing in a place like that, to which Miranda merely smiled. Soon after, a loud burst shook Sablier, because Vincent had successfully opened the Door. While Raymond and Miranda continued to the Door used for the Succession Ceremony, Jack went to the Door Vincent had opened, in the basement of the Baskerville estate.

Oz emerges from Abyss

Oz emerges from the Door to the Abyss

Jack found Vincent lying before the Door to the Abyss, unconscious after being thrown to the ground when the Door opened. Jack petted Vincent's head as he strolled by, seeing Oz the B-Rabbit emerge from the Abyss and greeting him, with Jack immediately asking Oz to enter an Illegal Contract with him, to which Oz complied. Jack then had his new Chain use his power to summon forth the Chains surrounding the world, saying that he was sorry for keeping Lacie waiting for so long, but he was finally going to bring the world to her, believing Lacie was one with the Abyss rather than truly dead. Without hesitation, Jack forced Oz to sever the Chains, causing a massive explosion of light and creating a continuous chain of earthquakes that rocked Sablier while the Chains broke apart.

After successfully having severed the Chains, Jack picked up Vincent's unconscious body and carried him through the Baskervilles' estate. Jack stopped dead in his tracks after having heard something he thought was out-of-place. Redirecting his gaze, Jack finds the hallway he was about to go down to be filled with burning corpses. Horrified, Jack didn't know what action to take, only to find himself surrounded by black feathers when the sound of the collapsing Chains ceased. Having realized that Oswald had summoned the Black Winged Chains to mend the Chains, Jack left Vincent alone in the hall of corpses, angrily seeking out Oswald instead.

Jack wounds Gil

Jack's gambit against Oswald

Jack confronted Oswald, finding him over top of someone he'd just killed, demanding to know why he was being so cruel. Oswald didn't understand, initially thinking that Jack was asking about how Oswald had ordered all of the Baskerville Clan to murder all the humans on the estate. Oswald explained that Sablier would fall into the Abyss soon, and the humans that get taken in with Sablier would absorb the Abyssal energy and mutate into Chains. If this happened, Oswald explained that the humans would be removed from the Rule of 100 Cycles, so he was only killing the humans so that their souls would be reincarnated in one hundred years. Jack stopped Oswald, correcting himself by saying that he wanted to ask why Oswald had mended the Chains. Oswald smiled fiendishly, having realized that Jack had severed the Chains.

Gilbert, who'd been watching Oswald and Jack fighting from a far, ran between them and begged them to stop fighting. Oswald attempted to warn Gilbert to keep his distance, but he was too late, as Jack sliced his sword through Gilbert's back. Gilbert collapsed to the floor and Jack assured Oswald that Gilbert wasn't dead, as none of the Baskervilles could die from a wound like that. Instead Jack ordered Oswald to put down his sword, threatening to kill Gilbert if he didn't. Oswald was stunned, and when he didn't respond Jack questioned if Oswald wasn't going to put down his sword, claiming that he didn't want to hurt them. With no other option, Oswald launched himself at Jack with supernatural speed, intending on killing his best friend in order to save Gilbert.

Instead, Jack summoned Oz and had him cut across Oswald's chest and sever his sword. Seeing Oz, Oswald backed away and nursed his wounds, questioning what Jack had done. Jack then cheerfully introduced Oswald to his newly Contracted Chain, making Oswald understand that Jack had used Oz to sever the Chains. Suddenly. numerous Baskerville came rushing in to aid their master, asking if he was all right. Without concern, Jack simply called to Oz, having Oz use his power to dismember the Baskervilles' bodies. What Jack had not realized was that Oswald, now knowing that Jack had the Intention create Oz the B-Rabbit for him, left to kill Alice and block Jack's connection to the Intention while Jack was otherwise preoccupied.

Jack hurried through the turmoil, managing to reach Lacie's tower and confront Oswald before he could manage to kill Alice. Though Jack was reluctant to have to murder his best friend, he saw no other way to keep Alice alive so he could eventually plunge the entire world into the Abyss. Jack managed to summon Oz during his and Oswald's confrontation, having Oz dismember Oswald's body, to ensure that he couldn't heal from his wounds as a Baskerville.

Following this, Jack ascended to the top of the tower, slamming his palm into the door frame and garnering Alice's attention. Immediately, Alice ran to Jack and questioned whether or not he was hurt; having seen that he was coated in blood. Jack remained silent while Alice continued to ask questions about what was going on, specifically about why the earthquake wouldn't stop. Breaking from his delirium, Jack grabbed onto Alice and ordered her to use her power to stop the Black Winged Chains. Jack elaborated that the power she'd given allowed Oz to sever the Chains, but Oz didn't have enough power to sever them again now that the Black Winged Chains were mending them.

Alice voiced how she was unimpressed with how Jack had toyed with Oz's soul. Alice relished in Jack's horror when he realized that she was the actual Alice rather than the Intention of the Abyss, and that she had only put one of the Intention's dresses on so she could get information out of Jack, since the Intention wouldn't answer her. Alice pushed away from Jack and began crying, asking how Jack could act as if nothing was wrong, and he couldn't notice Oz was screaming and crying from all the bloodshed he'd caused right behind him. Alice had to cover her ears when Oz begged her to save him, but Jack simply claimed not to care about what happened to Oz. Jack then forced Alice to the ground and demanded that she switch places with the Intention, as she was the only one who could help him, calling to the Intention through Alice.


The connection is made

Though Alice attempted to tell her sister not to come, Jack continued to call out to the Intention, telling her that he couldn't come to see her if the Black Winged Chains weren't stopped. When Jack considered that the Intention may have been unable to stop the Black Winged Chains, he instead asked the Intention to give Oz the power to sever the Chains again. When the Intention tried to force herself into Alice's body in order to help Jack, Alice did what needed to be done and grabbed a pair of scissors from off a nearby table so she could stab Jack in the arm.

Alice managed to escape Jack's hold, telling Jack that she would never allow him to destroy the world using Oz's power. Alice spoke directly to Oz and thanked him for always being by her side, but she wouldn't let anyone take away what was her's. Jack watched helplessly as Alice plunged the scissors into her own chest, committing suicide to prevent Jack from succeeding in his plan by manipulating her sister.


The Core intervenes

When Jack went to examine Alice's corpse, Alice's arm suddenly latched onto his wrist. This was because the Intention had wanted to use Oz's powers in order to destroy her own memories so that Jack's hold on her would be broken. The Intention projected herself through the connection she'd made with Jack, reaching out for Oz but finding herself unable to access his power, as Jack excitedly greeted the Intention, stopping her pursuit. Alice also projected her soul through the connection to Jack, diving into Oz's body and stealing his powers to prevent him from destroying anything else and thus giving life to Alice the B-Rabbit.

Alice told Jack that she would never forgive him for what he'd done to Oz, and despite her want for revenge, Alice called upon her sister to offer up her memories so that Alice could use the powers she'd stolen to destroy them. However, thinking that the Intention was in danger, the Core of the Abyss projected itself and stopped Alice from destroying the Intention's memories. Alice tried to tell the Core that she meant her sister no harm, but the Core didn't retreat still. This forced Alice to try and act around the Core, to which Jack tried to warn Alice not to do but Alice continued anyway. As a result, an explosion of light radiated through the tower, destroying the Intention's memories, teleporting Alice to the Abyss and exposing Jack to massive amounts of Abyssal energy in the process.

Jack remained on his knees whilst black light seeped out of his body. Just then, Vincent walked into the room, wondering what the light he'd just seen was and if Jack was all right. Vincent showed further concern when Jack refused to answer him, asking if Oswald had hurt him and explaining that he'd seen Oswald's corpse on the way there. Vincent then noticed Alice's corpse and questioned what had happened to her, though Jack still refused to answer Vincent, instead toppling over and panting in pain and so Vincent decided to go and get help for Jack. Jack regained some sense of sanity as he thought of how Lacie wanted the world to fall into the Abyss rather than just Sablier, and so he stood and began looking for Alice. Jack descended the tower and found Oswald's dismembered body, initially not understanding what he'd done, only to realize the horror of his actions shortly afterward. Jack was miserable for having killed his best friend, grabbing Oswald's head and cradling it in his arms while an explosion of black light swallowed all of Sablier into the Abyss.

Jack, however, was left behind by the Abyss in what would later be known as The Hole of Sablier. This was because Jack's soul had been shattered when the Core of the Abyss' powers impacted B-Rabbit's. As Jack's soul had been broken apart, the Abyss rejected Jack because it recognized Jack's soul as something foreign, ejecting Jack from the Rule of One-Hundred Cycles.

Eventually, Jack was discovered in The Hole, and received protection from the state as the sole survivor of what would later come to be known as the Tragedy of Sablier. The capital was moved from Sablier to Reveil due to obvious complications. Jack set to work immediately after this, fabricating a lie that blamed the Tragedy on the Baskerville Clan and stealing four of the five Keys to the Abyss from Oswald, in order to form the organization of Pandora to manage the powers of the Abyss, and the Four Great Dukedoms in order to manage Pandora. Alongside Pandora, Jack invented the Carcere in order to allow regular humans to form Contracts with Chains without needing to worry about falling into the Abyss.

Jack's lie made it seem that the Four Great Dukes were the heroes of the Tragedy of Sablier, who had worked to eliminate the rebels who'd attempted to topple the state when it found itself in chaos during the Tragedy. In reality, Jack chose each of the Four Great Dukedoms to suit his own personal needs. Jack had chosen to include the Nightray Dukedom so that he could keep an eye on them, also spreading rumors that Raymond Nightray had aided the rebels during the Tragedy, thus making the Nightrays hated for their supposed betrayal. Additionally, Jack gave Raymond the Door to the Abyss which was protected by Raven, who's only qualified Contractor was Gilbert, who had fallen into the Abyss with Sablier. Due to Arthur and Miranda's helpful roles to Jack leading up to the Tragedy, Jack provided the Barma Dukedom with the Door to the Abyss guarded by Dodo to signify their place in the Four Great Dukedoms. Finally, Jack gave the Door holding Owl to the Rainsworth Dukedom. The Rainsworths had been completely uninvolved with the Tragedy and had royal lineage, thus best suiting Jack's needs by preventing further suspicions that the Dukedoms were monopolizing the power of the Abyss.

Jack body cycle

The aging cycle on Jack's body

As an effect of the Abyssal power encased within his body, Jack began to age in reverse. This was the beginning of a cycle where Jack grew younger until he was an infant, only to begin aging again until he reached the age from the point of his encounter with The Core. This cycle would perpetually repeat itself, wiping the remaining fragments of Jack's soul from existence with each cycle.  Jack unfortunately knew that in his younger forms he couldn't appear publicly any longer, and so Jack shrouded his appearance and approached Arthur Barma. Wasting no time, Jack asked his friend to help "erase him" from the world by claiming that he had died. Arthur hadn't initially understood Jack's request, that is until Jack revealed his appearance to Arthur and explained what was happening to his soul.
Arthur Barma

Arthur prepares to help Jack fuel his lies

To further his explanation, Jack asked Arthur to listen to a fairy tale that he claimed to have heard once before, the tale of "The Empty Man". Jack went to work telling Arthur "The Empty Man", which was the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier in actuality. Arthur was horrified by Jack's actions, but still complied to Jack's request out of fear. Arthur gathered four mages, claiming that he would lead them in binding Oswald's soul by using Jack's dismembered body as a medium for what would become the Sealing Stones. Jack was shown to these mages, lying to them by saying that he had a fatal wound and that he wanted to forestall the return of the Baskervilles using the Sealing Stones until the one who carried B-Rabbit's power returned to act as their savior.

Arthur and Jack then left, with Arthur later returning with a dismembered body wrapped in bandages. Due to Jack's lies, the mages believed that the body was Jack's, however Oswald's body was used instead. The mages then parted ways, each with a Sealing Stone that they were tasked to protect. Meanwhile, Jack forced Arthur to chronicle his lie about the Tragedy of Sablier within his memoirs. Arthur complied only because he did not want to risk the Barma's position within society by exposing Jack's actions, and thereby his and Miranda's roles in aiding Jack with the Tragedy. Jack often spied on Arthur while he wrote, though not closely enough, as Arthur managed to write his confession within his memoirs' last chapter under massive encryption. Arthur died soon after, though Jack was somewhat unconcerned because Arthur had fulfilled every aspect Jack needed him to fulfill, so as to cover up his heinous crimes against humanity.

78 - 6

Jack requests Xai replace his stillborn son with Jack's infant body

For the next one-hundred years, Jack stayed out of the public eye while he continued to age and grow younger, with his soul was deteriorating with every new cycle. Prior to his soul's complete disintegration, Jack revisited Lacie's Tomb, where he left the pocket watch he'd made with Oswald that contained and Lacie's melody, with the intention of having Oz find it again one day.

Eventually, Jack came across one of his descendants, Xai Vessalius, who had been expecting his wife to give birth to his firstborn son within the following days. Jack greeted Xai immediately and did not hesitate to tell Xai how he'd been cast out of the Abyss' divine providence and lived on for the last one-hundred years. Naturally, Xai was skeptic, but Jack assured him not to fear as he explained that the soul of B-Rabbit slept within his body. Jack carried on, making sure to tell Xai that his soul would be completely destroyed with the completion of the next rewinding cycle. With this in mind, Jack wanted Xai to accept his newly transformed infant body in place of Xai's son, who Jack knew would be stillborn. Jack also made sure to "accidentally" let it slip to Xai that if he was cast into the Abyss, the existence of B-Rabbit would be obliterated once and for all.

Naturally Xai was skeptic of Jack's request, but Jack disclosed information to Xai that only he could possibly know, and so Xai ultimately decided that Jack's final request should be fulfilled by a descendant from the Vessalius Dukedom. When Xai's son was truly born in death's embrace, Xai took action and took his dead son's body away from Rachel Cecile while she slept, storming off in the night in a fit of rage. Xai found Jack, who's body had reverted to the point of infancy, and so Xai took Jack's infant body in favour of his to replace his son's dead body, in order to spare Rachel her heartache.

As time passed, Rachel died in a carriage accident after giving birth to a second child, Ada Vessalius. As well, Oscar Vessalius' wife, Sara Vessalius and son also died. Although both Rachel, Sara and Oscar's son's deaths were seen as horrible accidents, Xai cited Jack as the one who was murdering his family - sparking a vendetta as he convinced himself that everything went wrong when Jack rejoined the Vessalius Dukedom. Xai decided to take action against Jack, taking Jack's words into consideration and formulating a fake prophecy so that the Baskervilles would help Xai cast Oz into the Abyss during Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

After ironing out the issues with one another, Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Xerxes Break and Sharon Rainsworth prepare to settle elsewhere in the Rainsworth estate. However, Gil suddenly senses that a Path was opening through Jack's pocket watch and that a Chain was about to emerge. Break tells Gil to release the seal he'd placed on Alice's powers using Raven, as he'd wants to see Alice's potential. Gil reluctantly complies as a Card emerges, allowing Alice to access B-Rabbit's powers (which she had stolen) and kill the Card swiftly.

Oz reaches out for Jack's pocket watch, but upon coming into contact with it, Oz receives a fragment of Jack's soul which had latched onto the pocket watch when his soul had shattered one-hundred years before. Oz sees some of Alice's memories (which she'd lost) prior to finding himself in a white room with a curtain shrouding an arched doorway. A voice comes from behind the doorway, being none other than Jack, who congratulated Oz on finally finding one of Alice's memories. Jack claims to have been waiting so long for Oz, before explaining that Alice's memories have taken a life of their own because of their separation from Alice, so Oz has to find them before anyone else can. Jack lies to Oz and ensures him that the answers he seeks lies within Alice's memories, sending Oz off on his mission while he faded back into his body's subconscious.

Working With Pandora ArcEdit

After returning to the mansion where Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held, Oz, Alice and Gil encounter another one of Alice's memories. Alice runs to Jack with a bouquet of flowers, happy to have finally found him. Jack teasing states calls Alice a naughty girl and asks if she had followed him there. Oz recognizes Jack's voice and starts to approach him, but Jack just turns to Oz and tells him to take care, warning him that the Intention of the Abyss has been watching them all along. Suddenly, the ground starts breaking apart underneath Oz, and so Gil runs to Oz's side in order to protect him. Upon seeing Gilbert, Jack tells Gil to try and protect Oz properly this time, before shattering alongside the rest of the landscape; a fragment of his soul rejoining with his body once again.

Later, Oz, Gil and Alice go into Reveil in order to get some supplies so that Gil can make some dinner for them. However, the three of them end up in a confrontation against the Illegal Contractor, William West, and his Chain, Grim. During this confrontation, Alice starts butchering Grim with B-Rabbit's power, leading Oz to notice that William was feeling the effect of Grim's wounds. Oz begs Alice to stop, as he'd promised Phillipe West (William's son) that he would reunite him with his father). Unfortunately, Alice wouldn't listen to him, making Oz regretfully believe that there was nothing he could do to save William. Just then, Jack intervenes, coming up from behind Oz in his subconscious and wrapping his arms around Oz. Jack ensures Oz that he can stop Alice, asking Oz to remember that he has the right to control the powers of B-Rabbit. Jack then faded back into Oz's subconscious, with Oz doing as directed and stopping the flow of B-Rabbit's powers to Alice so that she wouldn't kill William (though William was later murdered by Vincent, despite Oz's best efforts).

Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

Ep14 - jack behind gil

Gil finds Jack's soul.

After Alice and Break had been kidnapped by Cheshire and brought to his dimension, Gilbert and Oz go through Equus in order to save them. During this confrontation however, Gilbert gets slashed across the chest by Cheshire and thrown over a railing to his supposed death. When Gil awakens, he finds himself in an area of Cheshire's Dimension from one-hundred years before. Soon enough, Gil spots one of Alice's tainted memories and tries to follow it, only to find someone whom he mistakes for Oz instead. Jack corrects Gil and formally introduces himself once again to his old friend.
Jack Oz Cheshire

Jack saves Oz from Cheshire's wrath

As per Gil's request, Jack leaves to find Oz, intervening in a battle between Oz and Cheshire by forcing his palm through the mirror Oz is propped against. Jack pushes back Cheshire calling him "naughty" as he wraps his arm around Oz. Jack asks Cheshire to think about who would really be hurt the most if Cheshire killed Oz, bringing Oz back through the mirror along with him. When Cheshire tries to object, a sudden crack spreads across the mirror behind him, prompting Jack to remind Cheshire that his focus would be better placed on Break rather than Oz anyway.

Jack brings Oz back to Gil and allows them to catch up with one another. When Gil and Oz finally focus back on Jack, Jack remarks on how it's the first time they're meeting face-to-face like that. Oz realizes who Jack is finally, but Jack only laughs and tells him that even though there's a lot they need to talk about, it wasn't time for that conversation yet. Instead, Jack kneels before Oz, winks and extends his hand toward him, asking Oz to lend him his power so that he can save Alice. Jack explains that Alice is precious to him, and that if they don't hurry, Alice will be dragged in by Cheshire's Dimension and be completely annihilated before long. Without hesitation, Oz offers his aid and asks what Jack wants him to do. Thanking Oz, Jack explains that he needs him to help locate Alice first. This confuses Oz, but Jack tells him to just close his eyes, think about Alice and call out he name. Gil appears skeptic, but Jack assures Oz that only he can find the power of B-Rabbit.

Gil questions if they're still in Cheshire's territory or not, asking if Cheshire won't come after them as soon as possible. However, Jack tells Gil not to worry because Cheshire is more concerned with another guest at the moment. Gil asks if Jack means Break, which Jack confirms as he brings to Gil's attention how Cheshire had summoned both Alice and Break to his Dimension, but avoided personally laying a hand on them. Jack asked if Gil understood why this was, revealing that it's because Cheshire is truly frightened of getting too close to the power of Mad Hatter. Only now, Cheshire has realized that he has no choice and needs to finish Alice and Break off himself.

This makes Oz wonder why Cheshire is trying so hard to protect the Intention of the Abyss, and so Jack explains that Cheshire likely wants to be the one who eternally protects that which he cares for most of all, acting as a lone knight. Jack questions if Oz isn't the same as Cheshire in that way, as Oz was trying to become the lone knight who rescues the princess, Alice. Oz denies wanting to become a lone knight, but this confuses Jack and makes him ask why Oz is trying to save Alice, wondering what Alice is to Oz. After pondering it for a while, Oz admits that Alice is like the sun to him, warming his soul despite all the drawbacks that come along with her. Oz tells Jack that he doesn't have any special powers, so he likely can't be Alice's knight. Despite this, Oz claims to want to see what the light illuminates in the end from beside Alice, so he has to find her.

Suddenly, particles of light begin to form around Oz and Jack. Jack takes Oz by the hand and tells him that he'd found Alice and is going to send him to her. Gil instinctively objects to Oz going alone, but Jack ignores Gil and tells Oz to make sure he takes care of Alice, because she's always been lonely. Oz just laughs and says that he understands, referencing rabbits and how when they're lonely they sometime die. Jack then sends Oz to Alice, standing after Oz's departure to tell Gil that all that's left is for him to pray for Oz and Alice's well-being. Immediately, Gil grabs Jack by the shirt and demands to know why he sent Oz to find Alice alone. Jack states that Gil would've only gotten in Oz's way with his wound, and explains that he can't freely move about Cheshire's Dimension because he's not actually a part of Alice's memories. Instead, Jack reveals that he can't travel into the depth of the Dimension where Alice is being held, because he's merely a fragment of Jack Vessalius' soul that resides within Alice's memories.

Jack contacts Oz through a mental connection, ensuring that Oz made it safely. Jack reveals to Oz that he is currently standing in the middle of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz doesn't understand, as he was always taught that a large earthquake caused Sablier to fall into the Abyss, rather than the Baskervilles leading a murderous campaign through the city itself. Jack laughs after hearing how Pandora covered up the Tragedy, but Oz ignores this and just asks why he's in the middle of the Tragedy. Jack reminds Oz that Cheshire's Dimension is crafted from Alice's memories - and while it is warped in places, some areas have swallowed the feelings of other people who had been present at the time; though Alice was most definitely there.

Jack Gil

Gil threatens to shoot Jack

After realizing that Alice needs him, Oz runs through Sablier seeking out Alice. Meanwhile, Gil points his gun at Jack and demands to be taken to where Oz is. This makes Jack laugh, as he'd never thought he'd see the day when Gil would be pointing a gun at him. Jack walks up to Gil and presses his forehead into his gun, asking Gil to take his shot. When Gil finds himself unable to shoot Jack because of how much he reminded him of Oz, Jack has Gil withdraw his gun and wonders if Gil had truly forgotten everything about himself and the Tragedy of Sablier.

Gil backs away from Gil, claiming not to remember anything at all and that he doesn't want to remember anything as it is. Gil falls to the ground as his head starts to throb painfully, and Jack understands; apologizing to Gil for bringing up his memories. As the strain forces Gil to lose consciousness and fall into Jack's arms, Jack assures him that he doesn't need to remember because the events if the Tragedy of Sablier wounded both Gil and Alice in ways they can never heal from.

Jack is still keeping track of Oz, who is contemplating following Vincent in Alice's memories of the Tragedy, though he's unsure of whether or not it's what he's meant to do. Jack tells Oz through their telepathic connection that if something within him is telling him to follow Vincent then he should do it, and that Oz shouldn't think so much because if he follows his instincts, they'll lead him to Alice. Laughing, Oz denies believing in things like fate, but Jack doesn't withdraw. Instead, Jack claims that it's inevitable because Oz is himself and Alice is the B-Rabbit, which means that the chains binding them can never be severed. Oz doesn't truly understand and carries on, with Jack admitting that what Oz is about to see is something that he needs to know in order for him and Alice to be able to remain together. Waiting until after Oz encounters Alice in her memory, Jack finally reveals to Oz that Alice was human one-hundred years ago, until she died during the Tragedy of Sablier.

Suddenly, Gil is forced awake as Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's power is tampered with. As Cheshire's Dimension starts to crumble Jack states that, apparently, seeing Alice's dead body was too much for Oz to handle and he's making the power of B-Rabbit go berserk. Gil is confused because he didn't remove Raven's seal, prompting Jack to laugh, because soon enough Oz won't need Raven's seal anymore. Jack does admit that the way Oz is handling the situation is far from ideal, as the burden that will be placed on Oz will be great. As a result, Jack places his hand on Gil's forehead and says that they can't afford to have him rest there anymore just because of his wounds. Jack then sends Gil to stop Oz from hurting himself with B-Rabbit's power.

Jack and Oz 1

Jack intervenes.

In the end Cheshire faces off against Oz, Alice, Gil and Break. Unfortunately, Equus arrives and retrieves only Oz and Alice, leaving Gil and Break with Cheshire's crumbling dimension. This was all part of Vincent's plan - as Vincent had Noise kidnap Sharon and use Duldum to control Equus and force Gil to use Raven to save himself and Break. This removes the seal on B-Rabbit's power, reverting Alice to her B-Rabbit form so that Duldum could have Equus drop Alice and Oz in the middle of a meeting between the Four Great Dukes. This caused chaos throughout Pandora, and lead to Oz and Alice's confrontation against The General and Pandora's ranks in the grand hall.


Jack forces a seal on Alice's access to B-Rabbit's power.

Seeing no other way, Jack intervenes as The General attacks with Snap-Dragon-Fly. Jack seals Alice's power of his own volition before she can kill anyone - leading to mass confusion throughout Pandora as she reverts to her human form. The General encourages his peers not to be fooled by their innocent appearance, approaching Oz and insisting that Oz and Alice need to be retrained. As Jack has now taken complete control, he orders The General not to touch

The General was kicked by Jack-inside-Oz

him, kicking The General down a flight of stairs and projecting himself to all of Pandora. Silencing the crowd, Jack assures the masses that Oz isn't a threat to them. Instead, Jack claims to only be temporarily borrowing Oz's body so that he can convey an urgent message to Pandora and prevent the second coming of the Tragedy of Sablier. Jack formally introduces himself to the crowd, revealing that the entity of Glen Baskerville lives still and will bring sorrow and turmoil to the world once more.
The General accuses Jack of being a liar, however Jack had expected as much and reiterates that he speaks the truth. Jack claims that the Baskervilles seek the power of the Intention of the Abyss, which was why they committed the massacre of the Tragedy of Sablier as a sacrifice to the Abyss - though they were foiled in the end. Reim Lunettes interjects, explaining to his peers that the Baskervilles reappeared after one-hundred years to cast Oz into the Abyss at his Coming of Age Ceremony. In the end, Reim's revelation of Oz's identity helps spread Jack's message with relative ease.

Though Reim's addition helped Jack, he noticed that it also reminded Gilbert of the Coming of Age Ceremony, and so Jack goes to comfort Gil by ruffling his hair. Jack asks Alice to join him and Gil, finding himself growing weaker as time carries on. After Alice joins them, Jack sums up his explanation with the reminder that Glen is alive and that the Baskervilles will be seeking both him and Pandora's four Doors to the Abyss. However, Jack offers a sense of ease by adding that his soul will always be with Oz and so it's Pandora's duty to protect Oz at all costs.

Jack then fades back into Oz's subconscious, apologizing to Oz for scaring him and taking over hi

"He's one and only my friend."

s body so abruptly. Jack says that he has to disappear for a while, as his appearances as he currently is are hard for him. Oz objects, still wanting to ask Jack many questions, but Jack just tells Oz that he'll tell Oz everything someday. Finally, before fading away into light, Jack begs Oz to do whatever it takes to stop Glen, his one and only friend.

Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

Later, while Oz, Alice and Gil are at Lutwidge Academy in order to visit Ada Vessalius, Oz is kidnapped by Lottie, Fang and Dug. Lottie is in pursuit of information, wanting Oz to bring Jack forth and explain to her where the soul of Glen Baskerville is. Unfortunately for Lottie, Oz is rescued by Elliot Nightray and Leo before she can force Jack out of Oz. Soon enough, Lottie, Fang and Dug manage to catch up with Oz, Elliot and Leo thanks to Lottie's Chain, Leon. During the ensuing battle, it becomes apparent that Oz and Elliot are no match for Leon and Fang, and so Oz tries with all his might to delve into his subconscious and draw out Jack. Oz tells Jack that he needs him, as he can't let Elliot and Leo die because the Baskervilles are after him, begging Jack to help him fight back against the Baskervilles and protect himself.

Jack hears Oz's request, appearing behind him within his subconscious and admiring Oz's tactic for summoning him. Jack assures Oz that he will deal with the Baskervilles, so Oz should concentrate on helping out his friends. Jack covers Oz's eyes and tells him not to be afraid, as he has the right to use B-Rabbit's power.

Ch26 B Rabbit

Jack summons Oz against Lottie, Fang and Dug

Jack summons B-Rabbit's and uses his chains and uses his powers to wound Leon and force back the Baskervilles; also managing to knock Elliot and Leo unconscious before having B-Rabbit fade back into his body. Jack then projects himself behind Oz, noting how long it'd been since he and the Baskervilles had met one-another and remarking on how he never thought he'd meet Lottie in such a way. Lottie ignores Jack and asks if Jack knows where the soul of Glen Baskerville currently is. Jack tells Lottie that he hadn't resurfaced to talk with them, but to force the Baskervilles away instead. Lottie angrily lashes out at Jack for talking to her in such a way, assuming that Jack's thrilled that the Vessaliuses moved up in the world and he was considered a hero because he killed his supposed best friend. Jack is outraged to hear that Lottie thinks he'd killed Oswald in order to advance the social position of the Vessaliuses, ordering Lottie to leave with Fang and Dug and threatening them with the power of B-Rabbit.

Lottie attempts to charge at Jack, only to be stopped by Fang. This prompts Jack to reveal that he's only trying to protect Oswald's honor, but if the Baskervilles try to repeat history, he will use B-Rabbit once again in order to stop them. Lottie angrily yells at Jack that they're only following orders and that they will always search Glen Baskerville out no matter how many times Jack tries to kill him. After Lottie, Fang and Dug take their leave, Jack collapses to the ground. Within Oz's subconscious, Jack immediately starts to fade into light, telling Oz that humans are incredibly weak beings - including himself and Oswald. Oz reaches out to stop Jack from disappearing, but fails and is instead bombarded by numerous fragments of Jack's memories of the Tragedy of Sablier.

Intention's Pain ArcEdit

Coming Soon!

Sablier ArcEdit

After traveling to the ruins of Sablier with Oz and Alice, Gilbert gets separated from his friends when they each delve deeper into The Hole of Sablier in pursuit of memories projected as illusions by the power of the Abyss. Gil ultimately ends up questioning his usefulness toward Oz when Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's power is removed once again. Gil finds himself struggling because of his own personal dilemmas and the pain brought on by the memories he's been trying to repress, forcing him down to his knees. However, a familiar voice breaks through Gil's suffering, as Jack notes how odd it is that Gil always manages to find the pieces of his fragmented soul rather than Oz or Alice.

Gilbert sees Jack offering a helping hand before him, and while accepting Jack's hand, asks if he's right to say that the person he'd served and failed to protect one-hundred years ago was him. Gil's question catches Jack off-guard, though Jack calmly denies it and lets go of Gilbert's hand. Then, walking past Gil, Jack explains that Gil did in fact protect him. Jack kneels behind Gilbert and puts a hand on his back, claiming that Gil had stood up to Oswald in order to protect him during the Tragedy, which resulted in him receiving Oswald's sword across his back. As Gilbert finds himself speechless, Jack voices how he hopes there weren't any scars left behind as he laughs and rolls over onto his back. Jack claims that since Gilbert had been so troubled by his failure to protect him, he'd decided it was best that Gil had forgotten so that he could focus of his current master, Oz.

Although, Jack does admit that it's such a relief that things turned out the way they did, thanking Gil for appearing in front of him again and calling him by name. Unintentionally, Jack allows Gil to experience more memories from one-hundred years ago, remembering his life prior to the Tragedy, how Jack saved him and Vincent from the mobs of people in Sablier, as well as his encounter with Jury. Jack merely observes Gilbert's confusion as his memories flood, understanding when Gil feels he must return to Oz's side, parting ways with the piece of Jack's soul he'd discovered.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Sharon are sent by Rufus Barma to the village of Toll to meet his valet, Grüner, after learning of the Sealing Stones. Grüner lead the group through Carillon to a secluded mansion where the Sealing Stone was held, only to find it guarded by a woman named Marie who was tasked with killing anyone who intruded. Eventually, Oz manages to destroy Marie's weapon using B-Rabbit's power, but because of the strain being applied to his body thanks to the Sealing Stone, Oz's judgement becomes tainted. Oz summons B-Rabbit's scythe and attempts to kill Marie in order to make the pain the Sealing Stone is causing him to stop. Jack immediately tries to intervene, grabbing Oz from behind within his subconscious, however it is Alice's intervention that stops Oz rather than Jack's.

Rytas, Marie's master, then enters and leads Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Sharon and Grüner to the mansion's basement, where they encounter the second Sealing Stone. Whilst Rytas explains how his mother was one of the mages who helped craft the Seals, Oz reaches out and touches the Seal himself, prompting Jack to do the same through Oz's, making Oz uneasy. The group then leaves for Toll in order to contact Pandora about retrieving the Seal, leaving Grüner to guard Rytas, Marie and the Seal. Even so, as soon as they leave the Head Hunter arrives and kills all in her path so she can destroy the second Sealing Stone.

The Feast ArcEdit

In pursuit of the third Sealing Stone, Oz pretends to be Jack in order to fool foreigner Isla Yura (who is rumored to possess the third Seal) into inviting Oz and the entirety of Pandora to his mansion to celebrate Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, as it had been interrupted ten years before. Yura happily agrees, which allows Pandora to search the grounds of his estate for the Seal while the Ceremony is underway. However, Oz had not anticipated Yura's true sinister nature, as "The Feast" Yura had prepared is set underway.

Many die, and Oz, Alice and Leo are all taken captive by Isla Yura's Cult, with Alice and Leo acting as intended sacrifices for The Feast, which is a reenactment of the Tragedy of Sablier. Although Oz, Elliot, Vincent and Echo manage to break through, Oz ends up trapped by the power of the Seal and has to tap into B-Rabbit's power in order to break its hold on him. After this, Oz goes berserk and begins killing Cult members and the copies of the Chain that the Cult possesses, which happens to be Humpty Dumpty. Despite having saved Alice and prevented The Feast's success by regular time, Oz realizes too late that only the time within the magic circle around the Seal matters.


Jack murders Isla Yura

As such, Yura draws a dagger and goes to break the third Sealing Stone in order to bring about a second Tragedy. Luckily, Jack forcibly takes possession of Oz's body and impales Yura using one of B-Rabbit's chains before he can pierce the Seal with his dagger. Yura is confused by what is going on, calling out for Oz - only to be silenced and corrected by Jack. Yura begins laughing hysterically, finally realizing that what he'd seen earlier from Oz was nothing more than an act now that the true Jack was before his eyes. Yura is ecstatic over how Jack managed to prevent the Tragedy yet again, voicing all the things he would like to ask of Jack. With excitement consuming him, Yura asks Jack what sort of spectacle the Tragedy really was. Jack however angrily silences Yura once more, picking up a nearby sword and explaining that Oswald had claimed that the Abyss was a world bathed in golden light, but he only sees it as a tomb.

Stepping in front of Yura, Jack apologizes for having made him suffer, adding how he hopes that Yura's soul returns to the world after one-hundred cycles. Jack bids Isla Yura farewell once-and-for-all while he laughs hysterically, impaling Yura with his sword. Immediately afterward, Jack's soul retreats into Oz's subconscious again, allowing Oz to see a memory explaining both Humpty Dumpty and the soul of Glen Baskerville in the process.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

A few days after the disaster at Isla Yura's estate, Oz, Alice and Gilbert encounter Leo, Echo and Vincent in Reveil, where it is revealed that Leo is the one who inherited the soul of Glen Baskerville as part of The Rule of 100 Cycles. Jack doesn't take action when Leo attacks Oz and attempts to cast him back into the Abyss using Jabberwock, however, when Leo puts up a chase, Oz ends up dropping Jack's pocket watch. The pocket watch opens as it hits the ground, and "Lacie" plays, forcing Jack to remember and encounter he had with Oswald and the first time he met Lacie in Sablier.

The chase carries on, however Oz, Alice and Gil return to Pandora after hearing that Sheryl Rainsworth had been attacked and that Rufus has betrayed Pandora in favor of the Baskervilles. Leo, Echo and Vincent follow on Jabberwock, arriving at Pandora to confront Oz with his Chain once again. Eventually, Oz's Incuse progresses once again, though Oz manages to convince Leo that they shouldn't be fighting and that he doesn't want to lose Leo as a friend even though they were only friends because of their connections to Elliot.

Jack attacks Leo

Jack impales Leo

Seeing his opportunity, Jack takes control once again and sends one of B-Rabbit's chains to impale Leo. Jack then wraps his arms around Oz from behind and tells him that Leo is still alive, so he has to finish him off with B-Rabbit's powers, as the powers of Glen Baskerville are powerful, dangerous and in his way. It starts snowing within his subconscious, and so Jack smiles as he reminisces about how the world was so dark to him before Lacie found him, and that because of her he doesn't need a best friend or social status - though if only she could be with him. Jack realizes that Oz is laying unconscious in his subconscious, and so he asks if Oz is dreaming, or if he was simply delving into Jack's memories from one-hundred years ago, with Oz taking part in the latter.

While Oz searches through Jack's memories for answers, Jack looks to Leo, asking if Oswald is watching him from Leo's broken body. Jack then picks up the scythe of B-Rabbit and admits that he wanted to wait a little more so that the Incuse would be further and the power of B-Rabbit would be at its maximum potential. Jack digresses, saying that if he doesn't settle than Oswald will just get in his way again. Bidding Oswald farewell, Jack raises the scythe to kill Oswald with the power of B-Rabbit.

However, Jack is stopped before he can rid himself of Oswald, as Oz grabs at Jack's ankle within his subconscious. Oz claims that Leo's his friend and so he won't let Jack go around doing whatever he wants anymore, because their body belongs to him. This makes Jack laugh, as he realizes that Oz seemingly avoided the most important memories of his. Jack explains to Oz that claiming ownership of his body is completely untrue, as he cannot obtain or accomplish anything because he's nothing and will destroy whatever he comes into contact with. Pinning Oz down, Jack states that he needs to force Oz to see the truth that he keeps denying.

When Oz attempts to struggle, Jack doesn't seem to understand, because Oz has always been searching for the sin he was condemned for ten years ago. Jack commends Oz for finding Alice's memories and the fragments that remained of his broken soul. Jack voices adds that it wasn't convenient for him when Alice's existence was defined through Oz's encouragement in Cheshire's Dimension - which thereby stopped her pursuit of her memories, but he knew he'd have to concentrate his power on preventing Oswald's resurrection eventually anyway.

Jack completely submerges Oz, placing him in the center of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz is hesitant to continue, but Jack forces him to see how he is actually a Chain that was Illegally Contacted to Jack and that helped cause the Tragedy of Sablier. After Oz is exposed to his own memories from one-hundred years ago, Jack thanks him for helping him find his way by delivering Lacie's memories to him. Oz, not entirely understanding what Jack means, learns from Jack that he wants to plunge the world Lacie loved into the Abyss, believing that Lacie and the Abyss have become one, so that Lacie won't have reason to be lonely anymore; reminding Oz of his purpose. With his arms wrapped around Oz, Jack claims that he failed to do so one-hundred years ago because someone got in his way; asking Oz to use his powers again and sever the Chains.

Alice's drop kick

Alice kicks Jack from behind

With his focus on Oz, Jack doesn't have full awareness of his surroundings and thereby does not expect it when Alice kicks him to the ground from behind. Alice immediately questions who gave Jack permission to do what he wants with "her property". In response, Jack uses the power of B-Rabbit to cut a tree in half and reducing it to mere dust. Jack laughs over Alice's concern, asking if she intends on getting in his way once again. Alice admits to not really understand what's going on, though she says that she heard Oz calling her name tearfully. Thinking that Jack is the cause for Oz's pain, Alice orders him out of Oz's body. Jack summons B-Rabbit's chains and swirls them around himself, laughing as he tells Alice that she misunderstands, as B-Rabbit is truly his Chain. Jack claims that, in reality, Alice should be leaving Oz's body and disappearing, lifting B-Rabbit's scythe to kill Alice once and for all.
Jack summons the chains

Jack summons the Chains once again

Lucky for Alice, Echo arrives just in time and pulls her out of range of Jack. Jack complains about how he keeps getting interrupted before he summons the Chains encircling the world for a second time. Jack tells Alice that it's unfortunate that he's out of time because of how early he'd made his appearance, as he wanted to make sure both she and Oswald were destroyed. Abandoning that plan for the time being, Jack "speaks to Lacie" and apologizes for keeping her waiting for so long, severing the Chains of the Abyss once and for all. Severing the Chains causes a large explosion, sending a pillar of light into the sky as the Chains start to crumble. Jack laughs as the fragments of the Chains rain down around him, noting their beauty. Alice, stunned, demands to know what Jack has done. With his malicious plot proceeding without fail, Jack explains that he'd severed the Chains of the Abyss, and although it will take a while the world will soon be dragged into the Abyss with Pandora as the epicenter.

Noting Alice's horror, Jack asks if her soul remembers the scene, as he had done the exact same thing one-hundred years before; only she and Oswald stood in his way back then. The sight of the Chains collapsing forces Oz to remember Jack's confrontation with Alice during the Tragedy, forcing him to break down in tears with grief. Jack notices this and tells Oz that he doesn't need to grieve over Alice, showing Oz that his hands are empty and that they've always been that way since the very beginning. Clarifying, Jack explains that Oz is a Chain, so everything that he thought he had before was nothing but a mere illusion, ruffling Oz's hair and telling him to never forget that as he fades back into light.

Jack intervenes and takes control of his body when Oscar stops Gil and Oz after Gil had helped Oz escape his execution by Oswald's hand. Jack (pretending to be Oz) is surprised to see Oscar in the catacombs of Pandora, with Oscar explaining that he had been trying to escape Pandora with Ada before being stopped by the Baskervilles and subsequently learning of Oz's execution. Jack remains silent while Oscar and Gil speak, that is until Oscar gives Jack his Pocket Watch and Oz's regular clothes, having taken them from the Baskervilles during their cross-examination. Jack reaches out and grabs Oscar's sleeve in order to thank him, as Oz used to do the exact same thing. Jack questions Oscar's discomfort after witnessing it, but Oscar just shrugs it off and the group continue through the catacombs to St. Luca's Gate.

During their attempt for escape, Jack, Gil and Oscar are confronted by three Pandora members; who are intent on killing Oz in order to impress the Baskervilles. The three are quickly killed by Gil, prompting Jack to crouch over top of one of the Pandora members' dead bodies in pursuit of his gun. Gil stops Jack however, telling him not to move a muscle, making Oscar question when Gil realized that Oz wasn't himself, and so Gil reveals that it was shortly after Oscar's arrival that he'd noticed something off about Oz's behavior. Jack commends Gil on his ability to identify what's out of place, though he thinks that if Oscar hadn't shown up Gil would've continued to be deceived.

Suddenly, a large explosion can be heard from elsewhere within Pandora, distracting Oscar and Gilbert long enough for Jack to steal Oscar's gun and aim at him. Before Jack can pull the trigger however, Oz regains partial control of the body and stops Jack from killing Oscar. Jack is slightly amused by Oz's determination, claiming that he really wouldn't mind it if Oz just decided to play along with his plans and remain dormant for once. Gil goes after Jack, but he turns and runs; yelling back that the way Gil is always trying to protect Oz is just like what he's trying to do. Not understanding, Gil asks what Jack's talking about, though he doesn't receive an answer before Oscar catches up. Oscar tells Gil that the path to St. Luca's Gate is like a maze, and although he knows the way, if they lose their way he doesn't know what'll follow.

With Jack somewhere a head of them, Gil and Oscar hear Jack as he asks why Oscar appeared before Oz in the first place. Jack wonders if Xai told Oscar that he killed Sara and Oscar's son, because if he did then Oscar must hate him for that. Gil is shocked and confused, realizing that Jack had answered his question, whilst Jack continues to explain that because Oz was allowed to live instead of Oscar's son, Oscar likely came to kill Oz rather than help him. Meanwhile, Oz is within Jack's subconscious trying to regain control of his body and stop Jack once again. Gil demands that Jack stop messing around, claiming Jack's words to be nonsense, as Oscar would never betray Oz in such a way. Gil insists that Oscar is Oz's ally until the end, and as such it's going to take a better lie to fool him. This makes Oscar laugh as he pats Gil on the back, thanking him.

Jack comes out of hiding from behind a nearby corner, pointing Oscar's gun at Oscar and shooting him in the ear. Oscar takes his opportunity and manages to pin Jack against the wall, asking if Jack had planned on killing him with Oz's hands after revealing himself in order to hurt Oz further. Oscar says that he won't allow something like that to happen, as he'd come before Oz in order to silence Jack forever rather than kill him.

Oz tries to get through to Oscar, begging him to leave because he's afraid that Jack's going to kill him, however his attempt fails. Instead, Oscar tells Jack that it's exactly as he'd said, Xai had told him everything, including how much of a coward Jack is; speaking spitefully towards Jack about how he had forced Xai to live alone. Oscar explains Jack and Xai's first meeting and what subsequently followed by Jack's presence in the Vessalius Dukedom once again. Gil objects to Oscar's explanation when he reaches the part about Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, but Oscar knows that if he doesn't tell Oz the story now, then Jack would do it another time that would best suit his own needs, making sure that Oz is listening through Jack's subconscious.

Oscar then reaches the part where Oz returned from the Abyss after 10 years with regained powers thanks to his Illegal Contract with Alice. Jack laughs and asks if Oscar's suggesting that he'd even somehow managed to plan that. Oscar claims to have only been partially able to believe Xai, but as he looked in Jack's eyes now, he's able to believe everything Xai said in full. Then, Oscar recalls a comparison of Jack to water that he had heard, claiming no malice or good will directed at Jack despite his role in the Tragedy of Sablier, because he's unable to fully grasp Jack's existence. Oscar adds that Jack is just like water in this way, eventually completely spilling over, making him question what Jack is exactly, because he sees Jack as completely empty.

Hearing this reminds Jack of Oswald's initial opinion of him, and so Jack taps into Oz's powers and throws Oscar off of him. Jack summons B-Rabbit's Chains and voices Oswald's comparison and how the reminder of it is just a horrible feeling. Within Jack's subconscious, Oz grips Jack and attempts to beg Oscar and Gil to run. Jack just grabs Oz by the hair and tells him to watch closely as he destroys everything he cares about with his own power, thereby allowing Oz to lie dormant within Jack's body without needing to worry anymore.

Gil tries to get Oscar to keep his distance so he can stay safe, but instead Oscar moves forward and asks if Jack really did kill Sara and his son. Rather than wait for Jack to answer, Oscar states that he doesn't really believe that Jack did because he had nothing to gain from killing them, or even Rachel. Despite the fact that Rachel's death was accidental - Xai blamed it on Jack and formulated some kind of vendetta against him. Jack uses B-Rabbit's chains to push away Gil, stab Oscar in the shoulder and pin him to the wall. After assessing his past, Oscar rips the chain from his shoulder and announces that he's not running away this time.

Within Jack's subconscious, Oz grabs Jack's wrist, prompting Jack to question what Oz is trying to do, with Oz insisting that he's not going to let Jack kill Oscar. Just then, Oscar runs up and embraces Jack, directing his words to Oz so that he can say that his ultimate wish is for Oz to be happy. Oscar adds that alongside Gil and Ada, Oz saved him from himself, so he hopes that his wish doesn't become a curse that binds Oz, professing that he loves Oz from the bottom of his heart. This makes Oz remember the unbirthday party Oscar threw, prompting him to cry, and so he takes control of the situation and accesses his power as B-Rabbit. Jack's soul begins to crumble within his subconscious as Oz stands against his Contractor. Jack tries to remind Jack that everything Oz has is fake, but Oz remarks on how that's not true because he has so many things; thus using his light to destroy what remains of Jack.

Swan Song ArcEdit

Oswald traveled to Sablier with Vincent in order to change the past by killing Lacie and thereby preventing her meeting with Jack and the Tragedy that followed. In order to stop him, Oz, Alice, Gil, Break, Sharon, Sheryl and Reim follow them to Sablier, with Sheryl and Reim helping to fight off the Chain invasion currently underway while the rest of the group seek out Oswald. Though soon enough the group is separated when fog from The Hole sets in, leaving Oz alone and lost in Sablier.

Running through Sablier, Oz eventually finds the clock tower again, though Oz notes how this is just like the last time they were in The Hole of Sablier, where Gil and Alice were just suddenly gone and he was left alone and lonely. However, Oz knows that this time is different, because even though he's alone he doesn't feel like he truly is alone. Laughing, Oz asks if Jack can still hear him, demanding that Jack say something and prompting Jack's reformation within his subconscious.

90 - Oz Jack

Oz asks Jack to make a deal with him

Jack appears as a broken remnant, stating that of course he can still hear Oz. Jack wraps what remains of his arms around Oz and says that no matter how many times Oz attempts to reject him or destroy him with B-Rabbit's power, Oz will never truly be able to destroy him because it's still his body and Oz is nothing more than the Chain he's Contracted to. Oz admits that Jack is right about how he's just a Chain, but apologizes to Jack because his body is now more Chain than human. Oz claims that the Incuse of his Contract is now three quarters complete, and because of B-Rabbit's power filling Jack's body it's already become rather strange, which is why he can move around so freely despite having been shot by Gil, which was still painful, but not in the way it should have been. Jack insists that something like that doesn't make a difference, as he only wants to grant Lacie's wish. Although, Oz has to question Jack, wondering if what Jack's trying to do is really what Lacie wanted. Oz tells Jack that even though he clearly hates Jack, he wants Jack to make a deal with him.

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