This is a timeline based in the events related to the Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. This timeline is a layout of events as they happened in chronological order from the earliest mentioned point in history until the "present" or the beginning of the plot within The Case Study of Vanitas universe. For further information of events following the initiation of the plot, please proceed to checkout Plot Timeline: The Case Study of Vanitas.
Historical Timeline
Story Arc Events
1493 - 1541 Paracelsus, a human alchemist – who proposed The World Formula Theory: stating that by altering The World Formula, humanity could rid themselves of sickness and turmoil – undergoes a large-scale experiment on the World Formula. This results in a cataclysmic event, later to be referred to as The Babel Incident for its similarity to the biblical event, which alters many different formulae throughout the world. As a result of the altering of the formulae of coal and humanity itself, new concepts, such as Astermite and Vampires respectively, are unintentionally created.
1541 - 1767

Vampires exist predominantly on an alternate plane, Altus, which mirrors the human realm - though they are capable of passing through to the human realm via the Borders. However, should a human ever cross the Borders without making contact with a Vampire, they will be forever lost between realms.

Vanitas of the Blue Moon is born as a Child of Ill Omen on the night of the Blue Moon. For this, Vanitas is shunned by her fellow Vampires and is forced into exile, where she would grow to despise her kin. To satisfy her own personal vendetta, Vanitas creates a mechanized grimoire called The Book of Vanitas and contained a curse within it which would be capable of bringing about the end of Vampires entirely.

Jeanne is born to Eric and Louise.


Vampires and humans work together for the first time in order to eliminate the threat of the Beast of Gévaudan, as the perpetrator had been a rogue Vampire. Suspiciously, the Beast of Gévaudan survives and disappears. Jeanne is somehow connected to the Beast of Gévaudan and comes into Lord Ruthven's service as a Bourreau as a result.

1789 - 1799

The Vampires and humans go to war with one another. Lord Ruthven, who sides with humanity, uses Jeanne as a weapon during the war, equipping her with the Crimson Gauntlets Carpe Diem. Jeanne slaughters many of her own kind, helping humanity seize victory over the Vampires and earning herself a reputation as "The Hellfire Witch" in the process.

With many of the Vampires retreating beyond The Border, the Vampires and the humans come to an understanding in which they cover up the existence of Vampires for humanity's sake. Few Vampires exist alongside the humans in secret, and The Queen sends Count Parks Orlok to act as her representative among the humans and aid in covering up any Vampire-related incidents.

Lord Ruthven places Jeanne in stasis.

1799 - 1869

Veronica de Sade is born as the first child of Count de Sade and his wife.

Louis de Sade is born as the second child of Count de Sade and his wife - however when Louis is found to be a Curse-Bearer, he is sent to Averoigne to live with his grandfather, The Teacher, permanently for the sake of his health and to allow The Teacher to observe his condition.


Dominique de Sade is born as the third child of Count de Sade and his wife.


Noé Archiviste is born into the Archiviste Clan, a clan of Vampires known for being able to read an individual's memories by drinking their blood.


Dante is born to a Vampire and a human, making him a Dhampir.

No. 69 is born.

1871 - 1885

Count de Sade organized it so that Dominique de Sade would make monthly visits to The Teacher's castle.

The Archiviste Clan is all but eradicated, leaving Noé as the only known survivor. Noé was found by an elderly couple, Elaine and her husband, who decided to adopt Noé until his parents came for him; ultimately becoming Noé's adoptive grandparents. Noé's adoptive grandfather told him about stories of Vampires, explaining to him how, just like with humans, there were those who were good and bad among them.

Noé's adoptive grandfather became ill and passed away. Sometime later, Elaine died peacefully in her sleep. (Elaine (†) , Noé's Adoptive Grandfather (†)).

While picking flowers to put on the graves of his adoptive grandparents, Noé is kidnapped by Vampires, who commonly brought humans to Altus to be sold as slaves. When it was revealed that Noé was in fact a Vampire instead of a human, he was brought to a number of places before finally being purchased by The Teacher. The Teacher then proceeded to bring Noé to his castle, where he taught Noé about Paracelsus and his Formula Theory and how it gave way to the existence of Vampires. At the same time, The Teacher reminded Noé that his true name shapes his very existence, and so he must never allow anyone to take it from him. The Teacher then introduced Noé to two of his grandchildren, Louis and Dominique de Sade; with Louis informing Noé that The Teacher's interest in him made him very unlucky.

While The Teacher was out, Louis and Dominique bonded with Noé after learning of his upbringing; becoming Noé's closest friends and spending much of their time together from that day forward.

Dominique learned that, as an Archiviste, Noé could read another person's memories by drinking their blood. When Dominique had Noé read her memories, most of what he saw are fond memories involving himself. Though when Dominique and Noé forced Louis to partake in it as well, Noé experienced how alone Louis felt and grew worrisome.

Noé, Dominique and Louis met Mina, Gilles, Fred and Fanny - who were other young Vampires from a neighboring village - while playing in the forest one day. Together the seven young Vampires discovered an abandoned church and declared it to be their secret base.

While searching The Teacher's collection room, Louis revealed to Noé why he'd been left to live with The Teacher. Noé asked if he didn't want to see his parents ever again, which Louis harshly denied; believing that as far as they're concerned, he was already dead. Louis then came across a small notebook that had been left open, reading from it to discover reports from The Teacher about him in relation to the term Curse-Bearer.

Later, on the night of a Blue Moon, The Teacher provided Noé with a book about Vanitas of the Blue Moon - detailing how the Blue Moon was a symbol of Ill Omen and that it drains the power of Vampires of the Crimson Moon. Additionally, Vanitas of the Blue Moon had created a curse within a grimoire called The Book of Vanitas, that was said to be capable of bringing about the eradication of the Vampires of the Crimson Moon. Even so, Noé never understood why Vampires were meant to hate the Blue Moon, instead considering it to be beautiful and becoming fascinated with the legend of Vanitas of the Blue Moon. Noé then sought out Dominique and together they sat beneath in the castle courtyard to enjoy the Blue Moon's beauty.

With Noé and Dominique distracted, Louis asked his grandfather what a Curse-Bearer was, revealing that he'd found the record The Teacher had intentionally left out for him. As The Teacher began to laugh, Louis asked if that was the reason why his parents had Dominique, in order to forget about his existence because he was a Curse-Bearer. The Teacher looked to his grandson, prompting Louis to ask what it was that The Teacher wanted him to do. Contently, The Teacher admitted that Louis had it all wrong, as there was nothing that he wanted Louis to do. In fact, The Teacher made a point of how Louis was free to do as he pleased; wanting only to observe the process and benefit from whatever Louis' will lead him to do.

Noé began to notice slight behavioural changes in Louis, as he became more distant. Louis would often gaze off into space, would contort his face sometimes while he was around Dominique and would even avoid speaking to The Teacher all together; sparking further concern within Noé. Louis also took to carving wood, something which he claimed the end result was a secret, as it was meant to be a present for Noé.

One day, while Mina played in the distance, Noé sats and read quietly alongside Louis; who asked him if he knew about the "Curse-Bearers". He goes on to tell Noé that his grandfather had once told him that a Curse-Bearer is a Vampire who becomes strange or violent out of the blue. Noé questioned whose curse it is, prompting an angered response from Louis - who stated that the answer was obvious as he slammed his hand into the tree they're leaning on and proclaims that Vanitas was to blame. As Louis's hand began to bleed, Noé asked if he was okay - only to have Louis lick the blood from his wound calmly and ask if whether or not Noé would still see the Blue Moon as beautiful if he had one of the Curse-Bearers standing right in front of him.

Sometime after, Noé was sleeping in the forests of Averoigne someone approaches him, having heard that he'd not been drinking blood at all lately. Opening his eyes to see Louis standing overtop of him, Noé asked why it's such a big deal, as it is not as though he'd die without blood. Louis knew this much to be true, but admitted that he's curious as to the reason, as he knew that Noé liked blood as much as he liked tarte tatin. Noé reasoned that it is because he was an Archiviste, but before he can delve any further, Louis sat beside Noé and used his knife to cut into the palm of his hand; offering his blood to Noé. When Noé seemed wary, Louis told him not to worry, because even if Noé drank his blood, he wouldn't see anything new. With Louis' reassurance, Noé sats up and begans drinking his friend's blood.

Noé would later notice that Louis had begun making something else, with Louis admitting that he'd messed up and had to begin carving Noé's present anew. Knowing that something was wrong, Noé stopped Louis from carving further, desperately asking Louis what he could do to help. Before Louis could reveal that he was a Curse-Bearer to Noé however, Dominique burst into the room, revealing in a panic that she had heard the maids talking, but before she could say what they'd been talking about, Louis asked if Dominique was referring to Mina's execution to be held the next day.

Shocked, both Noé and Dominique look to Louis, with Noé asking why Mina was to be executed. Louis bluntly revealed that it was because Mina was a Curse-Bearer, which confused Dominique, thus Louis coldly revealed that Curse-Bearers were to be executed by The Bourreau, as that was the rule. Noé finds himself in disbelief that Louis had already known about Mina, though Louis doesn't say anything, prompting Noé to vow that he would go and save Mina right away. Louis however told Noé not to be a fool, asking how he could possibly save Mina when he knew it was impossible to erase the curse of the Blue Moon. Noé asked how Louis could talk like that, with Louis brushing it off as mere fact, only for Noé to retort that they can't know anything unless they try. This set something off within Louis, who asked if Noé if he was saying that he could do it, if he could cure Mina, grabbing Noé and insisting that if he's so sure, then he should do it right then and there. Realizing what Louis had said, Noé just looked to his friend in disbelief. Louis then put Noé down and blankly confirmed what he'd already said, that there was not a single thing that Noé could do.

Upset, Noé pushed Louis away and left the castle with Dominique; the two intent on rallying Fred, Gilles and Fanny in order to help Mina escape her execution by hiding her in their secret base. Louis would later learn about his friend's absence, giving way to his fear for Noé and Dominique's safety. Wanting to protect his friends so intensely gave way to Charlatan's influence, as Charlatan had been waiting a very long time for such an opportunity.

Soon, Mina went rogue and killed Fred when he was attempting to calm her down. However, before she could attack Noé and Dominique, Louis arrived on the scene and threw Mina against a wall before ripping off her head. Louis then lost control himself, killing both Gilles and Fanny in pursuit of quenching his endless thirst for blood. Setting his sights on Noé and Dominique, Noé apologized for his mistakes and begged Louis to return to his normal self. In a moment of lucidity, Louis requests that Noé kill him, knowing well that The Bourreau would do the same once they'd found out what he'd done. However, Noé informed his friend that he couldn't do such a thing, instead holding Louis in his arms as Louis went rogue and went in for the kill. Seconds later, Louis' head dropped to the floor, with The Teacher revealing himself to be responsible for his grandson's death; having taken on a monstrous form. The event causes Noé to consider his own gratitude for being alive to be absolutely abominable, crying alongside Dominique over Louis' corpse. (Fred (†) , Mina (†) , Gilles (†) , Fanny (†) , Louis de Sade (†))

Shortly after Louis' death, Dominique approached Noé with a chest that had been given to her by Louis; who'd asked that she deliver it to Noé when the time was right. Shocked to learn that the chest contained a large collection of stakes which Louis had intended to have Noé use to kill him, Noé blamed himself for Louis' death.

Dominique teaches Noé how to dance.

A scientist under the employ of the Chasseurs named Moreau became obsessed with becoming a Vampire himself. Kidnapping many children, Moreau would conduct horrific experiments on them in pursuit of his goals. Two of Moreau's test subjects, renamed "No. 69" and "No. 71" become very close and begin to see each other as brothers.

Vanitas of the Blue Moon raids and destroys Moreau's laboratory, saving both No. 69 and No. 71. Vanitas brings the two into the Blue Moon Clan - which is largely composed of humans from which Vanitas feeds. She educates both No. 69 and No. 71 - now known as Misha - on various Malnomen during this time. While Misha grows to see Vanitas as his adoptive "father", No. 69 resents Vanitas for being a Vampire.

Through unknown circumstances, Vanitas' curse is spread among the Vampires by Charlatan, as Naenia possesses the power to interfere with a Vampire's true name.


The Tower of the Sun is proposed by Jules Bourdais as the main exhibit during the World Expo meant to be held in four years.


The Tower of the Sun is chosen as the main exhibit of the World Expo over Gustave Eiffel’s Eiffel Tower.

1886 - 1889

Misha and No. 69 have a falling out in relation to Vanitas. No. 69 takes Vanitas' name, as well as the Book of Vanitas, with the intention of using the cursed grimoire to treat Curse-Bearers rather than spread Vanitas' curse, hoping that this would tarnish the Blue Moon Vampire's name.

In an attempt to save his elder brother Loki, Luca wakes Jeanne from her stasis and sets out to destroy the Book of Vanitas.

Thomas Berneux becomes a Curse-Bearer, developing the Malnomen of Loup Garou. As Loup Garou, Berneux would mutate in a cyclical fashion and stalk people in the night to drain them of their blood - succeeding in doing so nine times, which ultimately draws attention to Vampires, with many humans being confused as they'd believed the existence of Vampires was a mere myth.

2 Months Before the Plot

On her way home, Amelia Ruth finds herself lost in a thick fog that has surrounded her - unsure of where she is or how she got there. Then, numerous horrifying figures begin to emerge from the fog, amalgamations of claws, skulls, machinery and music. A path then opens in the crowd, opening Amelia's sight to a dark figure, Charlatan, who welcomes her to the Parade of the Charlatan. Screaming, Amelia attempts to run, filled with terror every step of the way, as she knows that Charlatan is something very wrong and that if he were to catch her, she'd be done for. Reaching a lamp post, Amelia feels as though she'd made a safe enough distance from Charlatan and puts down her basket for a moment so that she can catch her breath. However, Charlatan curls his body around the lamp post from above, ecstatic to have found Amelia. Charlatan opens its mouth wide and asks Amelia to show him her true name. At this point, Amelia is overcome with thoughts as she realized that Charlatan would defile her, break her and destroy her.

Over the course of the next two months, Amelia's symptoms would worsen, and she would eventually make contact with a doctor in Paris, Vanitas, who said that he could treat her. As such, Amelia made the proper arrangements and boarded La Baleine to venture to Paris.