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Kasanaru Kage
Air Date June 4, 2009
Episode 10
Opening Song Parallel Hearts
Ending Song Maze
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A Lost Raven

Grim is the 10th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on June 4, 2009.


Alice returns to normal; the shockwave knocks Gilbert unconscious. Alice can’t understand what’s going on. The voice laughs lightly, telling Oz he told him he could do it. Oz starts walking toward Phillip’s father, recalling the promise that he made to Phillip that he would definitely bring his father back to him. He was really happy that Phillip had so much love for his father. He asks him why he signed the contract as Phillip’s father starts shooting wildly at him. 

Oz continues walking, claiming he can’t understand why he did this when he had Phillip. The father replies that he did it for him—to change the past, erase all the suffering, and give him happiness. Oz can’t believe that he’s saying that he killed people for his son. The father points the gun at Oz’s head, but he grabs him, yelling and insisting that he should have just stayed by his side-that would have been enough. If he didn’t leave him alone, that would have given Phillip happiness. 

Gil recovers and sees Oz in trouble. He draws his gun, but Oz orders him not to shoot. Suddenly, a shot rings out, and the man falls to the floor dead. The Abyss opens and drags him and his Chain in. Oz yells at Gil, telling him why he shot when he ordered him not to. Gil insists that it wasn’t him. Vincent suddenly announces that he did since there was nothing more that could have been done for him. Gil asks Vincent to loan him his carriage; he replies that he will since it is what Gil wishes. 

At the Rainsworth mansion, Vincent apologizes to Sharon for the disturbance. She replies it’s no trouble at all, but Vincent insists that he’ll be leaving since he doesn’t feel welcome here. Break agrees to escort him out. 

As Oz stares into the fire, he contemplates the qualities of a father. He often wondered about his own existence if his father didn’t need him. He didn’t want to live by himself. He doesn’t now want Phillip to suffer the way he did. Alice tells Oz that she was surprised that he could get so angry; it was like he was a different person. Oz responds that he failed to keep his promise; maybe that’s the reason he reacted the way he did. Alice replies that she understands loneliness just as much as he does. 

As Break escorts Vincent and Echo out, he remarks that he believes someone helped Grim escape. Then that “someone” conveniently took care of him but claiming that he was killed to save Oz. Vincent replies that will truly be scary since it proves the existence of a traitor. Break remarks that he will definitely corner that traitor; Vince states that he’ll look forward to it.