Young Gil

Gilbert encouraging Vincent to escape.

Gilbert was born approximately 115 years ago with a distortion of energy from The Core of the Abyss surrounding his soul. A year later, Gilbert's younger brother, Vincent, was born as a result of a hiccup of power in The Core which then funneled that power through Gilbert and made Vincent an aberration of the Abyss because of his connection to Gilbert. Now, with a sole crimson eye, Vincent was considered a Child of Ill Omen, and so Gilbert and Vincent’s mother sold the two to a traveling freak show, abandoning them both because of Vincent’s destined reputation. Together, Gilbert and Vincent lived together for years under abusive masters and sat by while audiences of town folk ridiculed them.

When Gilbert was 9, he and his brother were suddenly approached by a collection of lights, The Droplets of Light, which soon merged with their souls and presented them with an avenue of virtue. The choice was clear for Gilbert, and so he escaped his confines with his brother in tow, with the Droplets of Light guiding them to their destined safe haven. Vincent tried to convince Gilbert to go back with him, knowing well that they’d be brutally scolded should their masters discover that they escaped, however Gilbert refuses; unable to deny the Droplets of Light and the calling sensation he’s felt within ever since then. Though Vincent tries to object, Gilbert assures him that he will always be there to protect him no matter what, extending a hand to his younger brother as they begin their journey to a new life.

Protective Gilbert

Gilbert protecting his brother Vincent.

From that moment on, Gilbert and Vincent traveled from town to town; living on the streets and being continuously ridiculed by the populace because of Vincent’s status as a Child of ill Omen. From time-to-time, Gilbert and Vincent would exploit Vincent’s status in order to live among interested wealthy families as pets in favor of the streets. Despite the luxurious, albeit degrading, lifestyles the brothers lived during these times, Gilbert and Vincent would never stay long; as they’d grow to feel guilty for stealing from their temporary masters. After a month of traveling and living on the streets, Gilbert begins to loathe his brother because of all the beatings that had been brought on by Vincent and his red eye. Although sometimes Gilbert sought to leave his younger brother while he slept, he never did. Instead, Gilbert’s thoughts would be drawn to how Vincent had nothing in the world apart from him, and that without Vincent he’d have nothing to protect. Ultimately, Gilbert stayed alongside Vincent to live up to the promise he’d made, but also to satisfy his own desire to be needed by someone.

Jack saves Gil Vince

Jack saves Gilbert and Vincent

Upon arriving in the capital city of Sablier, Gilbert and Vincent became the recipients of dreadful beatings that made their past assaults seem like nothing by comparison. On one occasion, the mob had had nearly beaten Vincent unconscious despite Gilbert’s attempts at defending him, leaving Gilbert to stand alone against the hoards. Soon, Gilbert was beaten to near unconsciousness as well, though before he slipped away, Gilbert witnessed a man step forward and draw back the crowd in disgust because of what they’d done. The man, Jack Vessalius, told Gilbert that everything would be all right, having his valets help carry both Gilbert and Vincent back to the Vessalius estate to be taken care of, with Gilbert losing consciousness before they reach their destination.

After being brought to the Vessalius estate, Gilbert remained unconscious while Jack cut Vincent’s hair. Later, when Gilbert regained his consciousness, he and Vincent told Jack of their journey together. Jack noted the similarities between Gilbert and Vincent’s lives and the lives of his two friends, Oswaldand Lacie; prompting him to contact Oswald immediately to explain the situation. The next morning, Oswald sent two of his valets to the Vessalius estate, where they retrieved Gilbert and Vincent. Afterwards, the two were inducted to the Baskerville Clan, becoming Oswald’s valets; though each with special destinies.

Ch38 Gilbert

Jury casts her spell on Gilbert

Soon after, Gilbert was confronted by Jury, the apparent adviser to the entity that is Glen Baskerville and supposed member of the Baskerville Clan. Jury reminded Gilbert of how Oswald had plucked both he and his brother from the brink of death and welcomed them into the Baskerville Clan; going as far as to say that Oswald would keep both of them by his side despite their births as commoners. Crying, Gilbert told Jury that he would most definitely give his body and soul to protect Oswald, something which pleased Jury. Continuing, Jury cast a spell on Gilbert, making him respect and love Oswald, but more importantly to regard Oswald’s will as absolute; using Gilbert’s insecurity to solidify the spell and force Gilbert to follow Oswald’s order without question and kill anyone who is a danger to Oswald’s safety.

Since Gilbert had become a Baskerville, Jack often visited both him and Vincent whenever he came to the Baskerville estate to spend time with Oswald. Most commonly, Vincent would request that Jack pick him up and carry him on his shoulders, something which Oswald attempted once with Gilbert; only for it to end with Gilbert hitting his head off of a door frame. Notably, whenever Jack opened his mouth he spoke of a girl named Alice.

Ch39 Gil Vince Alyss

Gilbert defends his brother by attacking Alice

One day, since Gilbert and Vincent were around Alice’s age, Jack decided to bring them along with him when he went to visit Alice; explaining that Alice is a charming girl with black hair who’s always alone in a tower on the Baskerville estate. Unfortunately, Jack didn’t realize that Vincent was extraordinarily jealous of Jack’s relationship with Alice. To make matters worse, upon their arrival, Alice saw Vincent’s red eye and immediately called him a Child of Ill Omen. Alice claimed to know all about Children of Ill Omen, asking if she was right to say that Vincent’s eye heralds misery, what it’s like to live as a Child of Ill Omen and whether or not his eye allows him to perform any magic. Furthermore, Alice encourages Vincent to try a spell for her and to explain to her all the disasters he’s caused. Seeing how much Vincent was hurt by Alice, Gilbert steps forward and pulls Alice’s hair as another attempt to defend his brother. Jack soon steps in and separates Gilbert from Alice, giving Gilbert a time-out for attacking Alice.

In addition to the stresses brought on by Gilbert and Alice’s first interaction, Gilbert’s first Succession Ceremony, where he would inherit Raven from Oswald, was quickly approaching. On the night prior to the Succession Ceremony, Gilbert found that he was too nervous to sleep and sought out Oswald. Surprised to see that Gilbert was still awake, Oswald asked what was wrong, though after Gilbert explained the situation to Oswald, he understood. Oswald revealed to his valet that he was nervous on the night of his first Succession Ceremony too, which surprised Gilbert, adding that with another four Succession Ceremonies still on the horizon the nerves would be forced to subside. Patting Gilbert on the head, Oswald tells Gilbert that he could be nervous for the night, something which delighted Gilbert. Before leaving, Gilbert asked if, since he was meant to meet many important dignitaries during the Succession Ceremony, Jack would be there as well. Hesitating, Oswald asked why Gilbert would bring that up, prompting Gilbert to explain that Jack was always nice to him and made him feel safe; with Gilbert thinking that his nerves would go away if Jack was at his Succession Ceremony. After thinking over the situation, Oswald asked if Gilbert liked Jack, which Gilbert confirmed (though he pointed out that he liked Oswald more). Smiling, Oswald put his hands on Gilbert’s shoulders and said that he’d like to carry on as Jack’s friend without doubting him anymore as well; confirming that he’s invite Jack to Gilbert’s first Succession Ceremony.

The next day, Oswald helped prepare Gilbert for his first Succession Ceremony. Once the invited guests were all gathered in the chamber of Raven’s Door to the Abyss (excluding Jack, Miranda Barma and Raymond Nightray), Oswald began the Ceremony by summoning Raven. Together, Gilbert and Raven formed an unbreakable connection with one another, however before they could exchange blood and finalize the Illegal Contract, an explosion is heard (as Vincent had wrenched open another one of the Doors to the Abyss at the same time), disrupting the Succession Ceremony and making it impossible for Gilbert to become Oswald’s successor. This disruption also caused Gilbert to lose consciousness for a short while; allowing Oswald to realize that the Chains of the Abyss had been severed, prompting him to summon all five of [[The Black Winged Chains to mend them. In the mean time, Oswald also orders that his subordinates kill all the guests in the Baskerville estate in order to save them from becoming Chains when Sablier drops into the Abyss; going off to investigate the situation on his own.

Jack wounds Gil

Jack's gambit

Soon enough, Gilbert woke up to find that disaster has spread throughout the Baskerville estate. Noting the imminent threat, Gilbert immediately began his search for Oswald, desperate to protect his master from any harm thanks to Jury’s spell. Eventually, Gilbert found Oswald with Jack, swords drawn and Jack demanding that Oswald explain “why he did this”. Confused as to why Oswald and Jack were fighting one another, Gilbert ran between the two and begged them to stop. Unfortunately, because he hadn't read the situation properly, Gilbert isn’t able to heed Oswald’s sudden warning to stay back. As a result, Jack sliced his sword through Gilbert’s back, as Jack knew that the Baskervilles couldn't die from such a wound. Assuring Oswald that there’s no need to worry, Jack ordered Oswald to lower his sword; threatening to kill Gilbert otherwise. Oswald is shocked by the sudden danger Jack had put to Gilbert, watching in horror as Gilbert reached out for his master one last time before losing consciousness.

Jack then asked Oswald why he was hesitating to toss aside his sword, claiming that he really didn’t want to hurt Oswald by killing Gilbert. Vexed by the position he’d been forced into, Oswald attempted to strike against Jack, only to have Jack summon forth his Chain’s bladed chains and slice through Oswald’s sword and body. Jack formally introduced to Glen his Chain, Oz the B-Rabbit, allowing Oswald to piece together that Jack was the one to sever the Chains, knowing well what would happen as a result. Just then, numerous Baskerville storm onto the scene to protect Oswald, though their attempt was in vain as they were immediately slaughtered mercilessly by Oz; leaving Oswald as the only survivor. Jack picked up Gilbert just as Miranda entered the room; presenting Oswald to her as he’d promised, telling her that Oswald couldn't move anymore so Miranda was free to do as she pleased with Oswald. Overjoyed, Miranda ran to Oswald, thanking Jack before she knelt before Oswald; calling him her beloved. Reaching for a nearby battle axe, Miranda looked into Oswald’s eyes and told him how she’d longed for the day she could finally take his head as her own. Unexpectedly, Oswald managed to muster enough strength to reach for his sword and cut across Miranda’s body as she prepared to decapitate him, surprising Jack; who then ran off in fear with Gilbert.

Jack carried Gilbert through the halls of the Baskerville estate, only to eventually grow weary and have to stop and rest; dropping Gilbert down onto the floor in the process. Taking this time to contemplate why Oswald wasn't following him, Jack wondered if Oswald was intent on killing Alice in order to sever his connection to The Intention of the Abyss, which would've meant that Jack would be unable to do anything for Lacie every again. As Gilbert barely clung to consciousness, Jack decided that he didn't want to use Gilbert as a shield any more, as he knew that Oswald wouldn't hesitate anymore. As such, Jack apologized to Gilbert and set off for Alice's tower in order to stop Oswald - leaving Gilbert alone in the hallway of the burning estate.

Ep22 - vince and unconcious gil visits the intention

Vincent drags Gilbert into The Intention's domain

Soon enough, Vincent ran feverishly throughout the estate in order to look for help after having found both Oswald and Alice dead alongside an unhinged Jack. Rather than finding someone to help, Vincent stumbled across Gilbert as he lay unconscious on the floor. Rushing to his brother's side, Vincent offered support to Gilbert as he lead them through Sablier in search of help. Unfortunately, before Vincent could do so, a large explosion of black light began to spread throughout Sablier as the majority of the great city dropped into the Abyss. Thanks to his power as a Child of Ill Omen, when Vincent dropped down into the Abyss alongside his brother, they continued through to The Intention’s domain,
Ep22 - vince and gil fly away

Unconscious Gil and Vincent flying off from the Abyss.

interrupting her conversation with Kevin Legnard and Cheshire. As they entered the room, Gilbert dropped to the floor, while Vincent was confronted by Cheshire. Eventually, Vincent managed to antagonize The Intention enough to make her have a breakdown, leading to the destruction of her domain–sending both Gilbert and Vincent flying off into a different area of the Abyss.

From here, Gilbert was released from the Abyss through the Vessaliuses’ Door to the Abyss after approximately 101 years, where he was tended to by the valets of the Vessalius Dukedom. Soon, Gilbert regained consciousness, only to realize that he couldn't remember anything from his past. Afterwards, the Duke of the Vessalius Dukedom, Oscar Vessalius, brought Gilbert to meet his nephew, Oz Vessalius, whom he would be serving from that day on as Oz’s personal valet. True to his persona, Oz becomes rather theatrical by writing up a contract for Gilbert to sign to “formally” become Oz’s valet. Oscar is then approached by one of the Vessalius valets, who told him that someone had arrived to meet with him, prompting Oscar to leave Gilbert and Oz. Still rather afraid, Gilbert chased after
Ep05 - broken vase younger gil and younger oz

Oz defends his new valet.

Oscar, not ready for him to leave yet, only to trip and fall onto the floor. Gilbert’s fall also made a vase sitting on the bookshelf beside him teeter and fall, only for Oz to jump on top of Gilbert and take the impact of the vase for him. This only made Gilbert rather frantic, as he told Oz that he shouldn't protect someone like him since it was his duty to protect his master. Oz smacked Gilbert on the head, telling him not to call him “master” and explaining that since Gilbert was now his valet, it was his duty to protect his valet; formally introducing himself to Gilbert as he helped him up.

During their time together, Oz would often spend his time bullying Gilbert through varying playful antics. However, on one specific occasion, Gilbert introduced Oz to a series of books called Holy Knight, believing that they were the kind of novels that Oz would’ve enjoyed. True enough, Oz learned to love the Holy Knight series, reading its volumes avidly and developing a certain love for the character, Edgar, who was a loyal valet to the main character, Edwin. Additionally, Oz approached Gilbert with Ada Vessalius one day to tell him that since he had no memory and could therefore not remember his birthday, they’d celebrate it on the anniversary of their meeting. Though Gilbert attempted to argue, stating that he’d already picked a day to act as his birthday – only for Oz to tell him to shut up and accept it.

One day, Gilbert saw that Oz had finished reading numerous books, suggesting that, even though it was good that Oz was so interested in his studies, he needed to take a break from it every now and then. In response, Oz asked if Gilbert was craving a little teasing, promising to bully Gilbert plenty later. Then, Gilbert stated that he hoped Oz would be able to see his father, Xai Vessalius, in the year (as Xai was seemingly always busy with business of some sort), which Oz takes as encouragement to continue with his studies. Gilbert tells Oz that he’s really doing his best, only for Oz to object; thinking that if he could easily say that he was doing his best, then he was still going easy on himself – meaning that he wasn’t anywhere near his best yet. Because of this, Gilbert felt as though there was something inside of Oz that put him dangerously on edge, making Gilbert fear what would become of Oz’s heart when he finally broke.

When Xai finally returned to the Vessalius estate and refused to see Oz, Oz was cast into a state of depression; going so far as to ask Gilbert why his father hated him. Gilbert suggested that they go and ask Xai if that’s really how Oz felt, though Oz claimed that he couldn't do such a thing because he was too afraid of the truth. Grasping Oz’s shoulders, Gilbert told his master that he would go speak to Xai for Oz in order to confirm that the rumors among the valets were untrue, running off with a nearby bouquet of flowers posthaste. In truth, Gilbert couldn’t accept that Xai could hate Oz, since he believed that a parent was someone like Oscar, who’d offer a sense of security simply by being nearby. After finding Xai, Gilbert offered him the bouquet of flowers, explaining that Oz wanted to give them to him; begging Xai to accept the bouquet and go visit Oz so that he could feel secure. Xai merely told Gilbert that he was speaking out of turn, though Gilbert couldn’t understand why it had to be that way; asking if Oz wasn’t Xai’s beloved precious son. Smiling, Xai grabbed the bouquet from Gilbert and crushed it in his hand, amused by Gilbert’s assumption as he stated that a child like Oz should never have been born, knowing that Oz had caught up to and was standing behind Gilbert.

Ch10 Xai Gilbert

Xai pushes Gilbert off of him for his outlandish assumption

Shocked, Gilbert latched onto Xai’s coat, demanding to know how Xai could say something so cruel and attempting to explain everything that Oz had been doing for Xai’s sake. Annoyed, Xai slapped Gilbert and sent him to the ground, asking who Gilbert thought he was and if he truly intended on betraying his master. Furious, Gilbert stood firm and stated that Xai was wrong, as Oz was his master, not Xai. Tired of arguing with Gilbert, Xai ordered his valets to take him away, though before they could, Oz ran to Xai and begged him not to fire Gilbert; reaching out for Xai in the process. Outraged, Xai slapped Oz’s hand away and ordered Oz not to touch him before writing him off as a vile creature. From here, Gilbert was locked in the estate’s basement for three days before Oscar came with Ada to save him. Not hesitating, Gilbert ran to seek out Oz, and though he’d expected Oz to be distraught, he found that instead Oz had once again immersed himself in his studies and was acting like his cheerful self once again. Oz apologized for making Gilbert go through all the hardships that he had, asking if Gilbert was all right. Rather than answer his master, Gilbert dropped to the floor and cried, stating that all of Oz’s suffering was his fault. Oz simply walked over and knelt before his valet, telling Gilbert that he’d thought things over when Gilbert was gone; explaining that things had been the way they were with Xai since the very beginning and claiming that he was all right.

Sometime afterwards Oz had nearly been kidnapped by a valet that Oz had gotten along with rather well. Although the attempted kidnapping was foiled, it forced Oz to stay indoors for the majority of the time that followed. During this time, while Gilbert tended to his chores, Oz told him that he was tired of reading and that he wanted to go outside and play. Reminding Oz that he’d almost been kidnapped and that they’d yet to catch the culprit, Gilbert asked that Oz remain indoors for the time being. However, Oz wasn’t worried about the attempted kidnapping, thinking that it was likely the Nightray Dukedom who’d sent the kidnapper anyway. Gilbert noted that Oz was overly calm about the entire ordeal, though Oz claimed that life was meant to be disrupted out of the blue, so no matter what happened or who betrayed him, he was always going to accept the reality of it all. Admitting that there was some truth to Oz’s words, Gilbert noted that no matter what the future brought, he’d always be there by Oz’s side, as he knew the darkness within Oz’s heart, and Oz knew the weakness within Gilbert’s own heart; thereby linking them by shadows rather than light. This meant that no matter what happened, even if their situations changed, Gilbert would always want to be Oz’s valet. Oz told Gilbert that he didn’t believe in absolutes like “always”, which Gilbert knew – though he believed that Oz should believe in at least one absolute, death.

When Oz turned 12, Oscar managed to convince Xai to allow Ada to accompany him and Oz to the countryside, and so Gilbert tagged along in order to care for his master. While Oscar interrogated a farmer, Gilbert explored his farm with Oz and Ada, only to have Oz and Ada run away from him through the fields of wheat; prompting Gilbert to chase after them. When Gilbert had finally caught up to Oz and Ada, a gust of wind blew across the field, sending wheat grains flying upwards into the air, and as they descended they reflected the light from the sun; creating a mesmerizing image as the golden drops descended. Later that evening, Oz collapsed in the wheat fields, scaring Gilbert as he was only a child and couldn't do anything more than call for help. Later, Gilbert discovered that Oz was actually very sick, but he'd refused to tell anyone because he didn't want to spoil Ada's rare opportunity to have fun.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

When Oz turned 15, the Vessalius Dukedom moved back into their old estate, now only used to house the Dukedom whenever a member of the family requires a Coming of Age Ceremony. Oz spends the majority of two days exploring the majority of the estate, while the valets made the proper preparations for the Coming of Age Ceremony. On the third day, Oz decides to continue his exploration of the estate despite the fact that the valets needed him for the final touches of the preparation. As such, when Oz hears Mrs. Kate coming for him, he orders Gilbert to cover for him while he and Ada hide in a nearby cupboard.

When Mrs. Kate bursts through the door she immediately targets Gilbert because he's generally always around Oz. Mrs. Kate grabs Gilbert by the shoulders and urges him to divulge where Oz is to her, as the Coming of Age Ceremony is going to begin soon and she dreads the idea of Oz boycotting the whole event. Gilbert claims not to have any knowledge as to Oz's location, though Mrs. Kate is unconvinced and calmly grabs Dinah, knowing that Gilbert has a fear of cats, and uses her to force Gilbert to answer more truthfully. Instead, Gilbert tells Mrs. Kate that he'd heard that Oz was planning on going down to the lake with Ada, and so Mrs. Kate immediately rushes off with a group of valets to intercept Oz.

With Dinah scratching on the cupboard, Gilbert tells Oz that Mrs. Kate is gone and it's safe for him to come out. Oz applauds Gilbert's success with fooling Mrs. Kate, though Gilbert feels guilty and fearful because he knows Mrs. Kate will scold him mercilessly later for what he'd done. Oz then suggests that they continue their exploration in the back garden, only for Oscar to come in and grab Gilbert and Oz by the collars. Once they'd all settled down, Oscar advises Oz not to make Mrs. Kate worry so much; though Oz claims that he couldn't help himself because of how much more Mrs. Kate has been on edge lately. Oscar justifies that Mrs. Kate's anxiety is well placed because of the Coming of Age Ceremony; something which Oz is dreading even though he's thankful that it allowed him to come to the old Vessalius estate. Soon Oscar remembers what Oz had requested of him, bringing forward a box and giving it to Oz; explaining that it'd arrived just in time.

Just then, Mrs. Kate knocks on the door and asks Oscar if Oz is in the room with him, though Oz tells Oscar that he can't "turn him in" because they've yet to explore the entirety of the estate. Gilbert reminds Oz that they'd already promised that they'd stop exploring at 4 (which was 5 minutes beforehand), though Oz merely throws Dinah at Gilbert to torture him so that he can make a bargain with Oscar. Oscar complies, knowing that Oz needed time to formally deliver the package to Gilbert. Oscar tells Oz to escape through the window while he deals with Mrs. Kate, warning him not to fool around at the Coming of Age Ceremony; playfully threatening to send the messengers of the Abyss after him if he does. Understanding, Oz, Gilbert and Ada carry on through the window to continue exploring the estate.

Later, when Ada asks about the Abyss, Gilbert explains that, according to legend, the messengers of the Abyss visit those who have committed horrible sins, taking them away to a horrible place. Oz doesn't dwell on the subject and hands Gilbert the package he'd asked Oscar to retrieve: dress robes so that Gilbert could be a part of the Coming of Age Ceremony as well. Gilbert is overwhelmed because he doesn't know anything about the role he's supposed to play, however Oz assures Gilbert that his role in the Ceremony is simple. All Gilbert is meant to do is to put a robe on Oz's shoulders at the end of the Coming of Age Ceremony, only Gilbert feels that Oz's request is misplaced because he's nothing more than a servant. Elaborating, Oz reveals that Gilbert wouldn't be in the Ceremony as a valet, but as his friends; which Gilbert objects to more and more because he thought other dignitaries would look down on Oz because of it. Despite this, Oz doesn't care, prompting Gilbert to state that Xai would scold him fiercely if he were to take part in the Coming of Age Ceremony. Comforting Gilbert, Oz explains that since Xai wouldn't even come to his own son's Coming of Age Ceremony because of work, he wouldn't come just to scold Gilbert either.

Gilbert knows better than to argue with Oz concerning Xai and sits in silence, only to have Oz perk up because he hears a melody that no one else can hear. When Oz attempts to seek out the cause of the melody, he falls through hollow ground into a tomb, with Gilbert tumbling after him in an attempt to save his master. Gilbert notes that the name on the tombstone has been eroded, but Oz doesn't pay attention because of his sudden fixation on the pocket watch wrapped around the tombstone. After Oz grabs the pocket watch and is sent into a daze, Gilbert tries to reconnect with his master by grabbing onto his shoulder and asking if Oz's okay. The two leave the tomb, Oz taking the pocket watch with the intent of asking Oscar about it and the tomb. Gilbert is left alone outside the tomb with the dress robes while Oz and Ada hurry off to get ready for the Coming of Age Ceremony, though Gilbert's still unsure of whether or not it'd be proper for him to attend the Ceremony as Oz's friend.

Ep01 - noise arrives behind gil

Noise, possessed by Duldee, kidnaps Gilbert

Suddenly, someone tells Gilbert how lovely his clothes look as they come up from behind him, only to have Noise wrap her cloak around Gilbert. From here, Duldee takes over Noise, tethering Gilbert in her strings in order to control him physically and allowing her to place an incarnation of Duldum in him for mental control as well. Noise has Duldum attend the Coming of Age Ceremony using Gilbert's body, waiting until Oz makes the silent clock tower progress again, as stated by the prophecy. Then, Duldum grabs Oz from behind and stabs him in the shoulder in order to have a witness draw forth the blood necessary to draw the judgement seal. Unfortunately, Duldum is overwhelmed by the smell of Oz's blood and attempts to kill him before the Baskervilles can. Luckily, Alice descends on the scene and uses B-Rabbit's power to force Duldum out of Gilbert's body, thereby saving Oz.

Though it takes time, Gilbert does regain full consciousness and is shocked to see the Baskervilles and B-Rabbit, though he overcomes his fear when he realizes that Oz is in danger. Gilbert crawls his way over to the leader of the Baskervilles and grabs his cloak, asking what he's accusing Oz of doing. Screaming at the Baskerville, Gilbert states that there's absolutely no reason for him to take Oz away, though Gilbert doesn't realize that the Baskerville is grasping his sword. Just then, lightning strikes and reveals to Gilbert that the lead Baskerville is actually Xai. With this in mind, when Oz grabs a sword and charges at Xai in an attempt to save Gilbert, Gilbert jumps out in front of Xai; not wanting Oz to kill his father. Although Gilbert falls to the ground and loses consciousness as a result of the blow dealt by Oz, he doesn't die because of his origins as a Baskerville; instead taking this time to heal himself.

Sometime after the Baskervilles had dropped Oz into the Abyss, Gilbert regains consciousness and finds that he's the only one from the Coming of Age Ceremony who can remember what happened. Wasting no time as he rushes to tell Oscar that Xai was the one to drop Oz into the Abyss. Even though Oscar looks into Gilbert's claims, Bernard Nightray lies and vouches for Xai by claiming that the two had been together the entire night while the Coming of Age Ceremony was going on. Stricken with grief over his failure to protect Oz, Gilbert runs away from the Vessalius estate, too ashamed to remain with the Vessalius Dukedom.

After falling to his knees while the rain falls down around him, a man comes up from behind Gilbert and tells him that he'll catch a cold if he stays out in the rain. Cheerfully greeting Gilbert, Xerxes Break formally introduces himself and explains that Gilbert's younger brother has been taken in by the Nightray Dukedom after being found outside of the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss five years ago. With Gilbert in shock, Break then makes an outlandish request by asking Gilbert to allow himself to be adopted into the Nightray Dukedom as well. Unable to believe this, Gilbert questions if Break is serious, which Break confirms; mentioning how wonderful it'll be when Gilbert becomes an aristocrat himself. Initially refusing, Gilbert reminds Break that the Nightrays are said to have been the cause for Oz's mother, Rachel Cecile's death. Break adds that the Nightray's apparent crime is still nothing more than a rumor, though Gilbert refuses still; unable to betray the Vessaliuses in such a way.

Accepting things to be the way they are, Break walks away, speaking with Emily as he leaves as they make sure to mention that Gilbert is wasting a perfectly good opportunity to use the Nightray Dukedom's power to save Oz from the Abyss. Hearing this makes Gilbert change his mind, and so Break explains that by clinging to certain unknowns Gilbert will only be met with pain. Thus, Break reveals that if Gilbert truly wants to save Oz, then he must push aside his emotions and take advantage of everything available to him. Suddenly, Gilbert is stricken with great amounts of pain, as his wound has yet to heal fully, though when Break suggests that Gilbert returns to the Vessalius estate for the time being, Gilbert pushes Break away and unintentionally reveals Break's hollow left eye socket. Break collects his hat and apologizes to Gilbert, asking if Gilbert saw his hollow eye socket, which Gilbert confirms with his shock; and so Break happily explains that his eye was taken from him a long time ago.

Ep11 - break and youngil 2

Break asks Gilbert as his "precious left eye"

Break elaborates his intentions by saying that he believes that Oz's dropping into the Abyss is a prelude to something big that's still oncoming - something which he'd like to know about. However, Break admits that surveying the entirety of the situation with only one eye is impossible, offering Gilbert a piece of candy as he reveals that he needs Gilbert's complete cooperation. Knowing well that Gilbert wants to save Oz from the Abyss, Break explains that he could use the power of Raven in order to do so; offering to help Gilbert with his goal so long as Gilbert returns the favor. Sobbing with both nervousness and anticipation, Gilbert asks what it is that Break wants him to do. Crouching down to the ground, Break offers his hat to Gilbert and tells him that in order to satisfy his wish he'd like Gilbert to act as his precious left eye by monitoring the Nightrays. Still reluctant, Gilbert asks if he can truly save Oz with Raven as Break had said and whether or not he can trust Break, though Break tells him that it doesn't matter either way. Instead, Break suggests that Gilbert uses him for his own personal gain, as that's what Break is attempting to do with Gilbert.

Then offering to piggyback Gilbert back to the Vessalius estate, Break explains that the relationship between the Vessalius and Nightray Dukedoms is comparable to light and dark. This is because the Vessaliuses are praised as the heroes of the Tragedy of Sablier, while the Nightrays are rumored to have sided with the Baskervilles during the Tragedy, leaving the Nightrays rather resentful. Briefly Break ponders whether this is why the Nightrays tend to work more in the underworld of Reveil rather than on the surface. Regardless, Break points out to Gilbert that if he does allow the Nightrays to adopt him, then he'll be soiling his own hands with blood in the same way, only Gilbert wasn't bothered by this because he only cared about saving his beloved master Oz.

Dropping Gilbert off at the Vessalius estate, Break leaves his hat in Gilbert's care to symbolize the promise they'd made one another. With their tool in place, the Rainsworth Dukedom made the proper preparations for Gilbert to be adopted by the Nightrays by informing Bernard and later mediating the adoption process. Soon, G
Ep11 - young leo and young gil

Gil becoming a new member of Nightray Dukedom

ilbert was brought to the Nightray estate, where he noticed Claude Nightray watching his arrival rather spitefully. After being lead through the estate, Gilbert is brought to Vincent's room, where an overjoyed Vincent runs to embrace his long lost brother. Suddenly reminded of his past, Gilbert slaps Vincent's hand away in fear, prompting Vincent to question whether his brother remembered him or not. Gilbert confirms that he does indeed remember Vincent, but the pain of his memories makes him collapse to the floor and ask that he not remember anymore. Hugging his brother sympathetically, Vincent claims that Gilbert doesn't need to remember because just being able to see his brother again is enough for him. Remembering his deal with Break, Gilbert returns Vincent's hug and asks about Raven. Vincent leads Gilbert into the depths of the Nightray estate, surprised to hear that Gilbert knows about Raven in the first place; though Gilbert claims that he's only heard rumors of the terrifying monsters owned by each of the Four Great Dukedoms. Vincent asks if Gilbert knows the reason behind the Four Great Dukedoms' accession to power, explaining that the reason is actually because each of the Four Great Dukedoms obtained one of the Doors to the Abyss rather than b
Ep11 - young gil and young vince with Raven

Vincent tells Gil about Raven's power

ecause of their heroics during the Tragedy of Sablier. When they enter the room with the Nightrays' Door, Vincent mentions that the Dukedoms can bring Chains out of the Doors in order to investigate the Abyss, manage Illegal Contractors and keep and eye on the other Dukedoms. At this moment, Gilbert places his hand on the Door and is transported to a mental junction, where he reawakens Raven, which scares Gilbert and causes his to fall back and lose his connection to the Door. Immediately wrapping his arms around Gilbert, Vincent implores that Gilbert not to be taken in by Raven's power. However, Vincent adds that rumors claim that the Black Winged Chains can form paths to the Abyss - something which Gilbert can use to save his friend if he forms a
Ep11 - gil was gossiped

Gil was gossiped when he finished made Contract with Raven.

Contract with Raven. Caught off guard by Vincent's apparent knowledge of his intent, Gilbert forces Vincent off of him and crawls away, though Vincent assures him that there's nothing to worry about because Gilbert will most definitely succeed in Contracting with Raven.

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Working with Pandora ArcEdit


Break asks Oz and Alice.

The next day, Oz asks Break if he can visit the mansion where his Coming of Age Ceremony is held. Though Break has no qualms about such an action, he does have something that he needs Oz to do. Break explains that an Illegal Contractor has been committing various murders throughout the city of Nosambria, and he needs Oz to apprehend the Contractor; offering Oz some candy in place of actual payment. Though it takes time, Alice is convinced to join the mission in hopes that her memories will be at the mansion where the Coming of Age Ceremony was held, with Gilbert tagging along after Break advises him to look after Oz and Alice.

Upon their arrival in Nosambria, Gilbert, Oz and Alice immediately begin their search for the Illegal Contractor, only for Alice to stray from the group after getting distracted by the world around her. Gilbert orders Oz to stay there while he goes off and looks for Alice. After finding Alice, Gilbert returns to find Oz with a Flower Girl; whom he’d just bought a flower from. Catching the end of their conversation, Gilbert hears Oz explain that he’s only in the area to look for someone, but one of his companions got lost along the way, so “Papa” (Gilbert) went to go find her. Coming up from behind Oz, a bitter Gilbert asks who “Papa” is supposed to be; scolding a disgruntled Alice for delaying them so much. Just then The Flower Girl attempts to leave, only to be stopped by Oz, who puts his flower in the Flower Girl’s hair, justifying that they’ll die if he held onto them, but while they’re in her possession they’re sure to bloom beautifully. Hearing this, Gilbert asks where Oz stole that line from, believing Oz’s attempt at flirting to be rather corny, only to openly complain about all the time they’ve wasted because Alice got lost. Alternatively, Alice tries to claim that she didn’t get lost because Gilbert instead purposefully left her behind, prompting an argument between her and Gilbert.

Soon, the group takes residence in a nearby hotel, only for Alice to question whether or not they’re supposed to be looking for an Illegal Contractor. Gilbert justifies that it’s too late already and so they’ll continue their search in the morning, which Alice objects to because she wants to get to the mansion where the Coming of Age Ceremony was held as soon as possible in order to search for her memories. Suddenly, Oz asks Gilbert what Chains have to gain from forming an Illegal Contract with a human and why they have to kill people once they reach the 1st Dimension. Though hesitant, Gilbert reveals that Chains tell their Contractors that together they can change the past, and even though he doesn’t know whether or not that’s completely true, Gilbert does know that Contractors allow themselves to be taken over by their Chains with every rotation of their Incuse in pursuit of such a goal. Gilbert adds that Oz has an Incuse as well, and that it marks a time limit for an Illegal Contractor, making 12 progressions until the hand on the Incuse makes its full revolution. Even though Oz is curious about what happens when an Incuse reaches its 12th rotation, Gilbert doesn’t answer, instead drawing attention to a sleeping Alice. With Alice asleep, Gilbert states that he’s going out to gather information about the Illegal Contractor; having waited until Alice fell asleep because he knew it would’ve been pointless to bring her along. Oz attempts to object, but Gilbert says that he’ll be fine without any sleep, reiterating how Oz wants to get to the mansion as soon as possible.

Gil and Oz walk

Oz and Gilbert wander through Nosambria to gather information

After leaving, Gilbert finds that Oz has followed him, asking why he’s decided to tag along and whether it’s a good idea to leave Alice alone like that. Explaining that gathering information sounded like fun, Oz mentions that he’d locked the hotel room door and left Alice a note in case she wakes up, so she should be fine. Looking to Gilbert, Oz notes that Gilbert’s a lot nicer than he looks, impressed with how Gilbert’s worrying about Alice while hunting the Illegal Contractor. Gilbert questions how Oz can be so fine with everything and still manage to laugh even after being dragged into a situation he doesn’t fully understand and having a foreign entity like a Chain residing in his body. Laughing, Oz reveals that he’s confident in his ability to adapt, as he’d rather live in the present than grieve over the past, and that he knows exactly what he’s gotten himself into. At any rate, Oz is more concerned about Alice, telling Gilbert of how he’d once let something important to him slip by without trying to uncover the truth because he was afraid of getting hurt. Yet when Oz sees Alice and how desperate she is to collect her memories, he’s reminded of the past and makes him not want to leave Alice’s side. Understanding now, Gilbert asks Oz why he’s trying to seek the truth now, and whether or not it’s because he regrets fearing the truth in the past. Gilbert takes off his hat and tells Oz that no matter what his reason is, Oz is still trying to find the truth, remarking on how much Oz has changed “since then”. This makes Oz remember the Gilbert he knows, comparing him to the Gilbert before him, whom he believes is an entirely different individual named “Raven”.

Just then, an explosion echoes throughout Nosambria, as Gilbert notes that the source is in the direction of their hotel. Rushing back toward the hotel, Gilbert and Oz bump into Alice, only to have the Illegal Contractor and their Chain attack seconds later. The attack blows off the Illegal Contractor’s hood, revealing that the Contractor is none other than The Flower Girl Oz had met earlier that day. As Oz attempts to confront The Flower Girl, Gilbert stops him, seeing that her Incuse is in the process of making its last progression. Power radiates from The Flower Girl’s Incuse as The Path opens and she and her Chain drop down into the Abyss; revealing to Oz and Alice what happens upon the final rotation of the Incuse.

Gilbert, Oz and Alice return to their carriage and leave Nosambria soon after the incident, looking at Oz’s Incuse as they move toward the mansion. Revealing that Oz’s Incuse hasn’t made any progressions yet, Gilbert makes a point of saying that the time will come eventually, and the clock will begin to countdown on the amount of time Oz has left in the 1st Dimension. Alice throws a pillow in frustration and demands to know why she’d been kept in the dark about the Incuse until now; with Gilbert mentioning that he’d intended on explaining the situation to Oz and Alice later because he believed they’d have been too confused if he’d explained it all at once. Gritting her teeth, Alice asks Gilbert if there’s any way to erase Oz’s Incuse, to which Gilbert responds that they’d have to sever the connection of power between Oz and Alice by killing Alice. Outraged, Alice throws another pillow at Gilbert, hitting him in the face and prompting him to draw his gun and shoot at her as he suggests that they just carry on with the search for Alice’s memories rather than worrying about Oz’s Incuse. Managing to get out of the way, Alice tells Gilbert not to order her around, as he’s nothing more than Break’s manservant; frustrating Gilbert further and prompting the two to look to Oz for his input. Ultimately, the group decides to just continue searching for Alice’s memories and let Break worry about dealing with Oz’s Incuse. Thinking back to The Flower Girl, Oz remembers how Illegal Contractors kill people to gain enough power to change the past; wondering what could’ve happened to The Flower Girl to make her so desperate to change the past, and whether or not there was anything he could’ve done to save her.

Upon their arrival at the mansion, Gilbert goes to speak to one of the Pandora members stationed there while he lets Oz and Alice sleep. Through his colleague, Gilbert learns that something’s happened inside and decides to investigate. Seeing that Oz has awoken, Gilbert reveals that Pandora has taken control of the mansion because of the incident at Oz’s Coming of Age Ceremony, advising Oz to remain in the carriage for the time being. I addition, Gilbert suggests that Oz not dwell on the incident with the Flower Girl, as there was nothing that either of them could’ve done to save her.

Pandora members controlled

Gilbert realizes his colleagues are under Duldee and Duldum's control

Inside, Gilbert finds that the clock tower is still progressing fine, wondering what disturbance his associate was talking about. However, when Gilbert turns, he finds that all the Pandora members stationed within the mansion have been taken over by Duldee and Duldum. When one of the Duldums attempts to attack Gilbert, Gilbert wastes no time and dispenses a round of bullets into each of his former colleagues, something which Noise enjoys as she watches from above; claiming that Gilbert has become quite cruel in adulthood. Demanding that Noise shut up, Gilbert points his gun at her and insists that he won’t play a part in her puppet show. Disappointed, Noise asks why Gilbert is so mad, when their long awaited reunion has finally arrived. Smiling, Gilbert claims to be overjoyed, as he’s been waiting for this moment for years, shooting at Noise and missing her by mere inches. Noise smirks as she realizes that Gilbert’s still holding a grudge against her after she’d forced him to hurt his master at Oz’s Coming of Age Ceremony despite the fact that ten years have gone by since then.

Zwei 3

Noise taunts Oz as she plants Duldum within Gilbert's subconscious

Thinking that Gilbert may have been in trouble, Alice and Oz run to the mansion and kick open the door, making Noise ecstatic to see that her guest of honor has finally arrived. Summoning Duldee, and tethering Gilbert in Duldee’s strings, Noise reveals to an oblivious Oz that 10 years have gone by since he was dropped into the Abyss and that the man he’s come to know as “Raven” is actually Gilbert. Furthermore, Noise explains that the Abyss is a dimension that connects to all flows of time, which is why he was ejected 10 years after he was dropped into the Abyss. However, Noise assures Oz that he needs not fret about the shock which has been imposed as she intends on returning Oz to the Abyss once more by using Gilbert. With an incarnation of Duldum now implanted in Gilbert, he’s completely at Noise’s mercy, and so Noise sends Duldum after Oz and Alice. Alice voices her concern over the situation, knowing well that without Gilbert they can’t remove the seal Raven has on her powers. Attacking with supernatural speed, Duldum manages to land a hit on Oz, while Alice is pinned to the ground by another Pandora member possessed by Duldum, as Noise doesn’t want her to interfere. Continuing their battle, Duldum eventually manages to grab a hold of Oz’s neck and slam him into the ground, vowing to make Oz feel the same pain that Gilbert felt when he took Xai’s sword at the Coming of Age Ceremony; using Gilbert’s memories to inflict mental torture on Oz.

Oz notices Gilbert's scar

Oz receives the confirmation he desires

Trying to break free, Oz unintentionally opens Gilbert’s shirt, revealing the scar he received when he defended Oz. Accepting what's right in front of him, Oz stops struggling, allowing Duldum to draw Gilbert’s gun and press it into Oz’s chest. Unaffected, Oz attempts to speak directly to Gilbert and asks if he resents him for nearly killing him, claiming that he’d always wanted to believe in Gilbert’s promises of protecting his master, but now because of him they’ll become lies rather than promises. Oz decides that bearing witness to such an absolute betrayal is too much for him to handle, grabbing Gilbert’s gun and aiming it toward his forehead as he announces that it’s likely best for him to die right then and there. Oz’s voice manages to break past Duldum, and so Gilbert regains control of his body from Duldee by tearing off her strings, directing his aim to Noise and shooting her in the shoulder. Noise is stunned that Gilbert was able to overcome both Duldee and Duldum, fleeing the scene as she states that she looks forward to their next meeting.

Ep07 - gil's promise

Gilbert swears his loyalty to Oz again

With Noise gone, Oz and Alice regroup, only to have Gilbert scold Oz for making such a rash decision, questioning if Oz was really intent on dying, which Oz denies. Hearing this prompts Gilbert to anxiously ask Oz what he would’ve done if he wasn’t able to stop himself. Despite Gilbert’s worries, Oz assures Gilbert that he knew Gilbert would be able to stop himself, knowing that as long as the man before him really was Gilbert, he’d never let Oz die. Unconvinced, Gilbert stresses that he’s not the same person that Oz used to know, revealing that he’s now a member of the Nightray Dukedom as Bernard Nightray’s adoptive son, which is why Oz can’t approach him the same way that he used to, because he himself doesn’t deserve such a right. Overwhelmed, Gilbert runs off to be alone, taking refuge in Lacie’s Tomb.

Having followed Gilbert, Oz orders Gilbert to give him his scarf, using it to create a makeshift bandage to cover the wounds on Gilbert’s arm. Once he’s done, Oz asks why Gilbert went to such lengths in order to hide his identity from him, to which Gilbert answers that he didn’t want Oz to know that he’d changed. Amused, Oz asks where exactly Gilbert changed, noting that even though 10 years have passed and Gilbert’s grown taller and can now handle a gun, Gilbert is still the same person he always was inside. As well, Oz states that even though Gilbert’s become a noble himself and may one day inherit the title of Duke Nightray, he’s doubtful that he’ll ever be able to let Gilbert go. Having seen the light, Gilbert accepts that Oz doesn’t care about who he’s become, bowing before Oz to say that if Oz is willing to forgive him despite his betrayal of the Vessalius Dukedom, then he still wants to be Oz’s valet.

Strange mansion appears

Gilbert and Oz are pulled into Alice's memory

Glad that he has “his Gilbert” back, Oz goes to retrieve Alice, leaving Gilbert in Lacie’s Tomb to investigate. Unable to find anything, Gilbert rejoins Oz and Alice, wishing that he knew who’s grave was in the tomb. Fortunately, Oz suggests that Alice may be able to unearth that information, only to realize that Alice is staring distantly at the ruins and going on about how she’s finally home. Just then, Gilbert and Oz are able to see what Alice sees, as they’ve been pulled into one of Alice’s memories. Together, the group watches as the memory of Alice runs past with a rabbit doll, happy that she’s found who she’d been looking for. When the man tells Alice that she’s such a naughty child for following him, Oz realizes that the man is the same man he’d spoken with in Alice’s last memory fragments. The man turns to Oz and tells him to be careful, as The Intention of the Abyss has been following them for some time now. Then, Alice’s memory begins to crumble around them as the clock tower strikes twelve, however before it can completely deteriorate, the man sees Gilbert save falling and instantly recognizes him; asking Gilbert to protect Oz for sure this time.

The world has now changed around Gilbert and Oz again as they find themselves in a dark domain, and before them is a white rabbit doll, holding Alice as her hostage. Oz asks what The Intention of the Abyss is, and though Gilbert
Equipment - intention rabbit doll

The White Rabbit (The Intention's replica)shows herself to Gil and Oz

isn’t sure exactly, he mentions that The Intention is what both Pandora and the Baskervilles are after. The Intention channels herself through the white rabbit doll, explaining that she’s happy to finally meet Oz and that she’s been waiting a long time for that moment. The Intention asks Oz to hurry and visit her so that they can play with the dolls she’s prepared and talk endlessly while they enjoy each other’s company. Pulling away from The Intention, Oz insists that he doesn’t know her and demands that The Intention let Alice go. Confused, The Intention wonders why Oz even cares about B-Rabbit when she’s likely just going to kill him like all those who came before him. When Gilbert attempts to keep The Intention away from Oz, she throws Gilbert across the room, silencing him and ensuring that he won’t interfere. The Intention tries to convince Oz to throw B-Rabbit away, not able to understand why he wants to remain by her side when neither he nor Alice knows who B-Rabbit really is; outright wishing that B-Rabbit was never born. E
Alice, Oz, and Gilbert

Unconscious Alice, Gil and Alice after their meet with The Intention

xplaining that he really doesn’t know why he wants to keep Alice by his side because he’s just following what he feels, Oz pulls The Intention in close to him, knowing that they will never be able to understand one another and shooting her white rabbit vessel in the head. With her connection severed, The Intention screams with frustration, the world she’d created crumbling around her; leaving Gilbert, Alice and Oz unconscious back in the 1st Dimension.

Soon, Gilbert regains consciousness and carries Alice and Oz to the front of the mansion, where Break and Sharon are waiting. Break commends Gilbert because of what they were able to confirm through his actions, suggesting that Gilbert take Oz and Alice to his apartment and leave the cleaning up to them. Furious, Gilbert lashes out at Break for using Oz as bait in order to draw out the Baskervilles, asking what Break would’ve done if something had happened to Oz. Sharon assures Gilbert that his worries are unnecessary, as she had been watching their every move through his shadow thanks to Equus and had every intention of intervening if things went awry. Furthermore, Sharon admits that they had heard everything Gilbert said; mocking Gilbert for nearly begging Oz to make him his valet once again.

Afterwards, Gilbert does as Break suggested and brings Alice and Oz to his apartment in order to rest and heal their wounds. When Oz wakes, Gilbert asks if he’s hurt anywhere, which Oz denies as he thinks over everything that happened. Unsure, Oz asks Gilbert where they are, prompting Gilbert to explain that they’re in his apartment in the very edge of Reveil and that he’d brought them there after realizing that they were being used by Break the entire time. A shriek of fear from Alice prompts Gilbert and Oz to investigate, with them discovering that Break has arrived. Break claims to have come to check in on Oz and Alice, demanding that Gilbert make some tea for his guests while they talk thing over; knowing that Oz wants to know why he and Sharon haven’t appeared to have aged even after 10 years. While Gilbert complies and goes to make some tea, Break explains the concept of Legal Contractors to Oz and how sometimes a Legal Contractor’s body will stop aging physically – though they do still age, which will eventually cause them to die just as regular humans do. Continuing, Break also explains to Oz that Pandora wants to obtain The Intention of the Abyss because the Abyss itself is a Dimension which creates Chains and is governed by The Intention. As well, since Oz’s return drew out both the Baskervilles and The Intention, Break’s positive that Oz is the key to obtaining The Intention of the Abyss and controlling her power that has run rampant for too long; which makes Oz of vital importance to Pandora.

What truly perplexes Break is Oz’s lack of concern about how he’s now being targeted by The Intention and the Baskervilles. Approaching Oz and noting how Oz can’t be seen by his eyes Break poses the question, “Where in the world are you?”, knowing well that Oz himself doesn’t know the answer. Break then takes his leave through a nearby cabinet, prompting Gilbert and Alice to search for him while Oz wanders off on his own. When Gilbert realizes that Oz is gone he seeks him out, only to find that Oz is curled up on the floor in the corner, though when Gilbert asks if something happened, Oz denies it and writes everything off as under control. Meanwhile, Alice finds a bouquet of black roses and a letter from Vincent, which Oz explains were dropped off by a girl clad in blue. Though Gilbert avoids telling Oz who the letter’s from, he does suggest that they go into Reveil and grab some supplies for dinner; knowing that they have a moment of reprieve while Break investigates the scene they’d seen in Alice’s memories.

Unfortunately, while in Reveil Alice wanders off on her own, intent on stealing meat because Gilbert refuses to buy food already prepared in favor of preparing their own. Gilbert chases Alice down, leaving Oz to wait for their return, alone. When Gilbert catches up to Alice, he buys her some meat as a compromise, leading Alice to mention that she’d asked Oz about him and knows that he can’t remember his origins either. Specifically, Alice asks if Gilbert remembers his parents or not, as she would like to know what it’s like to have a parent, wondering if, since parents are the ones who create your existence, they’re also the ones who create your reason for existing. When Gilbert answers vaguely, Alice just accepts it and says that she’ll just ask Oz about parents later, prompting fury to grow inside Gilbert. Ultimately, Gilbert insists that Alice not talk about parents in front of Oz because it’s a delicate subject for him, though he won’t elaborate as to why it is this way. In the end, Alice is able to convince Gilbert (through blackmail) to tell her why parents are such a heavy topic for Oz, prompting Gilbert to explain the incident where Oz was rejected by Xai. Though Gilbert wonders if he’d gone too far by telling Alice about Oz’s relationship with his father, the feeling is short lived as Alice whips around upon smelling the familiar scent of a Chain she’d encountered in the Abyss named Grim. Immediately, Alice bolts in an attempt to follow Grim’s scent, with Gilbert trailing closely behind her. When Gilbert finally catches up to Alice, he asks if it’s really Grim that Alice can smell, which she confirms; prompting Gilbert to suggest that they go back and retrieve Oz before confronting Grim. Refusing, Alice states that if they did that, they’d lose Grim’s scent, and Grim could potentially possess some of her memories. Still reluctant, Gilbert claims that they’d benefit from leaving Grim alone for now, something which Alice claims is impossible, because Grim has found them first.

Slumping down off of the roof of a nearby building, Grim and his Contractor, William West, confront Alice and Gilbert. Recognizing Alice as B-Rabbit, Grim stresses how important it is that they devour her to William, as it would make The Intention overjoyed. Laughing at Grim’s statement, Alice vows to destroy Grim and orders Gilbert to release her powers; only for them to realize that they can’t release Alice’s powers without Oz. Taking the alternative, Gilbert and Alice flee the scene, with Grim hot in pursuit, only for Echo to leap down from a bridge above and attack Grim. As Oz arrives, Gilbert attempts to persuade Echo to withdraw from the fight, as Grim isn’t something she can defeat on her own. Just as Gilbert had predicted, Echo is defeated and cast into a nearby alley by Grim, which Grim then follows up by destroying the bridge Oz is standing on. With Oz among the rubble and Gilbert rushing to his side, Alice is left alone to battle Grim and William, only the two fail to see that their attempt on Oz’s life has prompted Gilbert to release the power of B-Rabbit so that she can destroy Grim; Gilbert losing consciousness afterwards.

When Gilbert regains consciousness, he sees Alice in her human form on the ground and Oz in front of William, who has his gun drawn and pointed toward Oz. Believing William to be a threat, Gilbert wastes no time, getting to his feet and taking aim at William in an attempt to save Oz. Seeing the danger, Oz jumps in front of William, begging Gilbert not to shoot, only to have a bullet pierce William’s skull anyway. As William’s dead body falls to the ground, Gilbert sees that B-Rabbit’s power is starting to destroy Oz from the inside out again, rushing to Oz’s side and sealing B-Rabbit’s power with Raven once again. Oz demands to know why Gilbert shot William against his orders, but Gilbert reveals that he wasn’t the one who shot William. Emerging from the shadows with Echo, Vincent admits to having been the assailant, justifying that William looked as though he was going to kill Oz and that William’s only options were to drop into the Abyss or die anyway. Wondering if Vincent has a carriage nearby, Gilbert requests that Vincent allow him to borrow it so that they can take Oz and Alice somewhere safe to rest, which Vincent wholeheartedly agrees to.

Once on the road, Vincent suggests that they take Oz and Alice to the Nightray estate, only for Gilbert to throw a fit opposing the idea. Instead, the group travel to the Rainsworth estate, where Gilbert has Alice and Oz wait in a separate room while he and Vincent discuss the incident with Sharon. Before he goes however, Gilbert tells Oz that there wasn’t anything they could’ve done to save William, not wanting Oz to dwell on everything that had happened. After explaining the incident to Sharon, Vincent and Echo are escorted out by Break, leaving Gilbert to voice his shame to Sharon about how it’s his job to protect and support Oz, yet he continuously fails because Oz so willingly puts himself in dangerous situations where he acts on his own. Sympathizing with Gilbert, Sharon dries his hair and tells him that Gilbert is still fulfilling his duty by noticing anything Oz is lacking, though she advises Gilbert to explain to Oz what had happened to him over the last 10 years. Gilbert does as directed and goes to see Oz and Alice, revealing to them that Vincent is his brother, as well as the story of how he was adopted by the Nightray Dukedom in order to form a Contract with Raven so that he could save Oz from the Abyss. Only after he’d finished did Gilbert realize that his story had made Oz and Alice fall asleep, and so Gilbert tends to them both; setting them up in bed so that they may sleep comfortably.

Afterwards, Gilbert goes out into the hall to find Break waiting with a candelabra sitting on his head. Break informs Gilbert that the scenery he'd described prior to The Intention of the Abyss' attack matches a similar site that had disappeared more than 100 years ago while the Four Great Dukedoms fought against the Baskervi
Ep13 - gils curiosity about alice

"She's a Chain, but why she looks like a girl?"

lle Clan. Though he's surprised, Gilbert quickly accepts this and takes Break's candelabra, insisting that Break explain what exactly "that thing" is. Break states that Gilbert's being rude and suggests that they call Alice by her actual name, though Gilbert refuses, justifying that Alice is nothing more than a parasite that's intruding on Oz's body. Rewording his question, Gilbert asks Break why Alice looks so much like a human, prompting Break to explain that there are certain Chains capable of taking on such a form. Break then wonders about the girl and B-Rabbit and which one
Ep13 - shocked gil with what break said to him

Gil surprised with Break's wonders.

is the true Alice. In the end, Break tells Gilbert that because of the mystery surrounding Alice, he can’t allow Gilbert to kill her, as she may be connected to the Tragedy of Sablier – meaning that they could not only divulge the truth that they seek from Alice, but potentially the identity of the man Oz had encountered as well. Though unhappy with Break's orders, Gilbert doesn't argue, instead proceeding back into the room to rest alongside Oz and Alice.

Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

Having Oz lose his hat somewhere in Reveil during the Grim incident, Gilbert immediately drags Alice and Oz into Reveil to help him search for it the following day. Unfortunately, when they reach the place where Oz had last seen it, they find that Gilbert's hat is no where to be found. With Gilbert depressed over the tragic loss of his hat, Oz suggests that they just buy a new one for him. However, Gilbert states that such a thing is out of the question - as he doesn't want a new hat, he wants his hat - continuing on to search for it. Soon enough, Gilbert actually does manage to find his hat, as it's been stolen by the Reveil Gang, although when Gilbert tries to reclaim his hat, the leader tells Gilbert that he doesn't know what Gil's talking about - claiming that his brother gave him the hat. Furious, Gilbert vows to make the Reveil Gang spit out the truth, trying to fight his way to the leader in order to retrieve his hat. Just as the leader and Gilbert go in for the fight, Oz intervenes by pushing Gilbert out of the way and convincing the Reveil Gang to settle their little dispute with an arm wrestling match.

Oz wins his match against the leader with ease, and it appears that his plan to win 2 - 1 so that Alice won't have to fight the brawny man is going off without a hitch, however when Gilbert goes to face off against the woman of the Reveil Gang, he finds that Oscar has arrived on the scene - intent on taking her place in the match. Gilbert, ashamed to even face Oscar because of his betrayal toward the Vessalius Dukedom, is distracted by his conflicting emotions and ultimately loses his match with Oscar because of it. As Gilbert goes to sulk in shame, Alice steps up for her match - where she antagonizes her opponent by calling him a "Bald Octopus" because she's confident that she can easily defeat him. As Alice didn't think the situation through, he powers as B-Rabbit are still bound by Raven when the match begins. With Alice on the verge of failure, Gilbert releases Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's powers because he's not willing to part with his hat, resulting in Alice's easy win over her opponent. When Alice's opponent accuses her of cheating, Oscar realizes that the Reveil Gang has no intention of upholding their end of the bargain, and so he steals Gilbert's hat back from the leader, tossing it to Gilbert and encouraging the group to make a run for it; unintentionally leaving Alice behind.

When Gilbert, Oscar and Oz make it back to Oscar's carriage, Gilbert attempts to awkwardly avoid Oscar while he and Oz make up for the 10 years they've been apart. Though, as Oz attempts to apologize for complicating the situation, Oscar simply writes it off as nothing and brings both Oz and Gilbert in for a hug - saying that both of them may as well be his own sons, so he doesn't want them to treat him like an outsider when just being with them like this is enough for him. As Gilbert accepts this, the group realizes that they still need to locate Alice before they leave - though when they look for her, they can only manage to find Emily sitting next to a bag of apples on the ground. Intrigued, Oz decides that he and Gilbert should seek out Sharon for answers.

Upon their arrival at the Rainsworth estate, Gilbert and Oz have Sharon explain to them that Break had been aware that a Chain with a strong connection to The Intention of the Abyss, named Cheshire, had been stalking Alice. As such, Break manipulated Cheshire's interest in Alice and was seemingly kidnapped by Cheshire alongside Alice and taken to Cheshire's Dimension. Aggravated, Gil questions why they always have to act as Break's pawns, however Oz has a different outlook on the situation. Oz asks Sharon if he's right to assume that Break isn't the kind of person who'd jump head-long into enemy territory unless he had some kind of preplanned escape route; something which Break would've known would bring Oz and Gilbert to see Sharon so that they could find Alice. Confirming Oz's suspicions, Sharon reveals that Equus is currently residing in Break's shadow, and using this connection she's able to form a portal to Cheshire's Dimension - inviting Oz to enter the portal if he's intent on finding Alice.

Before Oz can embark on his journey, Gilbert blocks his way to Equus' portal, believing the situation to be too dangerous and suggesting that Oz stay behind while he goes to rescue Break and Alice. Despite Gilbert's arguments, Oz notes how such a thing would be pointless, because he's Alice's Contractor. Furthermore, Oz explains that he believes Break had left Emily behind to deliver a kind of message to him, likely being Break's way of asking Oz to hurry up and help out. In the end, Oz insists that he's going to go help Break and Alice, asking Gilbert if he intends on joining him. Gilbert, finding himself in a problematic situation, states that even though he doesn't want Oz to go, there's no stopping it, and so he proceeds into the portal alongside Oz to save Break and Alice from Cheshire.

When they're dropped into Cheshire's Dimension, Gilbert and Oz are dazed, and so it takes Gilbert a while to rouse Oz. When conscious, Oz questions if they're really in Cheshire's Dimension, which Sharon confirms, startling Oz while Gilbert wonders why Equus is in Oz's shadow rather than Break's. With this, Sharon explains that Equus had just been forced out of Break's shadow, and so she's left wondering whether or not something has happened to him. Despite this, Sharon notes that Break won't go down without a fight, and so she suggests that Gilbert and Oz start searching for Alice first.

Unexpectedly, before they can start their search, Cheshire attacks Gilbert and Oz, with Gilbert only just managing to push Oz out of harms way in time. When Cheshire lands, Gilbert is frozen with fear as he realizes that Cheshire is a cat - remaining as such while Cheshire explains that Break is immersed in his memories and that he'd targeted Break and Alice because they're enemies of The Intention of the Abyss. Cheshire admits that he'd never anticipated Break's arrival, or even the arrival of Gilbert and Oz, though so long as he kills them nothing should change. With Cheshire launching himself at them, Oz asks Gilbert what they should do, only to realize that Gilbert's frozen with fear. Gilbert manages to regain his composure after Oz moves him out of the way of an assault by Cheshire, taking the opportunity to shoot Cheshire in the head, shoulder and ribbon; only to have his wounds immediately regenerate. Before Cheshire can strike again, Sharon summons Equus, urging Gilbert and Oz to go find Break and Alice while she fends off Cheshire.

Ep13 - censorship of bloods scene

Cheshire attacks Gilbert (in anime)

Doing as Sharon had advised, Gilbert and Oz take to following a trail of candy left by Break. As they follow the trail, Alice appears before Gilbert and Oz, though Gilbert isn't fooled and wastes no time - shooting the fragmented memory of Alice in the face. Just then, Cheshire reappears, disarming Gilbert and explaining that the fragmented memories will attack intruders to Cheshire's Dimension. As well, if one was to be immersed in their memory, then they'll enter a space between time, never to escape their oncoming painful death. Hearing this, Oz asks if that means that Alice's memories are within Cheshire's Dimension, which confuses Cheshire as he reveals that the entirety of the dimension is crafted from Alice's memories. Cheshire then solely confronts Gilbert, able to sense Raven inside him, asking that Gilbert summon Raven because he'd much rather devour Raven's flesh than a human's. Frustrated, Gilbert moves to summon Raven in order to end Cheshire once and for all, which only causes Oz pain as an effect of B-Rabbit's power. Seeing how grave the situation could become, Gilbert stops, allowing Cheshire to grab his wrist as he realizes that Raven is holding back B-Rabbit's power. Though Cheshire is ultimately saddened that he won't get to see Raven, he digresses and instead slashes his claws through Gilbert's chest, throwing him backwards off of a balcony and into the depths of Cheshire's Dimension.

Awakening in a strange part of Cheshire's Dimension, Gilbert is surprised to see that he's still alive and that the wounds inflicted to him by Cheshire have stopped bleeding. As Gilbert wonders about Oz's condition, he notices that the area he's in is identical to what he and Oz had seen in Alice's memories prior to The Intention of the Abyss' attack back at the mansion where Oz had been dropped into the Abyss. Remembering how Break had told him that the scene he'd described had disappeared 100 years ago, Gilbert decides to traverse the area - though no matter where he goes Gilbert finds that the scenery doesn't change. As he questions how he's going to get back to Oz, Gilbert sees one of the warped memories of Alice in the distance, following it in hope that it could provide him with a solution of some sort.

Ep14 - jack behind gil

Gilbert meets a fragment of Jack's broken soul

Gilbert eventually loses track of the memory of Alice, though as he tries to find her, he instead comes across the same man that Oz had been encountering subconsciously ever since his escape from the Abyss. Astonished by how similar in appearance the man before him and Oz are, Gil mistakes him for Oz - only to be corrected by the man as he identifies himself as Jack Vessalius. Wasting no time, Gilbert asks Jack if there's something he can do to help Oz, and so as a result Jack goes and saves Oz as he's about to be killed by Cheshire. Once Jack brings Oz to Gilbert, Oz feverishly rushes to his friend's side in order to ensure that Gilbert is well. With everything smoothed over, Jack tells Oz that even though it's the first time they've been able to meet face to face and Oz deserves an explanation, the time still hasn't come for that to happen. Continuing, Jack explains that he needs Oz to help him save Alice, revealing that if they don't act quickly she'll be consumed by Cheshire's Dimension and eventually disappear altogether.

Oz eagerly accepts, only to have Gilbert advise against it based on his concern that Cheshire will come after them. However, Jack assures Gilbert that Cheshire won't pursue them because he's busy with another "guest". When Gilbert asks if Jack means Break, Jack answers with a question of his own: why did Cheshire kidnap both Break and Alice but not kill them. The answer: Cheshire is afraid to face the power of Mad Hatter, only now he has no other option - as he's willing to risk his life in order to make sure The Intention of the Abyss is happy. When Jack has Oz explain how important Alice is to him, Gilbert is shocked, as he's been so keen on killing Alice in order to save Oz. Gilbert's shock only escalates as Jack locates Alice and sends Oz to her location in order to save her, gripping Jack and demanding an explanation as to why Jack would allow Oz to go alone. With this, Jack explains that if he were to do that then Gilbert would only obstruct Oz's path. Furthermore, he can't move freely in Cheshire's Dimension because he's not a part of Alice's memories, so while Jack was able to save Gilbert and Oz, he's unable to reach into the depths of Cheshire's Dimension where Alice was taken to. Hearing this, Gilbert asks what Jack is if not a part of Alice's memories, to which Jack replies that he's merely a fragment of Jack's soul that's clinging to Alice's memories.

Jack Gil

Jack's mirror's Oz's behavior

Jack then manages to make a connection with Oz, explaining to him that he's been deposited into Alice's memory of the Tragedy of Sablier, revealing that Alice was indeed alive more than 100 years ago and that what happened during The Tragedy is the memory which Alice wanted to forget the most. Unable to restrain himself any longer, Gilbert draws his gun and takes aim at Jack, ordering him to take him to Oz immediately. Even so, Jack only laughs and says that he'd never thought that Gilbert would be the one to aim a gun at him, proceeding toward Gilbert until the barrel of the gun is pressed against his forehead; telling Gilbert to go ahead and shoot. With Gilbert distracted as he compares the situation to the one where Duldum had held Oz at gunpoint under, Jack disarms Gilbert and asks if he'd really forgotten everything. Backing away, Gilbert confirms Jack's suspicions, insisting that he doesn't want to remember the past. As Gilbert is consumed with pain from the fragments of memory he's being forced to remember, Jack crouches down and attempts to comfort him, apologizing for bringing up the subject in the first place. Finally, Gilbert remembers that he has in fact seem Jack before, 100 years ago, before he falls unconscious into Jack's arms.
Ch20 Jack Gil

Jack prepares to send Gilbert to stop Oz

Suddenly, Gilbert is jolted awake as Oz removes Raven's seal on his own, with Jack explaining that the sight Oz witnessed of Alice's death during the Tragedy of Sablier seems to have been too much for Oz to handle, and so now the power of B-Rabbit is consuming his body and raging out of control. At the rate its going, Jack explains that soon enough B-Rabbit's power with put too much of a strain on Oz's body, and so Jack tells Gilbert that even though he should rest more, Gilbert now needs to go and stop Oz before it's too late - sending Gilbert to the Oz's location without a moment's hesitation.

When Gilbert arrives in the memory of the Tragedy of Sablier, it doesn't take him long to locate Oz as he stands vacantly in the middle of the fray while the power of B-Rabbit tears apart Cheshire's Dimension. Rushing to Oz's side, Gilbert questions Oz's motives and urges him to stop using B-Rabbit's power before his body is destroyed as a result. Having heard only the word "destroy", Oz decides that he will destroy everything in order to make Alice happy, ultimately coming to the conclusion that in order to stop Alice from ever being sad again, he needs to destroy Alice as well, vowing to do whatever it takes to make Alice happy. As B-Rabbit's powers reign free and strike Cheshire's Dimension more and more aggressively, Gilbert sees no other alternative, slapping Oz in order to bring him to his senses. Now that Oz has been set straight, Gilbert and Oz hurriedly rush to Alice's side, saving her from the clutches of her own memory.

Ch21 Cheshire

Cheshire attempts to drag Gilbert, Alice, Oz and Break down alongside his dimension

Just then, Cheshire's Dimension collapses underneath their feet, leaving Gilbert, Oz and Alice scrambling for some semblance of structure. As turmoil takes over, Gilbert notes how Equus still hasn't come back yet, meaning that they have no escape route from Cheshire's Dimension. Just then, a monstrous Cheshire arises from the wreckage, only to be fought back by Break. Break realizes that Cheshire is attempting to drag them down with the dimension as it is destroyed, urging the group to escape through Equus - prompting Gilbert to explain how that's seemingly not a possibility. As Break lands one final attack on Cheshire, he and Gilbert are separated from Oz and Alice - who are then promptly transported back to the 1st Dimension by Equus as he appears. With Gilbert and Break trapped in what remains of Cheshire's Dimension, Break orders Gilbert to summon Raven to open a portal of his own. With no other option, Gilbert complies, saving himself and Break just in time - though the amount of strain put on him for transporting two people through dimensions proves to be too great, and so Gilbert loses consciousness as soon as he and Break return to the 1st Dimension.

An unconscious Gil with Break and Reim

While Gilbert rests, Break pulls Reim into the room, where Reim explains that Sharon had been kidnapped while the group was in Cheshire's Dimension, and that now Pandora is in a state of panic because Oz and Alice (in her released form) spontaneously appeared in the middle of a meeting between the Four Great Dukes. With this, Break and Reim leave, encouraging Gilbert to muster enough strength to stand - knowing how desperately he needs to rebind the power of B-Rabbit. Soon enough, Gilbert finds Oz surrounded by Pandora members in the grand hall, where it appears as though Jack has taken control of the body and personally stopped the flow of B-Rabbit's power into Alice; thereby returning her to her human form. Gilbert witnesses Jack's proclamation stating that the soul of Glen Baskerville will once again r

Reim and others confused with Jack's word about Baskervilles

eturn to the 1st Dimension and attempt to trigger another event like the Tragedy of Sablier. To further solidify that Jack is indeed who he claims to be, Reim reveals to his colleagues that Jack is possessing Oz - who'd fulfilled a role that had been prophesied before being dropped into the Abyss by the Baskervilles 10 years ago. Hearing this makes Gilbert cringe as he's forced to relive the terrible events of the Coming of Age Ceremony as the memories flash before his eyes. Seeing this, Jack steps in front of Gilbert and brings him back to his senses - Jack asking if he's all right and ruffling his hair playfully. Jack then reiterates his message and fades back into Oz's subconscious, leaving Gilbert to catch Oz's unconscious body as it falls. In the end, Gilbert returns to the Rainsworth estate, where he sets Oz up in bed and watches Oz alongside Alice until the both of them fall asleep as well.

Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

A week after the incident in Cheshire's Dimension, Oscar arrives at the Rainsworth estate with three uniforms for Lutwidge Academy, presenting them to Gilbert, Oz and Alice. After being hurried into Oscar's carriage, Gilbert asks where Oscar's taking them, prompting Oscar to reveal that they're going on a "secret mission". Elaborating, Oscar explains that he received a letter from Lutwidge Academy a three days ago, in which she claims to be in love with someone. Intent on looking into the matter, Oscar has decided to bring Gilbert, Oz and Alice along with him to infiltrate Lutwidge Academy.

Upon their arrival, Gilbert questions why they can't just go in through the main entrance, though Oscar claims that they don't have time for that. Instead, Oscar opens up a secret passageway into the school which which the head of the Vessalius Dukedom many generations past had created. When the group finally makes it into Lutwidge Academy, Gilbert is exceptionally nervous; especially when he sees students heading their way. Oscar assures Gilbert that he h

Oz, Oscar & Gil panic when the warning alarm ringing

as nothing to worry about - reasoning that so long as they appear confident there shouldn't be a reason to raise any suspicion. Agreeing, Gilbert looks to Oscar, believing that they'll simply look like a set of students and their professor - only to realize that Oscar has changed into a student uniform as well. As Oscar greets the students, they run off in fear, prompting the professors to raise an alarm for the intruders.

In an attempt to escape persecution, the group scatters, separating Gilbert and Oscar from Oz and Alice. When Oscar happily exclaims that the situation seems to have gotten complicated, Gilbert angrily insists that it's not funny. However, as he lights a cigarette, Oscar explains that if they were to be caught they wouldn't be killed, and moreover Oz is the kind of person who'd enjoy such a situation anyway; so there's really no reason for Gilbert to be so on-edge. Once Gilbert has calmed down, Oscar stands and notes that Oz never asked him anything about what's happened over the last 10 years, not even addressing how Ada must have grown since the last time he'd seen her or how Gilbert's perception of him has changed; things which a regular person would be far more concerned with. Accepting this, Gilbert wonders if there really is a reason why Oz is acting as such. The way Oscar sees it, Oz believes that the way things are now is fact, so there's not really a reason to understand why it is things have turned out that way, and while this may be the easiest route - it is also the most isolating. Furthermore, if Oz continues along that path, then eventually, as the information begins to accumulate in his body, Oz will break down as a result.

When Gilbert goes to question Oscar's statement, Oscar realizes that Ada's arrived as Kitty flings herself at Oscar. Meanwhile, Snowdrop pounces on Gilbert's face and antagonizes him, with Ada storming in and announcing that smoking on school property is prohibited - so even they can't escape Snowdrop's keen sense of smell. Ada is shocked to see her uncle, even more so to hear that Oz came with him and is somewhere in Lutwidge Academy. Noticing Ada's anxiety over whether Oz will be able to accept her as she is now or not, Gilbert pipes up and explains that Oz had accepted him as his valet once more because he didn't care about everything that had happened while he was in the Abyss. Knowing this, Gilbert knows that Oz will most definitely accept Ada for who she is, and so he encouraging her to seek out Oz in order to see for herself. Just then, Ada sees Snowdrop wander off on her own, and so she chases Snowdrop alongside Gilbert and Oscar, finding Oz and Alice in a nearby room.

After Ada and Oz's reunion, Alice attempts to separate the two of them as she claims Oz as her "manservant". Hearing this, Gilbert rushes in fights over him with Alice, only to be separated by Oscar as he reminds them the real reason they'd come to Lutwidge Academy. As the group reconciles with Ada, Ada notes that not only has it been a long time since she's seen Oz, but it's also been a long time since she's spoken to Gilbert like this, asking him if he's making use of the hat she'd sent him. As Oscar and Oz relate the connection between Gilbert and Ada, Oscar tells Ada that there's something he'd like to ask her about the letter she'd sent him. Although, before Oscar could ask his question, Ada turns to Gilbert, and Oscar and Oz accept this as their confirmation - moving in to reprimand Gilbert,who they believe to be the person Ada fell in love with. Even with Ada's revelation that they are mistaken, Oscar and Oz chase after Gilbert through Lutwidge, with Alice following closely behind.

When Oscar and Oz give up on their pursuit, Gilbert and Alice settle down in a nearby hallway, where Gilbert states the urgency of finding Oscar and Oz as soon as possible. Unexpectedly though, when Gilbert tries to get Alice to follow him, she turns suddenly as she senses the presence of the Baskervilles; prompting her to ask why they're at Lutwidge Academy. With this in mind, Gilbert and Alice feverishly search for Oz throughout Lutwidge Academy. Unexpectedly though, Alice suddenly drops to the floor in the middle of their search, and Gilbert runs into a nearby wall as they both feel the effect of Oz having torn off Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's powers. Sensing the danger of the situation, Gilbert continues his search, leaving Alice behind in order to do so.

After a while, Gilbert finally manages to find Oz, though he's alongside Elliot and Leo. Though Gilbert is shocked to have run into Elliot, he proceeds to ask how Elliot's been and if he's okay. Rather than return the sentiment however, Elliot draws his sword and demands to know why Gilbert is at Lutwidge Academy, slashing at his adoptive brother as he calls him a coward for abandoning the Nightray Dukedom and shameless for wearing a Lutwidge uniform despite his age. Oz, worried about Gilbert's well being, intercedes and attempts to stop Elliot, prompting Elliot to ask what connection Oz has to Gilbert. As Oz grasps Elliot's wrist to make him stop, Gilbert stops their exchange and explains that he'll never be able to forgive even Elliot if he dares to lay a hand on Oz. When Elliot questions Gilbert's motives, Gilbert reveals that Oz is his master, thereby also revealing Oz's identity as a Vessalius to Elliot, who immediately slaps Oz's hand back and starts to distance himself from Oz. Elliot merely grits his teeth and writes what Gilbert said off as nonsense, urging Leo to follow along so that they can report the incident to Turner.

A few days later, Gilbert and Oz are frustrated with the way that the situation at Lutwidge Academy played out regarding Elliot, though they're left to mull over what's happened whilst Sharon and Break take Alice aside to talk alone. Soon after the departure however, Sharon rushes back into the room and beats Oz with her harisen after having heard that Oz and Alice had already kissed. It isn't until after, when Gilbert is attempting to tend to his master, that Sharon learns that the kiss was the way that Oz ingested Alice's blood - motivating Sharon to apologize for her rash actions. Just then, Oscar enters the room with what he claims to be juice and desserts so that they can all celebrate their safety after returning from Lutwidge Academy. Only, after everyone indulges themselves, it's realized that Oscar has presented the with wine rather than juice and gotten them all intoxicated.

Gilbert later wakes up to find that everyone is asleep except for Break and Oz. Ambling out onto the balcony, Gilbert hears Break playfully insult Oz, and so he orders Break to stop trying to humiliate his master. Break makes note of Gilbert's low alcohol tolerance, which Gilbert denies as he collapses onto Oz and begs Oz to try and value his life more, as it makes him sad when he doesn't. As Gilbert breaks down in tears over his confusion of which personal pronoun he should use to refer to himself, Oz asks if he's okay - which Gilbert confirms while addressing Oz as "young master". Smiling from the nostalgia, Oz pats Gil on the head and apologizes for making him carry such a heavy burden for so long - vowing to take some of the weight off of him from now on and asking Gilbert to tell him everything about his time with the Nightrays over the last 10 years. With this, Oz runs off to take care of Alice, prompting Break to note the positivity of the situation - something which Gilbert can't argue with because he knows he won't have to worry as much anymore.

Break's Past ArcEdit

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Side StoryEdit

Sometime after their encounter with Rufus Barma, Gilbert makes his way to Oz's room to invite Oz and Alice to a meeting Break and Sharon wanted to hold to discuss recent events, only to discover from Oz that Alice seems to be sick; something which Gilbert didn't think could happen to Chains. At any rate, Gilbert told Oz to let him take care of Alice, though Oz instructs Gilbert not to let Alice run about while he goes out to get her something to eat and some medicine. Sitting beside the bed and watching Alice, Gilbert couldn't restrain himself and asked Alice how she could get herself sick; believing the concept to be strange. Questioning Gilbert as to what he'd said to her, Alice throws the wet cloth she's had on her forehead at Gilbert before jumping out of bed and yelling at Gilbert for making fun of her. Telling Alice not to worry about it, Gilbert suggests that she lay down and rest as a patient should. Though Alice attempts to argue, she instead collapses into the bed, with Gilbert covering her in a blanket and encouraging her to rest. Picking up the cloth Alice had thrown at him, Gilbert finds that it's already warm again and so he rinses it once again in order to replace it; unable to stop himself from wondering whether or not the human medicine that Oz is getting will actually work on Alice.

When Gilbert replaces the cloth, he gets bitten rather harshly by Alice, though he's unable to react before Oz returns wearing an apron as he delivers Alice her food and medicine. Remembering the last time he was forced to eat Oz's cooking, Gilbert asks if Oz cooked the food he'd made Alice, to which Oz states that there's no reason for Gilbert to worry because he'd consulted a chef this time around. At the same time, Alice remarks on how good the food smelled, wondering if there was any meat in it, which Oz denies, only for Alice to vapidly continue to ask her question over and over before falling back into bed miserably. Simply writing off Alice's actions as an effect of her cold, Oz proceeds to start feeding Alice; however Gilbert is more concerned that Alice may lose control of herself in the state she's in. Despite Gilbert's worries, Alice seems more abnormally depressed so he doesn't dwell on it, instead Gilbert's focus is drawn to his "manly pride" insisting that Oz step aside and let him feed Alice in Oz's place. Through continuous arguing, Gilbert ultimately accepts that Oz won't back down from taking care of Alice, instead asking Gilbert why he was coming to see him earlier in the first place. After Gilbert explains the meeting the Break and Sharon wanted to hold, Oz declines the invitation, claiming that he has too much to take care of and not enough time.

Leaving Alice in Oz's care, Gilbert attends Sharon and Break's meeting in Oz's place, wanting to be polite even though he's not really interested in the meeting himself. While Sharon and Break drone on, Gilbert's thoughts wander, prompting Sharon to suggest that Break screams in Gilbert's ear to bring him back to reality. Having done so, Sharon and Break inquire as to the reason why Gilbert is so absent minded, prompting Gilbert to explain the situation to them; only for Sharon and Break to mock Gilbert for being so predictable. Once the teasing had subsided, Break mentions how odd it seems for a Chain to get sick, prompting him to ask Gilbert how Oz is doing. Gilbert simply says that Oz is as energetic as always, though this reminds him of an old memory where Oscar had brought him, Oz and Ada to the countryside to see the "golden drops" as light refracted off of the grain in the field of wheat back when he Oz, Ada and Oscar visited the countryside. With this in mind, Gilbert storms out of the meeting, ignoring Sharon as she calls after him.

Golden Drops I

A sick Alice releases numerous "mini Alices"

Storming into the room, Gilbert asks Oz what's happened, with Oz unable to answer because he himself is unsure. Seizing, Alice begins kicking away her blankets and squeezing Oz's hands tightly while she experiences great amounts of pain before letting out a piercing scream and going limp. Unable to comprehend what's just happened, Gilbert and Oz standby and contemplate their next action, only for Alice to sneeze and release numerous "mini Alices", which then proceed to swarm throughout Oz's room. Among the confusion, Gilbert attempts to devise a way to deal with them mini Alices, who simply stare at Gilbert and ask one another what they're to do about him. As Gilbert tries to back away, the hoard of Alices advance and proceed to attack Gilbert from all directions. Once the Alice's were satisfied, they left into the corridor, leaving Gilbert unconscious. After confirming Gilbert's condition and speaking with Alice, Oz goes off on his own, intent on destroying the mini Alices (which are representations of Alice's power), in order to return them to their source.

Once recovered, Gilbert takes to tracking Oz down, arriving in time to watch the last remaining mini Alice flee from the scene, and to catch Oz as he falls from a maple tree outside of Pandora Headquarters. Carrying Oz back towards Pandora Headquarters, Oz comes out of the trance he found himself in and wonders what's happening. After Gilbert explains the situation, he asks that Oz not be so reckless next time, resulting in a brief apology before Oz asks about the last mini Alice, to which Gilbert explains that the mini Alice had run off on her own. When the two finally reach the main building, Oz starts to squirm and insists that Gilbert put him down. Refusing, Gilbert instead asks why Oz was insistent on hiding the fact that he'd caught a cold, shocking Oz. Disappointed that Gilbert had figured him out, Oz admits that the reason why Alice is sick is because of him. The night before, Oz had left his window open while reading, not realizing that he'd done so until he was as cold as ice. The next morning Oz could feel his symptoms setting in, but also realized that Alice was sick as well because of their connection through their Contract.


Gilbert piggybacks a sickly Oz

Realizing that Oz had wanted to be the one to take care of Alice because he'd felt guilty, Gilbert scolds Oz for making such rash decisions, reminding Oz of the time they saw the "golden drops" in the wheat field years ago, where Oz also hid the fact that he was unwell; resulting in his collapse later on. Carrying Oz to his room, Gilbert could see that Alice looked better as she lay sleeping, though Oz assures him that Alice is still not completely healed yet as they still need to locate the last mini Alice. Just then, the mini Alice jumps out from behind the bed, thanking Oz for protecting her and announcing that she intends on returning to Alice now; which should heal Alice completely. Diving into Alice's body, the mini Alice disappears and Alice wakes up, acting like herself once again. Once fully conscious, Alice explains that she dreamed of "golden drops" while she was asleep, asking if she'd been looking into Oz's memories, as she believed it was an effect of their Contract. Now fully recovered, Alice was overjoyed to see that Gilbert was piggybacking Oz, and so she jumps out of bed and insists that it's her turn. Intentionally, Oz denies Alice the satisfaction in order to entice her further, encouraging Alice to throw a fit. Annoyed, Gilbert ultimately allows Alice to switch places with Oz in order to shut her up for a while; returning afterwards to tend to Oz.

Later, Gilbert returns with a bowl of porridge and Alice on his shoulders, finding Break and Sharon with their foreheads pressed against Oz's (which they claimed to be a magic spell passed down from Shelly Rainsworth). Gilbert demands to know what Break and Sharon think they're doing, encouraging Break to ask what's up with Gilbert's appearance. Enraged, Gilbert barks at Break to shut up, only to have Sharon interrupt by encouraging them both to calm down. Meanwhile, Oz begins to fantasize about piggyback riding, and so Alice asks how Oz is feeling, with Oz claiming to be feeling fine. As Gilbert proceeds to care for Oz, Alice attempts to feed Oz the porridge Gilbert had brought for Oz. This only makes Gilbert angry, exceedingly more so as Break and Sharon both ask to feed Oz as well. It isn't until after Sharon's request that Gilbert admits that he believes he should be the one taking care of his master. As Alice continues her attempt to feed Oz and "return the favor", the resulting argument between Gilbert and Alice makes Oz laugh; worrying Gilbert as he asks Oz if something's wrong. However, Oz denies that anything is wrong, taking in the joy he feels from the warmth all around him.

Sometime after Oz had healed, Gilbert receives a proposal from a young woman named Dalia Garland, the thirteenth to be approved by Bernard. However, Gilbert himself isn't entirely interested in proposals and intends on letting Dalia down gently on their first date, despite Break and Oz's opposition to the idea of doing so on their first date. The following day, Gilbert meets with Dalia in the park, trying to think of polite ways to turn down her proposal. Instead, Dalia apologized because she didn't consider herself to be good with formal situations, refusing to meet Gilbert's gaze. As a result, the two sit in silence for a while before Dalia suggests that they take a leisurely stroll through the park. Noting how Gilbert seemed to be troubled, Dalia admits that she too was troubled by her father, Dansen Garland's sudden proposal for her courtship with Gilbert. Having also noticed how high-strung Gilbert was acting, Dalia reveals that she knows that Gilbert intends on turning down her proposal, something which gives Gilbert both a sense of shock and relief. However, Dalia then asks if they can continue to spend time together, because if she returns to Dansen without having learned anything, she'd be reprimanded. Understanding, Gilbert suggests that they continue their conversation until they reach the fountain in the distance, which Dalia accepts.

As they continue through the park. Dalia reveals to Gilbert that she's never really ventured far from the Garland estate before, which is why everything seems so new to her; in fact her proposal was made mostly because Dansen was afraid that Dalia would wait too long to be married. Sympathizing, Gilbert tells Dalia of how he lives on his own rather than at the Nightray estate, meaning that he also cooks all his own meals rather than having valets do it for him; something which impresses Dalia. Wanting to change the subject, Gilbert starts talking about Oz; only to regret it because very few nobles outside of Pandora actually know about Oz's return from the Abyss. Correcting himself, Gilbert claims that Oz was once his friend, rather his master, and continued to explain his relationship with Oz to Dalia. Dalia concludes that Gilbert must really care for Oz based on his reactions when he described their relationship, though Gilbert decides that he'd rather talk about something else and asks what Dalia did normally; to which Dalia claims to only ever read books whenever she gets the chance.

Black Widow - Gil Dalia Oz Break Echo

An awkward Gilbert after encountering Break, Echo and Oz on his date

Carrying on, Gilbert and Dalia come across two fallen women ahead of them on the path and rush to their aid. Much to Gilbert's surprise, when he asks the women if they're in need of assistance, the women confirm this and explain that one of them had broken their heel and fallen; revealing themselves to actually be Break and Oz in disguise. Gilbert cries out in shock, and though Dalia asks what's wrong, Gilbert finds himself unable to answer as Break and Oz cling to him in an attempt to help Gilbert by making Dalia give up on her proposal. Curious, Dalia asks if Gilbert knows the two, though Gilbert snaps at her for making such an assumption and pretends not to know Break and Oz. Alternatively, Break and Oz tell Dalia that they have a "special relationship" with Gilbert, prompting Gilbert to turn around, grab Dalia and run to escape Break and Oz; refusing to stop until they reach the fountain. Though she's confused, Dalia wonders if one of the women they'd just encountered was actually Oz, which Gilbert confirms, though he's unable to explain what's going on to her.

Unexpectedly, the two are then approached by a young girl who addresses Gilbert as her father. In actuality, the girl is none other than Echo in disguise, sent by Break and Oz as a backup plan to separate Gilbert and Dalia. Hearing Echo address Gilbert as her father makes Dalia nervous, standing and looking around feverishly while Echo asks Gilbert if he's making advances toward another woman again; begging him not to create anymore pitiful children like herself. Echo takes her leave, calling Gilbert foolish and leaving Dalia concerned over the situation, though when she thinks back to Break and Oz understands and voices how Gilbert seems to have a lot of interesting people in his life. At sunset, Dalia admits that she had fun with Gilbert, who attempts to apologize for all she had to endure because of him, but Dalia simply says that it's a nice break from her routine. Dalia then asks Gilbert if they can see each other again sometime as friends, making plans with Gilbert to meet in the same place at the same time the next day.

Unexpectedly, Dalia is late for her meeting with Gilbert the following day, suggesting to him that something's wrong. As such, Gilbert heads for the Garland estate, thinking about how Dalia could potentially be punished by Dansen for having her proposal rejected, wanting Dansen to know that it's his fault rather than Dalia's. Meeting The Garland Butler at the door to the estate, Gilbert asks if Dalia didn't show up to meet him because she's sick; which The Butler claims to be the truth as he nervously attempts to shoo Gilbert away. Knowing that The Butler was lying to him, Gilbert demanded that he be allowed to meet with Dansen, which The Butler denied continuously. It was Dalia calling out for him that made Gilbert take action, pushing past The Butler and making his way to Dalia's room. After having to push through the locked door, Gilbert finds Dalia, standing in a nightgown with her face marked in tears. Contradictory to appearance, Dalia seemed content with Gilbert's arrival, suggesting that they sit down and enjoy some tea together. Though Gilbert complies, he notices that his limbs are weakening as he drinks his tea, realizing that he'd been drugged just before slipping into unconsciousness.

Gilbert wakes in a room, blindfolded and tied down to a chair, where he's greeted by a woman calling herself "The Great Mother", who apparently is the leader of a small cult running in the shadows of Reveil. The Great Mother tells Gilbert that he's meant to be their sacrifice, removing his blindfold and revealing that Dalia is among The Great Mother's followers; Gilbert asking if this had been Dalia's intent since the very beginning. Confirming this, The Great Mother slaps and chokes Dalia as punishment for her hesitation when it came time to trick Gilbert, also revealing that Dalia's reason for joining the cult was to resurrect her dead father, Dansen Garland. The Great Mother elaborates that Dalia used to have a close relationship with Dansen, and that after his death Dalia was unable to let him go, having kept his corpse in the Garland estate to that day. Letting go of Dalia, The Great Mother approaches Gilbert, intent on slitting his throat and emptying out his chest for their god, though she would prefer it if Gilbert was frightened before she made him their sacrifice.


Gilbert frees himself and takes aim at The Great Mother

This gives Gilbert the opportunity to free one of his hands and grab his gun, holding it to The Great Mother's forehead. As Break and Oz makes their way into the cult's underground temple, The Great Mother takes advantage of Gilbert's moment of distraction, tipping the chair he's bound to over and fleeing the temple. Without their leader, The Great Mother's followers cower in the corner, leaving Dalia alone in the center of the room to accept the punishment for her actions. Break and Oz help free Gilbert, leading Break to advise that someone should go after The Great Mother. Instead, Gilbert focuses on Dalia, thinking of how she'd been hesitant to trick him, showing that she'd actually grown to care for him and that she wasn't as dedicated to the cult as he'd initially believed. Although Gilbert wants to thank and console Dalia, he instead tells her that he'll never be able to forgive her for what she's done and that he never wants to see her again. Thanking Gilbert, Dalia parts ways with Gilbert, free from all charges by Pandora because of him, though sadly they aren't meant to meet again.

Hoping for some reprieve from Pandora, Gilbert and Oz accept Sharon's offer to join her for tea, though they regrettably arrive early and decide to kill time by wandering through the Rainsworth flower gardens. Before Gilbert and Oz get the chance to rejoin Alice (who'd remained in the Rainsworth estate), Sharon cancels her plans for tea, citing an "incident" that occured involving Alice as the reason why she'd done so.

About a week after the incident involving Alice, Gilbert arrives at Pandora, where he isolates himself on the platform of a staircase between the second and third floor. Looking out the window, Gilbert reviews all that had happened with Dalia, making him feel rather down about himself. Just then, Reim arrives and wonders if it'd be all right if he asked Gilbert some questions; though Gilbert is unresponsive. As Reim proceeds, Gilbert mentions rather vacantly that he's unable to understand women, prompting Reim to ask if Gilbert had been having some problems with women recently; which Gilbert feverishly denies. Gilbert then voices how he wishes all women were like Ada because women make it hard for people to understand them. Rather confused, Reim asks if he could ask Gilbert about something unrelated to the subject of women, which a sullen Gilbert ignores as he continues to ponder why women have to be so complex. Carrying on, Reim asks if Gilbert has ever heard of the word "Mahani" before, though his question flies past Gilbert, and so Reim decides to just leave Gilbert to his own agenda.

Later that night, Gilbert attends a Hanami (flower viewing - an anagram of "Mahani") in Reim's honor, which Rufus had invited him to the day before. Despite being invited to the Hanami, Gilbert was oblivious to the fact that Rufus had sent Reim out to decode a secret message of his because Rufus was aware that Gilbert couldn't keep a secret; making it so he legitimately didn't understand Reim when he brought up "Mahani". Though Rufus had organized the Hanami in order to make himself appear more appealing, Gilbert remains generic on the subject and continues to drink the night away while he gazes up as he vies the petals from the sakura tree as they drift under the moonlight.

Sablier ArcEdit

On St. Bridget's Day, Gilbert returned to the Nightray mansion to speak with Vincent. Vincent noted how Gilbert was in luck as Bernard, Bernice, Vanessa and Elliot were not in the mansion, so he could avoid being scolded by them as well as being forced to stay in the mansion rather than by Oz's side. Vincent tells Gilbert that they should make their conversation quick so that Gilbert could hurry back to Oz's side and deliver a blue feather to him. Gilbert brings up how the two of them were reunited 10 years ago, and how Vincent had told Gilbert that he was only able to remember who Gilbert was. Gilbert then asks if this was a lie, stating that Vincent probably had something important he was hiding from Gilbert. Vincent denies this and says that he would never lie to Gilbert, also asking if someone had told him something. Gilbert recalls when Break had said that he'd seen Gilbert and Vincent while he met with the Intention of the Abyss.

Vincent thinks about Gilbert's question briefly before becoming startled and nervously asking Gilbert if Break had told him something. Gilbert backs away from Vincent and explains how he couldn't understand Vincent because he was always so cryptic, and that was why he always worried that Vincent was getting into trouble somehow. Vincent tells Gilbert not to worry, before stating that if he did do something, it would all be for Gilbert. Gilbert pins Vincent to the wall by his neck and says that he can't do anything about Vincent's actions, but if Vincent somehow involved Oz, Gilbert would never be able to forgive him. Suddenly, Gilbert lets go an kneels on the ground gripping his left hand. Gilbert explains that Oz's Incuse had just progressed again, and Vincent asks how long Oz has left before he gets dragged back into the Abyss. Vincent then asks if Gilbert should be pointing a gun at him, or rather the person who took Gilbert's master away from him, B-Rabbit. Vincent goes on to explain how it'd be fine to kill Alice now while her bond with Oz is still weak, but when the Incuse progresses enough, it'll be too late and Oz will be forced to endure the same amount of pain that Alice will feel. Vincent then asks Gilbert why he doesn't just kill Alice and save Oz, before coming to the realization that Gilbert already cares for Alice because of his gentle personality. Gilbert becomes angry at Vincent, telling him that he'd never seen Alice as his friend and that he could kill her. Suddenly Gilbert starts remembering the past, confronting Alice with Vincent for causing his master pain, remembering Jack and thinking about how he would kill anyone who hurt his master, even if it was Break, Sharon, Ada or Oscar. Gilbert comes to the realization of what he'd been thinking of, telling Vincent that he'd remembered something. Vincent laughs and tells Gilbert that it was a good thing and that no matter who Gilbert ends up killing, Vincent will always be the only one by Gilbert's side.

Gilbert later looks at Oz's Incuse and starts ignoring Oz for a while, while Oz decides to asks the Baskervilles directly why he was cast into the Abyss. Oz finds out that the Baskervilles are based in the ruined city of Sablier and decides that he needed to go to Sablier. Oz writes Gilbert a letter, over exaggerating his depression in order to draw Gilbert out of his room so Oz could tell him that they were going to Sablier. The two of them ride a train with Alice to Sablier, and head into the only street with residence inside of the city via carriage. Gilbert explains to Oz that there was still a lot of secrets about Sablier, but that the reports of poisonous gas around the city, which Reim had told Oz, were somewhat true, and that notices should have been given out to the residents, yet there were still poverty-ridden, homeless people living in Sablier with nowhere else to go. Gilbert then gives Alice and Oz very plain capes to wear over their other clothes, as their fancier clothes may attract unwanted attention. Oz questions why such a large number of people would still be living in an area where there was poisonous gas, surmising that Break and Reim were hiding something.

As they travel further into Sablier, Oz notes that there wasn't many people around, and Gilbert explains that they were entering Pandora's jurisdiction. Oz believes that if they just stated their names they'd be able to go further, as he also wanted to look for some of Alice's memories, Oz suddenly notices two children watching the three of them from behind a rock nearby. Oz chases after the children and eventually catches them. He asks if they live in Sablier, which they confirm, stating that they lived in a house further in Sablier. While Alice is alone with Gilbert, she tells him that they needed to talk about Oz's Incuse, saying that it wasn't definite yet but she could tell that the power of B-Rabbit was weakening inside of her and that she believed it was because Oz's Incuse had progressed, and so she asks if her powers were weakening because the Incuse strengthened the bond between her and Oz as it progressed. Gilbert's thoughts were clouded as she spoke. All he could think of was how he was supposed to hate her, and how his head hurt when ever he looked at her. Gilbert's thoughts eventually lead him to think that he and Oz would be better off if he just destroyed Alice. Alice continues to wonder if her powers will continue to get weaker and what would then become of her if that happens. Suddenly the ground starts to crumble under Alice's feet, and Gilbert reaches out and protects her as they both fall to a lower level of ground. Oz comes back to find Gilbert yelling at Alice for not avoiding the crack. Alice thanks Gilbert for saving her, and Gilbert notices that Alice's hand was bleeding, but Alice assures him that her hand would be fine if she licked it.

The three of them continue making their way deeper into Sablier, Gilbert questions why he saved Alice as he'd wanted to kill Alice until the last second. Gilbert's thoughts continue to confuse him, and he tries to stop them, telling the voice in his head to shut up. Oz hears this and kicks Gilbert, asking what he meant by telling Oz to shut up. Gilbert apologizes for wandering off and tells Oz that he'd hurry back immediately. Oz then begins playing with Gilbert's face and hair, prompting Gilbert to ask him what he was doing. Oz explains that he's trying to make Gilbert feel less lethargic, as Gilbert kept making a face like a lost child. Oz asks Gilbert what's bothering him, and what happened between him and Alice. Gilbert explains that he's unsure, and that he's been thinking about his past a lot, not to try and regain his memories, but the feelings his nostalgia brings on continues to bother him, and he questions whether or not he'd be himself any more if he did remember his past. Oz tells Gilbert that Alice is in the same situation and that he should just let go, and not worry about being able to get back up, as Oz would always be by Gilbert's side to support him. Oz continues on and Gilbert seems to come to his senses, thinking about how he hopes that if he loses it again that Oz will be able to bring him back to himself. Gilbert then thinks about how he doesn't want Oz to carry anymore of a burden then he already does, and so he would think of a way to solve his own problems and not let himself be consumed by the voice in his head.

Suddenly, someone steals Oz's wallet. Alice manages to catch them, and Oz takes his wallet back from the thief, who drops to the ground, displacing his hood to reveal that the thief was none other than Phillipe, who didn't realizes he was stealing from Oz, 'the big brother he met in Reveil. As Gilbert catches up to Oz, so does two people responsible for Phillipe, Elliot and Leo.

Elliot starts flailing his sword around, asking Oz why he was in Sablier, but Gilbert comes through the crowd and orders Elliot not to wave his sword around in from of people, especially not Oz. Leo manages to subdue Elliot and tells Oz that they should all return to the house. Gilbert notices Alice staring at Elliot and asks her what was bothering her. Alice denies that anything's bothering, though she still stares at Elliot.

Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Leo, Elliot and Phillipe all return to what Elliot calls the House of the white angel, Fianna, explaining that it was an orphanage for children that had lost their parents as Illegal Contractors. Gilbert leans against a nearby wall and overhears Elliot say that he was only in Sablier to meet with his father, Gilbert is surprised to hear that Barnard Nightray was in Sablier, and notices fraternal twin orphans run past to greet Oz, whom they had meet earlier. Elliot argues with Oz as they take their conversation to a private room. Alice and Gilbert watch as Oz stuns Elliot by thanking him for saving him while they were at Lutwidge Academy and that he was glad to meet Elliot again. After Leo takes Phillipe elsewhere and Elliot explains Phillipe's delusion that his father is still alive, Elliot asks Oz if Phillipe had told him at some point something about Head Hunting. Gilbert yells at Elliot for bringing that up, as Oz doesn't have anything to do with the Head Hunter. Elliot then kicks Oz out of the House of Fianna, Gilbert as well, remembering how he'd gone to visit Gilbert one day and learned from Vincent that Gilbert left to be a Vessalius kid's servant because he hated the Nightrays. Elliot asks Gilbert if he'd only be satisfied seeing Elliot suffer, before locking them out of the orphanage, having Alice follow them in suit. Oz then decides that they should continue to look for Alice's memories, saying that he wanted to go into the Inner Hole of Sablier, but the fraternal orphan twins overheard them and warned Oz about how the Inner Hole was connected to the Abyss. Oz sent the two orphans back inside where they told Elliot and Leo inside of the House of Fianna, prompting the two of them to follow Oz, Alice and Gilbert.

Oz, Alice and Gilbert soon find themselves in the center of Sablier, rebuilt as an illusion from the power of the Abyss. Alice is drawn away by the illusions, and Gilbert urges Oz to go back before things got worse. Suddenly Gilbert sees himself run past, trying to find his master when he was young. Gilbert too follows his illusion, influenced by memories, leaving Oz alone. Gilbert knows what's going on and tries to get rid of the illusion and get back to Oz, but once again he sees himself and questions whether or not he actually wants to make the illusion go away. Gilbert sees Vincent, and is forced to remember his thoughts of how much more freedom he'd have if Vincent was not around. Out of nowhere, Gilbert feels Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's power, connected to Gilbert's left hand, once again come loose because Oz was controlling B-Rabbit's power on his own. Gilbert's thoughts once again become clouded, and he wonders if it would free him if he remembered his past, as well as if he was afraid that Oz wouldn't need him one day. As Gilbert worries, he comes to the realization that it wasn't Oz or Alice who was able to find him, it was Jack instead, through his fragmented soul.

Jack then appears within Gilbert's illusion and reaches out for Gilbert to help him up off the ground. Gilbert could feel Jack, meaning that he was made of a part of Jack's soul rather than the power of the Abyss. Gilbert asks if it really was Jack, but Jack tells him that he wasn't the real Jack before taking his hand from Gilbert's. Jack then goes around to Gilbert's back, crouching down and putting his hand on Gilbert's back, telling him that Gilbert was the one to protect Jack, facing Glen, only to be stabbed in the back. Jack explains that he thought that it would be better for Gilbert to forget how heartbroken he was for not being able to protect Jack, because he really thought that looking after Oz was enough. Jack then explains that he's so happy that Gilbert came before him and called out Jack's name again. Jack tells Gilbert that he was Jack's cute little servant 100 years ago. Gilbert is then forced to remember him and Vincent living on the streets of Sablier, Gilbert questioning abandoning Vincent, as well as Jack saving them from a crowd angry for Vincent's eye of misfortune, and finally, his run in with Jury who convinced Gilbert to kill anyone who endangered his master's life. Eventually, Gilbert manages to free himself from the illusions and make his way to where Oz, Elliot and Leo are. Gilbert calls Oz his master out loud, and a voice comes from behind him asking Gilbert what was wrong with him. Turning around, Gilbert is stunned to see that Xai Vessalius had caught up with the group.

Gilbert obsessive hate for Xai resurfaces as he remembers wanting to kill Xai 10 years beforehand. Oz only says 'father' when Xai arrives, and Xai simply walks past and ignores him. Xai walks up to Elliot and tells him that he was sent by Bernard to retrieve Elliot from The Hole because Bernard's legs could not handle the journey. Xai offers his hand to Elliot so they could leave, but Elliot says that it wouldn't be necessary because he would never accept the help of a Vessalius, thanking Xai for coming, and that Xai should instead offer his hand to his son. Xai smirks and borrows Elliot's turn of phrase, saying that such a thing wasn't necessary as whatever happened to 'it' (Oz) was none of his business. Elliot yells angrily at Xai, but Leo stops him and tells Xai himself that they didn't intend on going further into The Hole and were going to head back the way they'd memorized as soon as Elliot takes a rest. Xai remarks on how Pandora would've made the path back safer by now and notes how Elliot had a good valet who knew his place, before leaving.

After seeing the pain Xai was bringing Oz, Gilbert ran after Xai stating that he was going to kill Xai. Xai had expected Gilbert to do such a thing, as Gilbert points his gun at Xai. Gilbert yells at Xai, asking him why he'd show his face to Oz after Gilbert had specifically told Xai never to come anywhere near his son ever again. Xai chuckles and tauntingly says that Gilbert did say something like that after all, that time when he had pointed his gun at Xai 10 years ago because he thought it was really Xai who cast his son into the Abyss. Xai asks if Gilbert just wanted to prove it again, as he summons forth Gryphon, the same Chain which had cast Oz into the Abyss, confirming Gilbert's accusation. Gilbert screams with rage and fires his gun at Xai, but the bullet never reaches Xai as Mad Hatter materializes in between the two and Break suddenly arrives to restrain Gilbert. Xai continues to leave and Gilbert begs Break to release him, but Break just says that he'll choke Gilbert more if he's going to make so much noise. Gilbert then reveals to Break that Xai cast Oz into the Abyss years before and that he needed to kill Xai, surprising Break. Break asks why Gilbert hadn't told anyone if he remembered the Coming of Age Ceremony, but Gilbert reveals that he had told Oscar, who looked into it and was told a fake alibi for Xai from Bernard Nightray. Break releases Gilbert, asking him if he really would kill Xai now. Gilbert explains that he's always wanted to, but he can't because it would hurt Oz too much to find out his father was dead or that it was him who cast Oz into the Abyss. Gilbert once again loses his control over his thoughts and becomes fixed on the idea of killing Xai.

Break realizes that someone had corrupted Gilbert's mind and asks who it was, Gilbert remembers Jury and says that he has to kill anyone who was an enemy of the master. Break then tells Gilbert to kill him too if that was the case. Break explains that he was the one using Oz, and so Gilbert should be trying to kill him. Gilbert points his gun at Break and finds Break's sword pressed against his neck. Break then asks Gilbert if the thing he needs recall is Oz. Gilbert calms down, but is suddenly jabbed in the stomach with Break's cane for pointing a gun at Break. Break then tells Gilbert that it was time for him to stop acting like a spoiled brat before he hurt the person he cared about most, before Break drops Gilbert to the ground. Gilbert notices that his left hand hurts, which means that Oz had activated B-Rabbit's power again.

Gilbert, carrying Break on his shoulders, arrives back at the area where Oz, Elliot, Leo and now Alice were located. Break says that he never thought he'd see the day where he had to be carried by Gilbert. Gilbert tells Break not to be so depressed, as it should be him who's depressed. Gilbert lets Break down and attempts to apologize, but instead Break laughs and shoves Emily in Gilbert's face. Gilbert notices Oz staring at him and freaks after seeing the blood on Oz, asking if he's injured somewhere, also telling Oz to put up his hood to prevent himself from getting a cold. Oz kicks Gilbert in the jaw and scolds him for making Oz so full of anguish. Gilbert apologizes and says that he wanted to punch Xai, but he couldn't keep up with him. Oz explains that he was afraid that Gilbert would have shot Xai, and that even though he was hurt because of Xai, he was all right because he had Gilbert and Alice there with him. Break is unconscious on the ground, and so after Gilbert picks him up again, Gilbert, Alice, Oz, Elliot and Leo all head back into Sablier and out of The Hole. Before being able to get out of The Hole however, an earthquake rumbles throughout all of Sablier. After everything calms down, the group continues through Sablier and eventually heads back home to Reveil, Elliot too returns home with his father Bernard after they meet, however Leo stayed behind in Sablier, for unknown reasons.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

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The Feast ArcEdit

After Isla Yura had arrived in their country, Break had Gilbert retrieve Rufus Barma's schedule, looking through Reim Lunettes' notebook in order to retrieve it. Gilbert then returns to the Rainsworth estate and finds that Break had beaten Oz while they trained for combat. Gilbert angrily asks Break what he was doing to Oz before presenting the schedule to Break. Inside, Gilbert is drying off Oz's hair with a towel while he explains how he got the information, Alice asks Break why he was investigating Rufus, and Gilbert explains that Rufus was a member of a foreign nobility and that he and Isla Yura came from the same country.

Two days later, using Rufus' schedule, the group was able to sneak into the Barma mansion because Rufus was meeting with Isla Yura. Gilbert reminds Oz that Pandora told him not to get in anymore trouble, and Oz explains that because Rufus wouldn't tell them anything, that this was the way things had to be. Gilbert argues that they weren't going to get any information this way before a servant of Rufus' asks what Oz and Alice were doing, as Gilbert and Break were no where in sight. Oz and Alice were dressed as maids, and Oz apologizes, saying that he had forgotten which chamber Rufus was in. The servant asks if Oz and Alice were new there, explaining that the chamber was the innermost one, just around the corner, also telling them to hurry up as Isla Yura was already there. The servant left and Gilbert and Break emerge from a nearby room. Oz complains about his disguise, saying that no matter how you looked at it he still looked like a girl that Gilbert was drooling over. Gilbert tells Oz that it was alright because Oz looked gorgeous, although Oz quickly orders Gilbert to shut up. Break then leaves the group as he was going to be acting on his own. Oz, Alice and Gilbert then sneak into chamber and watch through a cracked door as Isla Yura speaks with Rufus. After a while, Yura's eccentric personality becomes obvious to Gilbert and Oz, and Gilbert finally realizes that Alice had left. Oz was going to help Gilbert find Alice before he heard Rufus mention something about Elliot's mother, Bernice Nightray, and so Oz decides that Gilbert should go find Alice on his own while Oz stays and listens some more. Soon Rufus tells Yura where Oz had been listening to their conversation from, and while Yura comes face to face with Oz, Rufus goes and tells Break and Alice that they could come out of hiding now. Gilbert and Alice burst into the room and find Isla Yura is overjoyed to meet Oz, as Yura is a passionate Jack Vessalius fan. Both Alice and Gilbert tell Yura to stay away from Oz, though Yura assures Oz that he wasn't interested in him, rather it was Jack inside of Oz that he was interested in.

Oz, Gilbert, Alice, Break, Rufus and Yura all sit down and talk. Yura asks Oz if Jack really did dwell in his soul, as he knew there was no proof to back up this claim, and that he'd heard that Oz didn't get along well with his father, Xai, and so he wondered if Oz was just involving Pandora and lying about Jack Vessalius to try and get his father's attention. Gilbert stands up and is outraged by Yura's accusation, though Yura didn't mean anything by it. Yura explains that he just wanted to know whether it was true or not, because if it was he would've liked to invite Oz to come to his mansion. Oz figures out that Rufus was using him to be invited into Yura's mansion to obtain that Sealing Stone he was rumored to own. Oz explains to Yura that Jack appears when he wants to, this disappoints Yura who then gets up and starts to leave, before Oz picks up a nearby knife and attempts to stab himself to bring forth Jack in order for Yura to invite Oz to his mansion. Gilbert is fearful for Oz's life and tries to deter him, but Oz has shown to have prevented stabbing himself with the knife as Jack had apparently taken over his body to do so. Jack recognizes Rufus as Arthur Barma's descendant, saying that he had Arthur's eyes, and Rufus bows before Jack, shocking Isla Yura. To confirms his excitement, Isla Yura then asks Jack to recite the oath of the Sealing Stones' guardians, Jack does so before he collapses into Gilbert's arms.

Isla Yura apparently believed what was nothing more than a little bit of acting on Oz's behalf, that was solidified when Rufus bowed to 'Jack'. Oz notes how disgustingly happy Yura was when he left, but Gilbert adds the fact that only Oz has been invited to the mansion as of now, which means Pandora can't look for the Sealing Stone. Rufus asks Oz if he'd already thought out the next part of his plan, which Oz confirms.

The next day, they meet with Yura again Oz tells Yura that he can't go to his mansion, Oz explains that in their country, a person is only allowed to attend social events after going through a Coming of Age Ceremony, and as such if Oz were to go to Yura's mansion it would be seen as unbecoming. Yura then asks if Oz could come after he'd been properly introduced to society, which Oz confirms, but mentions that it can't happen as the Baskervilles would always prevent Oz from Coming into society. Yura tells Oz not to worry as he would hold Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony in his mansion, where the Baskervilles could not intervene. Gilbert surmises that there must have been a reason for Yura to want Oz to go to his mansion, and he was mildly uneasy about this. As Yura had proposed to have the Coming of Age Ceremony at his mansion, Oz could invite Pandora as his guests, friends and family, to attend so they could search Yura's mansion for the Sealing Stone.

Formal Gilbert

Gilbert's outfit for the coming of age ceremony.

On the night of Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, Gilbert arrives with Vincent at Yura's mansion and the two are immediately surrounded by swooning women, who note that Gilbert's stern face and eyes tinged with sadness make him very charming. Although the women of the party see a sullen Gilbert, both Break and Reim see how scared Gilbert really was by all the attention he was receiving. Oz calls Gilbert a good-for-nothing for overshadowing him at his own party, and makes note that he'd have to punish Gilbert for it later. Gilbert comes running to Oz as Elliot walks away from him and hides behind Oz. Gilbert then reminds Alice that they had to help Reim by keeping Yura in the ballroom, but do so in a casual nonchalant way to not raise suspicion. Oz remarks on how hard it was to watch Isla Yura as he danced with some woman on the dance floor, which Gilbert agrees with.

While Oz and Alice went to dance alongside Isla Yura and his partner, Gilbert was supposed to be keeping an eye on Yura, but the scene of Alice leading Oz through a dance was enough to catch Gilbert's attention. Part way through their dance, Oz sees Phillipe and the other orphans from the House of Fianna across the ballroom, as does Gilbert, and this distraction let's Yura sneak off into the garden, away from Gilbert.

Yura eventually returns to the ballroom and apologizes to Oz that he left without telling anyone. Suddenly they hear a commotion elsewhere in the ballroom, and Yura, Alice, Gilbert and Oz run to see what's going on. Elliot had Leo pinned up against the wall and was demanding to know what connections Leo had with Isla Yura. Leo just replies that it's rude for one of the sons of the Dukedoms to be eavesdropping on someone else's conversation. Elliot then angrily throws Leo onto the balcony. Oz attempts to intervene but is told to stay back by Elliot. Gilbert notices Sharon and Break have also arrived on the scene as Elliot asks Leo if he trusts him, and says that maybe if he'd told Elliot about James, they could've done something for him. Leo punches a vase of flowers that was on a table on the balcony before telling Elliot that he's annoying, shocking Gilbert, Oz and Elliot. The two continue to argue, and Gilbert and Oz attempt to break it up several times until Leo throws some chairs and a table at Elliot before storming off, Elliot too stormed off after recovering. Oz tells Gilbert to go after Elliot whilst he went after Leo. Gilbert is hesitant before Oz reminds him that it was something that Gilbert should do as Elliot's older brother.

Gilbert catches up with Elliot, who is sitting on a chair in one of the hallways of the mansion. Elliot asks Gilbert what he wants and Gilbert asks if Elliot was supposed to look after Leo too, not just Leo looking after Elliot as his servant. Elliot barks at Gilbert, telling him to sit down if he wasn't going to leave. Gilbert sits and says that he really didn't want to bother Elliot, then he sees Elliot's black-bladed sword and asks if Elliot really carried it with him always. He then asks if it was such a good idea to bring it with him to class, also saying that he had a gun, but that was only because he had to. Elliot quickly tells Gilbert to shut up. Elliot then explains that their father Barnard had given Elliot the sword to symbolize his place in the Dukedom, and that was the reason why he had to carry it with him everywhere. Gilbert reaches out to touch Elliot's sword, but Elliot tells Gilbert that if he touched it, Elliot would kill him. Gilbert then brings up how Leo really was something, talking to his master in the way he had been, saying that he had always thought that Leo was more subdued. Elliot is surprised by this, saying that Leo was the far from being subdued. Elliot then goes on to explain how he met Leo to Gilbert. When Elliot explains that Leo had initially refused to be Elliot's valet when he'd offered, Elliot can't help but feel embarrassed, but he continues to tell Gilbert about how Leo had changed his mind not long after his refusal, and Elliot had convinced Ernest, Claude and Vanessa to allow Leo to be Elliot's valet, but Barnard would not accept this, at least not until an incident in Sablier where four orphans went into the Inner Hole and got lost, Elliot explains that he slipped and lost consciousness during the rescue, so Leo saved the orphans as well as Elliot himself, Barnard changed his mind right after the incident for an unknown reason. Elliot then wonders if Leo saw something on that day.

Gilbert and Elliot return to the ballroom where chaos had broken out. Gilbert asks Sharon what happened, and she explains that people in robes arrived in the ballroom and decapitated the servant who approached them. Gilbert sees one of the hooded assailants behind Sharon, preparing to stab her with his knife, but Gilbert kicks the hooded man in the side before he can do so. Gilbert and Sharon then notice that other hooded people have begun blocking all the exits and setting fire to everything. During the chaos, Gilbert tries to find Elliot, who had wandered off after realizing what was happening. He arrives at the end of the hallway where Elliot was just in time to see Vanessa's decapitated body tumble down a flight of stairs in front of a kneeling Elliot. Break had sensed the power of the Head Hunter in the area, but he was too late to save Vanessa from being assassinated, as Elliot was the only other person in the area at the time of the assassination, Break apprehends Elliot, accusing him of being the Head Hunter, much to Gilbert's surprise. Elliot tells Break to cut the crap as he wouldn't have assassinated his own sister, but Break explains how the situation wasn't inconceivable, before he pinned both of Elliot's arms behind his back. Break then asks Gilbert to look with his own eyes to see if there was the Incuse of an Illegal Contractor on Elliot's chest. Gilbert is reluctant but Break explains that it was okay because, as he had told Gilbert earlier, while Break held Elliot like he was, neither he or the orphans from the House of Fianna could use Humpty Dumpty. Break reveals that before he and Rufus returned to Oz, Gilbert, Alice and Isla Yura during their first encounter with Isla Yura, Rufus had told Break about a Chain called Humpty Dumpty who was being experimented on using the orphans of Fianna, forcing the orphans into Illegal Contracts, as the more contracts Humpty Dumpty has, the slower an Incuse will progress. Rufus had also told Break that he thought that Humpty Dumpty was the Head Hunter itself.

Break explains that he made a mistake as he had no idea that the orphans would gather at the Coming of Age Ceremony, and if he did know it he would have definitely told Oz. Break then tells Gilbert to hurry as the Incuse would disappear soon. Elliot tries to fight what Break is saying, stating that there was no way he was an Illegal Contractor. Gilbert then orders Break to let go of Elliot, Break asks what Gilbert's problem was and tells him just to check for the Incuse, Gilbert then asks Break why he had to do it instead of Break, as Gilbert is not aware that Break is blind. Gilbert then tells Break that he's not acting like himself, and that he understands that Break was worried about Reim, but this was taking things too far. Break snaps at Gilbert, telling Gilbert not to talk like he knew who Break was. Elliot is tired of Break and Gilbert's bickering and decides that he'll just check for the Incuse himself, telling Break and Gilbert that they shouldn't fight at a time like this.

Break suddenly hears someone's footsteps as they run away from Break, Gilbert and Elliot's location. A man then runs to the staircase above the three of them and asks for help, saying that someone had just randomly started cutting off people's heads. Suddenly the man is approached by someone and is decapitates. His head falls down to Break, Gilbert and Elliot and Break's surprised as he could not see what was going on. Gilbert then asks Break what he was doing as the murderer was upstairs, Break shoves Elliot away and runs after the fleeing assailant. Gilbert tells Elliot to stay put while he chases after Break. Gilbert tells Break that because a Head Hunter showed up despite Elliot being held down by Break using Mad Hatter's power, that Elliot couldn't be the contractor as all secondary contractors would have not been able to use Humpty Dumpty. Gilbert asks Break what he was up to, and demands an explanation as he was tired of always being left in the dark. Gilbert then states that if he knew what was going on, maybe he could help. This makes Break laugh, and he tells Gilbert not to flatter himself when Oz wasn't around, because he was still just a soggy good-for-nothing Nightray. This angers Gilbert, and Break hears the murderer he was tracking running off again, but Gilbert punches Break in the side of the head before he can react. A furious Break hits Gilbert with his cane, sending Gilbert to the ground in pain. Break then states that he'd go after the contractor, telling Gilbert to join Alice and Oz in their search for the Sealing Stone.

After Break leaves, Gilbert goes back to Elliot, and the two of them are confronted by the fraternal twin orphans from Fianna, the female orphan has already summoned her Humpty Dumpty and had it decapitate a statue to intimidate Gilbert and Elliot. Humpty Dumpty then sends its decapitating tongue after Elliot and Gilbert. Gilbert draws and fires his gun at the Humpty Dumpty, but the bullets ricochet off of Humpty Dumpty's tongue, and then Elliot prevents Gilbert from firing anymore bullets. The two of them the have to duck out of the way to prevent being killed by Humpty Dumpty's tongue. Gilbert asks what Elliot was doing, and Elliot asks what Gilbert thought he was doing, as the orphans were only children. Gilbert retaliates by saying that they weren't children, they were instead Illegal Contractors. The orphans talk to each other, calling Gilbert and Elliot troublesome, the male orphan then decides to summon his Humpty Dumpty as well to deal with Gilbert and Elliot.

Echo sneaks up behind the two orphans and knocks them unconscious, allowing Vincent to use Dormouse to put the twin orphans into a deep sleep rather than killing them, despite killing them being the safer option. Vincent mentions how his Chain is useful for once in this situation, although Dormouse was always more useful than Reim's Chain, March Hare. This prompts Gilbert to remember Break and Reim's situations and he asks Vincent if something had happened to them. Vincent explains that Reim was apparently attacked by the Baskervilles, and no one knows whether he is dead or alive, whereas Vincent convinces Gilbert that Break was fine taking care of himself. Echo is the one who brings Break's situation to Gilbert's attention, explaining that she'd seen Break and two Baskervilles, Lily and Fang, fighting outside of the mansion, also stating that Vincent probably hadn't noticed.

Vincent leads them through the mansion, explaining that Isla Yura's Cult had kidnapped Oz, Alice and Leo, with Leo having apparently been taken to represent the blood of a friend in Yura's ceremony. Suddenly Gilbert stops running and Vincent asks if he was worried about Break. Vincent convinces Gilbert that a mere Baskerville could not kill Break as he was too strong, before he continues with Vincent, Echo and Elliot through the mansion. While thinking over what he should do about Break, Gilbert remembers how he'd punched Break in the side of the head, and uses this with Break wanting Gilbert to look for an Incuse on Elliot and Break's surprise when the man had been decapitated to figure out that Break was blind.

Vincent brings the group to a secret stairwell hidden behind a bookshelf that would lead then to Isla Yura's underground temple. Vincent tells Gilbert to get a hold of himself before they go down into the temple, stating that Elliot will help Leo, Echo and himself would take care of the Sealing Stone and Gilbert would want to save his master, Oz. Vincent tells Gilbert to remember his priorities, which is the same thing that Break had told Gilbert 10 years before, making Gilbert laugh from the memory. Gilbert regains himself and then goes down into the temple with Vincent, Echo and Elliot where they kill all of the members of Isla Yura's Cult who were guarding Oz to make sure he didn't interfere with Yura's attempt to create another tragedy like the Tragedy of Sablier. After the danger was gone, Gilbert went to Oz and begged him to allow him time to save Break, which Oz allowed, bu Gilbert had to return after 10 minutes because Yura planned to sacrifice Alice and Leo as part of his ceremony.

Gil and Break

Gilbert and Break

Gilbert arrives in time to save Break, as Break was just about to use Mad Hatter to kill Fang and Lily, which would potentially kill him also. Gilbert kicks Break from behind, also getting in front of Break to defend him, shooting Lily in the process. Gilbert explains that Oz had only given him 10 minutes to save Break, so he couldn't help but end the fight abruptly. Lily cries out in pain and asks Gilbert who he was, Gilbert states that he was Break's left eye, and then continued to summon Raven to fight the Baskervilles. Raven spews blue flames at Lily and Fang quickly picks her and Tove up and runs, as getting engulfed in the flames would be dangerous even for the Baskervilles. Suddenly Lily remembers that Raven belonged to Glen, and she demands that they get it back from Gilbert, sparking a hate between the two.

Underneath Raven, where Raven could protect them, Gilbert tends to Break's wounds. Break asks Gilbert if he was stupid, as he said for Gilbert to return to Oz's side. Gilbert tells Break to shut up and asks why he should do anything that Break tells him to do. Gilbert tells Break that he was the idiot out of the two of them as Break was fighting the Baskervilles and tried to give up without even asking anyone for help, explaining that there are people that Break should think of, who he can turn to in situations such as the one they're in. Break is silent for a while before Gilbert mentions how tiring it was to summon Raven, stating that he'd better withdraw Raven soon. Break gets up and smacks Gilbert with his cane, asking if passing out from exhaustion was a part of Gilbert's plan as well. Break then explains that he had learned that the Baskervilles were more like Chains, and as such he could destroy them with Mad Hatter, rather than use up all of Gilbert's energy by using a much less effective Chain like Raven against them. Gilbert attempts to argue, but Break explains that he wouldn't over do it, rather he'd just concentrate Mad Hatter's power in his sword, allowing Break to destroy a Baskerville after a single blow from his sword, Break then asks Gilbert to help him take down Lily and Fang. Break explains to Gilbert that Sharon often called him "Mr.One-Man-Show" and that he didn't know how to fight as a part of a team, so he could end up killing Gilbert by accident. Gilbert asks what Break meant, and Break explains that he doesn't expect Gilbert to fall with him if he does, and that Gilbert should fight as he wants to, but make sure to watch Break's back.

Break catches up with Lily and Fang and attacks, though they dodge his attack and Lily notices that his back was wide open for attack. Lily sends Bandersnatch in to attack Break, but Gilbert arrives and covers Break's back, shooting at Bandersnatch. Break then goes after Lily, isolating her from Fang by having Raven spread more of his fire in front of Fang. Fang calls out for Lily, and Lily draws a gun, Reim's gun, and aims at Break. Someone from the forest screams Lily's name, distracting her as she smiles. Break goes in for the kill, but Fang somehow makes it past Gilbert and Raven and pushes Lily out of the way, taking Break's sword through his stomach instead. Fang crumbles, dying, as Lottie arrives riding on Leon, she retrieves Lily as the two of them return to Isla Yura's mansion, reminding Lily to focus on their goal despite Fang's death.

Sharon arrives to meet Gilbert and Break, but Break focuses more on who called out Lily's name, Reim. Gilbert was shocked as well as Reim explains to him, Break and Sharon that March Hare can make its contractor appear to be dead when this is not the case, a false death. Sharon sends Reim to a safer area through Equus. Gilbert tells Sharon that he was leaving Break in her care because Gilbert had to return to Oz's side. Break stops Gilbert from going too far, saying that he and Sharon would be there also soon enough. Break then reveals to Break that Vincent has likely been working with the Baskervilles.

Gilbert made his way back to the underground temple just after Isla Yura's death, shortly after Dug, Fang and Lily arrived to destroy the Seal. He finds Vincent, who was aiming his gun at the Sealing Stone in case the Baskervilles were unable to destroy it. Vincent prepared to shoot as Gilbert grabs Vincent's gun and throws it away. Not long after Dug destroys the Sealing Stone with his mace the destruction of the Sealing Stone sends a wave of the condensed energy it contained that disrupts the Chains, most notably every orphan's Humpty Dumpty, as they begin to attack the orphans and chant about The Intention of the Abyss. This energy also caused a devastating earthquake through Isla Yura's country, as well as Pandora's own, that split the ground, creating another crevice in the country.

Gilbert calls out for Oz as the chaos ensues, and wonders what was going on. Vincent explains to Gilbert that Isla Yura had set out to create another Tragedy, and although he'd failed, a lot of energy had been released to cause massive destruction. Gilbert immediately runs to Oz and steps in front of him and Alice. The Humpty Dumpties chant about killing the B-Rabbit to please The Intention of the Abyss. Gilbert knows that if he summoned Raven, it would just go berserk like the Humpty Dumpties, but suddenly Echo arrives and cuts one of the Humpty Dumpty's tongues in half, saying that she'd cover Gilbert. Gilbert notes how if this insanity continued they'd be forced to kill the orphans instead of the Humpty Dumpties. Echo agrees, but tells Gilbert that the orphans seemed to know that too. Gilbert takes another hit from one of the Humpty Dumpties as Alice continues to try and wake Oz up. Suddenly the Humpty Dumpties' bodies begin to crack, although no one knew, Elliot was remembering his past and rejecting Humpty Dumpty elsewhere. Oz finally wakes up and immediately summons B-Rabbit's scythe and starts butchering the crumbling Humpty Dumpties. Gilbert, Echo and Alice simply watch as Oz uses B-Rabbit to turn all the Humpty Dumpties to dust.

Soon Break and Sharon arrive in the underground temple, Sharon asking everyone to use Equus to get to safety, as the fire that had been burning for most of the ordeal was destroying the mansion and about to bring it down upon the temple. Suddenly everyone hears Leo's screams of agony, as they all run to see what was going on, Gilbert, Oz, Alice, Break, Sharon, Echo and Vincent see Leo crying over Elliot's dead body. The group retrieves Leo and manages to escape through Equus before the mansion is destroyed.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

Three days after the events of the second Coming of Age Ceremony, Sharon sees Gilbert in Pandora and asks if he was checking up on Break and Reim. Gilbert said that he was, but that he only had time for a short visit. Sharon asks if the two were still unconscious as she relieves her escorts from Pandora. Sharon mentions how it was common for Break to succumb to the effects of his contract, but seeing him bedridden seemed so unusual, Sharon explains that the reason Break wasn't in a critical condition because of the first aide Gilbert had preformed on him at the mansion, though Gilbert says that it was nothing. Sharon then goes on to say that she was surprised that none of Reim's wounds were fatal, believing that Reim was either lucky or the enemy never intended to kill him. Sharon then asks Gilbert if he would have tea with her, saying that she wanted to discuss what they were to do next and that she would have her servants prepare the tea right away. Gilbert went to decline but Sharon raises the question that perhaps Gilbert didn't want to drink her tea, Gilbert immediately changed his mind.

During tea, Gilbert tells Sharon that he had to return to Oz, which prompts Sharon to ask how Oz was doing. Sharon then tells Gilbert that he couldn't return to Oz with his completion, as he would risk making Oz worry about him. Sharon notes how Gilbert likely hasn't slept in days, because of Elliot's death as well as Bernard's and Vincent's disappearance from Pandora, so Gilbert was likely suffering like the rest of them. Sharon tells Gilbert that if he doesn't mourn losing Elliot when he needs to, it will break out later, and that she wasn't sure if she should be telling a gentleman something like this, but that she believes that crying when you need to is important too. Gilbert tells Sharon that her statement was ridiculous because Oz hadn't cried yet either, which to Gilbert meant that he couldn't yet. Gilbert then explains that back when Humpty Dumpty tore apart and turned to dust, no one knew what was going on, also mentioning how only some of the orphans died with Humpty Dumpty because of how far along their Incuses were, but most survived. Gilbert then remembers their departure from the mansion, and how Oz reacted to Elliot's death only by staring death in the face. Gilbert explains how even though they'd prevented Yura's Tragedy, many people were still killed, the Sealing Stone was still destroyed, and now Leo was being interrogated by Pandora, slowly revealing what he knows about what happened with the ceremony. Gilbert explains that while Pandora had been confused with how to deal with all the conflicting pieces of information, Bernard, Echo and Vincent disappeared soon after Pandora gained knowledge of what happened at the mansion. Gilbert then thinks about how Break had t old him that Vincent was in league with the Baskervilles, and so he calls Vincent an idiot out loud and asks what Vincent was up to.

Soon Sheryl and Rufus call Sharon, Gilbert, Oz and Alice into Sheryl's office where Sheryl tells them that Bernard Nightray had been assassinated, and that he had been decapitated. Sheryl explains that because the time of death was very recent, Elliot could not have killed his father. Gilbert then surmises that Elliot wasn't the Head Hunter. Rufus corrects Gilbert, telling him that they weren't saying that Elliot wasn't the Head Hunter, and that they should go over the nature of the Head Hunter before they go any further on the subject. Gilbert and Sharon list the qualities, an Illegal Contractor who has one-by-one killed off almost all of the Nightrays. Oz surmises that anyone who fits this description could be considered the Head Hunter. Rufus explains that Oz was right, and that who ever killed Bernard was likely a Humpty Dumpty copycat, or maybe Humpty Dumpty was the copycat of the real Queen of Hearts. One of the Rainsworth servants then feverishly knocks on Sheryl's door and explains that Leo had been kidnapped by Vincent Nightray.

A few days later, Rufus summons Oz, Alice and Gilbert to tell them that tomorrow he would give them the day off because their worn out faces has made Sheryl worry about them and Oscar won't stop complaining about it to Rufus. Rufus then states that he'd call off Oz's bodyguards and surveillance as well so that the three of them could have as much fun as they wanted.

The next day, Gilbert and Alice arrive at Oz's room to wake him up, only to find out that he had woken himself up. Gilbert tells Oz that he should leave some work for his servant like waking Oz up, dressing him etc. As they traverse through the mansion, Gilbert states that Oz seems to be worried about something, as he couldn't fall asleep last night and woke himself up early this morning. Oz tells Gilbert not to treat him like a child, and Gilbert apologizes, saying that he just thought Oz was being cute, and that it's not like he was making fun of Oz, and that Oz was looking forward to it. as the three of them step out into a festival in Reveil, Gilbert complains about Rufus sending away Oz's bodyguards and surveillance, Oz doesn't seem to care though as it had been a long time since the three of them had last been in Reveil, and so they should try and have as much fun as they can. Oz and Alice run off in the direction that Alice says she can smell meat, telling Gilbert to hurry up, Gilbert reluctantly follows behind them.

Later while sitting together, Oz tells Gilbert and Alice that the Incuse advanced again, causing Gilbert to drop Oz's crepe on the ground. Gilbert, angrily asks Oz how he can say something so important so casually, and noticing that Oz is reaching to pick up his crepe, Gilbert barks at him and tells Oz that he'd buy him another crepe. Gilbert tells Oz that this isn't the time to be joking around and tells Oz to let him see the Incuse. Oz refuses to let Gilbert see as he doesn't want to take off his clothes in the middle of Reveil, also calling Gilbert a freak. Gilbert tells Oz to stop making a scene before someone noticed them. Alice remembers how when they came back from Yura's mansion she'd offered to bite both Oz and Gilbert's cheeks to cheer them up, but they kept running away, Oz had eventually told her that he was fine and that Alice should bite Gilbert's cheeks instead, which she attempted while Gilbert was sleeping, although it didn't go over well.

Oz continues to tell Gilbert that he's fine, which angers Gilbert, who insists that Oz isn't fine. Gilbert then asks Alice which one of them is being unreasonable as flower petals begin falling from the sky, and Alice explains that while she doesn't know, she sees the two of them as being exactly the same, getting gloomy whenever they see one another. Oz and Gilbert are speechless, and Oz makes his way over to a nearby table to sit down. After a few minutes of silence, Oz laughs hysterical, saying that Alice was right, and that fighting because they were worried about one another really was pointless. Oz then explains to Gilbert that he was worried about him, which is why Gilbert was worrying about Oz. Oz then asks Gilbert if he's sad about Elliot's death. Gilbert doesn't say anything at first, but eventually confirms it. Oz explains that he was sad about Elliot's death too, but that he wasn't really sure how he felt about it because all he could feel at the moment was the vague sense of loss, Oz then states that he thinks he'll try to focus on what they need to do before he tries to figure out his feelings about Elliot. Gilbert tells Oz that he feels the same way before ruffling Oz's hair with his hand and telling him that what Oz had just told him was all he'd needed. Gilbert then puts his hat back on and goes over to Alice. Soon after leaving Oz's side, Gilbert hears Oz talking to someone and turns to see Oz is speaking with Leo, who is sitting at a table behind Oz with Vincent and Echo. Gilbert was shocked as Leo said he had come for Oz, before laughing because a petal had fallen on Oz's nose. Gilbert exclaims, nervous for Oz's safety as Leo suggests that they walk and talk alone so Leo could persuade him. As Oz and Leo walk alone together ahead of Gilbert, Vincent, Echo and Alice, Vincent asks Gilbert if he's worried about Leo and Oz being alone together. Gilbert states that he was, and Vincent tells him not to worry as Leo wouldn't attack Oz out of the blue. Vincent explains that Leo may look mild-mannered, but he was brutal at heart, before Vincent calls Leo his master. Gilbert is taken aback, and Vincent stops Gilbert from asking what was going on, by saying that Rufus Barma must have figured out by now that Leo was the vessel for Glen Baskerville's soul. When Oz refuses to help Leo, who apparently debating on instigating a second Tragedy in order to destroy The Intention of the Abyss, Leo summons Jabberwock in the middle of Reveil in order to drop Oz back into the Abyss.

Jabberwock's seal appears beneath Oz, which summons the Chains of Conviction, though Gilbert tackles Oz away from the chains. Pandora members arrive on the scene, flooding in from the perimeter, having been waiting just in case such an attack did occur. Leo had been expecting Pandora to show up eventually, he simply calls Jabberwock to deal with them and Jabberwock charges his energy beam to destroy the members of Pandora trying to stop him from attacking Oz. Gilbert summons Raven, who immediately attacks Jabberwock, and shouts at Leo, asking him what he though he was doing because they were in the middle of town where everyone could see them and their Chains. While Alice is preoccupied with Echo, Leo staggers because of the strain of his new contract with Jabberwock. Vincent catches Leo and tells him that he would take over the fight with Raven for Leo. Vincent summons his Chain Demios, the Queen of Hearts, and slices through the bridge Oz and Gilbert are standing on, separating the two of them. Gilbert attempts to go after Oz, but Vincent stops him and says that Gilbert had better focus on him now, and that they should have a good brotherly fight every now and then. Gilbert is shocked by the appearance of Demios behind Vincent, as he has never seen her before, but he continues his fight, now with Vincent and Demios.

After fighting for a while, Gilbert begins to tire because of the strain of using Raven. Alice asks Gilbert what he thought he was doing, and tells him to hurry up and go after Oz already. Gilbert tells Alice to shut up because he didn't need her to tell him that, knowing that it was what he wanted to do. Gilbert then tells Vincent to stop fighting him and to stop involving innocent people in this. Vincent tells Gilbert that he's so kind-hearted, which angers Gilbert, prompting him to ask why Vincent was the Head Hunter and why he was working with the Baskervilles. Vincent states that it should be obvious that he was doing it all for Gilbert, because no one is more important to Vincent than Gilbert, and that was why he would do anything in order to make Gilbert happy. Vincent goes on to say that there wasn't going to be a reason for Gilbert to be sad or to suffer anymore, but Gilbert interrupts Vincent and states that he didn't understand what Vincent was getting at. Vincent says that Gilbert didn't need to understand, which makes Gilbert snap. Gilbert lunges for Vincent and pins him to the ground, telling him that he's a moron and that he needs to cut the crap. Gilbert then asks what makes Vincent believe that he knows what will make him happy. He then tells Vincent that what would make him happy is if Vincent got his personal life back in order, if he stopped hacking away at dolls all that time, if he wasn't out all night, every night, and finally if Vincent stopped messing around with the Baskervilles and 'their kind'. Oz suddenly arrives riding on Equus, telling Gilbert and Alice to hurry because they were returning to Pandora.

Equus brings Oz, Alice and Gilbert to Pandora where they run through the halls with Sharon who tells them that after being attacked by Rufus Barma, Sheryl's in a stable condition because none of her vital organs were hit. Gilbert asks if Rufus allied himself with the Baskervilles and Sharon explains that Sheryl had said that Rufus had done so, and that he'd probably let the Baskervilles into Pandora after discovering the location of the Sealing Stone. Sharon then gives Oz a thread woven by Owl that connects to Rufus and would lead them directly to Rufus. Sharon explains to them that Break had already gone after Rufus and that Rufus had also stolen Sheryl's Key to the Abyss. Suddenly Jabberwock attacks Pandora's headquarters because Leo is looking for Oz still. Alice states that Leo is out of control, and Oz tells Gilbert to go after Rufus with Pandora while he takes care of Leo. Gilbert argues that he should stay, but Oz states that he's counting on Gilbert, and Gilbert reluctantly goes with Pandora after Rufus and the Baskervilles.

Gilbert arrives with Pandora shortly after Break had attacked Rufus and Lily went to attack Break for what he did to Fang. Lottie stops Lily, saying that they needed to hurry and destroy the Sealing Stone. Gilbert shoots at Lottie and just misses her head. Lottie is shocked that Pandora was already there, and so she runs into the chamber holding the Sealing Stone. Gilbert orders Pandora not to let the Baskervilles get away, and so he chases after Lottie, to find the Sealing Stone in the center of a room filled with wildlife. Pandora rushes to protect the Sealing Stone, and the Baskervilles begin slaughtering the Pandora members. Gilbert takes his place in front of the Sealing Stone to protect it, turning to see that there is a head encased inside of it. Gilbert starts to remember the Baskervilles' massacre during the Tragedy of Sablier, before he is once again confronted by Vincent. Vincent asks Gilbert to get out of the way so that he could destroy the Sealing Stone. Vincent then asks if Gilbert is happy now, saying that Gilbert had always been afraid that his memories would resurface, and that if he did remember, things wouldn't stay the way they were now, and that Gilbert would be forced to confront everything he was, including remembering his master. Gilbert tells Vincent that he'd remember everything, and that he knows that he's failed his master, Jack, but that's only another reason for him to continue protecting Oz. Vincent is confused, and Gilbert sees behind him that a Pandora member is about to shoot Vincent.

Gilbert then pushes Vincent out of the way and takes the bullet instead. Gilbert drops to the ground and Vincent's calling out for him, Gilbert can hear Vincent, but all that registers is a feeling of nostalgia. Gilbert then sees his memory of the Tragedy of Sablier, when Jack cut through Gilbert's body with his sword. Gilbert then comes to the realization that Jack wasn't his master, Glen Baskerville was his master and that he himself was a Baskerville and that was why he hadn't died when Oz slashed him with a sword 10 years ago, or when Cheshire cut through Gilbert's chest with his claws, or when Ernest poisoned him.

While Gilbert is experiencing his memories, Lottie takes the opportunity to throw two of her throwing knives at the Sealing Stone, shattering it behind Gilbert. Gilbert realizes that everything Jack had told him was a lie, all those memories he'd seen had been tainted by Jack, as Glen Baskervilles head rolls out of the Sealing Stone. Gilbert screams uncontrollably as he starts remembering everything from 100 years ago, Vincent tries to calm him down, but to no avail. Eventually, in his hysteric state, Gilbert is clutching Glen's head and tells Vincent that he remembers everything before reaching for his gun. Gilbert then stands up, despite Vince urging him not to yet as his wounds have yet to fully heal, Break then arrives and asks what had happened, and where Oz was. Break is shocked as he realizes that Gilbert is not with Oz. Gilbert simply scoffs and barely manages to drag out Oz's name.

Rufus Barma uses Dodo to attack and pin Break to the ground in order to re-obtain Sheryl's Key to the Abyss, he then notices Oswald's head sitting in the middle of the chamber and goes forth while Dodo continues to hold Break down, reveal to the Baskervilles and what was left of Pandora that Jack Vessalius had caused the Tragedy of Sablier and was not the hero he claimed to be. Rufus then explains the contents of the final chapter of Arthur Barma's journal where Arthur came clean about all he had done with Jack, explaining how Jack not only used Oswald, but also The Intention of the Abyss and Vincent for his own personal gain. After Gilbert realizes that what Rufus says is true, he stands angrily clasping his gun while he thinks about how he can never forgive Jack. Suddenly, a blinding light comes from an explosion outside. Gilbert immediately runs out of the chamber of the Sealing Stone when he's able to see, ignoring Vincent's attempt to stop Gilbert from going alone. Gilbert makes his way to Oz, as Oz is himself again, and so Gilbert steps in front of Oz, gun in hand, ready to protect Oz from the Baskervilles, who were surrounding Oz. He asks Oz if he was hurt, but he never got an answer, as Oz just grabbed Gilbert's coat and apologizes for what he had done. Leo, having finally awoken, is no longer himself, standing in front of Gilbert with Oswald in control of his body. Leo tells Gilbert to shoot Oz, and immediately, physically unable to refuse, Gilbert points his gun at Oz's chest and shoots. Oz falls to the ground, and Gilbert looks at his gun, horrified after coming to the realization of what he had just done. Leo comes up behind Gilbert and Oswald tells him that he had done good, and states that Gilbert hadn't changed at all from the past to the present, and that it would be good if Gilbert would continue to be his loyal servant.

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Swan Song ArcEdit

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