Dhampirs, sometimes referred to as "Dhams" are a group of hybrids that coexist alongside humans within Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Dhampirs are hybrids of both Vampires and humans - resulting in a certain lack of respect and displacement among both societies. As such, many Dhampirs act as information brokers - selling the information they collect to the highest bidder. As hybrids, Dhampirs retain the strength, speed and endurance of their Vampiric parent - however it would appear as though they lack the ability to alter The World Formula. Much like Vampires, Dhampirs are also able to hide within society due to their appearance resembling humans, though many still possess red eyes - an identifiable trait commonly exhibited by Vampires.

Known Dhampirs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The term Dhampir comes from Balkan folklore, coming from the words "dham", meaning "teeth", and "pirë", meaning "drink".
  • Traditionally, Dhampirs are unable to reproduce and are capable of surviving off of both blood and human food - however it is unknown how much of this will carry over into the series. As of yet, a Dhampir has not been shown consuming blood - however as Vampires are capable of consuming food as well as blood, this is likely the same for the Dhampirs.

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