The Death Scythe is a weapon created by The Scientist to specifically kill any type of rose mutation such as the
CS manga - crimson bullet

Shion Liddell holds a Death Scythe.

Crimson, Black, and Jet Roses with a specially created bullet. The bullet kills the body of the rose mutation but spares the Premier Rose Seed within. It appears similar to any other gun, however, it's double barreled and has the words 'Death Scythe' printed across the side as a label.

Its existence was originally thought to be nothing more but a mere legend along with The Scientist and his laboratory. However, when Victoria and Balthier explain their plans to the captured Ruskin it is revealed that the weapon does exist and was merely hidden away to keep Claudia safe. When Claudia and Robin explore the Secondary Library and exit the secret passageway that leads to the rumored laboratory they come face to face with Shion holding the Death Scythe.

The bullets within the Death Scythe were created with Claudia's blood and are considered deadly poisonous to Black and Jet Roses. Victoria calls it a type of 'medicine' that paralyzes the body and surpesses the movements of the roses. It slowly dissolves flesh and bones, ultimately leaving nothing behind except the Seed of the Premier Rose.


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