3 - Dante
Name Dante
Race Dhampir
Age 18
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Information Broker
Previous Occupation Vanitas' Assistant
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias Baldy (by Vanitas)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 1: Vanitas
Dante is a Dhampir in Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Acting as an insurance broker and jack-of-all-trades, Dante often partners with Vanitas, selling him information or working alongside him in pursuit of Curse-Bearing Vampires. After the cases of Amelia Ruth and Thomas Berneux, Dante initiates an investigation into the recent disappearances of Curse-Bearers alongside Johann and Riche, discovering that the Chasseurs are responsible; he later provides this information to Vanitas and Noé and continues to act as their information broker regarding cases that may pertain to Curse-Bearers.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Dante is a young man of muscular stature with short, messy, light brown hair and bright red eyes inherited from his Vampire parent. A small beauty mark situated on his left cheek also embellishes Dante's eyes. While working as an information broker, Dante wears a black suit decorated with a cross-stitch pattern, ornate golden buttons, and sleeves ending in different material -- a seemingly universal uniform among information brokers. Underneath, he sports a dark-colored vest speckled with small white polka dots, a white undershirt, a tie, and a matching pocket square.

Personality Edit

Dante tends to be rather carefree when dealing with Vanitas - though he is easily annoyed by his employer and partner - particularly when Vanitas addresses him as "Baldy." The two often take jabs at each other playfully, though in reality they enjoy each other's company. In relation to Riche, however, Dante takes on a much more serious, parent-like role. While he is willing to accept her attempts at distancing herself from a childlike perception, Dante also often condemns Riche when she adopts more reckless behaviors, showing that he is very protective of those closest to him by nature.

Plot Edit

Parisian Excursion Arc Edit

Dante aided Vanitas in his attempt to cure the curse-bearer, Amelia Ruth, on La Baleine. Using a gun, he helped fend off Amelia once she had fallen victim to Eglantine.[1]

Dante later reunited with Vanitas outside of the Galerie Vivienne where he sold Vanitas and Noé information about the "Nine-Fold Murderer," Thomas Berneux, telling the two to follow one of his bats to a friend who was tailing the murderer. Afterwards, another of Dante's colleagues, Johann, arrived with news that Lord Ruthven's bourreau had entered Paris.[2] When Johann learned that the friend following Berneaux was Riche, he reprimanded Dante for putting her in harms way, and the pair set off to find her. After doing so, the three observed the battle between the bourreau, Noé, and Vanitas, viewing Vanitas's threats toward Jeanne with distaste.[3]

Hunters of the Dark Arc Edit

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Return of the Beast Arc Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Speed, Strength and Endurance - given his Vampiric parentage, Dante possesses some level of higher physical prowess.

Relationships Edit

Vanitas Edit

Dante works for Vanitas on a contractual basis and also acts as his information broker, obtaining rare information and charging exorbitant prices for it. He refuses to do work for Vanitas that does not involve payment. They communicate with each other in a disrespectful manner, and each refer to the other with an insulting nickname; Dante refers to Vanitas as a "quack" rather than a doctor, while Vanitas calls Dante "Baldy" as a form of curse.

Johann Edit

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Johann and dante

Dante and Johann.

Riche Edit

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(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

Trivia Edit

  • Dante often refers to Vanitas as "Quack", which is often used as a term toward physicians accused of fraudulent and ignorant practice of medical skill.
  • Every time Vanitas screams "Baldy" at Dante, he is cursing him to go bald immediately.[4]
  • Mochizuki believes she is drawing him to look his age, but people are always startled when they find out he is only eighteen.[5]

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