The Crimson Rose
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Ruskin explains to Shion Liddell about Claudia the Crimson Rose
Name The Crimson Rose
Race Mutation (Perfect)
Age Known, appears Adolescent
Gender Known, Female Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Red Rose: Crimson-Shell Division
Previous Affiliation The Scientist
Occupation Known, Red Rose Member
Partner Wilhelm (Thorn)
Previous Partner Xeno (†),

Robin Wingfield (Temporarily)

Base of Operations Red Rose Headquarters
Personal Status
Status Alive (Comatose)
Alias Known, Claudia, Dia, Rose Witch
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout I: Prologue of Prologue

The Crimson Rose (真紅のバラ - Shinku no bara) is a perfect rose mutation created by a mad scientist five years prior to the current plot. Being a perfect mutation from a Premier Rose's Seed it was given the scientist's, and later the remaning researchers, full attention causing the Jet Roses and Black Roses to grow bitter towards its existence. After the scientist's disappearance the Crimson Rose was turned into a member of Red Rose's Crimson-Shell Division who's task was to kill the remaning Jet Roses, Black Roses, and the Infected they created. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - The Crimson Rose cannot be killed by regular means. Instead, one must separate the Premier Seed from the body with her own will to end her life.
  • Vines - She has a seemingly unlimited supply of thorn-covered vines at her disposal - which she often uses in battle to bind and pin down her enemies.
  • Life Leeching - An instinctive healing technique that the Crimson Rose uses without consciously being aware of her actions. Should her body ever become severely damaged, her vines will seek out the nearest life sources to ensnare so that they can feed off of their life force to heal her, leaving behind only withered husks where humans had once been.
  • Contract - The Crimson Rose has the ability to form a blood bound contract with another human, turning them into their Thorn, or protector, though the Thorn will die when the Rose dies.


  • While only one Crimson Rose (Claudia) is known in existence, it may be possible to create more using the Premier Rose. However it is unknown if Red Rose has attempted in doing such (and if so, if they were successful or failures and hidden away). 


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