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Charlatan is an organization within Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. While the goals of Charlatan are as of yet unclear, they are responsible for the creation of Curse-Bearers; having been actively involved in incidents involving Catherine, Louis de Sade, Amelia Ruth, Thomas Berneux, and multiple Curse-Bearers at Marquis Machina's bal masque. It seems as though Charlatan share the same ideals as Vanitas of the Blue Moon, actively distributing Malnomen through the alteration of a Vampire's true name - of similar function to the Curse of the Blue Moon - however whether or not they hold any allegiance to the Vampire of the Blue Moon remain as-of-yet unknown. Additionally, when Naenia is in pursuit of a Vampire, they find themselves lost in a thick fog, where they are confronted by the Parade of Charlatan, which is used to instill fear upon Naenia's victims and make them more vulnerable - however it is unknown whether the Parade of Charlatan is an illusion created by Naenia or simply composed of more members of Charlatan.

Members Edit

 Charlatan One
8 - Charlatan One
 Charlatan Two
8 - Charlatan Two

Trivia Edit

  • Despite her integral role within Charlatan - Naenia does not appear to be its leader. Charlatan One reminded her of the time they'd been allotted, which they had succeeded, during the bal masque; suggesting that there is someone else with a position of power over her who is giving the orders.
  • Given the way Charlatan One warned of Veronica de Sade and Machina catching on to them, it seems as though Charlatan has need to fear the two; however the reason for why this would be is left ambiguous.

Navigation Edit

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