The rock from which Astermite is developed

Astermite is a mineral source of energy used to replace coal. Paris previously had a reputation for being very sooty due to the emissions given off by the burning of coal when it was used to fuel the city's steam engines, though Paris has since placed restrictions on the use of coal. Unlike coal, Astermite does not pollute the air with its emissions, and has since been used to fuel everything from the airship lift generators and the streetlamps of Paris to the cars and trams that fill the streets. In the article that Vanitas reads about Astermite, it states that further research development will likely yield more applications for it. Both Vanitas and Noé voice their astonishment over how a mineral that had never existed in the world before could be made from rock; which Vanitas believes deserves to be called a true "Panacea Stone".

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  • Panacea is a universal cure for disease, thus by stating that the rock from which Astermite is derived is a "Panacea Stone", Vanitas is stating his disapproval over the pollution caused by burning coal.

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