Ada was born 8 years prior to Oz Vessalius' Coming of Age Ceremony to Xai Vessalius and Rachel Cecile of the Vessalius Dukedom. Unfortunately, shortly after Ada's birth Rachel was killed in a carriage accident shrouded in mystery. Though no one was ever tried for sabotage against Rachel, the Vessaliuses took to directing the blame onto their rivals, the Nightray Dukedom. Additionally, since Xai was often absent from the estate due to business, Ada's uncle, Oscar Vessalius, became something of a surrogate father toward both Ada and Oz, raising them through the majority of their lives in Xai's place.

By the time Ada was 3, Oz had taken to reading stories to her, and this was how the two often spent their free time
Ep05 - ypunger adand oz

Ada as child with Oz reading a book

together. On one day in particular, Oscar arrived with a boy named Gilbert, whom was meant to be taken in as Oz's valet. While Oz took care of his "formal" arrangements to recognize Gil as his valet, Ada stood by alongside Oscar and acted as a witness to the signing of the contract Oz had written. When another valet entered the room and informed Oscar of something urgent, Ada cou
Ep05 - oz knocks gil s head

Oz smacked Gil's head

ld only stand by when Gil attempted to stop Oscar from leaving, tripping and making a vase teeter off a desk and plummet toward Gil. Fortunately, Oz dove on top of Gil and took the impact of the vase, upsetting Gil because he believed that Oz shouldn't have protected someone as lowly as him. After Oz set Gil straight, Ada joined Oz and Gil as they set off to play with one another.

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Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

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Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

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Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

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The Feast ArcEdit

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Jack's Intention ArcEdit

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Swan Song ArcEdit

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